sorry they are technically one hour early


If you don’t know - you probably haven’t been paying attention - Sam is an awesome human being, who I have known for like… uhhh… dang… 6 years?! Almost 7? A long time. And she has put up with me pretty well, so much so, in fact, that she is working on Vanished with me, and has contributed not one, but two characters, who I love very deeply and can’t stop drawing. I’m sorry… but not that sorry… and I don’t plan to stop, so I’m probably not actually sorry at all…

Thank you for being a great friend, Sam, and lending your time and dedication so readily. I’m happy to know you, and I hope your birthday today is awesome! (It’s not technically your birthday where I live for another hour and a half, but hey, can’t blame me for being early, right?)

I have kind-of-close-up detail on this one, if you like that stuff: