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WOW!!! I just had to share this adorable picture I received as a gift from one of my amazing followers! I am really glad @mamiemegu gave me permission to share this beautiful piece, as I just couldn’t keep it only for myself. I know I already told you this, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This really means so much to me. ;O; The picture I’m attaching might be a bit small to see, but I wanted to say that the amount of detail that was put into this piece really blew my mind! Ja’far is extremely adorable ^///^ and Sinbad is just stunning~! <3 Also, the message attached was equally as heartwarming~! Thank you so much again for this wonderful gift! I really appreciate it! I’ll enjoy the fruit/break! And sorry Sin, but Ja’far’s right as usual~! haha


Hey guys, I’m terribly sorry for the lack of updates lately! I’m moving out of my hometown and everything is a mess, so instead of new art have two old sketches that I posted on twitter and then forgot about lmao

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Well, this is kinda angsty, but can I request a scenario where zen & mc are together and in the last rfa party zen slept with jaehee and after a few days jaehee couldn't deal with the blame and told mc in front of all rfa but MC pretended not to believe her (andthenrfa*cof*saeran*cof*tryingtocomforther). This is ridiculously specific, i know lolol but feel free if you don't want to do it, it's okay, or if you want to change anything just do it 😅 I love love love your blog and your writing ❤❤❤❤❤

Ok so this post actually ended up being realllly long and I don’t know how to do the ‘read more’ thing so I’m really sorry to anyone trying to scroll by

And I’m so glad you like my writing, and I’m also really glad I got this request because at first I wasn’t sure how to write it (I basically ended up writing a fanfiction using bullet points haha oops) but I had a lot of fun doing it.

Disclaimer: I don’t think Zen would ever cheat and I actually don’t think Jaehee has any romantic feelings for him, just admiring adoration.

And I know you said I could change things
but it’s rlly angsty 
and I’m an angst monster and I kinda love it sooo i’m gonna keep it exactly how you wrote it  

