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Save the Light: Corrections on Platforms/Launch

Thanks to those who watched the E3 livestream! If you missed it, you can watch the replay here: 

There’s 30 mins of gameplay and some other great tidbits in there! Huge thanks to Andre Meadows for being part of this!

Please note that, unfortunately, the mention of PC was an error and not an official announcement. We’d love to release for PC and other platforms and that’s NOT off the table, however only PS4 and Xbox One are planned for launch at this time. Please stay tuned for announcements to come!

And one last slight bummer: Save the Light has had a small pushback from Summer to Fall. We’re very sorry to make you guys wait longer, but we promise it will be worth it! Please be assured that we’re working tirelessly to make STL the best it can be!

Thanks as always to everyone for their wonderful support and interest! More neat stuff soon!!

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Excuse me, are you the Ink Cosplayer of the Connichi or Dokomi in Germany? :) Sorry for the privat Question but I think it really Cool

Yep, that’s me! We had lots of fun at that convention even though it was very hot in the sun! We still need to upload some cosplay pictures from this and last year!!

(Error Sans on the right side of the picture that caught me into his strings is the wonderful @unu-nunu-art ♥️ )

More Viking’s ahoy! This is a continuation from my last one here, and of course this is all based on @jeusus‘ arranged marriage AU here (if you haven’t seen it already then what are you even doing, go look!)

It was four solid days before Kylo gathered enough courage to seek out Armitage.

Kylo was aware that he had said some crass things, that he’d said things he really probably should not have. He’d carried a light layer of guilt with him since, compounded by the lecture he’d gotten from Leia once she’d heard what he’d done (the words ‘bull-headed oaf’ were said on several occasions). He knew it was wrong of him too push too hard on Armitage at this point in their relationship, he’d seen firsthand how off-kilter the Northerner felt so far away from his home. The longing look Armitage had had in his eyes as his people had sailed away still haunted him.  

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im so fucking close to 800 followers, wow. did NOT expect that when i first made this acc ! thank u guys so much, i love every single one of you. but here’s a new imagine for u guys, part 2 will be up tomorrow since it’s finished and ready to post ! :) (there may be any spelling error in this, i’m so sorry.)


Being new at school wasn’t something you were familiar with, especially not in high school and the last year. The first thing that took over your thoughts when your mother had told you that you and your family was moving across the country weren’t all your friends you were going to leave behind or anything, because in reality them weren’t your friends, they were more like people you hang out with so you wouldn’t have to be alone. But since you’ve been living in the same area yourwhole life, you didn’t know anything else than the area and city you grew up in. So moving across the country, knowing you had to move miles away from everything you’ve ever known shook you up pretty badly. And the fact that you were late to your first class on your first day ever at Columbine High School wasn't excatly helping you out. You let out a loud sigh as you ran through the doors, entering the empty hallways. No one was to be seen, everyone was already in class; which you would’ve been too if your car didn’t think it was gonna be a great idea to not turn on so you had to get your father to drive you. And that wasn’t the worst of it all, you didn’t even know where your class where. You knew you had math, but nothing else. No one was there to help you, no one could tell you where your class where or even tell you who could help you out. “Great fucking job y/n,” You muttered under your breathe as you started making your way down the hallways, searching for any human being. That’s when you spotted someone unlocking his locker.

“Hey!” You immediately let out as you raised your hand while walking towards the guy. He turned around quickly and gazed over a you. “I’m new around here and I could really use some help,” You chuckled, smiling at him. He just gazed at you before slamming his locker shut. “Look, I do not have time for this shit right now. I’m late for class and you’re not making me get to class any quicker by interupting me either,” He hissed at you. Your smile quickly faded and you looked at him in confusion. “I was only asking you if you could help me find my math c-” You said, trying to explain yourself but he quickly interrupted you. “You’re fucking wasting my time right now. Walk down the hallway and then turn right, and then you enter the first door,” He muttered and pushed himself past you, making you stumble back; hitting one of the lockers. “Already making bad impressions on people, great,” You mumbled as you let out a deep sigh.

You made it to your class, and everything went completely fine even through you were late. This time, before leaving class, you asked your teacher where you could find the classroom your next class was in; not risking to be late again. You quickly opened the door to your next class, only finding a bunch of guys laughing in the back of the room. You gave them a quick gaze before placing your stuff on the table in the front of the room before placing your body on the chair beside you. The laughter behind you quickly stopped and you could hear a few words being enchanged, not really listening. As you were playing with your pen, someone suddenly grabbed your shoulder; making you quickly turn around.

“Hey, you must be the new girl, am I right?” The tall guy who were now standing in front of you smiled. “Uh, yeah, that’s me,” You chuckled nervously and looked down at your lap. “I’m Brooks.” He smiled at you and looked over at the ther guy who was standing beside him. “Oh, and I’m Nate,” He said and chuckled lightly. Brooks rolled his eyes before opening his mouth to speak. “You’re so fucking retarded Nate. Anyways,” He said and looked over at you. You let out a chuckle as Nate lightly hit his friend on his shoulder. “Dude!” He let out as Brooks let out chuckle, hitting his friend back. “What’s your name?” He continued his sentence and smiled at you. “Nice to meet you Brooks and Nate, I’m y/n.” You smiled at the two. “Nice to meet you to, y/n!” Nate said and gave you a smile. Brooks eyes quickly scanned you, but immediatly stopped as he noticed your shirt. “You listen to Rammstein?” He asked and looked up at you in surprise. You let out a giggle as you looked down at yout shirt who had an Rammstein print on it. “Yeah, they’re my favortes.” You smiled and looked up at him once again.

He looked over at Nate with a smirk, Nate smirking back knowingly at him. You gave the two a confused look before opening your mouth to speak. “What was that for?” You asked and raised one of your eyebrows in confusion. “Eat lunch with us later y/n,” Nate said and Brooks nodded quickly. “You should totally do that.” He smirked at you. You looked at them in confusion before you could hear the students filling the classroom, the teacher entering as well. “We’ll catch you at lunch!” Brooks waved as the two boys quickly dissapeared back into the back of the room once again. You slowly nodded as you turned your gaze towards, looking over at your teacher. But your mind wasn’t paying any attention to what she had to say, all you could think about was how surprised you were over the fact that you actually had made a few friends already; and it’s only the first day.

