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Just a Little Bit of Your Heart

Imagine: You are holding your first public art exhibition. Although you think that Tom understands how important this night is to you, you are once again proven wrong. Nonetheless, a little bit of his love is better than none. Right?

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A/N: I was inspired by harry styles’ original track. listen to the live version while you read, cause I did and I was a fucken mess. sorry for the angst, I love you. x

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Ten Years (Part 9)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,144 (minus the flashback)

Warnings: language!!, fluff, mentions of past cheating, confrontation, crying

A/N: Tags are closed. I wrote this so quickly because I got super motivated by all your messages. I think the angst is winding down. This is a turning point for reader, and I’m excited for her. Also, Bucky’s got a lotta ‘splainin’ to do!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

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I have posted this set before, but i did some mistakes, and i decide to fix it. First of all, I have tried to fix Lance’s skin colour, wich was wrong in first version of this set (i hope this is better q^q sorry please for this mistake), and also i have fixed some details in other arts in set. So, I hope this post is better UuU

and so, here is information about this set. I will just copy my text from first version of this post. So, here it is:


I have saw headcanon about Hunk, wich is about him supporting members of team. And headcanon about Hunk’s hugs with Shiro and headcanon about cookies for Pidge from him and I am be like HMMM!!!!! So here it is, 

multi-headcanon about that kind of hugs everyone in team gets from our cinnamon roll then they need it

Big “Who wants space peanut cookies?” hugs for Pidge

Warm “We will do something with your nightmares. Come here” hugs for Shiro

Silent “I can just sit here with you if it will make you feel better” hugs for Keith

Trust “Tell me about your problems, i will listen you” hugs for Lance

p.s. thanks people in tumblr for headcanons wich are inspired me! As i remember they were @captainsbones and @yarrayora and i cant find that post with cookies for Pidge headcanon so i dont have the athor D”””: …and if i did something wrong please tell me, its just my first expierience with headcanons, au and other things like that so i dont understand how it works :D 

Everyone heard of Durmstrang Victor but please consider: Beauxbatons Yurio

Bat-Aunt: Part 1

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Prompt:  An universe where Bruce wasn’t left all alone. See the changes a younger Wayne sister makes for a Bruce Wayne with something left to fight for. 

AN: I’m really, really excited about this. It’s the first story I’ve been really excited about in a while, so I hope you enjoy it. You’ll see a lighter version of Bruce in this. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think. This will also include other members of the league at some point as well. 

Words: 836

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you right, can you repeat that?”

“I adopted a child.”

You close your eyes, and brace yourself for the incoming headache. “That’s what I thought you said. I was just hoping I heard wrong.” You grind out through your teeth before turning away from your brother and stalking back behind your desk.

Distance. Distance was good. Distance was safe. The puppy dog eyes didn’t work if there was distance. If there were other things to focus on. “I’m not asking for permission.”

You glare at him. “Trust me I know. Those expedited adoption papers let me know that.” You lean back into your chair, “Tell me did you have them expedited because you thought I’d try and stop it or…?”

Your brother just smiles at you. “You’d never say no to a kid in need. Behind the tough businesswoman exterior is a big ol’ softy with a heart of gold, whose face is only pinched sometimes because she’s wearing uncomfortable heels.”

You scowl as Bruce takes a seat in one of the chairs in front of your desk. Your eyes flick to the clock on the wall. The numbers 4:32 shine a bright green, and you finally give in. You fling one foot then another sending the gorgeous but pinchy heels to the other side of the room. You smile when they hit the wall with a thud.

Bruce just leans back in his chair and asks, “Feel better?”

You roll your eyes and tuck your legs under you before reaching up, and letting the bun on top of your head loose. Your hair falls down and you grin as the tension headache begins to fade. “So his name is Richard?”

“He goes by Dick.”

You raise an eyebrow in amusement before deciding to let it go. “And he’s an acrobat?”


“And he already found out about your hobby?”

“Also yes.”

“And now you’re making him your sidekick?”

There’s a pause before Bruce simply shrugs and says, “Alfred already made his outfit.”

You groan. “I leave the country for three months, and this is what happens! I swear next

time I’m getting you and Alfred a babysitter.”

Bruce just smirks. “Big words from someone whose diapers I used to change.”

You scowl and point towards the door with one perfectly manicured finger “Get out of my office. I’ll be home late.”

Bruce doesn’t say anything at first, just slowly rises before saying “I need you home early. I need your skills.”

