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Halloween Series || Jack

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Word count - 1,143

Summary - The one with the Halloween video.

“Jack, are you ready?” you called to your boyfriend who was somewhere in the flat. “I have everything set up.”

“Coming!” he called back before appearing in the kitchen. “Sorry, just fixing my hair.”

“Of course you were,” you teased. “C’mon, we have a video to do.”

You and Jack both had YouTube channels, which was actually how you met. Now you filmed collabs constantly, which your fans were thrilled about. Today, you convinced Jack to bake some Halloween treats with you. You were excited and while you knew Jack was rubbish in the kitchen, you loved seeing the domestic side of him.

“Hello everybody!” you said to the camera. “Today I am joined by this gorgeous one.” You squeezed his cheeks a bit causing him to pull a face and both of you to laugh. “And today we are going to be baking some Halloween cupcakes!” You clapped your hands together. “Are you ready, gorgeous?” you asked Jack.

“These are going to be absolutely horrible,” he said honestly.

“Such optimism,” you teased. “Oh! And if anyone was wondering, I am wearing my Up, Up, and Amaze Top in Skulls from Modcloth and Jack is wearing his Religion T Shirt With All Over Embroidered Skull from ASOS.”

“Why do you remember the exact name of the shirts?” Jack asked.

“Babe, I spent 100 pounds when I bought these,” you said. “I bloody well better remember what they’re called.”

You told the camera the ingredients you had laid out on your counter. “We are going to be baking pumpkin cupcakes and then decorating them with some piping frosting and sprinkles and other little goodies.” Jack laughed at your enthusiasm before beginning to help with the video. You had measured out the baking powder, baking soda, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, and salt, putting it in a bowl and making silly conversation as you did so. “What is your favorite part about Halloween?” you asked Jack.

“Hands down the scary movies,” he answered quickly. “What about you?”

“I like the treats,” you said. “I like making treats and eating treats and handing out the candy on Halloween night.”

“Alright, princess, we get it, you have a sweet tooth,” Jack teased.

As you moved on to the flour, you began measuring the proper amount into a bowl. “You know what I wish there was more of during Halloween though?” Jack asked.



With that, he took a handful of flour and threw it up in the air, causing it to fall on your head. “Jack!” you whined. “No!”

“What?” he laughed. “Just trying to get in the festive spirit.” With that, he blew more flour at you, laughing loudly at your sour faces.

“Jack, stop it!” you laughed lightly. “Give me the flour.”

“No!” he stated.

“Jackson! Give me the flour right now!”

You tickled his sides and pushed him away from the flour so you could grab some and throw it at him. “Babe!” he whined. “You know I just got this shirt!”

“I got it for you!”

Once the two of you had calmed down, you moved on to the eggs. “You wanna see something cool?” Jack asked as you each took two eggs.

“What?” you said.

“I can crack this with one hand,” he stated. Before you could register what he was doing, he took the egg and smashed it on your head. “See? Cracked.”

“Jack Maynard!” you shouted, feeling the egg dripping down the back of your head. “Ew this is grim!” As he was busy laughing at you, you grabbed an egg and cracked it over his head as well. “Oh, gorgeous, it’s in your hair!” you mocked. Jack pouted and attempted to peel some egg shells out of his hair but gave up once he realized it was impossible.

“Alright, back to business!” you said in a serious tone, placing your hands on your hips. “Next we’ve got to add the pumpkin puree, vegetable oil, brown sugar, caster sugar, and vanilla and mix it until well combined!” You said all of that in your best “contestant on a baking show” voice, causing Jack to chuckle and roll his eyes at you playfully.

A few messy minutes later, you got the batter into all the cupcake wrappings and put the tin in the oven. “Now we wait 17 minutes!”

“What the bloody hell are we going to do for 17 minutes?” Jack asked teasingly. When he was looking down at his phone, you grabbed a handful of caster sugar and dropped it down the back of his top. Jack jumped and turned around quickly, grabbing you by the waist and holding you up in the air.

“Put me down, Jack!” you squealed. He did so, but not before taking a lump of brown sugar and shoving it in your face.

“Babe, it looks like you have a little bit of sugar on your face,” he said with a smirk.

“Oh really?” you sarcastically said back. “Where?”

“Here, I’ll get it for you.”

And so, Jack placed a heated kiss on your lips, grabbing you by the waist and pushing you up against the counter. You smiled and went to tangle your fingers in his hair, but immediately retracted and started laughing. “What?” Jack asked.

“Your hair is sticky from the eggs,” you said in between giggles. Jack just laughed back and shook his head.

When it came to decorating the cupcakes, you both had drastically different tactics. You tried to create mummy faces and monster heads, but Jack just dropped enough globs of frosting on them so that all the sprinkles he wanted would stay on top. “Brilliant,” you laughed to him as he licked the sides of his fingers free of frosting. “Yes, these look great.”

“So, if you liked this video, go on and give it a big thumbs up,” you said to the camera. “I make new videos every Monday so hit that subscribe button because it’s free and it really helps me out! And if you wanna see more of me and gorgeous, go over on Jack’s channel. What did we do, babe?”

“We played a game involving iconic horror movie clips and great forfeits,” he said with a smile.

“Yeah, I have a feeling things are going to get pretty messy over there too, so if you wanna see that, go on and click Jack’s face or the link below. But, that’s all for today, thanks for watching and I’ll see you nuggets next time! Bye!” You and Jack both waved at the camera before you went around to turn it off.