“And I was like, no! You can’t be serious!” You let out laughing while walking down the hallways with a girl you met during one of your classes. She immediately broke into laugher, joining you as she opened up her locker. “Sounds like you had a good time where you lived before y/n,” she chuckled as she threw her books into the locker. “Why did you have to move?” She continued as she slammed the locker shut. You let out a sigh before answering her question. “Dad got a job over here and my mom just felt like it was time for some changes, so we moved over here.” You muttered as you two were making your way towards the cafeteria. “Wow, that sucks.” She mumbled. You lightly let out a chuckle before shaking your head. “No, actually not. It’s my first day and I already love it here, besides the fact that I pissed someone of this morning.” You laughed, making her laugh along. “Good job y/n.” She chuckled as you two walked down the stairs.

As soon as you entered the cafeteria you quickly spotted Brooks. He spotted you just as quickly and a smile quickly appeared on his face as he waves at you, signaling that you should go ever there. You smiled at him from across the cafeteria, turning to your friend before telling her you had to go. “I’ll see you in gym later!” She smiled as she pulled you into a hug, making you return it. “Of course.” You smiled as you walked over the table Brooks and Nate were sitting at. “Hello y/n!” Nate let out and stood up, pulling you into a hug. “Hey, Nate,” you giggled as you hugged him back. “Almost didn’t think you were going to show up!” Brooks chuckled as he stood up, also pulling you into a quick hug. “Of course I would!” You smiled at him as he laughed lightly. “Guys, this is y/n, she’s new around here.” Brooks introduced you to the other guys sitting by the table, making you shyly wave at them. “What’s up?” You said shyly. A tall guy quickly stood up, shaking your hand. “I’m Dylan.” He said and gave you a big grin as he noticed your Rammstein shirt, turning around to look at one of the guys. “Looks like this is a girl for you Reb,” he smirked as the other guys let out a chuckle. You looked over his shoulder in confusion, as your gaze met someone familiars.

It was the guy from earlier. The guy who had been yelling at you that very same morning, making you slightly part your lips in shock. He quickly looked away from you and rolled his eyes. “Aren’t you even gonna tell her your name?” Brooks asked and glared over at him. All the boy did was to glare back at him. Brooks rolled his eyes before looking over at you. “This is Eric, also known as the grumpiest shit you’ll ever meet.” He said in annoyance. Eric quickly glazed over at him, hissing. “Shut the fuck up Brooks!” He let out, making Brooks chuckle. “Take a seat y/n!” He continued as he pulled out a chair for you.

You and guys had a lot in common to your surprise, you liked a lot of the same music and enjoyed a lot of the same things. “And guess what he fucking does? He goes like ‘Don’t fucking do that V!’” Dylan let out between laughs, making everyone at the table break into laughter as well. Everyone besides Eric. Dylan was telling you about a story about him and Eric and something they did some weeks ago, you immediately finding the two of them interesting. And you couldn’t help but to notice that Eric had been staring at you this whole time. “You know y/n,” Brooks chuckled after the laughter had cooled down a bit. “You want me to show you around after school? We could go check out some cool places around here if you feel like it.” He smiled at you as you quickly nodded, smiling back. “Yes, I would love to!” You let out in excitement.

At this point, Eric was raging. He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you were, but wasn’t brace enough to actually say something to you. He was still humiliated from the accident that happened earlier that day. But right now, he couldn’t help it. “NO!” He let out as he looked over at you and Brooks. Everyone immediately looked over at him in confusion, as he quickly realized what he just had done. His face immediately turned red and he quickly stood up, running away. Dylan was trying his best to cover up the chuckles that was coming out of his throat but failed miserably. You looked over at Brooks in confusion, expecting a explanation for what just happened; but he looked just as confused you were. “What’s that supposed to mean?” You thought as you glared at the stairs, watching Eric leave the room full of people.

Unspoken feelings // Brett Talbot

Pairing: Brett Talbot x Reader

Word count: 1.965

A/N: English is not my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors it can have. I did my best to write this. Please, don’t be rude.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

(Y/N) entered with irritation in high school, something that had already become a habit during each day of the last week. She snorted and carried some books close to her chest that held with one arm while with the other hand she gripped her purse. She was mad at him; not only because of what he had done, but because of his, she had begun to hate going to class, since she knew there was no way to avoid him. And avoid him was all that (Y/N) wanted at that moment.

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Little Star Son

I wrote a thing for this post, below. It’s fluffy and self-indulgent, but I hope you like it.

For @powerovernothing as tribute to our lovely conversations, as well as for the title Star Son, because that’s absolutely yours! (It’s pretty unedited, so I’m awful sorry for all of the errors but I was excited to finish it and post. Also, this is an AU where Yondu and Meredith knew each other before Peter was born so, yes, there’s Spacelily):

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cloud-forests replied to your post “what’s your opinion on fanfiction?”

“It’s generally positive feedback, but it’s a good ego boost” - Would you as a writer suggest leaving more critical feed back as well? Would you/others appreciate it? I always feel like there is a certain well-if-you-don’t-like-it-just-close-the-tab-attitude going on in fandoms and if there are 50 glowing reviews it feels super rude to leave one that isn’t 100% positive especially bc they did it in their spare time and tbh I should be happy to get to read it at all?

You bring up a good point! It’s very hard to say which writers would appreciate constructive criticism, especially since they tend to be more passion projects! 

Some fic writers just write to tell a story, not necessarily to become better writers (though that is always a consequence of continuous writing!) so it’s important to respect that and not make them feel like they’re being picked at. 

I’d say to keep leaving positive comments unless a fic writer specifically asks for your thoughts on the piece. I know it’s not common, but it prevents hurt feelings, for sure. And if someone does want feedback, try not to hammer in every grammar mistake/spelling error. That can be covered by a general “needs a beta” comment and  personally, I sincerely dislike how EVERYONE piles onto grammar mistakes. I’ve had whole discussions on one of my fics about my use of semicolons and it got old really fast.

(That last one was a pet peeve of mine, sorry. I recently went to a writing group and oh my god.)

On the other hand, asking a fic author for more of something is just about the nicest constructive criticism/compliment you can give. “Oh, I really like how you did the character reactions during this scene, I’d love to see MORE of this type of writing in future chapters.” That’s still very positive while also letting the writer know what worked for them in their story!