let’s do it

  • Zen had always been flirty with you
  • And at some had started flirting back
  • And soon it was more than flirting and you found yourself head over heels for each other
  • Constant phone calls too each other where you’d gush over how you wished you could see each other
  • Good morning and Goodnight texts
  • The occasional shameless flirt in the public chat
  • Once you two met at the first RFA party it was like a scene from a Disney movie, you two all but ran to each other and he swung you around once he snagged you in a tight embrace
  • Looking into his eyes you swore this could be love
  • He did too.
  • He really did swear he was in love with you
  • You were everything he had hoped and more
  • You were the person that woke him up everyday and put a smile on his face, you were the person that he thought of when love songs came on the radio, when he was on stage you were his muse, when he lay down to sleep at night you were the final thought in his head, and the first one in his dreams.
  • The next RFA party was a few months after you two had first met in person, only a couple months into your very happy relationship
  • You two had spent the first half of the night joined at the hip, happily enjoying each other’s company.
  • But somewhere throughout the nights timeline you both got distracted by separate guests and acquaintances and wandered away from each other.
  • Zen started drinking. Whoever he was talking to kept egging him on and the two of them were having a good ole time, which is rare for Zen in these occasions because the guests are usually upper class aristocrats like Jumin or if they are there for Zen, it’s as fans instead of friends
  • So he thought he’d treat himself
  • It got to be a bit much
  • The other guests were starting to notice and Jumin was not going to have the press covering Zen’s drunken gusto at an RFA event
  • “Assistant Kang,” Jumin sauntered over to Jaehee while keeping his eyes on Zen. “please escort Hyun to the back where he can cool down, out of the cameras’ lines of sight.”
  • “Of course, Mr. Han” And Jaehee was off. She was relieved that she had an excuse to get Zen out of the room, she too recognized the bad press that could follow this event but felt she hadn’t had the authority to tell Zen otherwise
  • But under the guise of Jumin’s will, she was able to convince Zen to head to the back so ‘Jumin wouldn’t bitch’ (in the words of the actor).
  • Soon it was just the two of them in the back room, Jaehee giving Zen water as he yanked at his shirt collar, complaining it was hot.
  • In his drunken shenanigens he managed to undo all his buttons at some point while Jaehee was getting more water, so she came back to shirtless Zen.
  • Zen knew those eyes.
  • As the assistant stared at his pectorals with a slight blush on her cheeks, he looked into her eyes and saw something
  • Adoration. Admiration. Want.
  • She wanted him.
  • Somewhere, deep in his psyche, behind the pseudo narcissist wall, 10 year old Hyun Ryu craved the attention. The positive attention his mom said he’d never get
  • He had you
  • But in that moment he had Jaehee too, and he couldn’t turn that down
  • Jaehee doesn’t even know how it initiated, she just recalls Zen pressing her against the wall and kissing her with a passion she’s never felt before.
  • His hands undoing the buttons of her shirt
  • His lips whispering praises of how she was not only successful, but also beautiful. And so sweet. And smart. And-
  • She almost cried. Someone as talented as Zen saw something so great in someone as plain as her? Impossible.
  • But he kept assuring her, and touching her, and loving her
  • Loving her the way he should have been loving you
  • The guilt hit her, but she watched it disappear as ecstasy took over
  • Zen passed out once they were both finished, pants undone and shirt wide open, but eyes closed and soft breaths flying in and out of his lips
  • Jaehee was wide awake though.
  • She was leaning against the wall, clothes messily pulled back on and tears threatening her eyes
  • The guilt was back and it felt like the weight of the world’s biggest mistake was sitting on her shoulders
  • She put her hands over her mouth as she stared at Zen, and she started crying when she thought of you.
  • “What have I done?”
  • After every party, the RFA gets together a few days later to go over logistics. What worked, what didn’t, who came, how to convince more people to come, etc
  • Jaehee’s heart dropped as you and Zen walked in together, a bright smile on your face, a blank slate on his.
  • No not blank
  • When Jaehee met his crimson eyes she saw it, the same thing he probably saw in her eyes: Guilt. Remorse. Regret.
  • She could barely stomach the feel as you greeted her and hugged her
  • “Jaehee! Good to see you! I feel like we didn’t get to talk much at the party thanks to someone making a little scene” As you pulled away you playfully rolled your eyes towards Zen. 
  • He just gave a nervous chuckle
  • Jaehee opened her mouth, ready to spill her guts, only to find it was dry as cotton. 
  • You gave her a quizzical look, ready to ask what was wrong, but Jumin’s voice interrupted with “Shall we begin?” looking pointedly at the three of you.
  • “Yahoo~” Seven cheered as he plopped down next to Saeran, who had recently been getting dragged along to all the RFA meetings, given he tended to just sit in the corner and pout.
  • Much like right now. He did little more than look at you and nod, which was as courteous a greeting as you were going to get with him.
  • Yoosung nodded, signaling everyone was ready, and the discussion began
  • You all were about 30 minutes into the conversation
  • Except for Jaehee
  • She couldn’t stop thinking about what happened the night of the party
  • She couldn’t stop looking at you and feeling guilty
  • She couldn’t stop thinking about telling you
  • “I need water” She stood up abruptly, startling everyone a bit
  • Jumin had a bit of an annoyed look on his face but conceded with “Fine. Quick 5 minute break for everyone”
  • Jaehee booked it to the kitchen
  • “Uh…I’m thirsty too.” Cue Zen bee-lining after her.
  • “Are you Okay??” He asked in a harsh whisper
  • “No I’m not okay!” Jaehee hissed back “We…we have to tell her.”
  • “No!” Zen’s eyes widened “No. You and I both know it was a mistake that will never happen again. She doesn’t need to know.”
  • “Zen if you love her-”
  • “I do love her!” He snapped back “I love her which is why I can’t lose her Jaehee. I know we messed up, I do. But..I can’t lose her over my mistakes” His eyes were pleading even more than his voice
  • Jaehee just stared into the crimson orbs, feeling the knot in her stomach grow. She just weakly nodded.
  • There was a moment of silence before she chugged her glass of water and turned to head back towards the living room where everyone was seated
  • She took a strong stride in
  • She bit her tongue
  • She was not going to-
  • You were the first face she met walking back in
  • Your smile welcoming her back to the circle
  • Your eyes cheery
  • Your heart open to her as it had been since the first day even when she treated you coldly.
  • Zen was right behind Jaehee and nearly bumped into her when she stopped dead in her tracks
  • “Jaehee?” You and he called at the same time, him due to her abrupt stop, and you because of the tears suddenly pouring from her eyes.
  • “Jaehee what’s wrong?” You rushed to her, attracting everyone’s attention
  • You caught Zen’s face from over her shoulder, his eyes wide. Knowing.
  • “M-MC” Jaehee choked out
  • “W-What is it?” You asked worriedly taking her trembling hands in yours
  • “MC” Her voice fell. There was just a moment of silence. Everyone in the room was looking, the outburst had even taken a hold of Saeran’s full attention.
  • “Zen and I…we’ve done something awful” 
  • You knew what she was suggesting No you didn’t. No way that’s what she meant you’re just confusing things.
  • “…What did you do?” You asked cautiously
  • Sniffling. Endless sniffling. You looked to Zen, who was pale and looked like he was also ready to cry.
  • “Zen…what happened?”
  • “I’m so sorry” He managed to get out before the lump in his throat clogged his vocal cords.
  • “At the party MC we- we had….” Jaehee couldn’t get the filthy three letter word out of her mouth
  • You dropped her hands and looked to Zen
  • “MC I’m so sorry” Zen repeated, his voice shaking even more
  • Everyone was quiet, waiting for your response
  • You had none. Just an empty stare and mouth slightly agape, waiting for words to come out of their own accord
  •  Finally they did
  • “This is a really cruel joke to play” You feigned a very obvious forced smile as your eyes blinked back tears “I never thought you guys would do such a thing..haha” You wiped a way a small drop ready to roll down your cheek
  • “MC!” Jaehee exclaimed “This isn’t-”
  • “Jaehee.” Your voice dropped. “I really don’t find this funny.”
  • “Neither do I!” The brown haired girl went to take your hand again but you pulled away
  • “And Zen” You turned to him “I don’t- I don’t…” You couldn’t finish the sentence
  • They were everywhere. Pouring down your face, flooding your eyes, gathering in a small pool at your chin. It was an onslaught of tears rolling down your cheeks, choking your words, your thoughts, your everything.
  • “MC” Zen reached out to you, only to have his hand swatted away by yours.
  • You just stared at him and cried, forcing him to look you in the eyes as your faux smile fell to pieces. 
  • You felt a hand softly fall upon your shoulder, and you turned to see Seven looking at you, apologetic pity in his eyes. Saeran stood behind him, wearing an angrier version of his twin’s sentiment. 
  • “Let’s go for a ride, get some fresh air, huh MC?” The red head’s voice was soft
  • You softly nodded and let him guide you towards the door, not even able to muster up to energy to look back at Jaehee and Zen. 
  • Saeran did however, and he looked back towards the two with a face full of disgust, up until the moment he slammed the door
  • “what a good meeting” Jumin grumbled under his breath as he turned a disdainful eye towards Zen
  • You drove for a couple hours probably. Most of it in silence, but a comfortable one. You were in the passenger seat and Saeran was in the back, Seven at the wheel finding desolate roads and flying down them, giving the wind of your open window some sort of purifying feeling. It stung, but it felt good. Your hair whipped around and the land raced by and you occasionally sobbed but that was ok.
  • Eventually you found yourself back at the Chois’ place, sitting on the couch, staring at a TV playing a movie that you hadn’t been paying attention to for the last hour. Your mind was elsewhere, wondering what you had done wrong.
  • You looked at the carton of ice cream in your hand, only doing so because the sight of Saeran setting his own empty one on the coffee table had triggered you to remember Seven had given you your own carton to drown your sorrows in.
  • The redhead had actually gone out to buy more, so it was just you and Saeran on the black leather couch staring at the TV screen.
  • “Do you want this?” You offered the ice cream to Saeran who’s expression turned from bored to surprised, probably because you’d been silent for the past six hours aside from a sob here and there.
  • “You don’t want it?”
  • “I’m not hungry”
  • He stared at you and the carton for a second, his face unreadable.
  • He wanted to insist you eat the ice cream, because personally he found it to always make him feel better, but he figured you didn’t want to hear it.
  • He took the carton from your hands and placed it on the table in front of you two
  • Silence aside from the noise of the TV.
  • He cast a glance to you, only to find your eyes on the floor.
  • “doyou wantalk” You barely understood what he said it was so quiet
  • “What?” You looked to him
  • He thought you were asking out of surprise rather than inaudibility and “My therapist…he says that talking things out makes you feel better.” He looked indignant for a moment, likely remembering how stupid he felt when he rejected the idea only to find later that his therapist had been correct
  • “I…I have nothing to say” Your shell of a voice whispered
  • Saeran furrowed his brows at you. “Say you hate them”
  • “What?”
  • His voice raised a bit “You hate them don’t you? So say it. The therapist said talk about your feelings so start there. They’re scumbags who hurt you and deser-”
  • “No!” You’re voice hit a volume it hadn’t reached in hours. “I don’t hate them!”
  • Saeran was mixed with confusion and anger “What do you mean you don’t hate them? One of your best friends and your boyfriend fucked-”
  • There it was
  • Someone finally said it.
  • The hot tears made a return and began rolling down your cheeks as sudden sobs erupted from your mouth
  • Saeran was alarmed at the sudden show and tried to pinpoint the trigger. He supposes it could be his last sentence but it’s not as if it wasn’t something we all knew.
  • “I….I don’t hate them” You cried once the worst of the sobs subsided.”I don’t even think I want to hate them. I mean it’d be easier but…I don’t. Jaehee…it’s not her fault. She wrapped up in it all. And she’s always liked Zen. How could she have said no. And he..he was drunk” You sputtered out your rationalizations to find that they only annoyed Saeran
  • “The Assistant should still no better. But fine. You know what? She’s not dating you, and clearly she triggered you finding out the truth. So let’s pretend she’s ok? What about the actor? I don’t care that he was drunk. There’s no excuse for him doing that!” The white haired boys voice had become louder and louder, fists clenching tighter and tighter as he began riling up old feelings of betrayal he once felt. “He abandoned you! He left you in the dust and for what? He failed you!”
  • You don’t know when it happened but Saeran had turned towards you and grabbed your hands, squeezing them tight in between his own. His mouth was contorted into some sort of snarl and you saw a fire raging behind his minty eyes. 
  • “’re hurting my hands” You squeaked out.
  • Your small voice dragged him out of whatever memory he was reliving and he sort of faded back into reality with a few blinks of his eyes before turning his attention to his hands. He let go of yours and in a flat voice uttered a “sorry”.
  • You guys were silent again, just staring at the floor, both living in whatever sad memory chose to cross your brains.
  • “You deserve better is all” He finally said.
  • “I know” You replied, voice empty of any real feeling.
  • You looked up, staring at the TV but not actually watching as a man on a horse offered a hand towards a young woman. “I just can’t stop thinking about him. About the him I fell in love with. Is he really gone?”
  • Saeran followed your gaze to the TV, looking on as the girl hopped on the horse. “I think so. That’s assuming he was the guy you thought he was at any point.”
  • “He was.” You said, a little defensive. Saeran looked towards you, watching your emotionless expression, knowing that there was a storm underneath despite the calm appearance. He knew because he often did the same, rocking a stoic appearance while watching all hell break loose in his own head.
  • “Is this the part where I say ‘It gets better’?” 
  • “Do you believe that it does?”
  • “Not a fuckin’ chance” A bitter smirk twisted his lips 
  • “I appreciate the honesty” You sighed
  • “Not in the way that we think it will anyway” He looked off into space somewhere.
  • “Hm?” You turned to him
  • “Everyone imagines that one day soon they’re going to wake up and suddenly it’s not going to hurt anymore. That there’s gonna be a day when you don’t think about this. You’re always gonna think about it. You’re always gonna wonder what you did wrong. Why God hates you. What things would be like if it didn’t happen.”
  • “You don’t think that there can be a day when it all feels ok?” You ask, partially to heal your hopeless heart, and partially because you see Saeran is projecting his own feelings and you’re curious to know how he feels.
  • “Maybe. I haven’t hit it yet though. Doubt I will.” 
  • You stared as he looked off into the distance, feeling as if you could see the scenes of his past playing in his eyes.
  • You were just about to recede back into your ball of depression and hopelessness before he spoke again and took your attention
  • “But that’s me. You’re…you, MC” your questioning look prompted him to continue “You’re…a good person.”
  • “You are to-” You went to say but he cut you off by turning and leaning towards you with a new intensity in his face.
  • “Not like you. If at all” He scoffed. “ You though, everyone loves you. And they’re right too. Because…” suddenly he stopped himself, seeming to turn a little shy.
  • “Because?” You wanted, no, needed to hear this.
  • He gulped down his fear and turned his eyes to the side, unable to look at you as he delivered his next few words, scared of you seeing through him even more than you usually do. 
  • “MC, you’re..everything. You’re smart, you’re cute, and you’re …kind. You always know what to say to help everyone. And that’s the thing. You try to help people, even people trying to hurt you…” His eyes turned back to you “You saw a good in me even when I didn’t. You risked your life to help my brother to save me. You’re…kind of like an angel.”
  • You just stared, taken aback by such kind words, from Saeran of all people. 
  • You were right to be surprised, he wasn’t usually this smooth in conveying his feelings verbally…there must have just been something about you that made it easy for him to talk.
  • “If it gets better for anyone, it’ll be for you, MC” He reached for your hand out of instinct, but pulled back instantly when your skin touched, as if he just realized what he was doing. His eyes did the same, it looked like he just realized how vulnerable he was in that moment, and a sort of wall was raised behind his irises and his whole body tensed a bit.
  • He was scared of being rejected.
  •  …
  • Your hand slowly reached out to his, which was floating in the space between you two, and when he didn’t pull back, you interlaced your fingers together. 
  • A look of awe decorated both of your faces.
  • “Thank you…Saeran.” The light of the TV bounced off your wet eyes, making them look extra glossy.
  • The boy just looked at you, wide eyed, apprehensive for a moment, then nodded and tightened his grip on your hand. It wasn’t the same anger induced bear trap grip from when he grabbed them before. Now it was just firm, reassuring, like a hug.
  • “MC…things will get better for you. If not? I’ll make them.” He gave a subtle squeeze of the hand, giving you the nostalgic feeling of a pinky promise.
  • “You already did.” You let your head, heavy from spinning and sobbing all day, fall on his shoulder.
  • He just looked at you for a moment, before taking a deep breath a pulling you closer, his free hand rubbing your back gently. 
  • Maybe he was wrong
  • Maybe things would get better for him too
Missed Connection (Bucky x Reader)

Requested by: @swtltlmrvlgrl
Summary: Can you do a ‘missed connection’ with Bucky? Like you talked to him on a bus or train for an hour but at the end you didn’t get his name or number? (will they meet again or not? I leave it to you haha)

A/N: Thank you for requesting this!! I’m sorry it took so long but this was so much fun to write omg <3 I hope it’s what you were looking for  and enjoy!
(also yes that’s the hogwarts express lmfao)

Word Count: 2945
Warnings: mention of family death / mention of spreading ashes kind of thing… 

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Disclaimer: I don’t speak Romanian… Sorry if it’s wrong rip

iartă-mă… scuze… scuzati-ma…” 
(Pardon me… Sorry… Excuse me…)

You pushed your way through the crowded train, mumbling your apologies as you gripped your small suitcase tightly by your side.

