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I wanna lay down and stay up all night
As we look at the moon, as full as our hearts 💞


Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

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Bond/Vesper in Casino Royale [insp.]


Neil deGrasse Tyson Interviewed By Stephen Colbert

I thought that my wardrobe isn’t gay enough so I decided to get a few shirts printed today

is this gay enough??? I worry that people might think I’m straight.
and then umm.. since I’m an English Lit major…. and I was already there you know…. I kinda had to……


AKB48 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo 

15th: Shibata Aya (49,199 votes)

Congratulations on entering AKB48 Senbatsu for the 2nd time, Ayachan! 

She has the same 15th ranking again this year, but her total increased by nearly 10,000 votes! I’m so proud of her!


Pictures of the Sim house I just built tonight. Also my (young) Luke Garroway. I want to make a Valentine and Jocelyn Sim eventually but for now I just have Luke as a werewolf so this would be after he was changed but not quite to where TMI takes place.


  • 3 levels (two floors and a basement)
  • 2 bedrooms 3 bathrooms
  • alchemy workshop
  • small creature room (lizard and rodent)
  • laundry room
  • study/library
  • swimming pool, hot tub

The flowers you see poking through the wall are gone now but otherwise this is what my house looks like.