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Glad to see you're open, boo. Can I get some Reaper76 with sleepwalking?

You absolutely can! :D Any excuse to write some angsty, fluffy, snuggly R76 I will absolutely take, so here you go!

Also I tried playing around with this idea that Gabriel kinda has two modes now (courtesy of Talon reconditioning maybe???): Gabriel and Reaper. Gonna write a big ol’ masterpost one day about some of my Reaper/Gabriel ideas. Maybe.

Ship: Reaper76

Setting: New Overwatch (Post-Canon)

Rating: SFW

Jack had never been a deep sleeper at the best of times, but ever since the HQ explosion, he’d been even worse. It wasn’t unusual, in the years that he wondered alone as the vigilante Soldier: 76, for him to find himself in places he was certain he hadn’t fallen asleep in: quiet suburban parks, alleyways, paddocks, even once or twice in someone’s backyard. If he wasn’t in the habit of waking up shortly after having slept walked, there was a fairly good chance he’d have gotten himself either caught or killed. Then there were times when he didn’t just walk; he’d once woken up in the middle of trying to break in to someone’s house. Recognising that he was gradually becoming a danger to himself, he had started going as far as tying up his feet before sleeping, as long as he was reasonably sure that no one would try to get the jump on him during the night.

From what he could remember, Jack suspected that the sleep walking had really started during his years in the SEP. He had shared a room with Gabriel back then – an assigned living situation that neither of them had been thrilled about to begin with, but that Jack later came to consider a blessing. He remembered Gabriel telling him about the first time it had happened.

“I didn’t know what the fuck you were doing, man! You just, got up out of bed and started trying to open the door. I told you to get the fuck back to sleep but you were like a zombie. It creeped me out!”

Thankfully, Gabriel knew that you couldn’t just wake someone up while they were walking. It became almost a routine for Gabriel to hear Jack opening the door, get up and go after him, and gently coax him back to bed. Sometimes Jack remembered Gabriel’s voice through the haze of his dreaming, soft and fuzzy and warm. “C’mon, Jackie, let’s get you back to bed now. You’re tired, right? Better get some sleep, hey? There you go…”

Once he’d started crying in his sleep, and Gabriel had sat with him for hours until he’d woken up, throat raw and eyes burning, Gabriel’s arms wrapped tightly around him, rocking him back and forth. “You’re ok, Jackie, I got you… I got you…”

He’d tried to apologise later for being such a nuisance, for keeping Gabriel up at night, for having to have someone look out for him… It had made him feel weak at the time, especially when Gabriel seemed so assured, so solid, so steady. But Gabriel had laughed, ruffled his hair, told him to stop being so worried about everything all the time, he didn’t mind.

His influence had soothed Jack, a lullaby to placate his rapid-fire nerves, and when they eventually fore-went separate beds in favour of sharing on, Jack’s sleep walking stopped almost entirely. It started again after Overwatch’s formation, his promotion to Strike Commander, Gabriel’s assignment to Blackwatch, and the growing rift between them as forces greater than them tried to pull them apart. More often than not, his sleep walking during those years had brought him straight to Gabriel’s room, knocking on his door to stand there mumbling apologies and ‘I love you’s’ until Gabriel led him back to his quarters with a huff and a scowl and a ‘goddammit Jack…’

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Hey i love your work but i would mabe cool if you did erwin and levi eavesdropping on armin and eren talking about boys to find out they are talking about them so they start making moves on eren and armin? (Sorry its long)

This was getting far too long because Eren and Armin`s girl talk is something I could write forever, if you`re still interested in a second half just send another ask!

Night fell over the Corps` temporary HQ, and Captain Levi and Commander Erwin themselves walked down the corridors together in friendly - ish on Levi`s part - silence. It was just something they did, the swiftness of their steps, the weight of their feet, the glances they shared all spoke volumes. Neither were men of emotion, but their little routine always reminded the other “Yeah, we`re friends.”

Tonight however, there were giggles and laughter floating through the hall and despite their rounds being a sort of bonding time, it was still a job and they needed to investigate.

Levi found the sounds were coming from a certain bright-eyed, stupidly attractive, shifter`s cell, and he immediately thought the kid had finally lost it and went insane down there, but there was another, lighter laugh accompanying his. And because Levi happened to be a nosy shit, he shushed Erwin from calling out and nodded him over as he slightly, quietly, peeked the door open.

Finally, actual voices could be heard.

“This is gonna be so much fun!” A blonde cried, Arlert if the way Erwin leaned in that much more was anything to go by. Eren popped into view by wrapping his arms around the blonde`s shoulders in a failed attempt at a piggy back.