Jaehyun Prince!AU Part 2

I finished it! I had fun writing this even though I’m not very satisfied with it. The last part was a little bit rushed, sorry. I just realized it’s way past my bedtime but I wanted to finish it, so here it is. Sorry if there’s a lot of grammar mistakes. Like I said, it’s way past my bed time. I’d read this and edit the grammatical error when I have the time! It took a long time to post this one, since my teachers decided to give me a pile of projects to finish before finals.

Currently have some requests in my inbox and I’ll do that when I finish my finals which is in a week. Feel free to leave in more request and also comments for my writing. Hope you enjoy!

The Royal Sweetheart (2767 words)
Genre: Angst, Fluff


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Our True Love - Chapter 7

A/N: So here comes the seventh chapter! Yes, Bucky is in this one. I hope that you will enjoy this story! (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

Previous Chapter(s): Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 1,603
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

Richard insisted that he walks me home after dinner tonight.

It wasn’t that far from the restaurant where we just had our dinner. But he wanted to walk me home anyways because he does get worried over me. Harry was such a nice and cool guy. He seems calm and collected and is really passionate about his job. The best part about that dinner was watching Richard’s eyes sparkle as he talks with Harry. They are getting closer and closer.  

“So, Rosaline told me what happened.” He says while tucking his hands into his pocket. My heart drops and I feel the colour drain from my face. Oh gosh. I’m dead aren’t I? Richard is really protective of Rosaline.

“Thank you.” I look up at him surprised. He scratches the growing stubble on his jaw before tucking his hand back into his pocket.

“She took your advice and gave Bucky another chance. They are talking things out now to see how to deal with their issues.” He looks at me with that sparkling green eyes of his. Relief washes over me.

“I’m sorry I did that to her. I should have been gentler.” He laughs before wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“If you didn’t, then she would have still been the stubborn sheep that she is.” I smile at him. I wrap my coat around my body to cover myself from the chills.

“I’m glad things are going to be better between them now.” I answer truthfully, even though there is a little sting behind those words.

“You’re okay with it?” He asks me with a curious tone. I look at him surprised.

“What do you mean? Of course, I am.” I say blinking at him curiously back. He runs his fingers through my hair once.

“I see the way you look at Bucky. Or even the way you talk about him. You care for him more than as a friend. Remember that night when I called?” He asks gripping a little on the ends of my hair. I nod slowly.

“You don’t think he has feelings for you too?” He asks me straight on. I feel the whole world shift. Memories of our time spent together come flooding into me all at once and I feel faint. I can physically feel the pain in my head thinking of that mere possibility. But, I brush it off as soon as I gain control of my mind again.

“No, B… Bucky wouldn’t. We’re just friends. That’s all.” I say brushing my hair away from my face. I can still feel Richard’s eyes on me.

“All right then.” He answers.

When I open the door to my apartment, it was pitch black. I blink before looking at the lights in the hall. Richard looks at me.

“What is it?” He asks. Fear creeps up into me.

“I left the kitchen light on when I went to the restaurant.” Richard looks at me before pulling me away from the door.

“Let me check. Stay here.” Richard says as he walks in. I bite my lower lip and follow after him anyways.

“Who’s there?” Richard suddenly calls out. I quickly stand next to him to see a figure lying down on my couch. When the figure moves I gasp.

“Bucky? What are you doing here?!” I ask. I turn on the living room lights. He’s wearing his combat suit with weapons around his body still. He sits up on the couch.

“And how’d you get in here??” I ask angry at him.

“I wanted to see you, Y/N. You weren’t in the office. And you’d think I need keys to get into your home?” He says while looking at me with a serious face.

His hair a little tangled here and there. Small stains around his suit and neck as well. Must’ve been another nasty mission. I scan around his body to make sure that there are no injuries on him. Looks like he is good this time.

“No, I left the office early because I had dinner with Richard and his friend.” I say while looking back at Richard. The atmosphere in the living room suddenly turning a little dark. I look back over at Bucky who is wearing a rather angry expression.

“James, why aren’t you back home with Rosy? I thought you both worked things out?” He asks putting on a dark smile.

“We did. I just wanted to see Y/N.” Bucky says while reaching for my arm to pull me behind him after he stood up. I look at him confused.

“Is that so? Shouldn’t you go and see your wife first after coming home from a mission?” Richard asks again, keeping that strain on his voice.

“It is my business who I go and see first. I thought I told you to keep away from Y/N.” Bucky’s voice a little threatening. Richard’s smile turns into a laugh.

“Is it really your business to tell me what to do? Or even to tell her what to do?” Richard says calling out to me. I was speechless. Afraid if I step in, I might make things worse. Bucky glances over at me before back at Richard.

“I’m keeping her safe from you. I don’t want her getting hurt.” Bucky threatens again. I shift my attention back and forth to Bucky and Richard. What does Bucky mean by that?  

“Safe from what? The chance of her falling in love with me? Who’s the one hurting who here?” Richard says approaching Bucky boldly. I gasp, surprised at what Richard had said. Even Bucky seems to jolt back from that comment.

“You just stay away from her, you hear me?!” Bucky yells while grabbing onto Richard’s shirt and pulling him in to stare him down. He really looked like he’s about to put a bullet in Richard’s head. I quickly reach up to pull Bucky’s arm away from Richard.

“Stop it! Bucky! Let him go!” I shout at him. Bucky looks at me before tossing Richard down onto the floor.

“I told you to not get involved with him anymore, didn’t I??” Bucky turns to yell at me. I move past him and down to help Richard back up on his feet. I check and see if he had hurt himself anywhere.

“I can be with whoever I want to, Bucky. Why are you so angry at him?” I yell back as loud as Bucky did to me. I can see the anger erupting from inside of Bucky. Enough of this pointless cat fight. I turn to look at Richard.

“And you! Why are you also so crossed with Bucky? Isn’t it enough that Rosy and Bucky made up with each other?” I yell at Richard. Richard widens his eyes while looking at me. He didn’t expect that I would yell at him either. Even Bucky was surprised to see me yell at him.

“Both of you need to stop this nonsense. I don’t want either of you harbour such a deadly atmosphere whenever you see each other. I don’t like getting caught up in it!” I say as I pull both him and Richard out towards the door.

