sorry these pictures are kinda blurry


persona 5 wallpapers - requested by anon


The struggles of a Mercy main

A few weeks back I made these quick lockscreens and kind of liked them so now anyone else who screams mentally while playing support can have one

Made to fit a Samsung Galaxy s7 but it does fit many other screen sizes!

edit: the picture looks blurry until you click/tap on it, but then it’s fine once it’s downloaded


SO HAHAHA TIME FOR POSTS I’m kinda more OK now to do that (but still not fully). Made a cleaner fanart of her, sorta. I’m not sure about the accuracy though, all the pictures we’ve got are all dark and blurry. Sorry!

First things first, yeah I know it’s not stated it’s not final it’s not everything but anyway I have my right to talk about the current Eva’s design, don’t I. 

To begin with, I definitely like that they retained her racy look though she might not even be a racer by that time. Secondly, look at my space wife LOOK AT MY SPACE WIFE SHE GREW UP SO FAST!!! I definitely like her outfit more than Maya’s. It’s just more suitable for racing in the first place and I like the way she still remains being feminine badass and sexy at the same time. THE GIRL IS BACK TO KICK YOUR BUTTS! She hasn’t forgotten about her diskman and googles (thanks GOD she isn’t wearing them on her head all the time anymore omigosh. I wish she puts them on only when she really needs them now). On the other hand, she still has her hair dyed the same way and her piercing that shows her teenage side. The second one is kinda tricky because you know, you might think that some things you did or wore were dumb BUT well I don’t think those two are actually that bad, but obviously I think not so good of them bc it’s made to make her more recognizable and stuff. So yeah, 50/50. Anyway, LOOK AT HER JORDAN STYLE GLOVES AWWWW OMG too cute. So yeah, in general. Kudos!

Everything else is under the cut~

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yay! hoodies! 

sorry if everything is kinda rough, i’ve been in and out of it all day. i sketched Tetsu’s hoodie from a picture i saw online and i thought ‘Wow, so cool! but should the wings be on his back or under his arms??’ then i passed out. 

i like Mahiru’s rabbit hoodie the best, coz i fits his personality, i guess (whoo, rhyming)  when i first saw him, i actually compared him to a rabbit. cute and innocent looking but actually little shits. :P 

everything’s blurry coz of camera quality, sorry!!!  (*・ω・)ノ


I thought I’d take some cute pictures of Rogue, my lil kenyan sand boa, and show you guys what I see most of the time (the first few pics), but he actually came up today! He even kinda posed for the pictures a bit lol. 💚💚💚

(Sorry if some of the pics are blurry, I don’t really take pictures often, even less with my phone)

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Your art looks amazing! The only thing is, your digital pieces kinda look blurry... Don't get me wrong, they're still awesome. I'm sorry if it's rude or anything, it isn't meant to be

don’t worry, it’s not rude at all! it’s a good point, and something i should work on. i guess it’s because i often tend to focus more on color and the “mood” of the picture in general, and also get impatient/lazy sometimes, so i don’t bother properly finishing up ;; thanks for the msg!!


fire camp kookie ! 

had lots of fun with this, it burned 5 hours off my usual daily amount of sleep though

some of those steps are so blurry lmao… sorry i took those pictures at 3am with my phone, i didn’t even realize it was so low quality  😂 😂 😂

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Can I have the link to your 10 favorite mmfd Fics

Sorry it took me a couple of days to get this done. These are in no particular order I’m kinda going as they come to my mind.

1. My all time favorite fic is the 1930 AU by Shawna! It is so beautifully written. It’s not complete yet but the 13 chapters that are, are so amazing. It is so descriptive that I swear I can actually picture everything in my head. Ahhh, you really have to read it to understand what I mean.

2. I really love the Blurry series of fics by butyoushouldbemine. There’s quite a bit of angst in this one and some of it kinda made me cry but it’s so great!

3. Inside the Eye of Your Mind by Lou! 65 chapters of pure epicness. All told through Finn’s point of view during the first series. She added so many things into this fic that I feel that we know more about Finn through her fic than the actual show. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ IT WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

4. Think the Archie, Chop, Finn? fic by adaftmyriad might have been the first fic I read. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Still enjoy going back and reading it. I’ll never stop loving it. It’s got a bit of everything. Go read it!

5. The Series 3 fic by fanningon. I can’t even explain this one. She writes so much and I mean that in a good way. It takes me forever to read them and I absolutely love that because it’s so descriptive there’s angst and smut *wiggles eyebrows*. There’s a lot to love about this one here. You never really know what to expect and it keeps you on the edge of your seat just like the show.

6. I Rise As the Morning Comes and Crawling Through the Blinds. by howlinchickhowl. This takes place as Rae wakes up in the field after the rave and she actually goes back to Finn’s place. I would have given my left butt cheek for everything that happens in this fic, to have happened in the show.

7. I fell in love with this fic called On The Home Front by learningacceptanceme. I think I have a thing for Rae and Finn in the old days. No, but this one has a lot going down. There is quite a bit of sadness going on in this one but still I loved it a lot. It’s worth the read.

8. Sunshine On My Shoulder by nixvicious. Morning after gloriousness and cuteness!

9. Rae’s Pregnant Part 1 and 2 by nicrememiralleggro. I really love reading Rae and Finn future fics and I’ve always really, really loved these. I mean a little Rae and Finn baby, c’mon! That itself should make you want to read it.

10. Simplicity Itself (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) by sassy-curmudgeon. This one isn’t completed yet but the chapters that are up are so worth the read. It’s so great. It starts off as a good time until feelings start to grow and there’s some angst and all that other good stuff.

These are just 10 of my hundreds of favorites. There are so many great fics out there it was so hard for me to list just 10 but here is an AMAZING masterpost by Ana that has mostly every single fic ever written on here. She updated it not too long ago. You can also check the “mmfd fanfic“ tag or the ”mmfd fanfiction“ tag for updated and new fics.


Syracuse, NY State Fair, 8/30/13

So yeah, yesterday was AWESOME. We were up in front row, my friend and I were holding up little neon signs that said stuff like EGG and HI RICK. While he was onstage, Adam walked over to us and pointed at them and laughed! ^^ It was really great. I could go on and on about the entire story, from when we got there to when we left, but I’ll save it for another time. c:


Meet Lita Lindorm, daughter of King Lindorm. She is a background character in Ever After High. From my understanding, she is based on the rigging superviser teddybearbones (who you can find here on tumblr). She was made from a Madeline Hatter doll, and the doll dress was made from a pattern bought at DGRequiem. I think she turned out rather well. I think I’m going to redue her underskirt and make it slightly longer and fuller, but for now I think she is just right:) P.S. sorry the pictures are kinda blurry, my camera doesn’t want to focus:(


Uzumaki Family’s Everyday Life Part 1

Small doujinshi (if you can call it that) that I drew, kinda like my own chapter 700.

Sorry for the terrible quality of the photos (also of the drawing since I didn’t have the strength to really finalise it, because i’m just that weak)

In case you can’t read my terrible writing, Naruto and Sakura’s daughter’s name’s Arashi, because I read it means storm and I just thought it fitted her :)