sorry the quality on some of them is a bit off

(I haven’t done one of these since 500 jfc) 

So i hit 2k pretty recently, I think it was about two days ago? Which is crazy, because I’ve only had this blog for less than two months and I seriously never expected so many people to follow me when all I do is make bad trash posts and low quality edits. But thank you all! I now have so many people I consider my friends on this website, I really love all of you so so so much! These are all low quality blogs and I highly recommend them for anyone who’s a fan of seventeen (or even if you’re not)!

Bold: people I’ve talked to a bit outside of ask memes and consider my friends in some way sorry guys I’m too lazy to actually write you messages lol oops (I hope you consider us friends too sort of that would be embarrassing if you didn’t)

hansoulvernon // wooziscalves // kidwoozi (did u change ur url or something i don’t recognize it) // whyhansol // hansvernon // seungheol // jihoon // seventns // wonwoo-wow // seventeentrash // boon0n // jeonghang // wonwoozizi // jeunghan // hoshui // tfwjisoo // jhoonsgf // wandwoo // vertnon // shiningmingyu // zelosdf // hongjiswoon // ah-gginda // peachyhansol // shiningjisoo // y3ri // heavenly-reflection // jihhoon // stopsvt // svnteenish // wonwoorkit // 17caratjokespledis // seungcheol // jeongshua // kingscoups // shloun // 164cmwoozi // wooziwaves // bo0seungkwan // minghaon // vernonslayme // kiminguy // seokminlee // americanhyung // pinkfairiewoozi // getting-woozi // chowvernon // the8ght // itseventeen // c0ups // joashua // hansolence // seokmoo // s-cooups // choicoups // hansvc // csoups // jisooisrusty

*side note if you aren’t bolded please feel free to come and talk to me, if you tried and I didn’t respond then the message either got eaten or buried because i sort of want to talk to all of you a lot but I’m awkward af (if we have talked and you’re not bolded I’m sorry but I had to redo this whole thing three times because my computer kept crashing so I just kind of got careless it was a lot nicer the first time I typed it out I promise)*