sorry the quality of this video is shitty

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri


Hi, guys. I want to share with you this short animation for chapter 188 that I worked on in my free time since it came out. Please check out the video on YouTube for links to all the resources I used to put this together. 

P.S. Sorry for the quality in “animation” as it was more like image manipulation in Photoshop than actual animating. Also, sorry about the audio and resolution. It’s my first time making a video and as expected it’s pretty shitty.

19 Days by: Old Xian

Translations by: Yaoi-BLCD


Happy Birthday, Brandon Richard Flowers (June 21, 1981)

look at them!


The background changed for this video! (Sorry for the shitty quality)

It’s more colorful I have to say! Can I ask why did it change? (I’m asking in a good way of course)

anonymous asked:

Wait what? How do we know he wore the rainbow button during rehearsals? ❤️

here’s a cropped photo from today (sorry for the shitty quality, i’m not good at this kinda thing)

here’s a screenshot of that video they posted last night leading up to snl going live.  sure, it could be a different flag pin, so i am making assumptions that he doesn’t have multiple flag pins hanging around, but it sure does look to be the right size and shape, doesn’t it?


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