I push them out with all of my might to the point that it even surprised me that it worked. Both of them are bigger and taller than me after all. They look at me, clearly surprised to see me so angry. I look over at Bucky.

“You! Stop being so harsh to your brother-in-law! I don’t know why you hate him so much, but I don’t like you treating your family like that!” I look over at Richard.

“And you! You too need to stop always being so angry at your brother-in-law. If you want your sister to be happy, then you need to find a way to get along. Stop trying to show who’s better than who!” I say angrily.

“Until you both make it work as well, I will not talk to either of you. Go camping, handcuff to each other, whatever. Just go and work things out together!” I say as I slam the door shut. I hear a loud knock on the door as both of them call out for me. Then I hear a loud shouting before stomping footsteps down the hallway.

I slide down the door of my apartment while holding my forehead in my hand. I have a spinning headache. I’m tired of this. Tired of my own mixed emotions about Bucky. Tired of Bucky’s outbursts and Richard’s hatred towards him. Tired of being caught up in their fights. Tired of being yelled at by Bucky for no reason. It feels like one after another, after another.

I need a break.

“Y/N…” I hear Bucky calling me out from the other side of the door. I sit up, surprised that he’s still here.

“I’m sorry.” He continues. I remain quiet. His voice sounds broken.

“I’ll do what it takes to make you happy again.”

Tears cloud my vision. I wipe them away from my eyes and breathe out. I hear Bucky leaning against the door himself. A few moments of silence. Did he leave?

“Just, please don’t push me out of your life again…”

That comment made my heart flutter and break at the same time. I wanted to throw open the door, hold him and tell him that I will always be there for him. To tell him that I would never leave him ever again because of how heart-broken he sounded when he said that.

But when I did end up opening the door, he was gone.

★ ★ ★

A/N: Let me know what you think and if you are liking this series so far or not. I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading. <3 

Next chapter coming soon!

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Prize of a Lifetime

Thanks to the person who sent in the request for this one. Hope you like it! And sorry it’s taken me longer than expected to get it posted for you! Also, I wrote the last part of this from my phone, so I’m sorry if there are any grammar errors. It’s harder to write from my phone than it is my laptop.

TAGGING: @trueblue80s @ridingmoxley

If You would like to be tagged in future fics let me know. Next fic should be a Finn Balor one!

*          *          *          *          *

You and Enzo Amore had been married for two days, and it was your first night back at work since getting married. You had the wedding of your dreams where you married the man of your dreams. Now it was back to work for a few weeks before you and Enzo got to go on your honeymoon after all the chaos of Wrestlemania was over and enjoy married life.

You were standing backstage at RAW talking to your sisters, Brie and Nikki Bella.

“I still can’t get over how gorgeous you were. That dress fit like it was made for you! Enzo couldn’t keep his eyes off you!” Nikki said.

“Zo can’t keep his eyes off her whether she’s wearing a wedding dress or not,” Brie said with a smirk.

“How you doin?” Enzo asked as he came over to you and draped his arm around your shoulders.

Your lips curved into a smile as you looked up at him. You and Enzo had been together a few years, and he still managed to give you butterflies.

“How you doin?” You playfully said back.

He leaned in and kissed your cheek before pulling away, “How you doin?”

You giggled as you looked up at him. “How you doin?”

“How you doin?” He said before he leaned in and pressed a kiss to your other cheek.

“How you doin?” You said before you reached up on your tiptoes and wrapped your arms around his neck. He snaked his arms around your waist.

“I’m doin’ good baby. Got my sexy little wife with me.” He leaned in and pressed his lips to yours.

“Oh, aren’t you two just the cutest?” You heard a familiar Russian accent say.

You pulled away from Enzo and turned to see Lana and Rusev standing a few feet from you

“Can we help you with something?” You asked as you turned and crossed your arms in front of your chest.

“We just wanted to congratulate you on the wedding,” Lana said.

You furrowed your eyebrows as you looked at her. Rusev and Lana had never really been friends with you and Enzo. You had hung out with them a couple of times at parties your sisters threw, but that was it.

“I mean we can’t all marry real men,” Lana said as she smiled at Rusev before looking at Enzo. “So I’m glad you’re happy with your boy.”

“Enzo is more of a man than Rusev could ever hope to be.” You said as you looked at her.

“That’s not what I hear. From what I hear there’s only one word to describe Enzo in the bedroom…”

“You want me to spell it out for you?” Rusev added followed by laughter from both of them.

“Hey babe, look what we got over here…” you said as you looked at Enzo.

Enzo gave you a smirk before saying, “a cuppa haters? Rusev, man, you don’t have to pick on me just because you’re shooting blanks in the bedroom.”

“Don’t you talk about my husband like that!” Lana said as she stepped in front of Rusev and got in Enzo’s face.

“Why don’t you step aside and let the men talk?” Enzo asked. “Besides we all know why he really married you, and it wasn’t for your brains.”

Lana gasped before reaching out and slapping Enzo across the cheek. This had you seeing red. You and Enzo could take jokes. But nobody touched your man and got away with it.You stepped in front of Enzo, just inches from Lana’s face.

“Touch my husband again, and it will be the last thing you ever do.” You threatened.

“Lana, let’s go,” Rusev said grabbing her hand and pulling her away before you could do anything.

The tension between you and Enzo and Rusev and Lana continued for the next several weeks. Dirty glances as you passed backstage, them trying to spread rumors about Enzo cheating behind your back, along with a lot of other petty little things.

It was when you overheard Lana talking to a couple of the other women backstage about how Enzo had to settle for marrying you after he couldn’t have her, that you broke. You were tired of the talking behind your back and the high school games she was playing. You guys were professional wrestlers. You didn’t handle your problems with gossip backstage. You take it to the ring and settle it there. So you went straight to Stephanie and demanded a one on one match with Lana.

“If you want to settle this. Let’s settle this. You will get your one on one match with Lana at Wrestlemania.” Stephanie said.

“Thank you so much, Steph.”

Later that same night Enzo was having a tag match with Cass against Gallows and Anderson when Rusev came out and interfered for no reason, costing Enzo and Cass a chance at going to Wrestlemania.