It was mid summer and, finally having gotten some time off work, you’d flown to Romania for a few weeks.

Your mother had often spoken of her childhood in Bucharest when you were young, and when she’d passed away just over a year ago you’d decided to save up and see the places of her stories for yourself. You were now on the last few days of your trip and so far it had been an absolutely amazing journey. Bucharest was beautiful, the people were kind and as you got to know the country your mother had once called home, you quickly fell in love.

To be honest, you didn’t want to leave, but you didn’t have a choice so there you were.

To wrap up the trip you were spending your last weekend in Romania out in the countryside by a small farm called the “Cabana alb”. It was just outside the city and your mother had spent much of her summers there. It was her favourite place on the planet and where you had decided to spread her ashes.

And by “just outside the city”, you meant a two-hour train ride away.

Honestly, you hadn’t expected it to be that busy, but there you were squeezing through the crowded halls in search of an empty compartment to rest. They were, of course, all full. Until you happened across one at the back of the train.

You wrapped your knuckles softly against the glass before sliding the door open, catching the attention of it’s only occupant.

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Makeup Voiceover;Mark

Request: could you please do a mark scenario where his girlfriend is a beauty youtuber and they do the “boyfriend does my voiceover” challenge?

  • okay before i start i want to apologise in advance because i don’t use make up at all so i’m not familiar with the termologies or brands skmdnd
  • and im just really bad with anything that’s got to do with make up so!!
  • and this was shorter than expected :-(
  • without further a do,
  • let’s start

  • so you had always wanted him to do it

  • and all your subscribers know how cute you both are and they’ve been requesting non stop
  • but shy mark was so afraid and scared he couldn’t do it until you agreed to spend the whole day cuddling with him
  • and he agreed almost immediately
  • “if i knew you’d agree that quickly, i should’ve said that earlier”
  • “hehe don’t break your promise!!”
  • so you lock him out of your room so you can film your makeup tutorial video
  • and you decided to just go for a simple and casual look
  • and outside you can hear mark calling haechan
  • on speaker
  • “why am i nervous for this”
  • “it’s only a voiceover?? it’s not like you’re showing your face”
  • “yeah i know, but my heart’s beating so quickly im-”
  • “shut up and just do it, you can rap in front of so many people but you can’t do a single voiceover? surely absolutely fully capable!”
  • “i called you to give me encouragement but i guess you’re right”
  • and thanks to your professional and talented™ skills,
  • you finish in 15 minutes
  • and after checking the clip one last time,
  • you call mark in to sit beside you,
  • a mic in front if him
  • “just say whatever that appears on the screen, i showed it to you bright and clear!!”
  • you see him nervously smiling and giggling,
  • before clearing his throat and pressing the record button
  • “uhm… hi everyone, it’s mark, y/n’s boyfriend and as you can tell i’ll be doing her makeup voiceover for today, i heard you guys have been requesting this for quite some time now, so here it is”
  • and you smile brightly at him, giving him a small thumbs up to nudge him to continue
  • “as you can tell she’s barefaced right now- still as beautiful as ever and i can never ever see a difference- but oh my goodness what is with that pout, how cute”
  • “she’s holding up a small little stick right now, oh wait- it’s the nyx foundation stick”
  • “ahh, apply it in small streaks around your face and make sure to find the correct shade for yout skin tone!”
  • “spread it out evenly, you don’t want any patches”
  • “she looks so beautiful-”
  • whispers mark, focus”
  • “haha oh- next you want to take this eyebrow pencil”
  • “i can’t see the brand and words it’s too small”
  • “i’m serious oh my god, stop giggling at me”
  • “it’s okay- anyways, you want to start shading your eyebrows”
  • “make sure they’re symmetrical”
  • “how did she do it in one go, that’s my talented girlfriend right here”
  • “oh no her smile is so cute”
  • “mark stop it i’m blushing like mad right now- okay guys i’m sorry if you hear small conversations like these, he’s just sitting beside me recording right now”
  • “i can’t help it”
  • “you want to do your eyes next”
  • “she’s using the naked2 eyeshadow palette- i’ve seen this somewhere before- and she’s going to use the lightest shade of brown”
  • “oh it’s shiny”
  • “apply it gently on your eyelids”
  • “she did it again guys, in one try, that’s my girl”
  • “oh she’s moving on to the blush already?”
  • and he whispers to you
  • “you’re not applying highlight?”
  • “i was too lazy, but anyways continue babe”
  • “you still look good anyways”
  • “why is she giggling to herself”
  • “huh- wait isn’t that my voice”
    • the background plays his conversation with hyuck *
  • “i didn’t know i was that loud- oh my god”
  • “she can’t stop laughing, look at her face HAHAHA”
  • “im so embarrassed but she looks so cute giggling to herself wow”
  • “on a side note, haechan if you’re seeing this we both got exposed”
  • “okay she’s calmed down now”
  • “she’s using a very light shade of pink, just perfect for her natural rosy cheeks”
  • “her side view is wow…”
  • “she’s smiling again aw how cute”
  • “her cheeks are all pink now”
  • “i want to pinch those cheeks so badly haha”
  • “ow omg don’t do that”
  • “guys he literally just pinched my cheeks”
  • “hehe”
  • “on to the lipstick-”
  • “aw babe”
  • “story time: i actually got this for her last week because she was having bad day and i thought this might make her feel better”
  • “yes thank you so much mark, i love it and i love you”
  • “i love you too”
  • “it’s actually the moonshot lipstick”
  • “ahh.. it’s the peach and cream shade!! i remembered it hehe”
  • “i thought that she’d look gorgeous in it so i decided to get that shade”
  • “look at the way she pouts her lips again- how adorable”
  • “oh my goodness, i just realised she actually did all of that without using any mirrors, how wonderful can she be???”
  • you’re blushing like mad again at this point of time
  • and you see him frown and pout a little
  • “it’s come to an end already?? that’s fast”
  • “anyways look at my princess posing for the camera- you look great”
  • “look!! at!! her!! smile!!”
  • and he starts giggling
  • “anyways i hope all of you enjoyed watching this!”
  • “thank you for subscribing and supporting my baby and watching all her videos”
  • “continue doing that and give her all the love she deserves!!”
  • “it’s been mark here, hope to see you again hehe”
  • and he giggles again
  • he lets out a breath of relief and you give him the warmest hug ever
  • his words never fail to make you feel better about yourself
  • and he gives you a small peck on your lips,
  • “can i do that again someday? i actually liked that hehe”
  • “of course mark, anytime”
  • “and you did great, like always”
Wrapped Around; pt. 2.5

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 3990 words

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Smut

A/N: wow I’m so bad at updating, I’m so sorry ahahah. This is a small portion bc I needed to split up what I’ve already written and I’m not sure when I’ll finish the actual part 3 bc I have mid-terms next week! I feel super bad for making y’all wait so… this is roughly (4000/11000 words i’ve written). It ain’t much but ya know don’t hate me pls haha.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


You run your hands up and down your neck in horror as you see matching dark marks on your neck. What are these? Who did this? Just what the fuck happened last night? Did fucking Jimin— Son of a bitch.

You run to your door, pulling it open hurriedly just so you can catch him but Jimin had made a quick escape.

You slam the door shut, searching instead for your phone. You call him once, twice and he doesn’t pick up… which is odd since he’s practically glued to his phone like all the time. You let out an annoyed groan and settled on texting him instead, fingers furiously tapping at the screen as you typed out your message.

[1:09] You: Jimin what the fuck happened last night?

[1:09] You: how am I even going to hide these marks?

[1:09] You: why couldn’t you just keep your nasty mouth to yourself?

[1:10] You: answer me asshole

[1:10] You: I know you’re reading these

[1:10] You: you’re on your damn phone all the time when we’re doing the quizzes

You wait 5, 10, 15 minutes and there’s still no reply. You go to the bathroom for a quick shower and run to your phone immediately after getting dressed and still no reply. You examine the marks once again and you rest your head on the wall, grumbling at yourself for having too much alcohol the night before.

Even with a scarf, you couldn’t cover the marks that ran all the way to your jawline. You apply a generous amount of foundation and concealer, hoping to hide the petals of blue and purple but you could still see a hint of colour even after slathering on what seems like almost half the bottle of foundation onto your neck. Frustrated, you simply shove the last of your belongings into your bag and make your way to the library.

The throbbing headache you had made it very difficult for you to concentrate on the books you had in front of you. Despite sleeping till 1 pm, you still felt exhausted and you promise yourself to never have that much alcohol again. You sigh, this was starting to sound like what you used to tell yourself every week last semester.

