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Psst you got any good sick or injured Keith fic recs?

OK! finally getting around to answering this. sorry it took so long but ive like literally had to go through all of my bookmarks to find some, and even then the ones im about to rec are pretty loose on the sick/injured Keith.

Needless to say, theres lots of angst, some have happy endings, some dont. Ill add the warnings in for each rec

Finding Home by spacegaykogane

Warnings: N/A
Summary: After the wormhole collapses, Keith finds himself stranded on a strange planet. Alone. Until Lance comes along.
With their lions dead and resources limited, Keith and Lance need to put aside their differences and work together to get home.
Wherever that may be, now.
WC: 26966 (6/6)
General Notes: Its the typical fic of Lance and Keith getting stranded on a planet post s1 wormhole collapse. From what i remember its told mostly through Keith’s pov and I enjoyed it for all its worth. 7/10

we’ll make it, you and me by asexualrey

Warnings: Major character injury
Summary: “Keith, if we make it out of this alive, I’m going to kiss you.”
WC: 6421
General Notes: I really wish i remembered more of this one, i can only tell you that it was good. Lance is the one that ends up hurt the most, but like both of them are pretty beat up. 8/10

The Six Gun Sound (Our Claim to Fame) by Mytay

Warning: N/A
Summary“We’re not robbing the bank of the biggest crime lord here, Lance. Do you have a death wish?!”“Let’s just do our damn best to not die. I am too gorgeous to expire this early, dude — I haven’t even hit my prime yet.”Six weeks after crashing landing on this miserable world, the Red and Blue Paladins are on the verge of losing everything. This is how Lance and Keith turned it all around and earned their badass reputation as The Two McClains: Mercenaries That Get The Job Done.
WC: 13181
General Notes: They both get pretty scuffed up in this one, and its more of that dynamic duo action. i really love these two as space mercenaries/pirates. 8/10

Keith’s Scar by 61feathers

Warning: N/A
Summary:Keith and Lance comfort each other later after Keith tells everyone he is Galra.Lance didn’t get the chance to tell Keith his scar is actually really sexy though.
WC: 1134
General Notes: Short and sweet post ep8. You know that shoulder injury he gets, all about that. 8/10

all we have to do by akinghtley

Warning: N/A
Summary: Keith gets hurt during a mission, and Lance is not sure how to handle that.Lance wakes up on the floor outside of the medical bay, jerking wildly, body a mess of aches and twinges.
WC: 19418
General Notes: summary pretty tells all there is to this fic, and its pretty much all this, and Lance not knowing what to do with himself really. I loved it. 9/10

Don’t Forget to Remember Me by CamelotQueen

Warning: N/A
Summary: Keith recognizes him immediately. Alarm bells go off in his head. This person is important, he thinks. He wishes he could remember.“Keith!” he exclaims, “Look who’s finally awake. How are you feeling today?”Keith falters. His mind is working a mile a minute trying to recall this person’s name, what he is to him.“Um… who are you?” he asks dumbly. He immediately regrets it._______Keith suffers from dissociative amnesia.
WC: 4107
General Notes: a;sdkjgnasah this fic, holy shit, keith with amneisia kills me. my heart hurt the whole time, ust ughhhh. He’s not necessarily hurt but Lance is there taking care of him and boy, the domestic life suits them, but damn does it hurt. 10/10

Homecoming by Thesis

Warnings: Major Character Death
Summary: Two deaths and one funeral. Keith has trouble readjusting to Earth and Lance has trouble dealing with Keith.
WC: 9845
General Notes: I’m emotional over this still and i havent read it in forever ok/ thats all i gotta say. 9/10

bruises by Chaosandthecalm

Warning: N/A
Summary: “Show me how much you hate me.”Keith wants to know what Lance’s problem is. The answer might surprise him.
WC: 3632 (3/3)
General Notes: Boys being boys and being idiots. What can you do. 7/10

Of booty shorts and Injuries by Queerklancing

Warning: N/A
Summary: Keith is sure that he’s having a heart attack. Or that he hurt his brain when he fell earlier. Because it’s simply not possible that the boy who’s sitting next to him is not a hallucination. How could someone so gorgeous just sit in an emergency room at night?"Keith and Lance unexpectantly meet at the emergency room in the middle of the night.
WC: 23862 (4/4)
General Notes: lmao this one is great, def not as heavy as the others, but both of these doofuses get injured. keith is a hockey player and lance has legs for days. enjoy. 10/10