Enzo was furious and went straight to Stephanie demanding a one on one match with Rusev. Instead, Stephanie had a better idea. She changed the match at Wrestlemania from a one on one match to a mixed tag match. It would be you and Enzo vs. Rusev and Lana.

The build up to your match continued over the next few weeks leading up to Wrestlemania. Before you knew it, it was the big day, and you couldn’t wait to finally get your hands on Lana.

That was until it was actually time for the match. You stood in the Gorilla position as you waited for the match before you to finish. You could feel your heart racing as you heard the cheers and boos. The crowd was electric. This was it. One of the biggest matches in your career. It was Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, Florida. You were a two-time Women’s Champion. But this was your first Wrestlemania, and the butterflies were alive in your stomach.

“You ready for this, baby?” You heard Enzo say as he walked up to you.

“I don’t think I can do this, Zo…”

“What are you talking about? You’re going to steal the show out there. And I’ll be out there with you.” He said as he put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into his side.

“Zo, I can’t. There are so many people out there…what if I miss a move and get hurt? Or what if I walk out and there are crickets?”

“First of all you’re walking out with me, so there won’t be crickets. 70,000 people are going to be out there saying every word with us. And second, you’re the best superstar in the women’s division, and I ain’t just sayin’ that cause I married ya. I mean it. You’re better than half the guys. You’ve got this. And if you get overwhelmed tag me in.” He said.

You nodded your head and wrapped your arms around him.

“Thanks, Zo.” You said.

“That’s what I’m here for baby. Now give me a kiss.”

You smiled and reached up to give him a kiss.

You saw the Superstars from the match before yours come through the curtain. You congratulated them on a good match, and then you heard the video package for your match begin to play. They showed clips of your rivalry for a couple minutes before you heard the first few notes of Enzo and Cass’ music.

“This is it, baby. Let’s go out there and break a leg.” Enzo said.

Enzo stepped through the curtain first, and you followed closely behind him. You stood beside him and took in the sight of all the fans in the arena on their feet cheering for you and Enzo.

“My name is Enzo Amore, and I am a certified G and a bonified stud, and you can’t teach that. And this right here.” He said as he turned to you. “This is Y/n, and she’s hot as hell, and you can’t teach that…Ba-da-boom, realest team at Wrestlemania. How you doin!”

The arena went crazy, and you and Enzo made your way down the seemingly endless ramp as you made your way to the ring.

Lana and Rusev came out to Rusev’s music and were met with boos. You had never heard so many people boo at one time. It was crazy!

You and Enzo stood in the ring waiting for Rusev and Lana to come into the ring, but they were putting it off.

Enzo turned his head and looked at you and motioned towards where they stood on the outside of the ring. Immediately you knew what he was implying.

“Let’s do it.” You said as you smiled.

The two of you bounced off the ropes and then ran across the ring and dove through the ropes in a double suicide dive taking out Lana and Rusev.

The crowd went crazy. And you smiled as you looked around the arena. This was the best moment of your career, maybe even better than winning the Women’s Championship for the first time.

The referee instructed you and Enzo to go to your corner so that Rusev and Lana could get into the ring so the match could begin.

“You want to start?” Enzo asked.

“Yeah.” You said nodding.

You stood in your corner across the ring from Lana. The referee signaled for the bell to be rung. The two of you circled around the ring a few times before going towards the center for a lock up.

Just as you were about ready to lock up with Lana, she smirked and went to her corner and tagged Rusev in. You rolled your eyes but went to your corner and tagged Rusev.

Rusev and Enzo went back and forth for awhile before Enzo made his way to your corner and tagged you in, forcing Lana to step into the ring.

You stood in the center of the ring waiting for Lana to get in so you could wrestle. She was on the outside and looked terrified to get in the ring with you. You could tell she was just stalling for time. The referee would count, and she would slide in to break the count only to slide back out so another ten count could begin.

You had enough of her games after a few minutes, so you bounced off the ropes and ran across the ropes and dove out onto her at ringside.

You then picked her up and threw her into the ring. She pulled herself to her feet using the ropes only to be met by a clothesline from you.

This put her in perfect position for your signature submission hold. You put her in the hold and in less than five seconds she was tapping out.

You held the hold on her until you heard your theme song blast through the arena. Enzo stepped into the ring and wrapped you up in a hug and spun you around.

“I’m so proud of you! You finally did it! You got your Wrestlemania moment!” Enzo said. He then went over to the time keeper’s area and grabbed a microphone before sliding back into the ring.

“I know I’m a pretty fun guy, but I’d like to be serious for a second if I could,” Enzo said as he stood in the center of the ring.

What was he doing? This wasn’t part of the show. He was breaking kayfabe. Something that could get him fired!

“What are you doing?” You asked as you looked at him.

“My name is Enzo Amore, and I am a certified G and a bonified stud, and this right here. This is Y/n. And she’s hot as hell, but that’s not all. She’s my wife, and I think it’s time I take her on a proper honeymoon.” He said.

He then dropped the mic before picking you up bridal style and carrying you up the ramp. You couldn’t believe Enzo would risk his job by breaking kayfabe for you. But as he carried you up the ramp towards the curtain you had the biggest smile on your face. This was better than any championship win could be. Because you had won the prize of a lifetime, the wedding ring on your left hand and Enzo Amore as your husband.

TalesFromYourServer: Lengthy Rant Regarding Creepy Old Fucks

Sorry for any formatting errors, I’m mobile. Also, apologies for the length of this tale. Tl;dr at the end.

So last night, about 5:00, this dude walks in and tells me he had a reservation for (name that isn’t anywhere on the books). I’m hosting so this dude is my fucking responsibility until he’s seated unfortunately. I tell him there is no reservation under the name, he says “oh, that’s fine, they probably didn’t make one” and goes back to having his phone in his nose and awkwardly standing RIGHT next to me at the host stand. I politely ask him how large is party is going to be, he just shakes his head and kind of shrugs. OK then.

He loiters around the dining room for about 45 minutes, around the host stand, the bar, the tables in the dining area, right in front of all the dishes and silverware I need to reset tables, etc. multiple times myself and others have to say “excuse me” because he is blatantly in the way/space of employees AND guests. In the 45 minutes he’s meandering around with his phone in his face, he ignores all of my offers to seat him, if he knows when his party is coming, if he’d like to wait at the bar and have a drink, etc. at one point he’s like “I don’t even know if I’m at the right location” which is understandable because there’s 3 of the restaurant chain in my city. The way he said it was so rude though, that dickass tone like I’m annoying him while he just fucking sits around and doesn’t eat, drink, buy anything, or even confirm that he’s actually eating here.