After finishing the last section of your lab report, you allow yourself to take a quick 20-minute nap because honestly you could barely keep your eyes open anyway. You check your phone again, you’re still waiting on Jimin’s reply but your lock screen still comes up blank. Placing your phone to the side, you sink down comfortably into your chair and rest your head on your arms. You will your mind to remember the events of last night but the moment you shut your eyes, you simply drift to sleep.

Your night comes back to you in the form of tiny flashes, simple snippets, each one making you regret the night more and more. The short flashbacks are not in order and it isn’t enough for you to build a coherent timeline of what was your exciting Friday night but they were truly enough to make you feel like flinging yourself across the room.

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How You Gonna? pt 3 (You don’t get back together) - Justin Foley x Reader

Summary: Justin texts you, does he want to be with you or not? (I listened Leave me lonely by Ariana Grande & Over You by Graffiti6) This one is a little deeper because it’s something I went through, he just wasn’t my ex, he was my bestfriend.

I went home a nervous wreck. I love Justin so much. He’s my everything. No matter what I do, I’m not good without him. Feelings for people change, but I don’t thin that would happen with me. He’s more than I have ever asked for. I believed him over everyone else and all I want is him. I don’t know what it is about him. I could never not fall for him, even when we first met. I felt like I was falling in love. That boy makes me crazy.

I’m only a sophomore in high school. Adults always say we’re “too young” to experience love, but I know what it feels like to love someone. I love Justin, he’s all I think about. I would do anything for him, I just want to be with him, I would be so happy even if he told me my shoes were untied.

I feel so shitty without him, I always self pity myself. What do I do with myself? Stay in my room and eat ice cream and wonder what we could’ve had? Fuck that. I know he loves me deep down. Nobody would go 6 months without developing something. I need this to end, but I don’t want to hear his answer. I’m confident that he loves me. He cares for me, he already said that. Why care about someone if you don’t love them?

Now I’m just laying in my bed, waiting for him to text me. I don’t know why I’m both nervous, and excited. I keep fantasizing our future. I think we’re meant to be. I love him so much, and always will. Nobody has ever kept my attention the way he has. I don’t think anyone could. I just think everyone is boring. I know he’s not though.

I hear my phone ding, and my heart stops. Here’s the time, I’ll get my answer. No matter what happens, I will always love him, no matter how complicated it is. He’s different, and will always be the love of my life no matter what.

(Justin is bold, you’re normal)



“What’s up?”

“Can we skip the small talk, and move on?”

“Move on to what? haha”

“Justin, this isn’t funny. Tell me your feel about both me, and the situation.”

“For starters, the situation, I care about you a lot. I’m sorry that I had to put you through what I did. I just really needed Clay to keep his mouth shut.”

“Do you love me?”



“I love you. More than anything. I tried so hard to get over you, all you do is fuck with my emotions and my head. I hate you, but I love you. I don’t usually confess feelings this way, but I can’t help it. I’m addicted to you. No matter what I do, I’m not good without you. I fell for you,”

“I didn’t know you felt that way y/n.”

“Tell me how you feel about me right now, do you love me?”

“I love you as a friend”

I felt my heart stop. I don’t know what to think. I was positive that he loved me back, all I want is him, why is that so confusing? I would give him anything,and everything he wanted. Why doesn’t he want me? I cry every night, he didn’t even try.

“Oh… Okay, I’ll tell you now, never talk to me. Don’t come back anymore. I have had enough of you hurting me. As much as I want you to stay, you’re not good for me. You love me, I know you do, but you’re leaving me here. I’d rather you just leave me alone. Can you do that for me, Justin?”

“I’m sorry. I wish I could love you back, I just don’t. I love Jessica, but you’ll always be important to me.”

“Obviously not that important if you don’t see how much I love you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. Goodnight, Justin.”

I feel at ease also. Nothing lasts forever, I see that now. It’s alright, this time is the last time I will let him hurt me. Don’t get me wrong, I love him. I just don’t need these arguments, or this hurt. Life without him, is so lonely. I wonder what Jessica has that I don’t. She doesn’t deserve him, I do. I’m over love, but I don’t want to be all alone. He’s just blind. There’s no need to fight anymore. 

This time is the last time. I love him, but he’s no good. I can keep telling myself that, but he’s my everything. I’m tired of always being careful. Now I’m just here, lying in my bed, and crying to myself. I can’t change what happened, but this hurt me more than anything. Justin is the firs person I have ever loved. 

I cried myself to sleep then woke up the morning after. I didn’t even care what I looked like. I didn’t want to go to this school anymore. I didn’t want to see his face anymore, I don’t give a fuck about anyone there anymore, but him. Actions speak louder than words though, I’ll just try that. I’ll always love him.

I walked into the school, ignoring everyone who tried to spike up a conversation with me. I seen him, and Jessica. The happy couple that they are. I sill will never understand what she has that I don’t. He’s my happiness, but she took it. I’m hated by everyone, that’s the way it seems. 

I walked into math and made eye contact with him. I sat down in my seat next to him, and did my best to make my hair block my view of him.

“Hey, y/n.” he said.

Don’t talk to me, not right now. I don’t need to hear your voice right now.

He continued, “You know I care about you, right?”

I didn’t reply. I’m keen on not talking to this guy. I don’t need him in my life anymore.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.” he whispered

I finally spoke, 

“I’m over you, this time is the last time. I’m done, Justin”

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kiss me through the phone

↳ Genre: Fluff | ↳ Word Count: 1.3k | ↳ Characters: Jeno x Reader: | 

↳ Summary: hello! could you write smth where you and jeno keep having the longest skype calls together until like one in the morning and it gets really sweet bc u start saying things that you admire about each other or smth (it can be friendly or like where you’re dating whatever you would like) and yeah haha thank you so much!!!

↳ Author’s Note: THIS TOOK WAY TOO LONG IM SO SORRY ANON IM SO SO SORRY I HOPE YOU DONT HATE ME,, Also happy (belated) birthday to nct’s eye smile king 

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unicorn-trash-on-a-unicycle  asked:

Hey~! I reaaally love your writing and I was wondering if you could do a hc for rfa (+v and saeran if you want to) reacting to mc being sick and what would they do about. Like a small sickness like a cough or running nose cx

You woke up, thHello, lovely! Krys here! Thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I’m so sorry that this has taken so long! I’m not even going to sugar-coat it… Klc and I have been a little on the lazier side for the past few… weeks? So, please forgive us for this! I hope you like this! Now, these are all illnesses that I consider very minor because I’ve gotten them several times in the course of my life and have lived through them haha. They’re not major or anything, and the worst is probably the flu, and even that isn’t too bad. You just kinda feel bad for a few days, but that’s it.


  • Let’s get this straight
  • Zen never gets sick
  • He’s a healing monster, what are you talking about?
  • So, when MC gets sick, he doesn’t know what to do for the life of him.
  • His first thought would be to take you to the doctor’s
  • But you insist that you’re fine
  • No
  • He insists that something has to be done about it
  • He admires that you want to just push through it
  • But he asks you not to follow in his footsteps and try to tough it out
  • He honestly doesn’t even know what the severity of your sore throat could be
  • He never gets sore throats or anything
  • And he takes such good care of his voice that this has never really occurred to him
  • So you insist on showing him what to do when you get sick like this
  • So he gets in the car and you drive
  • To the corner store
  • Honestly like a Walgreen’s or CVS or something
  • And pick up some night time cold meds and cough drops
  • And he’s astounded
  • Like
  • Is it really not that bad?
  • I mean
  • I never get that, so I don’t know
  • And you just say that you’re probably gonna have to rest for a day or so
  • And so the babying ensues
  • Literally, wouldn’t let you get out of bed


  • He’s a college student
  • So he knows what it’s like to not take proper care of your body
  • I mean, before you moved in with him, he had a steady diet of ramyun and all sorts of junk foods and chips
  • So, when you were studying for midterms and not eating properly, piled on top of you being stressed out of your mind, it wasn’t a surprise to him that you developed a bit of a cold
  • And of course, being you, you decided to power through it
  • I mean, this was college, for God’s sake
  • If you didn’t pay off your student debts, your children would have to
  • So a cold was no excuse to miss classes and tests in your mind
  • Yoosung, on the other hand, saw what you were doing
  • Or, more like, heard
  • He could hear you awake, coughing and sneezing, while he was playing video games to relieve stress from his own studies
  • So he took a break to check on you
  • And when he found you holding a tissue to your face as you frantically highlighted and underlined text on the papers in front of you, he knew he had to do something about it
  • Whether you wanted it or not, he was going to help you
  • So he promptly picked you up out of your chair and you were so surprised
  • You didn’t hear him come in, you were so focused
  • He was surprised too, he’s not that strong tbh. But you were like a feather to him so it’s k
  • Even though you protested, he put you on the bed and told you not to move an inch
  • So eventually you just accepted your defeat and fell asleep
  • After what felt like forever, you woke up to the smell of chicken soup
  • You could see Yoosung walking in with a tray of it and some water as well as a bit of cold medicine
  • You asked him what time it was, and when he said the next day, you freaked out
  • But he insisted that you take a sick day
  • Originally, you were against it
  • But if you were treated like a princess all day like this, you wouldn’t mind


