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I really don't like the Injustice design. Idk, his hair looks funny. Kinda emo.

You’re not alone lol

Since I feel it’s important, I want to mention that “emo” doesn’t equal bad. In this case, I feel it’s only wrong because it doesn’t suit the character. When I think of Joker I think of the Arkham design hair or the Leto/Morisson hair. Not… whatever that style is lol

Obviously that’s just my opinion and if other people enjoy it, I’m certainly not going to judge :) 

Present for🎁 @cozymochi because she is seriously an incredible, gifted, lovely person and she deserves to be pampered more often💙💖🌟✨👏⚡️

I haven’t animated in so long??

<CBX fan sign 170216>

Chen: I have good stamina~
Xiumin: Yeah he has good stamina
Baekhyun: You’ll be very good at marriage 😉
Baekhyun: Don’t get any weird thoughts
Chen: What does having good stamina and marriage have to do with anything~
Xiumin: He must be crazy 😂😂