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Something quick about Villanious

So, there are lots of people that think that Black Hat is a demon. And the way he and Dr. Flug met for the first time is still unknown.
So my theory is:
What if Dr. Flug got himself in serious danger and was going to die, maybe he got also scarred on his face and that’s the reason he’s wearing that bag now.
However Black Hat saw what was happening and decided to intervene.
After all Dr. Flug was a genius, all that potential couldn’t just got to waste.
So he saved his life (kinda) and Flug had to make, like, a deal with him.
And that’s why he’s working for Black Hat.
It’s just a theory, pls don’t kill me.


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I’m getting professional at cheesy comics.


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did someone say semi-realistic shiro

This is rare: I actually like this one. A lot. I had to use references because how the fuck do half-Japanese dudes look (yeah, I headcanon him as half-Japanese, not 100% Asian) but… I actually like it. Maybe the world’s gonna end tomorrow.

Also I may or may not have accidentally slipped into Voltron hell. Deep. Very, very deep.

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