Prison Bonds by GriffinRose

Warning: N/A
Summary: Keith and Lance are captured and stuck in a cell together, but it’s not the Galra. They almost wish it was. These Cordalians feed off of emotions, and their favorite emotion is sadness. Worse, they’ve found a way to make their victims relive their worst memories to make that pain fresh again, and Keith has a lot of terrible memories he’d rather not relive.
WC: 18925 (8/8)
General Notes: just read it. please. 10/10

Heroes by battleshidge/Amiria_Raven

Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary: “My mom always hated the Garrison and what we were supposed to do there. I never got it. How can you despise the idea of being a hero?” Lance laughed a little here, dryly. “But I think I understand now.”He took a shuddering breath.“Because heroes aren’t meant to survive,” he choked, and then buried his face as the tears started falling again.
WC: 8463
General Notes: askgjnafbab, lance breaking down in this fic hurt my heart. 8/10

of florists and tennis shoes by venpast

Warning: N/A
Summary: 'Lance wasn’t sure if he’d imagined the brief tremble at the corner of Keith’s lips or not, that slight stutter that promised a smile. But before he could guess further, Keith gave his knee a shove and got to his feet. He reached out to him, “I’m done here, and I’ve still got some daisies to sell you.”“Yeah,” Lance agreed, looking down at the extended palm, noting the little Saturn tattoo on the inside of Keith’s wrist where the sleeve hiked. He took the hand, “better not overprice those too, you asshole.”’(in which lance is a broke university student trying to impress a pretty girl with flowers, but ends up falling for the florist that sells them instead.)
WC: 63774 (11/11)
General Notes: This isn’t the kind of physical hurt that most people think of, but Keith does get emotionally hurt in this one and it just breaks my heart. i really loved this, its wonderfully written, and its just, wow. 10/10

Echoes of the Past by Gigapoodle

Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary: It was his fault. He shouldn’t have retreated – he should have ran after them, Galra forces be damned, and ripped the red paladin right out of his weaponized hands, shooting the commander dead on the spot.But he hadn’t. Lance stood there, frozen with adrenaline and fear, before backing out with tears in his eyes, justifying it to himself by saying, ‘he won’t get far, we can easily get him back once I have Voltron with me.’He’d forgotten they didn’t have Voltron. He’d forgotten that without Keith, Voltron was nothing.Keith is Galra. Keith is gone. Keith is Galra. Keith is gone.
WC: 28197 (yes one chapter)
General Notes: this is more along the lines of keith finding out he is galra and hence running away its still one of the best fics in this fandom imo. 10/10

i can’t help but want by aknightley

warning: N/A
Summary: Lance deals with the aftermath of being sucked into a black hole and stranded on an alien planet.When Lance wakes up, all he can see is blue.
WC: 16921
General Notes: more of klance being stranded on a planet post wormhole collapse, and just yes. 10/10

Just Static by Jessadilla/wobblyarms

Warning: N/A
Summary: –Static—–iro, Hunk, Kei—, nybody? I’m—–static—-I’m sorry guys. This is all my—-static–cc—–I found my coordinates. They’re—stttcc–guys. I hear something—–scccc–end transmission-Alone on a hostile planet, transmissions aren’t getting through. How did it come to this?
WC: 84141 (16/16)
General Notes: just holy fuck. this fic made me cry, like straight up. it is more than likely one of the few fics that have made me cry, and i dont cry easy. 100/10

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You kinda seem very arrogant and condescending? Some humility would help tbh. It's a direct response to your latest post. You sound like a diva.

Didnt mean to come off that way at all!  

I just want to share the stuff I’ve learned in experience to help other cosplayers be guests at cons and spread their work! 

I want nothing but the success of my peers, and if that means sharing trade secrets or telling people about how social media formulates posts, that’s fine with me. Unfortunately there is a lot of weird math to that kind of stuff and a lot of good cosplayers out ther might feel like they arent getting the attention they deserve and think it has something to do with their cosplay. When really its just facebook or instagram being dumb. 

We try to be as much of open book cosplayers as we can. It kinda ties into how we want everybody to be better cosplayers then we are. 