“Yeah, we`re gonna do all the stuff Mikasa doesn`t want us to do, and eat snacks, and wear comfy clothes-”

Levi snorted lowly. “A sleepover, c`mon Erwin, there`s nothing to see here.” Erwin chuckled fondly and made to follow Levi away from their spying,

“-and talk about boys!”

Levi whipped around so hard you could hear his poor old man neck crack.

Erwin bit his lip, contemplating the absolutely childish, not even acceptable from trainees type of proposal he was thinking of. But… well technically it was his duty as a commander to know of all his subordinates relationships, to avoid putting them in the same squad or keeping them in separate groups on missions.


“We shouldn`t.” The raven cut off.

“You`re right. It`s completely unprofessional.”

“We would be acting like a couple of teenaged boys.”

“We would, it would be ridiculously immature.”

Levi looked at Erwin.

Erwin stared back at Levi.

The two quickly huddled close to the door once more, pushing and shoving to get a good view.

“Erwin, scoot your fat ass over! I can see anything!” Levi hissed, shoving the blonde harshly with his shoulder to squeeze nearer to the small crack in the door.

“Rude, you`re the one-” The commander couldn`t finish his protest before his shorter companion shushed him.

“The brats are talking, quiet.”

Eren playfully ruffled Armin`s hair as they plopped themselves onto the hardened floor of Eren`s cell, it wasn`t exactly a good place to meet, but Armin would have sat on hot coals if it meant spending time together, Eren knew. He was such a sweet fucking coconut it was insane.

Armin and he had been planning their mini, boys-only, sleepover all day, Eren had perhaps gotten too excited about talking and doing things Mikasa wouldn`t approve of and exchanging secrets while talking shit, he was already buzzing at the fact that Armin had found their old pajamas to wear.

Clearing his throat dramatically and pointedly wiggling his eyebrows, Eren nudged his blonde buddy. Armin looked at him with a half confused, half annoyed glare that only had him adding more and more suggestive gestures to his movements.


“You`re some strange things Levi.” Erwin whispered at the many odd and somewhat impossible faces Cadet Jaeger was making.

“Fuck off, he looks adorable.”

Erwin decided Levi was hopelessly biased.

“Eren, what the fuck are you doing?” Armin deadpanned, his angelic facade used to hide his dark mind fell when it was just the two of them, Armin had a dirtier mouth than Levi himself at times.

“So much for Angel Arlert.” Levi whistled, trying very hard to ignore the could-be whine of possible want Erwin made.

“Ugh, I`m trying to say we should talk about boys Armin! Duh, sleepover 101? Literally the one thing Mikasa would kill us for?” Eren groaned.

“Oh…” Armin looked away shyly. Which cause Eren to bum rush him onto his back and grip his shoulders.

“Oh, my, fucking, walls. Armin! Who?” The brunet squealed. Armin fidgeted but didn`t say a word. Eren realized despite how brash he could be, Armin was still an Armin and needed to be treated with expert care. “Okay, don`t say his name, just tell me about him, and I`ll guess, okay?”

Armin sighed, “He`s…. older than me.”

“Be specific, that`s almost everyone”

“He`s a blonde.”

“Okay okay, we`re going places now.”

“U-uh, he`s, um, really handsome.”

“Oh Armin, is it Jean? I love you but Armin, I will disown you if it`s that fugly horse!”

“What? No! I said handsome dumbass!”

“Thank fuck.”

“He`s got blue eyes anyway, not shit brown.”

“I taught you so well. So blonde hair, blue eyes? You`ve got your eyes on a regular prince charming huh?”

“Something like that, yeah.”

Eren hummed, but nothing came to his mind. Armin giggled and added,

“He`s our superior.”


:Ugh no! It`s-”

“The commander!? Oh my gosh, as in Thunder Thighs himself? Armin!

Armin babbled something shrilly, along the lines of ‘shut up` and `fuck off` as he buried his face in his hands.

Levi punch his over sized companion in the shoulder when he leaned in so far he was on top of him. “Calm your dick Erwin!” He growled.

“He likes me…” The man whispered in awe, you could practically see the rainbows and sparkles flying from his ass in happiness.

“You sound like a kid.”

“You`re just jealous.”

“Whatever, what about you Eren?” Armin asked quickly, desperately to get the subject off of him. And it worked, Eren`s eyes widened for a split second before he girlishly swooned and exaggeratedly fell into Armin`s arms.