“Shower before my video?” Jack asked, a playful look in his eyes.

“We’re only going to have to shower again after yours,” you said back.

“Two showers with you in one day?” he smirked, grabbing you by your waist. “I am one lucky man.”

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Sorry you're sick, Doctor. But you know what's great about being sick? You get to watch all the movies and play all the video games you like. Ever played Mario Kart while slightly delirious? It's great. (Also works while drunk)

Well, that’s the last time I’m taking any advice from you lot, that’s for sure…

This is a rubbish way to spend your time! This game is infuriating to no end! It’s impossible! I have no idea how Clara keeps winning, so she probably cheats. I mean, just look at that stupid rainbow road level at the end of the game! It’s downright impossible to stay on the road for any length of time and before you know it, you’re last!

YouTube series: First video together


The camera lit up, meaning it was turned on. You sat down getting comfy before smiling and saying your hellos. ‘Hi guys!’ you smiled, giving a little wave. ‘I have a special video for you today.’ You went on and you looked at Calum behind the camera signalling for him to walk in. He quickly got up, sitting on the seat next you. ‘Hi guys.’ He said shyly and you knocked his shoulder, telling him he would be fine. ‘This is Calum as many of you may know.’ You smiled, ‘And he is a rubbish band called 5 seconds of summer.’ You giggled and Calum pouted. ‘Hey, that’s not fair.’ He moaned and you laughed, wrapping your arms round his shoulders. ‘I’m sorry.’ You smiled, ‘Okay and we decided to make this video to tell you…’ You whispered wide eyed. ‘I asked her out and she said yes!’ Calum shouted making you jump and lose your grip on him. ‘She’s officially my girlfriend.’ Calum blushed kissing your cheek.

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‘Oh hey Luke.’ You said as Luke walked into your apartment. You turned round your camera still rolling, ‘I’m just filming.’ You smiled and Luke nodded, coming to sit next to you. ‘Can I be in it?’ He asked and you nodded slowly. ‘I thought you didn’t like the camera?’ you asked and he shrugged. ‘I don’t know I’m feeling it today.’ He replied and you nodded, giggling. ‘Okay guys so this is Luke, many of you know him for being in 5 seconds of summer.’ You said and he smiled waving at the camera. ‘What are you doing today?’ he asked you looking around, ‘I’m doing a Q&A.’ you replied and he nodded. ‘I’ll read out the questions then.’ He said grabbing your phone, ‘Ooo I like this question.’ He whispered, ‘Do you want to go on a date with me?’ he asked and you looked up wide eyes. ‘What?’ you replied and he smiled. ‘I’m asking you out.’ He stated and you smiled, laughter escaping your lips. ‘Yes.’ You replied, kissing his lips and hugging him.


‘Hey guys.’ Ashton said to the camera, ‘I’m surprising my lovely girlfriend today.’ He said to the camera, holding it up. ‘We haven’t seen each other in about two months and I’m really excited.’ Ashton was used to vlogging because of keek but he had seen you do it so many times. This was the first one where he actually vlogged and called you his girlfriend. People had suspicions but you never told them properly. ‘She thinks I won’t be home for another week.’ He added before shutting the camera off and walking towards your house.  He started the camera again when he opened the door, hiding it away before calling your name. ‘Ash?’ you shouted coming out of your bedroom seeing him standing there. ‘Ash!’ you shouted louder, basically falling down the stairs and into his arms. ‘Hey baby.’

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You sat next to Michael, his guitar in hand as he started playing the chords to your favourite song. You cleared you throat, feeling quite nervous because this was the first time you were singing in front of a camera. You started out the first lyric, quickly getting in the swing of things. Soon you were near the end, Michael stopping playing and just admiring your voice. He put his hand before connecting it to yours, entwining your fingers together and giving them a squeeze. You smiled at him before finishing the last line and quickly turning the camera off. ‘That was brilliant well done’ Michael said kissing your cheek.


dean winchester - clothes

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6x03 Reaction Fic

So I saw this prompt floating around my dash (and I’m so sorry but I don’t have the source so if the OP wants to contacts me, I’ll post your url ASAP): So if Sue can somehow have all these random photos of events that she wasn’t present for, can she also have a secret video (you know she’s got security cameras or something in that school now) of what Santana said to Kurt and just anonymously send it to Blaine? Cuz that’s one reaction (and subsequent tongue lashing) I need to see. 

I sort of took that idea and rolled with it. Obviously, spoilers up to 6x03. 

Blaine is sat behind his desk working out possible dance moves for the Warblers latest number—maybe spin-spin-sassy-gun or a walk-jump-hands-out—when he gets the email notification. He glances at his computer screen and does a double take when he sees who it’s from. Taking his feet off the desk and shuffling closer, he narrows his eyes at the name. Why the hell is Sue Sylvester emailing him?

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Drew a picture and actually coloured it in! End result is something I’m surprisingly proud of. Sorry for the rubbish photo, some of the colours and details don’t quite show up.

Now that it’s not the middle of the night and I’m no longer pushing myself to upload this before I could talk myself out of it, I have a couple of things I’d like to say.

Recently, I’ve been in a very rough place, but throughout it all Kim has kept my spirits high. I always try and put some time aside to watch her videos, and her recent couple of Kimmunity videos were heartwarming. She has been one of my absolute favourite Youtubers for a long time, and this is reflected by the number of drawings I’ve done of her characters, and this was one of my best. My sister encouraged me to upload it, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Kim for everything she’s done.

Character belongs to @yogscastkimbox
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