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paladins have an s/o who sings all the time! what's their fav song for their s/o to sing to them?

!!! this is such a cool request!!


  • Shiro thinks “This Is War” by Thirty Secound to Mars is a classic, so when it comes on his workout playlist, he always loves to sing it with you, and just get really into it because it lights a fire in him that he cant get enough of. 
  • Keith may not be the best singer, but he cant help himself when the song “Kids” by MGMT plays. he doenst know why, either. so when he hears you sing it, his heart swells, and he’ll hum it along with you. 
  • During one of Lance’s teenage phases, he declared that his “anthem” was “Youre Gonna Go Far Kid” by The Offspring. even now, when it plays, he reminisces so hard.. so when you sing it, he just has heart eyes for hours. 
  • Sing, or hum “Everything’s Alright” - by Laura Shigihara and Hunk will be in tears. happy tears, and a little bit of sad tears just because the song strikes his heartstrings just the right way, especially when its from you.
  • Pidge didn’t really like Florence and the Machine at first, when her father introduced her to them with the song “The Dog Days Are Over” but now, with everything that happened, it means a lot to her. Sing it for her if you want to see her sob. 

Okay sorry that this took so long and arent that great but they’re sketches for a reason. We have two Luis’.

One is of Dad Lui. Instead of a child, he’s everyone dad. He wears all forms of jammies and gets sick of everyone’s shit lol

Two is Ninja Lui, very sneaky and LOVES shiney things and those of value, rarely seen by other’s and the strong silent type. Doesn’t fuck around and somewhat cold.

Please choose which one you’d like either in ask or in replies ;v; Then if Mod Derpy wants to edit anything, she will tell me c: We want to know what design should be what before we officially start 2p Lui uvu

Thanks! Much love!

-Mod Hypno


Endless List Of Favourite Characters: Noah (Total Drama series)

‘Life, why do you hate me so?’

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Let's talk positive!!! You know what? That Ikuma/Hide art you drew, it was amaaaaaaaaaazing!!! Especially the 1st one! (Sorry I love me some angst~)

Don’t worry, I feel you. I’m a sucker for some angst too lmao

I’ve mostly been discussing a bunch of headcanons over on the Hide discord and we have so much good material oml

Just imagine Hide having an amazing singing voice while Ikuma plays guitar 👌👌

Hide’s probably pretty insistent on Ikuma learning some backstreet boys lmao

Preference #21

Cooking together:











☆ aesthetic for ibuki who was close to gundam, peko and hajime with bunnies, beaches, and small romantic hints towards hajime ☆

aaa i hope this is okay ibuki!! ur dork squad sounds Great btw – and im sorry there arent really romantic hints towards hajime but ur.. pointing to him…. nice. also, if u need any changes just let me know!! -mod ko

Human Mummy Marianne and child! Bog’s the one who took the picture. Their little girl made the flower crowns and pretended to be royalty for the afternoon~

Companion piece to Daddy Bog’s selfie.

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hey so idk if u remember this but like 1 or 2 years ago there was a bit of drama on ur blog about reverse racism and cisphobia and back then i was rly shitty and thought reverse racism was a thing and i just really wanted to apologize for being so shitty and sending u mean asks. u dont know me or anything so ill stay on anon but, im rly sorry about being an ass. ive learned since then and i know that reverse racism and all that other stuff arent thing and also i was rude so, sorry. ur great btw

I don’t remember that at all but thank you for apologising, and I am so proud of you for doing that and realising your wrongs!! I hope you are having a good day, lovely 💕

The ace discourse is getting really tiresome. We say cishets don’t belong in LGBT spaces, the other side takes that as a personal attack on every ace person (including LGBT aces), then they try to argue us with faulty logic and slurs, then we debunk their arguments, then they say them again but louder, then we satirize their lack of arguments, then we get accused of being aphobes and perpetuating (non existent) asexual oppression, then we repeat the whole thing from step 1.

Pro tip: when we say cishet aces and aros don’t belong in LGBT spaces, we literally mean just Cishet aces and aros. Non-cis aces and aros, gay, bi, pan aces and aros, are all LGBT. Stop twisting our words to deliberately misrepresent our position.

Anyways straights are straight and aphobia isn’t real.