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My Pokemon Sun/Moon guidebook came in yesterday, and I was so happy to see that it showed me all these options. Since a friend wanted to see it too, I decided to take photos of the guidebook and post it here for anyone else who is curious!

Some things aren’t available until post-game, and some colours are version exclusive (unless you connect to another version’s dye shop I think? I can’t remember for sure).

Hopefully this helps with finding the perfect outfit and hair for your character!


Couples that fight together, stay together



Suraj Sharma as James Potter

Matt Hitt as Remus Lupin

Alina Kovalenko as Lily Evans

Will Poulter as Peter Pettigrew

Avan Jogia as Sirius Black


Some FT phone wallpapers for New Years!~
Sorry that I dropped the consistency of making six, I originally had six but I messed one up and couldn’t fix it and the other didn’t really look good but I hope you all enjoy these anyway (:

My Lego - Reioka’s AU

@reioka I told you I wanted to do it, I told you I had a snake tail and that I’d do it… I never told you how crazy I’d go because I had some dumb shit idea while doing it and I couldn’t resist XD.

Here comes Snake Steve!

I had to keep the top of the snake, it gives him purple arms… I guess Clint approves of it XD. It’s not entirely accurate but I still wanted to do it. Hope you don’t mind <3.

Cracky shit under the cut 8D.

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anonymous asked:


alright you perv here you go, some nsfw hcs uwuwu:

  • koujaku loves it when noiz eats him out. he used to find it absolutely disgusting (and he still feigns disgust from it), but boy, once noiz gets his tongue up in there koujaku is a complete mess. he’s writhing and trying to subtly push his ass back further on noiz’s tongue, trying to keep as much as his masculinity left in tact. 
  • this one isn’t really a headcanon of mine (never really thought about it ‘til now actually…) but holy shit what if koujaku didn’t have a gag reflex hhhh. so he can deep throat noiz’s dick rather easily, much to noiz’s joy. so then noiz can be as rough with him as he wants (much to koujaku’s disdain). he’d grab the hair by koujaku’s ears and him towards his dick every time he thrusts in and koujaku’s just a slobbering mess, drool and precum seeping out from the corner of his lips down to his chin and on his chest. 
  • noiz has both a praise kink but he also has a humiliation kink and sometimes it’s a little difficult for koujaku to tell which one noiz is in the mood for. 
  • his praise kink comes out usually when he’s especially craving attention. he’d settle himself on koujaku’s lap even when he’s busy, slap whatever it is out of koujaku’s hand, and instead place it on his head so he can be petted. sometimes koujaku would ask what’s wrong and noiz would either remain silent and turn his head so koujaku can stroke the hair behind his ear or he’d quietly mumble about what happened that day. when they head off to the bedroom (noiz, ofc, demanding to be carried up) it starts off with sweet kisses before koujaku begins removing noiz’s clothes, all whilst telling noiz how cute and adorable he is. and then cue: lots of body worship. koujaku kissing up noiz’s thighs, hands curiously wandering noiz’s chest, eyes hungrily devouring the image of everything noiz. sometimes noiz takes some sort of initiative and would push koujaku down so he can suck his cock, loving the praises koujaku gives him from above. “you’re such a good boy, noiz,” “does it taste- ahh- does it taste good? you’re so good as sucking my dick,” etc. when koujaku sees noiz sneak a hand between his own legs to start fingering his entrance, he groans out a “what a good boy you are noiz; that’s right, finger yourself open for daddy,” and noiz would pull away from koujaku’s dick and settle himself on his back, opening his legs wide for koujaku. “ah~ daddy, please fuck me. i want your cock~” 
  • …i’m gonna stop there because starting to get embarrassed wwww. 
  • speaking of embarrassment. 
  • on terms of noiz’s humiliation kink: this usually starts when they’re already in bed. noiz would tease koujaku lots and, yeah, this is actually a normal occurrence, but when noiz’s teasing starts having more bite to them, koujaku takes this as a sign that it’s one of those days. and so he’d start treating noiz more roughly, gripping his hips so tightly bruises are already forming, biting so hard he draws blood, etc. and when he’s fully sheathed inside noiz’s ass, boy fucking howdy, you can bet your ass (or better yet, bet noiz’s) that koujaku will be going to fucking town with the dirty talk. “look at your slutty little hole swallow up my cock. does it feel good, you little whore?” and the moan noiz lets out the moment he hears those words is so fucking loud they’re both pretty sure everyone in platinum jail probably heard. “mm~ that good? that’s right, moan for me. look how slutty you’re- ah!- being. fucking yourself on my cock like that,” and noiz wouldn’t be able to do anything but whine, bringing his arms back so he can stretch his hole open just for koujaku. 
  • …and then he’s fucked so hard he becomes one with the bedding. 
  • bonus: sometimes koujaku gets really embarrassed after these sessions. like. really fucking embarrassed. like so fucking embarrassed it takes almost an entire hour for noiz to convince koujaku to get out of the cocoon of blankets he turned himself into. “why are you the one that’s embarrassed? get out of there you old man, i’m gonna freeze.” 


Below the cut you will find 40 67 small/medium HQ gifs of the beautiful Shyrley Rodriguez, as requested by anon. Shyrley is a Cuban-American actress best known for her role as Regina Diaz in The Get Down. None of these gifs were made by me, they are all textless, and there are no repeats. This will be updated regularly.

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Some Totty MS Paint doodles b/c I am doing everything but studying rn

Totty’s not my fav matsu but he’s my fav to draw lol