sorry the to in is messed up

@incorrectprinxietyquotes can you please call off your followers? I’ve gotten like 50 hate messages that I keep deleting because I can’t deal with that stuff.

I apologized for the accidental unauthorized use of your gif, I reblogged my post from you say I was sorry and that it was an accident.

I got the Virgil gifs from Google and I’m on MOBILE it doesn’t tell me who originally posted it. As far as Google is concerned half the time it’s either a product or from pinterest!

If I took down the post, it’s still going to float around with your gif on it. I can’t fix that, because tumblr is dumb.

Look, I’m sorry this has happened and if I could fix it properly I would. but like I DON’T EVEN FOLLOW YOU so… it’s not like I purposely went on to your blog, and stole your gif.

So please just call off the hounds because being told to kill myself isn’t helping how I already feel.

Thank you for your time

Miss Ostrich ward

Okay this is my second (and last) ward for Miss Ostrich’s loop. 

-His name is Tomas (someone help with a last name), and he can multiply himself. 

-He can’t create more than four copies of himself, and using all of them at once drains his energy big time (he’s passed out a few times because of this). 

-He’s American and trash. 

-He has chestnut brown hair, freckles, and an undercut. 

-He had just turned 16 when he found the loop. 

-He’s a prankster and a jokester, he loves messing with the other peculiars and freaking them out by literally talking to himself. 

-”Are there five people in this room, or is it just me?” *cue angry peculiar noises*  

-He acts like he’s really tough and badass (he kind of is) but in reality he’s just a kid who’ll do anything Miss Ostrich says because he loves his mom. 

-”You wanna fucking go, punk?” “Tomas, sit down.” “Okay mom, love you mom.” 

-This boy is gay and he’s in love with Dilong.  

Feel free to add any head canons or stuff you guys have, @homicidallight, @yeoldemphfpcheadcanons, @mphfpc


NaLu Week– Body Language

Foxy Natsu and Bunny Lucy 💗 💗 💗

I’m sorry if I scared you but I just want you to know… 
I Love You.

I don’t even know if this is suits for this prompt. Lol