sorry these were pretty random

Here are some overall images from J-WORLD. You can find my Kurobasu food post here and Chaco has a post here, too. Lost post ahead.

Entrance to J-WORLD.

Giant Kurobasu manga book featuring an early scene from the series.

The line to the new Kurobasu attraction was quite long. There were plenty of girls standing in line with travel-size shrines decorated bags like this.

Here’s a Murasakibara bag.

There’s a giant mural to observe during the ungodly amount of time you have to stand in line for.

Getting closer now…

A light at the end of the tunnel that is basketball ikemen waiting for us on the other side!

So you can play this lottery type game where you pull Seirin jerseys(presumably dirty) from the hamper and dump them into a laundry machine. Each jersey is marked with a letter instead of a number. Depending on the letter you pull, you can win different types of prizes.

I won an Akashi tote and three pins, yay.

Here are the basketball ikemen. Chaco and I determined they were not quite life-size, but pretty close.

Sorry for the random lady blocking Kagami and Izuki there.

A display of Riko’s cooking.

Looks like someone carelessly left their jersey.

Nigou sees you off as you leave the attraction.