  • This man had access to all the best doctors and medicine that money could buy
  • Because, in fact, he could buy them
  • So when you began to develop the signs of the flu, not a necessarily deadly virus for someone your age, he didn’t even bat an eye
  • Not because he didn’t care, though
  • He cared a lot
  • More than most people would care about someone having the flu tbh
  • But because he knew that this could be resolved with the snap of his fingers
  • So you didn’t even have to complain about the stuffiness or anything before he called the doctor
  • He would gladly take any days off for you, but when he took a whole two weeks off so he could take care of you, you weren’t the only one saying it was unnecessary
  • You could practically hear Jaehee filling up another coffee cup already
  • But he wouldn’t be deterred
  • Just because he had a personal chef to make food for him at any hour he needed, didn’t mean he couldn’t cook
  • You wanted anything, he would make it for you as fast as possible
  • Chicken soup?
  • Done.
  • Mac and Cheese?
  • Okay, here ya go.
  • Seriously, you could ask him for an entire creme brulee and he would have it there before you could blink an eye
  • And of course, though you were sick, cuddles were absolutely not off the table
  • You didn’t really mind, but you were still contagious
  • You really didn’t want him to get sick because of you, but Jumin didn’t care if he got sick or not
  • He just wanted to make the most out of this time off with you
  • So, a few days later, when he started to exhibit the same symptoms, you were not at all surprised


  • You were always the one who tried to get him to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Tried to get him to eat better, get enough sleep, the works
  • So you thought maybe you could get him to follow along by setting the example
  • So when you began to develop various symptoms that all added up to a throat infection, he begins to use it as an excuse to not eat healthily.
  • “C’mon babe, just eat the salad with me. Please~?”
  • “Nope, the last time you ate healthily like that you got sick.”
  • “That’s, uh, not how it works, and I’m still sick.”
  • “And you still expect me to eat that? And share the same fork! How dare you? Are you trying to poison me, MC?”
  • You weren’t so sick that you didn’t see the humour in his words, but you were also pretty tired and just needed to sleep it off
  • It hurt a bit to talk, and Seven could see that, so he definitely went a bit easier on you and complied
  • You, on the other hand, hurt too much to eat solid foods, so you settled for a fruit smoothie.
  • After that, he took you to bed and stayed with you until you fell asleep
  • After all, you weren’t contagious, so it wasn’t too much of an issue
  • Other than the fact that he was procrastinating working, everything was fine
  • You woke up, though, to the smell of food
  • And it wasn’t just Seven experimenting with microwaving foods that should NOT be microwaved, again
  • It was actual food
  • Like, actual, edible food, that people actually ate
  • Let alone, healthy?
  • Who was this, and what have they done with your boyfriend?
  • So, when he came in with the food, that looked spectacular, mind you, you were very grateful
  • Especially if you didn’t have to cook for yourself when you were sick
  • He was an amazing boyfriend, very caring
  • But he was not very handy in the kitchen
  • Let’s just put it at that


  • He felt bad that he couldn’t do much for you
  • It’s not like he could just will you better
  • He wasn’t Jesus or anything
  • Having strep throat was definitely hard on you, and he could tell
  • So he tried his best to provide whatever you needed whenever you needed it
  • That included food, water, tissues, or the meds that your doctor prescribed for you
  • But for most of the days that you were sick, you guys just flopped onto the couch and listened to music or watched movies(with his new sight wowowow)
  • Even though he couldn’t do much for you, he wanted you to be feeling as comfortable as possible while you were unwell
  • So if you wanted ice cream, he would get you ice cream
  • He was really just too good to you to be completely honest
  • He cares for you so much it’s insane
  • You could probably step on him and he would apologise
  • So on the days when it was particularly bad and you were throwing up, he was right there with you holding your hair back and soothing you
  • Boyfriend goals can I get an amen
  • Haha haha I’m single if that wasn’t obvious
  • One day on his way back from work, he picked you up some ice cream sandwiches, and though your throat was sore as ever and you couldn’t talk very well, you thanked him as much as you could
  • So, he watched you devour them as you both pigged out on pizza and watched old Stephen King movies
  • Misery was his personal favourite


  • Being sick was not a new subject for him
  • He was a very sickly child and ended up with all sorts of illnesses all the time
  • Thankfully, he grew out of it by the time he got older
  • So, when you came down with a nasty case of bronchitis, he basically slapped on the medical mask and gloves
  • Despite his initial cold appearance and personality, you were one of the only people he could actual tolerate
  • So he didn’t want you to be sick, especially since he knew exactly how it felt and how awful it was
  • My poor son give him love and affection
  • So he took you to the doctor, though he already knew what the treatment was going to be
  • He just wanted a second opinion
  • So when they gave you some meds and an inhaler if things got particularly bad, he wasn’t very surprised
  • Kid probably would’ve ended up a doctor if he could’ve
  • When you went home, he told you to go straight to bed to get some rest
  • Even though you protested, you eventually conceded and went along with it
  • He went off on a tangent about how ‘laughter is the best medicine is a lie and sleep is the true healer’ or whatever
  • You kinda stopped listening
  • Not that you weren’t interested
  • It was really interesting and nice to see him get all passionate about something
  • But you never really thought it would be about your wellbeing
  • You got a glimpse of how caring Saeran could truly be
  • Even if you were romantically involved with him, it wasn’t something that you got to see too often
  • So that was really nice
  • You were sure to thank him as soon as you got better
  • But of course, he just shrugged it off and said it was nothing
Husband Taeyong

Request: heey :) could you please do a husband!taeyong? i loved the one with yuta. your blog is amazing aha bye

  • my third husband request hehe
  • and it’s been long since i did a taeyong scenario so this is perfect!!
  • i remember he was my first bias and now idek where he is in my bias list im sorry taeyong ily
  • but maybe check out boyfriend taeyong first?
  • i’d die for husband! taeyong because he’s so husband material i love him
  • let’s start

  • i feel like he’d be a die hard romantic and be all cliche,

  • as compared to yuta & johnny
  • especially since he invited you to a five star restaurant like what??
  • who sells a plate of dishes for like 20$ each
  • and at first you’re like
  • “babe what are we doing here, we could just be eating mcdonalds right now??”
  • “you’ll know later”
  • and he’s all dressed up super formally, probably wearing a suit and all
  • and he bought you a dress too
  • which you had no choice but to wear because it was too pretty and it fits you perfectly
  • so you try your best to order the cheapest meal there
  • but taeyong stops you and asks you to order the things you WANT to eat
  • and to not care about the price
  • and he gives you the stern look™ so you have no choice but to listen to him
  • so dinner goes past like usual
  • with him sharing stories of the other members and what they did at practice
  • like how yuta got all emo because winwin couldn’t turn up & how doyoung was just laughing at him the whole time
  • that’s another story, let’s focus back here
  • suddenly the waiter walks up to taeyong and leans down to whisper something
  • then taeyong nods his head and gives him some kind of signal
  • and you’re just sitting there like what?? is?? happening??
  • and taeyong knows you’re going to ask him so he just stares at you and gives you this cheeky shy smile
  • the waiter arrives with a big plate of chocolate cake which looks super expensive
  • and there’s small little box beside it
  • the lights suddenly get dimmer
  • and there’s some sweet and slow music playing in the background like??
  • all the workers are staring at yall with their hands intertwined
  • taeyong gets up from his seat and goes over to you
  • he grabs the box
  • but he hugs you and he whispers into your ear
  • “will you marry me babe”
  • and then he opens the box and it’s the cutest wedding ring ever because it’s unique??
  • it has taeyong’s name engraved on it but also your birthday
  • and you’re like too speechless to say anything
  • you just stare at him and nod your head, on the verge of tears
  • he notices and he hugs you even tighter and gives you pecks all over your face
  • everyone is cheering!!
  • turns out he had been planning this for months
  • and thanks to the members they helped him plan it too
  • this child at heart actually wanted to fold a paper ring for you until yuta scolded him and told him to ‘up his game’ a little
  • how cute
  • okay but him as a husband, he’s really sweet and protective?
  • he has your back for everything
  • and would do anything to make you happy!!
  • he feels that it’s his responsibility to take care of you, so he usually does all the work
  • like housework, cooking, driving you to work amd so forth
  • you live for his cooking because it’s different everyday like how?
  • he cares and loves you so much he nags a lot
  • which you tease him about it all the time
  • “why didn’t you make our bed this morning”
  • “it doesn’t matter babe, it’ll be messy again anyways”
  • “no, you have to be neat”
  • “if you’re gonna be this naggy, i pity our kids next time”
  • “hey! come back here you-”
  • “i love you hehe”
  • “i wouldn’t mind having kids now though-”
  • “taeyong stop 👀”
  • y'all still act like a new couple though, and often get really childish and playful, but it’s all cute so!!
  • but being married to him means you automatically become the parent of nct too
  • which is why the other members always drop by your house
  • and asks y'all for help
  • “i’m hungry y/n!!”
  • “doyoung the fridge’s just there, you can just take anything you want”
  • “hyung! can i sleep here for today?”
  • “why?”
  • “yuta keeps clinging onto me”
  • “aw winwin come here”
  • “yay thanks y/n!!”
  • the dream members probably have your contact names set as mom and dad in their phones
  • while the hyung line’s ones are
  • “annoying but cute married couple”
  • but when both of you are alone and at home though
  • most of the time y'all spend time cuddling and watching shows and movies together
  • he still brings you out on small dates and trips
  • but other days you would just spend the day making out and feeling each other
  • he loves you and your body so much he always has his hands on you
  • and he becomes a total different person in bed, you love it
  • im a smol child i don’t write smut im sorry :-(
  • loves to show you off in public
  • “is she your girlfriend? shs’s beautiful!”
  • “actually, we’re married haha”
  • “really? how young!”
  • “thank you! and yes, isn’t she just beautiful?”
  • he’s your counsellor, your best friend, your partner and everything you could ever as for
  • because he’s always taking care of you and not complaining at all you love it so much
  • plus he gets super excited and becomes a small child at times it’s so cute
  • like that one time you told him you wanted to go to the carnival
  • he kept jumping around and hugged you excitedly
  • how pure™
  • he wears your wedding ring everyday and probably has your wedding photo kept in his wallet
  • so he can stare at it everyday
  • i’ll stop here and im sorry if it’s too short or bad im sorry ahh
  • i love taeyong


Request: ky imagine where ur like month pregs and hux is being an ass (as usual) to u one day during a meeting like ‘oh well someone had to get pregnant ’ and soon-to-be daddy ren (no not like that) jumps in like aye back off my wife fam.