Finally, fucking finally, his face lights up from looking at his phone and he walks up to the host stand.

“I had a reservation for a party of 12 at 5:30.”

Ok, well, we already went over the fact that you have no reservation, so you can fuck off with that noise. Also, it’s nearly 6:00, so what the fuck are you even trying right now?

“You can get to setting up a table or room for us now.”

I give him my most sickening customer service smile and begin to set up a 3-table arrangement for what is essentially a WALK-IN 12top. Whatever, happens a lot, I’m numb to it mostly. I would have gotten over it quickly if it weren’t for the fact that I caught him taking a photo of me leaned over the tables, using flash and all, pointing his fucking phone camera right at my ass and grinning. He didn’t even acknowledge that I caught him, he just went immediately to poking and typing on his screen. I got the vibe he was sending it or some shit, really really grossed me out. I finish setting it up, I don’t even bother telling him it’s ready because I know he’s going to seat himself and I don’t want to fucking talk to him.

I tell my manager who is basically a team lead, just working as a closing manager alone. She’s the only female in management and as horrible as it is, she doesn’t do much because she doesn’t really know WHAT to do. I didn’t want to come right out and accuse the guy unless it escalated further, so we just rolled with it, and she stayed up front with me for awhile to make me feel better. Bad move. She’s a shapely lady with a lot of boob & butt and once his party starts showing up they take it as an opportunity to start hitting on BOTH of us.

So 12 of them get there in the midst of all of their middle-aged-pervert fuckery. Hour goes by, one of the dudes from the table comes up to me and says “there’s more of us coming, would you just push that table over there onto ours so we have more room?” I’m already pissed out of my mind, whatever dude. They all blatantly stare at my tits while I’m leaning over to open the leaf on the table I added.

More of them show up. One of them comes directly up to me, tells me his name, grabs my hands and rubs them telling me they’re cold while giving me the most uncomfortable prolonged eye contact. I’m like “haha yeah they’re always cold” violently jerks my hands away.

The server is losing his mind trying to get a DRINK ORDER out of all of these fucks. He can’t get their attention, they sit without drinks until they’re ALL there, which is literally over an hour. They finally pipe down, put in all of their food orders, and it all comes out.

My hot ass manager is setting down the food and they’re ogling her to the point that it is painfully obvious. Like gross dudes, what the fuck. She says “can I get you gentlemen anything else?” And the one says “I’d like a water. And a massage.” And she like visibly pukes in the back of her throat and walks away awkwardly laughing.

The whole time their table was there, they all made nasty comments, and various photos were taken with flash whenever my manager, me, or other waitstaff walked by. It’s hard to come out and accuse someone of being a creep like that, because there are small odds that they’re NOT taking creepshots…but dude. All signals pointed that direction.

Tl;dr pos guest stands around for 45 minutes until he decides to tell me there’s a large party coming in like right that moment. They sexually harass the staff all night and are a general pain in the ass to serve

Edit: they tipped like shit

By: stellarwatermelons


Words: 834

A/N I have never been in a fire, so if this is shit. i’m sorry, i can only imagine.

Your eyes kept closing. You had been up since 4 am, then worked the whole day at the centre of the institute. The monitor had constantly turned off the whole day, no explanation. You couldn’t find the error. It was now 2 am, and you still couldn’t find the error. You worked on the error the last 8 hours, you were the only one, who knew so much about computers, so you always got the jobs, if something was wrong with monitor, therefor you were the only one, who hadn’t slept yet.

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Home // Stiles Stilinski

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 (FINAL)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Eventual Stiles x reader
Word Count: 883 (future parts will be longer!)
Warnings: A few swear words
Request from @a-queen-is-better-than-king​: “Hi could you do an imagine where the reader is Deucalion’s daughter and she leaves with him but returns to beacon hills. And she goes to see stile but it’s not really him it’s the nogitsuni. And since he was to feel pain he breaks her heart and tries to make her loose control please and thank you”

A/N: I loved this prompt wayy too much just to make a one-parter out of it so this will actually be a mini-series instead! Hope you don’t mind! Enjoy! P.S sorry if there are any grammatical errors! I wanted to quick post this before I had to go out!

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Psychology Behind Passengers’ Negative Reviews (opinion)

Originally posted by run2damoon

ONE LAST THING ABOUT PASSENGERS I SWEAR I’M SO SORRY. I dragged my family to watch Passengers tonight (merry Christmas to those who celebrate) and on the way home we had a discussion that lead to a breakthrough (as I like to call it). That breakthrough was me explaining the negative reception towards Passengers with psychological theories. This is just stemmed from my constant blabbering about Passengers, but can probably be applied to other movies and situations as well.

WARNING: spoilers ahead

Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE)

The first theory is the fundamental attribution error. So I learned this sometime last year in my psychology class and it’s actually pretty interesting. Essentially it’s when people attribute an individual’s behaviour to internal characteristics like someone’s personality, as opposed to the external situation the individual is placed in. 

In terms of Passengers, people have been reacting negatively to the fact that Jim wakes Aurora up, calling it “creepy” and “gross”. Now, this can be seen as an example of FAE. People (critics especially it seems) are attributing Jim’s behaviour (waking Aurora up) to his personality, thus branding him as a creepy stalking. However, in my opinion, attributing his actions to his personality is the wrong move. We know that Jim has been placed in extreme circumstances, where he has been alone for a year on a steel spaceship. As I had mentioned and explained in my previous reviews (spoiler FREE, spoiler FILLED), it is human to want human companionship in this specific situation. 

I honestly believe that the reason people are saying that the twist is so horrendous that they can’t bare to watch the film is because they believe that Jim is just a terrible human being for waking up Aurora and essentially murdering her. I am certainly not saying that what he did wasn’t wrong, because believe me, on every moral and ethical level, it is wrong. But, I don’t necessarily think it makes him a bad person, just because I am taking into count and attributing his final decision to wake Aurora up to the extreme situation he is being placed it. Point is, I understand his behaviour, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I accept it. 

