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i feel so. freaking. worthless. i can't eat, or sleep, or anything, i just feel stuck. i can't fix what's happened as it's a two party issue and the other party doesn't seem interested in fixing things, although she claims she cares. i don't know what i can do but i don't have the energy or will to keep going.

Hey I’m sorry about this! I can think of some things to try. I might try sitting down with her and asking her if she will talk about it. Or you could ask someone else for help as a mediator to help you two communicate

In the mean time, please try to eat, drink and sleep. Even if it’s not quality, just try to take care of yourself because some food and sleep is better than none. Being cozy and not hungry will help you calm down and feel safer.

Please try to take care of yourself and good luck 💕


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