A/N: This is a bit ooc in the beginning but the rest not so much. Thank you @love-of-less for the request, enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 1.1K+

There were plenty of thing’s in Kylo Ren’s life that he never thought he’d achieve–one of them being a father. The thought of being a father terrified him; aside from the fact that he thought he’d be the worse, but the idea that he’d never be there for his child like his father had done to him. He was afraid that every move he’d make for the child would be an absolute screw up. If he couldn’t manage his own life, how could he possibly guide a child?

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💕Fanart piece 2/??

Decided to do a small redraw of one of your answers. Sorry if it looks a little derpy haha. (I’m no good at drawing people facing the right..)



[I forgot to mention this but please, PLEASE go follow them @starryflowerscafe]

8 Ball - JiKook

haha. i am not sorry at all for this. like. AT ALL. This was an old 5sos fic i wrote last year and i decided to redo it as a JiKook smut so yeah~ enjoy~

Genre; Smut//Corny jokes galore. 

word count: 3,985

pairing; Jungkook x Jimin


Saturday nights were meant to be fun. But when you got stood up for a date they became less so. Jimin was determined not to let this night go to waste though as he sat at the bar of his favorite hole in the wall hangout.

It was small, but not too small that it felt cramped. It was the perfect size for someone like Jimin to blend in and people watch as he drank his Soju and Coke..

It was as he was doing this that he took what he thought was his final glance around the bar, and spotted something that peaked his interest.

Leaning over one of the pool tables was a tall, clearly well built, boy with tight skinny jeans and a t-shirt that had slightly ridden up his back, exposing a small stretch of smooth skin. Almost as if he had felt Jimin’s gaze, he stood up and turned so he was looking right at him. A light blush spreading over Jimin’s cheeks.

JImin tried not to make it a habit of staring at people in public, but for some reason he just couldn’t make himself look away. There was something about the cocky look in the boy’s eyes that drew him in. The hint of mischief shining through just enough to make his stomach flutter with butterflies.

Jimin shook his head, fully aware that he had been caught staring. The smug smile on mystery boy’s face letting him know that he had noticed.

Just as Jimin was about to turn tail and leave, the man mouthed something at him that looked like ‘come here’ but the sound of it was lost to the voices of people around them. Jimin threw him a confused look before shrugging his shoulders dramatically, his finger pointing to himself.

This earned Jimin a laugh, the boy throwing his head back slightly exposing his smooth neck before looking back at him. He smiled, nodding his head as he pointed at Jimin with another one of his cocky smiles gracing his lips.

Taking a deep breath Jimin stood up made his way across the bar’s dance floor and over to where the pool tables were. The closer he got to him the more Jimin could see how incredibly handsome he was.

From a distance he was just good looking, but up close he was something else. He looked like someone who should be in a suit and tie at some fancy restaurant instead of in a small bar wearing skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. Yet he looked as if he was exactly where he wanted to be.

As Jimin stepped up onto the slightly raised area where the pool tables were he stumbled slightly. His foot catching on the raised up edge throwing him forward. But before he face planted into the floor he felt a large hand wrap around his wrist, catching him and pulling him up.

“You okay down there?” Jimin was caught off guard at how close mystery man was to his face, his nose just inches away as he smiled at Jimin.

“Um, yes. I’m fine.” Jimin stuttered slightly as he stood up straight and gave a small laugh, trying to diffuse the awkwardness in the air. “That actually happens to me pretty often.” Jimin smiled and glanced down to where his hand was still wrapped around his wrist. His eyes following the movement as the man let his fingers fall away.

“So, can I ask why such a cute guy like you is here by yourself?” Jimin watched his lips move as he spoke, captivated by the way he ran his hand through his hair.

“Oh um, I was supposed to be on a date.” Jimin blushed, his fingers lacing together in front of him to keep from fidgeting.

“Supposed to be?” He raised one eyebrow and looked to be in deep thought at this new information. “What kind of idiot stands up someone as beautiful as you?” Jimin was shocked at the genuine sound of confusion in his voice, the little butterflies fluttering again.

“Well, I guess you’d have to ask him yourself.” Jimin shrugged, a hint of a smile on his face.

“He must be pretty stupid if you ask me.” He laughed and Jimin couldn’t help but think that it was the most attractive sound he had ever heard  as his nose scrunched up slightly and he tilted his head back just a little bit. “Well, if you have nothing better to do, what do you say to a game of pool?” he leaned back and held his pool stick in between his legs, the smile on his face making him look younger.

“I actually don’t make it a habit of playing pool with strangers.” Jimin took a small step back, making sure not to step back too far to avoid falling.

“Well, my name is Jeongguk. I’ve lived in Busan my whole life and just turned twenty.” he smiled as he stuck out his hand to Jiming. The latter hesitating for a second before placing his hand in Jeongguk’s much larger on.. “This is the part where you tell me your name.” Jeongguk laughed. His eyes lighting up every so slightly.

“Oh, right. Im Jimin, also born and raised in Busan. And I guess I’m older than you because I just turned twenty two.” Jimin blushed slightly as Jeongguk ran his thumb over the back of his hand before letting go to grab another pool stick.

“See, now we’re not strangers anymore.” he flashed his smile again before handing Jimin the pool stick. Their fingers brushing slightly. “Do you know how to play?”

“I know the basics, but it’s been awhile since I’ve played.” Jimin twirled the pool stick in his hands as Jeongguk stepped closer towards him, leaning his pool stick against the side of the table before motioning with his hand for Jimin to step closer.

“Here, I’ll show you how to break the set.” Jeongguk smiled as he stood behind Jimin. HIs arm reaching around so that it was around  Jimin’s. The other one going over his shoulder as Jimin bent down and lined up the stick, using the inside of his thumb and index finger while Jeongguk placed his hands over Jimin’s.

“Just line the stick up with the queue ball.” Jiming could feel his hot breath on the back of his neck as Jeongguk leaned his chin on Jimin’s shoulder. “And gently tap it.” Jeongguk whispered the words as he gently moved their hands. The end of the pool stick hitting the cue ball and sending it rolling across the table where it collided with the rest of the balls. Clanking filling the small area round them as the balls rolled across the table.

“Like that?” Jimin turned his head slightly, using the most innocent voice he could manage while trying to suppress the urge to kiss Jeongguk. And from the look on Jeongguk’s face, he was fighting the same urge.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk leaned back, his tongue darting out to lick his lips as he pulled back from Jimin. “Just like that.”

Jimin smiled to himself, a plan forming his head to make things a little more fun.

“You know Jeongguk-ah, I think we should make this game a little more interesting.” Jimin smiled his sweetest smile, popping his hip to the side slightly and leaning against his pool stick.

“Oh? And how do you suggest we do that?” Jeongguk folded his arms across his chest, one eyebrow raised as he smiled.

“How about the loser buys drinks?” Jimin mentally smirked to himself. Because no matter how this ended, they would end up back at the bar together. Which meant more time with one another and Jimin wasn’t ready to say goodbye just yet.

Jeongguk’s eyes went wide for a split second, his pupils dilating slightly before he smiled at Jimin.

“Alright deal.” Jeongguk said with a nod, moving around to the other side of the pool table and lining up his shot.

With a smirk on his face Jeongguk managed to sink a ball into the corner pocket, his face lighting up as he easily made another shot.

“You may want to get your card ready for those drinks.” Jeongguk smiled as he made his next shot, only this time instead of hitting the ball he wanted he sent the queue ball right into one of the pockets and let out a groan as Jimin laughed.

“You were saying Jeongguk?” Jimin cocked an eyebrow as Jeongguk stood up straight, leaning back against the wall as Jimin placed the pool stick against his thumb and sunk his first ball, followed by two more.

From the corner of Jimin’s eye he could see Jeongguk watching him. A smile on his face as Jimin moved around the table to position himself for his next shot. Jimin decided to give Jeongguk a little show by popping his hip out as he bent over the table.

The rest of the game went by fairly quickly, ending with Jimin sinking the eight ball into the corner pocket while Jeongguk looked on with a genuinely surprised look on his face.

“I thought you said you hadn’t played before?” Jeongguk gave a little awkward laugh as he started to place the balls back on the table, arranging them while Jimin sat on the edge watching him.

“No, I told you I hadn’t played in a while. Not that I’ve never played before. There’s a difference.” Jimin laughed as Jeongguk looked up at him, a look of amusement on his face.