Self-Serving Bias (SSB)

Self-serving bias is ANOTHER theory I learned in my psychology class (didn’t think I’d really ever apply it to something I love as much as movies). This theory is based on the idea that people will do whatever it takes to maintain their self-esteem and view themselves as good people. In my opinion, the negative reception towards Passengers could be partially due to this theory. Nowadays, there are two types of movies: ones that are so out of this world and sweep you away and ones that break down and reflect human society. Passengers is a little bit of both, but at its core, its the latter. 

Jim waking Aurora up reflects the fact that we as human beings are selfish. We tend to do things to benefit ourselves more than others. Jim wakes Aurora up to alleviate his loneliness and perpetual suffering, therefore making him seem selfish (this connects to the previous theory mentioned above). Now, viewers of the film see this behaviour and think: “So the creators of this film are telling me that this movie is about human behaviour. Jim wakes Aurora up, making him selfish. So the filmmakers are telling me I’m selfish? No way.”. Here my friends is a prime example of SSB. 

Since viewers understand that the actions of the characters in this movie are meant to reflect us as humans, what they are seeing is that humans are selfish, therefore meaning that they are selfish. This is where SSB kicks in. Being selfish is seen as a negative characteristic and since SSB causes people to do what it takes to maintain their self-image as a good person, they will instantly reject this to do so. Essentially what I believe is that viewers do not want to believe that if they were placed in the same situation that Jim was in, they would be the better person and NOT wake another person up, sentencing them to death. This makes them feel like they are good people therefore maintaining their self-image and self-esteem. 

To wrap up, I’d just like to remind everyone that this is my personal opinion from a very psychological point of view. This doesn’t mean that every single person who has had a negative reaction to the film’s “twist” thinks this way, it’s meerely a possibility. I really enjoyed this film, but it’s certainly not perfect and has many flaws. Those flaws are a strong contributing factor to the negative reception this film has gotten, once again reitterating that my psychological rant is not me generalizing the cause of the negative reception towards this movie. These theories are widely applicable and can be applied to a myriad of other films and situations (like I mentioned before), just none that my sleepy brain can think of at this exact moment.

I actually never thought I’d apply psychology to something that I love as much as films, so this has been really interesting and I’m certainly hoping I’ll be able to do more with it in the future. 

anonymous asked:

May you do one where you're really depressed and pushing everyone away then your boyfriend Dylan finally catches up with you and makes you stop being so stubborn and finally tell him what's wrong?

sorry for the wait, but here it is ! enjoy :) (sorry for any spelling errors, fixing them later)

You hadn’t been showing up at school for the last couple of days. Your boyfriend, Dylan, was worried already the first day; knowing about your depression and anxiety. “She’ll be back tomorrow,” He had told himself; a desperate try to calm himself down. But you didn’t show up the following day, or the day after that day, or the day after that day, and today Dylan couldn’t take it anymore.

“Where’s y/n by the way? I haven’t seen her all week.” Eric asked his best friend as the two were leaving the school grounds. Dylan let out a sigh as he ran a hand through his blonde hair. “If I’m gonna be honest with you, I have no clue man.” He mumbled and looked down at his shoes. “What’s that’s supposed to mean?” Eric asked in confusion, looking at his best friend. “She’s not answering my texts or calls, so I basically have no fucking clue what the problem is.” He said as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

Dylan always tried to play cool around Eric. He knew that Eric would probably laugh at him if he showed how worried he actually was. “Oh, if I was in your position I would be worried sick.” Eric shrugged and repeated what Dylan just had done by shoving his hands into his pockets as his gaze meet his shoes. Dylan looked up at him in confusion, not expecting him to say something like that. “Yeah,” he muttered after a while and looked down at his shoes once again. “I am.” He continued as he kicked a rock who was laying in front of him further away from the two. “Why don’t you go over to her house then? I mean, she can’t ignore you if you show up at her door step unexpectedly.” Eric asked. “Yeah, I don’t know about that. I’m quite sure she doesn’t wanna see me right now,” Dylan mumbled. “Dude, it’s your freaking girlfriend. You gotta show her you actually care.” Eric continued, making Dylan look up at him. “What? No no no, I care about her, I care about her like, a lot! You already know that, I would do anything for her man,” Dylan quickly said; not wanting Eric to think he was a complete douche bag. “Fuck, you know what I mean.” He muttered and put his hand over his face in frustration. Eric let out a chuckle before patting his much taller friend on the shoulder. “I’m just messing with you, I know how much you love her. But now, drive over to her house. She can’t reject you then, and get her to tell you why she isn’t returning your text or calls!” Eric said. Dylan looked at him and nodded. “Yeah. I’m just gonna do that,” he sighed as Eric gave him a smile. “I’ll see you at school tomorrow,” he said before starting to walk off towards his car. “And good luck man!” He yelled before he closed the car door, driving off. Dylan let out a sigh as he looked up at the sky. “Let’s do this.” He muttered for himself.

You were laying in your bed, wrapped in a blanket. Your eyes were bloodstained red from crying everyday in a row, your stomach letting out sounds from not eating for days. Suddenly, you heard a knock on your door. You let out a sigh, not moving your body a millimeter. “They’re gonna think no one is at home and they’ll leave,” you thought to yourself as you pulled the blanket over your body tighter. After a while the knocks stopped, making you breathe out. “Finally,” you muttered to yourself as you closed your eyes, assuming the person who knocked left. But as soon as you closed your eyes you heard the front door open up, making you open your eyes quickly. “What the fuck?” You whispered in fear. You could hear foot steps making their way upstairs, leading to your door. There was a sudden knock on your door, making you hold your breath. “Y/n?” A familiar voice called outside the door, making you breath out in release. “Dylan?” You let out, your voice cracking from not talking for days. The door slowly opened up and you could see a familiar tall figure peak trough the doorframe.

“Thank god you’re alive,” He let out as he took a step inside, closing the door behind him. “What are you doing here?” You whispered as you raised one of your eyebrows. “You already know why I’m here.” He said and walked over to your bed where you were laying. He sat down beside you as he looked over at you. He gave you a a smile as he placed his shaky hand on one of your red cheeks. “Dylan,” you whispered, feeling the tears build up in your eyes once again. He slowly picked up a piece of hair that was laying in front of your face as he placed it behind your ear. “Why haven’t you been answering my calls baby?” He whispered as he looked over at you, his heart breaking by seeing you like that. You closed your eyes as a tear felt down your cheek. “I’m so sorry,” you whispered as the tears started to roll down your cheeks.