“Oh Ar, I think I`m in love.” The brunet sang, it had his friend shaking his head fondly. He could tell Eren had been waiting to gush about this from the start, and he decided it was only fair to humor him.

“What`s he like?”

“He`s perfect.”

Armin scoffed, “Be specific, dummy.”

“He`s got dark hair and gorgeous grey eyes, his body is drool-worthy and he`s funny and really sweet and his name is so hot, I love it, and he kills titans and-”

“Hold on. From what I hear, this sounds like…”

Erwin balked, “Now I know he can`t be talking about…”

“…captain Levi. But last I check he was short, mean and angry, I don`t remember all that extra shit.”Armin was sure that`s what he was the last time he checked.

Eren tutted, “You don`t know him like I do, he`s actually just a big teddy bear with a mad face.”

“Levi, you look constipated.” Erwin teased.

Levi felt fucking constipated, happy shit was bubbling in his guts. Eren wanted him, he was gushing and bragging over him like he was some catch when it was all the other way around. But he was all too smug now.

Just as he was about to retort to Eyebrows, a loud, screeching voice came ringing down the hall.

“Levi! Erwin! What are you doing!?” Hanji called as they bolted down there way, which caused two pretty brats to whip around.

“Shit!” Levi cursed whilst scrambling up like a newborn foal, Erwin following swiftly and knocking his head on the door frame, drawing even more attention.

The two bolted around the corner, grabbing Hanji on the way to clamp their hands over their loud mouth. Just as they were out of sight, Eren poked his head outside his room, eyes darting around for any signs of noise or commotion.

“See anyone?” Armin asked, now huddled on Eren`s cot.

“No, maybe it was our imagination? I don`t know… Whatever, finish telling me how you plan on taking Erwin`s dick because I still say it`s impossible.”

After the door closed once more, the eavesdropping men let out a breath as they ignored Hanji`s muffled protests. They shared a look, a look that one would give when they knew they were getting laid, which they would if they had any say.

Those poor, shy cadets, they`d have no chance against their charms.

Or so they thought.

Who’s That Tramping Over My Bridge?

Written for the prompt: Well, you try talking some sense into the bridge troll.

Sterek, T, 2K words. In which poor Derek is scared of trolls, and Stiles has to think on his feet.

Stiles threw his hands up with an exasperated groan and spun around. “Oh my god, I cannot fucking do this. Derek, care to chime in?”

The two of them had been driving through the Preserve, just minding their own business, until they came to a little bridge and got stopped by a troll, of all things. Seriously. One would think that after this many years, Stiles would stop being surprised by new supernatural creatures. Their troll section in the bestiary was practically nonexistent, but he looked…well, he looked pretty much like a troll, actually, big and ugly with a large, misshapen nose. He wasn’t green, though, which was a little disappointing, and he was so far not listening to Stiles’ reasoning.

“Let us pass,” Derek growled, and Stiles sighed. Seriously? That was the best he could do?

“Real eloquent there, Sourwolf,” he drawled, and he rolled his eyes at Derek’s snarl. “Oh, please. I haven’t been scared of you in like six years.”

Derek glared and grabbed Stiles’ elbow to tug him back a few steps. “I don’t like trolls,” he hissed.

“You are an alpha werewolf,” Stiles hissed back, “and you don’t like trolls?”

“Repeating it doesn’t make it any less true!”

Stiles sighed and snuck a look at the troll. It seemed a little exasperated but wasn’t trying to actively kill them or anything. “Why do you look like you’re about to shit your pants?”

“I don’t want to tell you this,” Derek said. It looked like he had been sucking on a lemon, and since that hadn’t been his go-to default expression in at least three years, Stiles knew something was actually wrong.

“Well, I don’t want to die at the hands of this troll, so.”

“I had nightmares about trolls when I was a kid,” he whispered, and Stiles blinked.

“Are you kidding me right now?” he asked, then he held his hand up when Derek opened his mouth. “Never mind. Don’t get me wrong, we will be talking about this later. But back to this troll. Do we have to kill it?”

Derek grimaced, as did the troll, unsurprisingly. “Whoa,” he said, stepping forward. Stiles immediately took a step back. He could see Derek’s point, actually—trolls were pretty creepy. “That’s a little drastic, right? I thought you all were the good guys.”

“Yeah, and part of being the good guys is killing the bad guys!”

The troll’s eyes widened. “Wait, wait,” he said, putting his hands up, “what do you think I do here?”

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Veda and Willa went camping to Saint Greer Islands with Bella ( @crazysim-mary ) and Betje ( @similiciousims ) to celebrate the start of Autumn ♥