“So you played me!” Jeongguk feigned shock as he brought his hand up to his chest and gasped, making Jimin laugh so hard he thought he was going to fall off the pool table.

“I did not! It’s not my fault you weren’t listening properly!” Jimin leaned back, his hands braced on the edge of the table as he let his feet swing in front of him before jumping down and making his way back towards the bar.

“You coming hotshot?” Jimin looked over his shoulder and stopped walking when he saw the look Jeongguk was giving him. He looked like someone who was contemplating the meaning of life while leaning against the pool table, a serene smile taking place on his face.

“Yeah. I’m coming.” Jeongguk nodded before following Jimin, the smile on his face never leaving.

The way he was looking at Jimin made his heart flutter and his face heat up as he sat down. His elbows propped on the edge of the bar.

Jimin turned so he could watch Jeongguk take the last few steps before he was sitting down next to him, his body still a good few inches taller than him even though they were both sitting.

“So, what are you drinking Jimin?” Jeongguk did that thing with his eyebrow again, making him look like someone who was up to no good while managing to still look handsome.

“Coke and Soju, of course.” Jimin smiled, proud of the fact that he could hold his liquor better than most people thought he could.

“That’s a pretty strong drink.” Jeongguk mused to himself mostly as he flagged down the bartender and ordered two drinks.

“Yeah they can be when made right. That’s why I like them.” Jimin laughed and thanked the bartender when he placed the two drinks in front of them. Immediately taking a sip of his and smiling as the cool liquid filled his mouth.. “You don’t have to drink a bunch of them to get a good buzz going.”

“Oh yeah? So you drink these often then?” Jeongguk leaned in a little bit closer so that his face was  just a few inches away from Jimin, the scent of Jeongguk’s cologne filling his senses as he tried to keep himself from leaning in to get a better smell of it.

“Yup. It’s my drink of choice most of the time.” Jimin smiled, his eyes turning up with the motion as he took another drink, looking down to hide the blush spreading across his cheeks.

As he looked down Jimin’s eyes just happened to land on Jeongguk’s crotch.  Immediately noticing Jeongguk shifting and it didn’t take Jimin long to realize why.

He had a boner, a large one that caused Jimin to choke on his drink as it slid down his throat.

Jimin blushed as he looked back up at Jeongguk and smiled. A daring thought popping into his head.

“Looks like someone has a little problem.” Jimin looked Jeongguk dead in the eyes as he took another sip of his drink, praying that it would give him the courage to actually do what he was thinking.

“Wha-at?” Jeongguk choked on his drink as he looked at Jimin, a wild expression on his face as Jimin looked down at his crotch again and then back up at his face.

“Well, maybe not so little by the looks of it.” Jimin giggled a little bit as he downed the rest of his drink of hopped off of his barstool. Wobbling slightly as he was now feeling the effects of his drink, and grabbed Jeongguk’s hand and pulled him along with him as Jimin made his way to the bathroom at the back of the bar.

It was at this moment that Jimin was extremely thankful that the bathrooms here were all single stall bathrooms.

“Where are we going Jimin?” Jeongguk asked with a small chuckle, the tone in his voice telling Jimin that he knew exactly where they were going.

“To fix your trouser problem. Obviously.” Jimin laughed as the words left his mouth. Slightly shocked that he had actually said them and Jeongguk seemed to have the same reaction.

“You don’t have to Jimin, really I-.” Jimin cut him off before he could finish.

“I want to.” was all he said before opening the bathroom door and pulling him inside, making sure to lock it before he turned to look at Jeongguk.

The two of them stood there for a moment awkwardly, seeing as neither of them had done this before.

Jimin slowly walked towards Jeongguk, filling the space between them until Jeongguk was backed up against the wall. Jimin took a deep breathe to calm his nerves before standing up slightly on his tiptoes, his face now level with Jeongguk’s.

For a split second everything seemed to still around them, the air filled with silence as they looked at one another. Jimin’s face slowly closing the space between their lips before pressing his soft lips to Jeongguk’s gently.

As soon as Jimin got that first taste of Jeongguk’s lips on his, he wanted more. He couldn’t stop himself from pressing his lips against the taller boys harder, a soft whine leaving his lips as Jeongguk hesitantly ran his tongue over Jimin’s bottom lip.

Jimin let his hands fist in the material of Jeongguk’s black t-shirt, moaning louder when Jeongguk tilted his head slightly to deepen the kiss. His tongue pressing more insistently against Jimin’s lip until Jimin granted him access to his mouth.

Jeongguk let out a deep sigh, the feeling of it brushing against Jimin’s lips and making him shudder as he felt raw need and want for Jeongguk course through his veins.

With a moment of bold desire, Jimin let one of his hands wander down Jeongguk’s chest, to his stomach, then down to the top of his tight jeans. His fingers brushing over the button before popping it loose. He could feel Jeongguk suck in a breath against his mouth as Jimin slowly pulled the zipper down, his hand slipping under the band of his boxers to slowly stroke his hard cock.

Jimin felt the shudder that ran through Jeongguk’s body as he tightened his grip before pulling away completely. When he looked up he could see that Jeongguk’s eyes had taken on a glassy look and that his pupils were blown wide as he watched Jimin sink down to his knees slowly. A shy smile on his face as he pulled down Jeongguk’s jeans and boxers. His erection springing free.

Jimin smiled at the sight of Jeongguk’s hard length, his breathing going shallow as he wrapped his hand around Jeongguk’s hip to steady himself.

Jimin licked a straight line up the base of his length, flicking his tongue when he reached the tip.

Jeongguk let out a deep moan, giving Jimin more incentive to  take him into his mouth. Jimin swirled his tongue around the head as he worked on gradually fitting more of Jeongguk into his mouth. Jeongguk’s hand lacing itself into Jimin’s darkhair.

Jimin let out a moan at the feeling of Jeongguk gently pulling on his hair. The vibrations of it sending another shiver through Jeongguk’s body.

“I’m not gonna last long if you keep doing that Jimin-” Jeongguk’s voice was shallow as he tried to steady his breathing. His eyes squeezing shut as his grip in Jimin’s hair tightened.

All of this only spurred Jimin on further, his mouth slowly sliding down Jeongguk’s length until his nose was flush with Jeongguk’s skin. The head of his cock nestled nicely in Jimin’s throat.

Fuck me.” Jeongguk whispered, his head smacking against the wall as he threw it back with a moan right at the moment Jimin swallowed tightly around Jeongguk’s cock. His thighs pressing together to give himself friction as he grew harder in his jeans.

Jimin smirked around Jeongguk’s length, his throat tightening around it as he let out another pleased hum. The sensation of all of it sending Jeongguk into a blissed out state and he came down Jimin’s throat with no warning.

Jimin was quick to pull back, leaving just the tip of Jeongguk’s cock in his mouth as he swallowed around it. Milking Jeongguk for all he was worth as the younger boy sagged against the wall, his legs feeling weak as he gently ran his hands through Jimin’s hair, his heart pounding in his chest as Jimin licked all around his shaft, the overstimulation making it hard for Jeongguk to control his breathing.

“C’mere.” Jeongguk breathed out, pulling Jimin up to him and crushing his lips to his. Jeongguk moaned at the taste of himself on Jimin’s lips, his tongue pushing roughly into his mouth with his desire to taste all of Jimin mixed with the taste of himself as Jimin pressed himself into Jeongguk.

The two of them let their hands roam over every part of each other that they could reach, Jeongguk’s hands skimming down Jimin’s sides and around his waist. Pulling his shirt up slightly so he could slip his hands under it and feel the smooth skin of Jimin’s back.

Jimin moaned into the kiss, his breathing becoming more erratic as Jeongguk’s hands made their way down to the top of his jeans, his fingers slipping under them to grab at his butt. Fingers pressing into the skin just shy of too hard, but hard enough to make goosebumps cover Jimin’s skin as he tilted his head back.

“Like that baby?” Jeongguk breathed the words out against Jimin’s throat, his tongue tracing down it before setting at the base and sucking harshly.

Jimin let out a sound that was a mix between a moan and the word ‘yes’, his hands fisting in Jeongguk’s hair to keep him right where he was as Jimin’s knees started to give out.

Jeongguk was quick to prop one of his legs in between Jimin’s, his thigh supporting the smaller boy as he pressed it up against Jimin’s now painfully hard cock.

“Jeongguk-ah~” Jimin moaned out as he pressed himself harder against Jeongguk’s thigh, his hands pulling harshly on his hair as Jeongguk slid his hands further down Jimin’s ass. Fingers now teasing his hole as he pressed his thigh harder into Jimin’s crotch. A broken gasp filling the air around them.

“I bet i can make you cum like this Jiminie. With just my hands as you ride my thigh. What do you think?” Jeongguk nipped at Jimin’s collar bones, little red marks forming on his smooth skin as Jimin’s breathing became more shallow.

When he didn’t answer Jeongguk pulled harshly on the skin of Jimin’s neck with his teeth, the feeling bordering the line of pain and pleasure causing Jimin to whimper and let out a gentle sob of the word ‘yes’.

“Good boy.” Jeongguk smirked against Jimin’s skin before pressing the tip of his index finger into Jimin’s hole. The stretch just enough to sting but not enough to be painful.

Mmmm.” Jimin whined as he rutted down against Jeongguk’s thigh. The need to cum increasing as Jeongguk teased his hole. “Jeongguk~” Jimin panted, his breath fanning out against Jeongguk’s cheek as Jeongguk pressed his finger in further, just enough for it to barely brush over Jimin’s prostate.

