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Draco Malfoy - Seven Minutes

Seven Minutes

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Harry Potter


Smut. Not very graphic. It’s actually kinda lame. Sorry guys.

Draco Malfoy

Part Two


       Teeth tugged at skin and lips parted to exhale panting breaths and breathy moans. Fingers fumbled to rip off clothing, pushing at fabric and unbuttoning jeans.

       Your sweater had been discarded, leaving you in your bra and jeans. You had practically ripped through the buttons of Draco’s shirt, hastily pushing the fabric from his shoulders with his assistance. He hovered above you clad only in black jeans and socks.

       “I love the holidays,” he murmured as he peppered kisses down your neck, leaving his mark a dozen times over. He didn’t care how darkly he stained your skin; you were his, and his alone, and if you were concerned about it, you could magic the love bites away.

       “Why’s that?” you gasped as he bit down on your weak spot at the base of your neck. He never mentioned loving anything, save for your secret rendezvous.

       He licked and nibbled his way back up your neck, landing a passionate kiss on your lips. “More alone time with you.”

       Your heart warmed at the comment. You knew he enjoyed your times together, but he was never so emotional about it. He made a point to keep up his reputation at all times, even when you were alone and getting intimate.

       You ran your hands down his bare chest, lightly dragging your nails. He growled into your mouth, pinning both of your hands above your head with one of his own. You bit your lip at the act of possession, gazing up at him with lust in your eyes. It was usually around this time in the event that you would get interrupted, either by a bell or curfew or someone looking for one of you. It was an unpleasant consistency that never failed to come on cue.

       But now, everyone was gone for the holidays, and since none of the other stragglers cared where Draco was or had any idea that you were together, there was no one to rain on your parade.

       He kissed you strongly, rocking his hips against yours. You moaned into his mouth, sliding a hand up his chest and behind his head to tangle in his hair. He groaned, one hand gripping your hip hard enough to leave bruises on your soft skin.

       Your fingers danced down his chest, fumbling with the button of his jeans. His hand left your hip to help you push them off, his lips leaving yours to mark their way down your neck again. He kissed all over your chest, your accented cleavage and your clothed breasts.

       Once his legs were bare, his hand found the fastening of your jeans, pulling them from your hips. You lifted your waist to help him pull the fabric off, kicking it from your feet.

       “Your skin is amazing,” he breathed, one hand covering your breast. He pressed a kiss to your cleavage, settling his hips between yours. He slid a hand under your back to unclasp your bra, leaving your breasts exposed. Your breath hitched in your throat – this was further than you’d ever managed to get. You’d fantasized about going all the way with the blond, but you didn’t think it would actually get to happen.

       He sensed your hesitation and kissed under your jaw. “Why are you hesitating, love?”

       “Are you sure… you want…?”

       A switch seemed to flip in his mind as he looked at you. “Are you sure? I wasn’t trying to pressure you. I just thought… Look, if you don’t want to-“

       You pulled him into a kiss. “I’m not saying I don’t want to. I just… We’ve never made it this far. I just want to make sure that you’re sure about me, about us… If we do this, it can’t be a one-time thing.”

       He held your face. “Nothing about you is a one-time thing. I don’t want to be with anyone else.”

       You wrapped your legs around his waist and kissed him deeply. Your feet kicked at the waistband of his boxers, pushing them passed his hips. His hand fell to your panties, pulling them down your legs. You chewed your lip as you realized you were both stark naked and very close to taking the next step.

       “Are you sure?” he murmured, kissing your chin.

       You took in a breath. “Yes.”

       He grabbed his wand from where it had fallen on the floor and waved it, dimming the lights to make you more comfortable. Dropping it back on the floor, his hand danced down your belly, trying to calm your nerves. It slid between your legs, rubbing between your folds. You gasped at the contact. You weren’t a virgin, but it had been a long time since you’d been with a guy, and you had never been this intimate with Draco.

       He sucked on your chest and slid a finger inside you, pumping gently. You moaned weakly, tangling a hand in his hair. He smirked against your skin, enjoying the effect his ministrations had on you. His thumb rubbed your clit as his finger thrusted faster, drawing more delicious sounds from your throat.

       You began rocking your hips into his hand, whimpering when his finger left you. Your arousal heightened as you were desperate for more contact, thrusting the air in an attempt to get him between your legs.