“Oh y/n,” Dylan sighed as he laid down beside you. “Please don’t cry.” He whispered as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to his chest. “My anxiety is just to much,” You sobbed into his chest. “And my depression is just getting worse for each day.”

Dylan slowly stroke your hair as he kissed your forehead. He felt a tear make it’s way down his cheek; seeing you like this broke his heart into a million pieces. “You know I’m always here for you baby. I want you to know that you always can come and talk to me, I’m never gonna judge you, never ever,” He whispered as you nodded against his chest, tears still rolling down your cheeks. He looked down at you as he placed his finger under your cheek, lifting your head up. You immediately looked away; not wanting him to see you like this. “Y/n, look at me.” He whispered, still looking at you seriously. You slowly looked up at him, tears running down your cheeks. He placed his forehead against your as he wiped away your tears. “I love you, okay? I’m always gonna be here for you, and we’re going to get through this, together,” He said as you nodded. “Okay?” He said to make sure you understood what he just had said. “Yes,” You whispered as you nodded once again. “We’re doing this together.” You whispered as he placed his lips against yours.

And at that moment you knew you had the worlds most beautiful boyfriend, and that you two could do this. Together.

TalesFromRetail: Yes, we really are out of fans. No, I don't have one for you.

Long time reader, first time poster. This happened today towards the end of my shift. Sorry for any layout errors, I’m on mobile.

I work in a store in the UK that stocks almost everything, from furniture to clothes to toys etc. Today has been the hottest day of this year for the South-West, and as expected, we sold out of fans and paddling pools. It didnt take long until every one of our stores in the SW had completely sold out. Most of the day, I had been in the stockroom completing delivery and grabbing items, but I spent the last hour on tills. My first 10 customers were asking for fans. Sadly I had to turn them away, but they all seemed to understand that they left it too late (around 4pm).

Then enters Grumpy Customer, we’ll call him GC, and i’ll be Me.

Me: Hiya, thanks for waiting, how are you today? GC: Yeah, I was trying to reserve this online (shows his phone with a tower fan on it) and my internet played up. Is it reserved? Me: Ah, im sorry, you’d know if it went through as you would’ve had a text with a reservation code. GC: Oh. Well, I tried it, it said you had some in. It should still be reserved for me. Me: Sadly it doesnt work that way, it wouldve needed to go through fully for it to be reserved properly. I’m afraid it wouldnt be res- GC: Do you still have that one in? Me: No, I’m afraid not, I’ve been told by my manager that we’re completely sold out of fans and paddling pools. GC: (Doesnt say anything for a moment, looking around like we’re wasting his time or im lying) Can’t you check for me? Me: I can, but I really must let you know that we’ve checked and checked all afternoon for people, and we really are all out. Its not just us, also (stores in nearby locations). GC: Yeah, but can you check?

At this point, I see its not going through, so I offer to take him to our computer to check our stores AND nearby stores. Every fan we click on, it says ‘currently out of stock’ in ALL stores.

Me: Yeah, all we’ve really sold today is fans. Paddling pools too, we’re all out of those too. I can’t guarantee when our next delivery will be with more. GC: (Has now taken the mouse, double checking all the ones i clicked in some hope one will miraculously be available) Can’t you order it for me? Me: I’m afraid not. But I know that we do have some Dyson fans, but they’re pricey… But we do have a way to allow you to spread the cost? (We have a store credit card that allows for that) GC: Yeah, i dont wanna pay that much for it…. And you really have none back there? Me: (Shrugs) Afraid not, sorry… But if you check our website regularly, you can reserve once it-

And thus, he left. I wish I had a big sign saying “NO FANS OR PADDLING POOL” - It would’ve saved so much trouble.

By: Grongazoid

Brave // Barry Allen

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Fandom: The Flash

Word count: 685

A/N:  English is not my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors it can have. I did my best to write this. Please, don’t be rude.

Originally posted by barryandiris

You were very nervous, you had deciced that today was the day that you confess your feelings to your best friend, you were in Jitter’s waiting for him and as usual he was late.

You did not want to have a lot of expectations, because the last time you had talked about his feelings, he still felt something for Iris.

You observed him enter in the place and when his eyes met your he gifted you one of these smiles that you liked so much.

You felt the nerves travel through your whole body, you wanted to backing down, but you could no longer keep hidden what you felt.

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Stargazers - pt. 5

Originally posted by newtafidoscamander

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Ravenclaw!Reader (eventual)
Based on this (x) and this (x) imagine!
One shot( ) or
Chapter (x) (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)
Word count:
7000+ (YIKES.)
none. just fluff and weirdness and a lil bit of angst.
A/N: I’m so sorry this was posted so late! I couldn’t help myself after I found out Newt’s criminal record post. Also, it’s REALLY, REALLY LONG. Beware. At first it was going to be regularly long, about 2.5k….. but… it got out of hand… I hope you guys don’t mind! Please tell me if it’s annoying so I could break it down into more chapters in the future. I just wanted this one to be the last part of Stargazers so I could go ahead with the timeskip. Sorry for any and all grammatical errors! (English isn’t my native language and I haven’t proof read.)
P.S. The student that appears here, as well as the librarian, are made up for the sake of the story.

She had been searching for you everywhere that day. Elizabeth, who could only go so much without having your curious presence around, was certainly distraught. You were there during breakfast, and you were there for the classes you actually decided to attend (for, you see, sometimes they were just terrible and you figured there was no point of going through the torture some days) but sometime after Transfiguration, poof!

During dinner she was sure to have caught a glimpse of you stealing a plate of mashed potatoes and Merlin knows what else, and then you were gone again. Elizabeth had thought that maybe you were in a quiet part of the library, but upon visiting it, not finding you and being told of your growing list of borrowed books, she resorted to the only other person you seemed to be attached to: Newt. It wasn’t because you didn’t have other friends and acquaintances, but because she had caught you frequently exchanging words with the fellow, more so than with anyone else.

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