Jeongguk continued to massage his finger over the sensitive little bundle of nerves, succeeding in turning Jimin into a moaning mess as he rocked back and forth against Jeongguk’s thigh.

It didn’t take long for Jimin to reach his release, his forehead resting in the crook of Jeongguk’s neck as he came undone. A high pitched moan echoing in the small space around them as Jeongguk used his body to hold Jimin up.

The two of them stayed like that for a few minutes, both trying to even out their breathing while letting themselves bask in their post orgasmic state.

Jeongguk was the first to speak, his voice still hoarse. “That was pretty amazing. I’ve never made anyone cum like that.”

Jimin let out a shy giggle, Jeongguk’s hands now running through his hair again in a strangely intimate way.

“Well I’ve never cum just from riding someone’s thigh before.” Jimin looked up to see that cocky smile plastered across Jeongguk’s face.

“Well, I guess we make a good team huh?” Jimin had to suppress the laugh that was trying to escape as he playfully shoved Jeongguk’s shoulder and stood up. His legs slightly unstable as he leaned back.

“Guess we do.” Jimin blushed, becoming shy all of a sudden as they stood there awkwardly.

It wasn’t until someone was knocking on the door that they realized they were just standing there staring at one another.

“We should probably go now. Before they think we died in here.” Jeongguk sighed as he pulled his boxers and jeans back up, the slightest hint of a blush spreading across his cheeks.

This time Jimin didn’t try and hold back the giggle, the sight of Jeongguk blushing was just too much for him.

“They probably do think we’re dead considering all the moaning.” Jimin smirked as Jeongguk bit his lip, desperately trying not to laugh as Jimin opened the door. The blush on his face deepening as the man outside the door gave them a look that said ‘I know exactly what you two were doing in there’ as they quickly walked past him.

Jeongguk’s arm going over JImin’s shoulders as they walked out of the bar.

“Oh man! I’ve never been caught right after having sex before!” Jeongguk laughed as Jimin wrapped his arm around his waist.

“Me either!” Jimin laughed along with him as they walked towards the exit, the cool air hitting them in the face as they walked out of the bar.

“I know this sounds strange, but I really want to see you again Jimin.” Jeongguk leaned over Jimin as they made their way over to his car.

“It doesn’t sound that strange Jeongguk.” Jimin’s voice came out soft and shy, which was odd considering what they had just done in the bathroom.

“So is that a yes?” he whispered as his face leaned in closer to Jimin’s.

“Yes.” Jimin breathed out as Jeongguk kissed him again. This time it was different. It wasn’t rushed or urgent, just soft and sweet with the promise of another time.

Come Back Soon // Park Jimin


the prompt: can I request a fluff scenario with Jimin from BTS? ^^ I would like him to be a noona lover, who fall in love with a noona (someone in her mid twenties) at a fansign/fanmeeting, trying to catch her attention and flirting with her.

words: 444

category: drabble

author note: i’m very sorry i couldn’t make this any longer. i didn’t really know how to drag it out anymore so sorry haha. hope you like it anyway.

- destinee

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macamars  asked:

Hey, I took a screenshot of one of your misquotes and made a post with it, sorry I didn't ask before I just thought about how rude it was, I wanted to post a reaction but as it was a chat, I couldn´t do it another way. I'm so sorry, I'll take it down if you want. I tagged you and gave full credit to you, but I'll take it down if it offended you in any way, I didn't mean to upset you.

Hey man, you can do whatever you want! Only a small handful of these are even true originals the mods themselves constructed! All we do is source our stuff and you did the same! You can submit it if you want, even, haha. C:

-mod Viena

fightminyoongi  asked:

#5 sugakookie

“Don’t yell at me like I’m a child!!” 


It’s 3:23 PM and Jungkook just wants to go home.

He wanted to go home an hour ago.

Except he’s stuck in detention with the sourest, most foul, annoying, grumbling little -

“Stop staring at me,” Yoongi mumbles from under his baseball cap and Jungkook jumps. The room is empty; the detention teacher has left it to the classroom cameras to make sure they don’t leave early or cause trouble. Not that Jungkook was planning to. He’s usually not the kind of kid that gets in trouble.

You know, if you don’t count the fact that he’s in detention.

“I’m not staring,” Jungkook mumbles, rolling his eyes and going back to look at Yoongi through his peripheral vision. 

“I can feel it,” Yoongi mumbles, tipping back his chair and yawning. Jungkook thinks there’s something lithe about the way Yoongi does that or just about anything, in fact. Slow, fluid, languid, like a cat in the sun.

“I said I was sorry, okay?” Jungkook says under his breath for the millionth time which earns him a sigh from Yoongi.

“And I told you you’re an idiot for getting us stuck in detention.”

“I didn’t mean it,” Jungkook huffs impatiently.

“You’re lucky you’re cute or I would’ve kicked your ass by now,” Yoongi growls and Jungkook can tell he’s done with Jungkook’s apologies except he’s too caught up blushing over how Yoongi just called him cute.

“I’m only your friggin’ boyfriend, cut me some slack,” Jungkook whines, drawing his chair closer and nuzzling up to Yoongi.

“Oh my gosh, Jungkook, I’m still mad about you landing us detention over something as stupid as scissors of all things, like a first grader -”

“Don’t yell at me like I’m a child!!”


Jungkook sighs, chin settling on Yoongi’s shoulder. They stay silent for a while.

“I’m sorry.”

“I know,” Yoongi says, mouth twitching into a small smile, ruffling Jungkook’s hair. Jungkook likes being petted and now somehow it isn’t too hard waiting for 4 PM to come.

OTP Drabble Challenge!

Chapstick Challenge

–Where Carl and (reader) find themselves collecting the most random chapstick flavors when they find them on a run. 

Both are 17(or whatever age you prefer), up to date with Carl having one eye.

Minor smut and language.


It had been exactly two weeks since the accident that left Carl with one eye. He was still skittish around the others, keeping himself locked up in his room as much as he could; you being the only one that he would let see him in this state. Which he didn’t even like you to see him at first but you insisted.

“How many is there now?” Carl questioned, watching as you sat in front of him on his small bed. You quickly dumped the contents out of the dirty ziplock bag, tossing it to the side as you quickly counted the small tubes of chapstick.

“Five,” the two of you started the collection a few months after yall’s friendship turned into something more. Carl was always self conscious about having chapped lips when yall would kiss and thus the chapstick collection started. He nodded his head, turning it to the side slightly. You watched as he grabbed one tube, fast enough so you couldn’t see what flavor. His large fingers covered every inch of the chapstick as he rubbed it along his lips.

“What flavor?” he mumbled, pressing his lips to yours, lingering a second before pulling back.

“Hm,” your tongue darted out rubbing against your bottom lip. “Watermelon?”

“Wrong!” a laugh escaped his mouth, causing his eye to close slightly as you pouted. “It was strawberry, your turn.” he screwed his good eye together and breathed out. You darted for the blue colored one, knowing he would hate the taste; he had told you on multiple occasions that blue candy was his least favorite before the world went to hell. The smell of blueberries filled your nostrils as you slid the cold material on your damp lips.

“Okay,” the word fell from your mouth in a whisper as you planted a soft peck on his full lips.

“EW, gross what the hell!” his eye quickly opened, his nose scrunching up in disgust. “Fucking blueberry,” he grumbled, wiping his mouth hard to get the taste off. You giggled and leaned forward to kiss him again. “No way, not till that’s gone.”

“Your turn,” you placed your small hands on your eyes, puckering your lips out causing Carl to laugh again.

He picked up the peppermint flavored one, spreading it on his bottom lip before connecting his rough lips to yours. 

“Mmm,” you leaned forward, pressing your lips to his again, making sure to lick the content on his lips before you answered. Carl looked at you through his lashes, mouth parted slightly. “Peppermint.” you sing songed, grabbing another one. He watched your eyes, your hands, your every move until you placed the cap back on the tube, quickly placing his lips to yours, repeating your action by licking your lips.

“Fruit punch.” a victorious smile spread across his face. You  groan throwing your head back once you realized he had won this little game.

“Wait there’s one more. Bonus round.” you sent him a wink putting the chapstick on your lips. You barely had time to sit it down behind you before his lips were against yours. 

“One more,” he spoke, kissing you again before leaning back. “ One more,” he said once more, causing you to laugh. His lips were rough against yours, his hands cupping either side of your face, holding you still. A moan slipped up your throat as he bit down on your bottom lip, forcing his tongue into your mouth. His hands slid down your face, down your shoulders, making their way to your jean covered bottom. They cupped under your ass, his fingers wrapping around your inner thighs pulling you into his lap.

“Carl,” you breathed out trying to catch your breath while his lips trailed down your jawline and to your neck, where he began to suck and nibble on a patch of skin. Once he was sure there was a mark, he moved back to your lips, his hands tightening their grip on your legs causing you to tremble at the small distance between them and your heat.

“(Y/N), Carl!” Rick’s voice boomed from downstairs, pulling you back into reality. 

“Yeah?” you questioned back, mentally smacking yourself for your quivered voice.

“Dinner is ready, come eat!”

You opened your mouth to answer back, quickly closing it once more as Carl pressed his swollen lips to yours.

“It’s cherry.”


Okay so this is my first post on here, sorry if it’s bad but it’s currently four in the morning for me haha team no sleep, and I had this idea in my head and had to write it. So I hope you enjoy!