sorry these turned out ugly :


When Anakin became Vader, Obi-Wan became Ben. Anakin and Obi-Wan died together on that planet. Only Vader and Ben left it alive. One full of hate and darkness, the other a broken shell that was merely existing, not even really living. These two men were so deeply entwined, so bonded together in the force, that when one died, so did the other.”  (x)

Me: Reads things about dash about Freed being pure or not

Me: Pssssssst.

I don’t think

there is

any possibility

that Freed Justine

is really pure

in any


Apart from being pure perfection and too pure to exist.

Though that’s actually another factor why I love him. The thing is, he probably wants people to appreciate his polite attitude, his good manners, etc. because this sort of behavior really is important to him. So he wins if people think he is innocent and just a well-mannered man. But then there are secret sides hidden by this beautiful face and this neat appearance and he chooses who he shows these sides to. Very few people will only ever get to see everything of him.

He’s the mysterious gentleman with all sorts the dirty secrets. Murder, among others. And I can imagine be v lustful and kinky.