sorry the quality of this video is horrible

What am I up to (3/3)

I said that after I released the subtitles for Musical Touken Ranbu -Bakumatsu Tenroden-, I’d let you know what would be next on the list.
So,… I’ll be revealing one by one, what’s in store for all of you when I get back from my well-deserved vacation in Japan!

Until the last moment I wasn’t actually sure whether or not to reveal my third secret project, or just let all of you know once again that I’m working on the Touken Ranbu Stage Play Reprise.
In the end I decided just to reveal my whole “secret agenda”!

So here’s secret project no.3!

(Video quality is horrible, sorry about that… Put this together in a hurry, as I haven’t actually started on this yet and probably won’t until I’ve finished all of the aforementioned projects.)



(I’m French, sorry if my English is not perfect)

Hello everyone ! :)
I must thank you for your support on my first video Kylo Rey ( ) and I was so happy to see other people love this couple! I remain a fan Dramione and now Reylo is my second OTP !!
So there are not many movies or series with Daisy, then it’s very difficult, but I had to try!
(I know the quality is often horrible but over time we’ll have better things!)

This is a little story:
Rey is a prisoner, but she and Kylo have a strange relationship, hate, anger, and love?
It provides an opportunity for Rey to leave (with a key) but once the outside, Rey realizes she wants to be with Kylo.
Kylo and goes in search of Rey. HAPPY END

song; end of the video.
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sorry for the horrible quality and my voice. but here’s a quick video on how the abyss glitch is done. 


The ManaTou massage video from the Yowapeda 3DS game, subbed. Sorry for horrible camera quality, but this is for you, biiesh.