Your eyes meet his, and you groan. The puppy dog eyes are already in place.

Reluctantly you press the power button on your computer and stand up. “Grab my luggage please, I have to go get the evil shoes.”

You fetch the shoes and turn around to see your big brother waiting for you. He’s standing beside your three large suitcases, waiting for you. With a sigh, you walk forward with the shoes dangling off your fingers, and right as you pass he grabs your arm and brings you in for a hug.

You melt into it. It had been three months since you’d had this much human contact. You hadn’t realized how badly you’d needed it either. As he let’s you go he simply says, “Welcome Home Little Sister.”

You give him a tired smile. “It’s good to be home.”

“It’s good to have you home, even if you didn’t let me pick you up from the airport and went straight back to work.” You just roll your eyes.  

You walk out side by side. You stop quickly at your assistant’s desk to have her clear your schedule for tomorrow, and get the documents that will have to be worked on tomorrow. Bruce says a polite hello before escorting you out.

You enter the largely deserted parking garage to find a grinning Alfred waiting for you.

“Welcome home Miss. Wayne!”

You smile at the older man before rushing forward to give him a hug. You squeeze him extra tight before leaning back and saying, “You were supposed to keep him from doing something stupid.”

Alfred just smiles. “I believe young master Grayson will be good for your brother. Teach him some responsibility, get him to open up.”

You bite the inside of your cheek. “He adopted a child Alfred, not a puppy.This is a huge responsibility.”

The butler’s eyes twinkle. “I’m well aware Miss. Wayne.”

Bruce clears his throat, drawing your attention. “I’m standing right here.”   

You and Alfred grin at each other before answering in unison, “We know.”

You climb into the waiting car, and listen as Alfred gives a report on Richard’s adjustment to school as reported by Gotham Academy’s principal. You tune it out for the most part, as you stare out the window. As you pass through the city, your eyes begin to get heavy, and with the knowledge of a late night ahead of you, you allow sleep and jet lag to claim you for just a little bit.

  • Ennosuke: There is a master key and a spare key for the hideout. Cho-nii has them both.
  • Ennosuke: When I asked, "What if you die, Cho-nii ? How will we get into the hideout ?"
  • Ennosuke: He said, "If I'm dead, you guys have been dead for weeks."
Did Tim Burton even read the book

Okay so I’m about to go on a little rant on something that has been bothering me for such a long time. 

The movie Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children is so different from the book and that bothers me a lot. 

First off the characters are way off how Ransom Riggs described them.It’s not just look wise that I’m talking about but age as well. For example, Enoch is suppose to be about 13ish and in the movies he’s about 17 or 16. In the book Hugh is suppose to be older so about 16ish, but in the movie he is practically a child. Also Olive is wayyyy too old in the movies, she’s suppose to be a child. Not to mention the peculiarity switch they made, which highkey pissed me off. Tim Burton switched Olive and Emma’s peculiarity. So instead of Emma controlling fire she controls “air.” Honestly this pisses me off so much. I can semi understand going against how Ransom described his characters, but straight up changing them is disrespectful in my opinion. If Ransom wanted Emma to have Olive’s gift he would of wrote it like that. Also switching the peculiarities changes everything in the books. Everything. 



First things first, where the hell is Ricky is the movie? Why is Abe’s eyes missing? Why is the beginning so rushed to the extent that no one knows what the hell is going on? Nobody knows about Jacob’s nightmares and how he’s depressed as hell. Why is Dr. Golan a girl? WHY IS IT SO RUSHED THAT WE ALL HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON???? Why is Jakes dad poorly represented? Why is the scene when Jake meets the children so poorly done? Why no badass Emma holding a knife to Jake? WHY DID THEY MATCH ENOCH AND OLIVE TOGETHER? WHY IS THERE NO FIONA AND HUGH LOVE? Why the fuck is Abe alive again? Where did that come from? Why is the whole ending fucked up and different from the book?

Honestly just go read the last few chapters of the first Peregrine book and you’ll be wondering if Tim even read the whole book. 

I know a lot of people will give me hate for this and I’m sorry in advance if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings, but Tim’s version of the book is shit. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie and I adore Tim Burton. But the movie is NOT Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, and it’s not even based off of it.  

