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Rant: Levi’s surprising age/chronology (+Erwin/Hanji)

If you’re a curious Levi fan like me, then you may have wondered about Levi’s mysterious age. We all know that he was in his early thirties in the year of 850, but what does that exactly mean? I wanted to know exactly when Levi joined the survey corps, when he met Erwin/Hanji, the difference between their ages, and what he was doing at a young age compared to other major characters like Erwin and Zeke. So I did some research, and I found some interesting intersections between Levi and other characters. 

Let’s assume that Levi is 31-34 in the year of 850. Knowing this fact, we can break it down and see how much older he is to Zeke, how much younger he is to Grisha, and the exact years he was in the survey corps. 

So since Zeke is 25, Levi is approximately 7-9 years older than Zeke.  And believe it or not, Grisha is only 10-12 years older than Levi. I don’t know, it was hard for me to accept that fact aha. Come on… look at the difference 

 And then, ten years ater after Zeke was born, Eren was born. Which means that… Levi is 17-19 when Eren and the other 104 cadets were born…  Yeah, Levi is a lot older than Eren and the rest of the 104 corps than what many people have thought. I too, also thought that Levi was only about 15 years older, but the gap is wider than that. 

Now let’s compare Levi with Erwin.  According to the Attack on Titan Timeline, Erwin’s father died right around the time Zeke was born (estimation). Since Erwin was attending school that time, I am going to assume that he was around 11-13, making him at least 2-4 years older than Levi (I’m pretty sure that Isayama has stated somewhere that Erwin is older than Levi). We find out that ten years later, after his the incident with his father, Erwin was in the Survey Corps (meaning that he was around 21-23), advising the commander Keith Shadis. But this wasn’t even when Eren and the others were born, so it is safe to say that Erwin is at least 20 years older than Eren and co. I think I am just stupid, but I really can’t process that in… I mean… 

I am in love with this handsome blonde, but he is a 36-38 year old man 😂

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How to Tell if You're in a M/M Contemporary Romance

You seem like a pleasant, well adjusted adult man but you have no friends or close family and few acquaintances. This is fine, it gives you plenty of time to get to know the strange yet magnetic man you have met in the woods.

Someone has just said something astonishingly racist but it’s fine because it was the only black man in the world saying it about himself.

It’s the second decade of the 21st century and yet no one seems familiar with the concept of bisexuality.

You claim to have no money and no interest in fashion but there are a lot of descriptions of your designer clothing.

There is a woman who is deeply invested in your life and relationships. You loath her.

Anal sex is the most important sex two men can have. No other sex act is as important or meaningful as anal sex. Your relationship is not final or complete until you consummate it with anal sex. 

You live in urban California and only know two gay men. The first is your secretive, closeted ex. The other has just insulted you in some way.  

There are only three women in the entire world and each of them has a single personality trait.

What kind of sex you like is determined entirely by your height and build.

You do not have a single problem that cannot be solved with a handsome boyfriend to have anal sex with.

You have had one previous relationship. Every time you discuss the details of this relationship it sounds more and more abusive. You do not acknowledge this and neither does anyone else.

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Quickly question, when are you going to update a touch up? I love it so much and I've already re read it. I was on a bus for 5 hours and I couldn't help myself! I'm all caught up on back to one which I'm obsessed with and I'm almost done with echo! Keep up the good work!!!

Hello, darling nony! I’m happy I could help you pass the time on your trip. I’m glad you like my fics. The next chapter of Back To One just posted. And catch up on Echo soon, so you can give Jack Rollins a try. The first chapter posts this Friday! Now the hard part…

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I have no idea when A Touch Up will update. It’s been collecting dust for months, with barely more than a few paragraphs written since its last update. Truth is, besides work being a tremendous interference with my writing time, I’ve just kind of felt pretty meh about it for awhile now. I need to try and track down info/dates on what CE was doing appearance/work/sighting wise to be able to plot it along after the CW press tour, and I just don’t have time for that kind of detail with everything else I’ve got going. In case people hadn’t noticed, his schedule has been the real backbone of the plot of ATU, and without notes/dates handy it just kind of stalled. I had been pretty organized for a while, til that point, but then work, etc… I’d like to get back to it. I really would. But it’s just not there right now. Especially with all the free time (read: damn near nothing of interest he did) he had after CW. Unless anybody had a list of what that bearded dreamboat has been up to since mid-2016-ish to now that I could borrow… lol But seriously, it’s been officially on an undetermined hiatus for awhile now. I want to finish it/get it going again, but for now, there’s just nothing there. Sorry, guys.

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also ive decided im gonna quit my job before i start uni again next year


Hiro being more concerned with saving Ando than saving the world.

Why are all of Alison’s scenes like the first time you watch them you laugh and then the third time you watch them you cry.


Pokemon x Kagerou project/Mca

Ayano Tateyama


Move over Sebastian I found myself a new butler <3

It’s that time again lovelies <3 I’ve reach the 400th mark * A * Wooooh! Same rules apply.


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