       He pinned your hands above your head as he positioned himself between your legs. He rubbed himself against your wetness before slowly pushing inside you. You cried out as he filled you perfectly, wrapping your legs around his hips. He moaned and dropped his head to your shoulder, biting your skin.

       He immediately began thrusting, unable to hold back any longer. How he had gone so long kissing you without it turning into this, he had no idea. He couldn’t have imagined what he had been missing.

       You shamelessly moaned his name and rocked your hips to meet his thrusts. He grinned softly at you.

       “Keep moaning my name, love.”

       He angled his hips to pull out nearly all the way and then slam back into you, hitting the perfect spot inside you every time. You angled your hips to meet his thrusts even better, moans falling from your lips like a prayer.

       “I’m close,” you whimpered as your orgasm built up inside you, nearly pushing you over the edge. Draco moved one hand down your body and between your legs, fingers brushing over your clit. You moaned loudly at the overstimulation, your hips shaking under his ministrations. He rubbed as fast as he thrusted, and within moments, you came undone, screaming his name.

       His thrusts became sloppy and he lost rhythm, his orgasm soon following yours. He slowed to a stop inside you, burying his face in your neck.

       “You’re on birth control, right?” he murmured, realizing that you had used no protection.

       You nodded softly. “Magical birth control.”

       He hummed in response, slowly pulling out of you. He moved to lie beside you, taking you in his arms as he draped a blanket over the both of you. You smiled and snuggled into his embrace, spending the rest of the day lazing on the sofa.


When walking through the woods to get to a family dinner, Ron and Hermione are caught by a heavy storm and must find shelter. Luckily, they find a shepherd’s cottage to wait it out.

Hermione isn’t exactly pleased with the storm’s timing, gasping in horror when she see’s herself in a dusty mirror, “I look like a raging monster!”

Her boyfriend just chuckles, “Mione, love, you’re still as gorgeous as ever.” He then pulls her in for a kiss, just in time to stop her from pointing out how wrong that comment could have come out or how late they will be because of the storm.

Doesn’t matter, she thinks as she kisses him back.

It’s been a while since they had some decent time alone anyway.

For @yavannies who wanted “ Thor: Ragnarok where Jane and Darcy go to Asgard!”

Darcy and Jane are working in Switzerland with Bruce Banner in a calm environment. Thor finds them, changed and somber because of his friend Heimdall being under the control of the Soul Stone. He thinks Bruce can help and he’s right, only Bruce finds Darcy to be the perfect way to help him keep Hulk at bay and can’t go without her (okay so there’s lame jokes from her that weirdly makes him laugh and it tends to make Hulk zen ?). So the four of them go to Asgard, saves Heimdall but if the Soul Stone can possess an Asgardian and kill the host, it apparently can’t kill a human host - and guess what? the Soul Stone was made for a human, a good human and it chose Darcy. Ragnarok is near, meaning the end of everything, The Hulk helps, the ‘Guardians of the galaxy’ helps too, Loki is back (well turns out  he was always around ). There’s some epic battles and Jane teamed up with her best girl and they save everyone’s butts. The Norns recognizes Darcy as Sigyn and Loki totally fall for her (there’s romantic post battle make out and everything).


to the shy boy with stars in his eyes and the most beautiful smile in the hole world:  where do i even start? well first of all, i am terribly sorry for the lame graphic. you deserve the universe and this isn’t worthy of you. even though you’ll never read this, i have to let it out somehow. if i had the chance to meet you i’d just like to tell you how grateful i am. i’m grateful for living on the same planet as you, and being alive while you are alive. this might sound silly, but you saved me so many times and in so many ways… you taught me that life doesn’t always go as planned, and that when a door closes, another one opens. because of you i’m happier, better and stronger. i’m sorry for the dark times you’ve been through and i’m sorry i couldn’t wipe your tears. i can only hope that someday i’ll be able to give you back at least a tiny little part of the immense happiness you gave me. i don’t wanna write too much since i’ve always been bad with words, and i see actions as a more meaningful way to show love. but i just thought i’d say… i hope you’re happy today and every single day of your life. you deserve the universe, you make me proud to be your fan and i love you. thank you. happy birthday, luhan <3