Big plan!!! 📣
  • 🙋Hi people!
  • I have a really big plan!
  • But first who is a fan Jacksepticeye?
  • Because I want to do big fanart with people who are Jackfan like me.
  • If you want to be on my art just say "green hair guy" and I add you (your profile picture in my version). I don't know how long it takes my time but I hope that results will be great....
  • and I hope that Sean don't saw this idea...
  • Ps. I'm sorry if I said something wrong but y'know I'm not good in English
  • Ps2. In the end I write how many people are on this fanart (@you)
  • Ps3.If you know someone who is too big fan Jacksepticeye but don't have tumblr you can send me link his picture and accept (because I only draw person who said "green hair guy")
  • Pa pa ( It's mean "bye bye" in polish)
Draw the hell out of Reyes Vidal #2 (still my choice of pic...sorry)

“You look like you are waiting for someone.”

The original version (with no filter) is under the cut.  (+ my comments) Only if you are interested……

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what are ts saying after they skate? i can't quite hear it correctly. u can hear in the no commentary version

Okay anon I FINALLY have an answer for you lol sorry it took so long.

Okay so this is what I hear as they get off the ice before the KnC: #SCI17 Free Dance

**Disclaimer this is what I hear so of course I could be wrong in some areas**

So Scott goes “This was a first for me” “You didn’t see my first step” (talking to Patrice) he then gestures to his head (mind) “I stepped and I went…” so he goes back on the ice to like gesture the beginning (this is the tricky bit…I think he says “I don’t remember my steps”)

then he is like “so confident” (like making fun of how he appeared confident but had forgotten the steps)

Marie France “Don’t worry we were all looking at her”

Scott “Thank God, she saved my butt again”


Miracles Take Time part three

January, 2012

In the several months since coming home to that first note John had received only one further message from the dead git. It had been on the back of a postcard from America featuring a sheep in a leather coat with the motto ‘Baah-d to the Bone’ printed over it. The single line of writing on the back read, “I bought a grey wool jumper, it reminds me of home when I wear it.”

John had not been able to stop himself from carrying the card around in his jacket pocket, a touchstone he could use to reassure himself that he wasn’t mad after all and that Sherlock was still out there somewhere alive. It had been weeks before he could part with it even enough to put it away with the first note, pressed in-between the pages of a copy of Pride and Prejudice he had been surprised to find on their bookshelf. It had been longer still until he stopped checking the mail eagerly each day only to find bills and crushing disappointment.

By the end of January though he had once again managed to tuck away all of this thoughts and hopes about Sherlock, so much so that the significance of the twenty-ninth didn’t even occur to him until Greg called him in the evening to check on him.

It had been another too long day at the surgery and John had been blessedly tired when he got home. It was the goal of all of his days to come home too exhausted to notice that even with the hope of Sherlock’s eventual return Baker Street was a hollow shell of the home it had once been and the empty hours of his evenings where impossible to fill.  

When Greg had called John had been puzzled and slightly annoyed by it. Conversations between the two of them were still short and stilted with guilt and grief on both sides and he had not been in the mood to wade though another one. So he had been terse almost to the point of rudeness and had quickly shot down the man’s offer to take him out for a pint.

It was only after he had rang off that he remember today would have been the second anniversary of the day he had met Sherlock and he had felt bad for being so dismissive of Greg’s good intentions however counter productive they had been. He also half wished he had taken him up on that pint. Instead he ended up going to bed early though sleep was not easy for him to find even on the best of days.

Hours later, when it was so late it was almost early, he was still laying there awake enough to hear the doorbell ring downstairs. It was not exactly a strange occurrence, even with all the publicity around Sherlock’s 'death’ desperate clients and members of the homeless network still had a habit of showing up at all hours looking for the detective. He got quickly out of bed, cursing as he pulled on his robe and limped down the stairs all at once, trying to get to the door before whoever it was rang again and woke Mrs Hudson up.

He yanked open the front door, ready to do some muted shouting at the person who had interrupted his lack of sleep but the words died in his mouth as he took in the delivery driver standing on the stoop, his beat up scooter still idling on the street behind him. He held a slightly greasy looking bag out towards John, saying, “Order for Watson, crispy noodles with duck, fried rice, wonton soup and prawn toast.”

“I am sorry, you must have the wrong address. I didn’t order any food.”

“Online order, you’re Watson right?”

When John nodded the delivery man shoved the bag towards him. John grabbed it reflectively and the man turned and began walking away.

“But…” John started.

The man waved the objection off, saying, “Everything is already paid for, good fortune for you tonight, right?”

He didn’t seem to expect an answer as he climbed back on his scooter and drove away without another word, leaving a stunned John to watch as the logo for Zing Zing’s Chinese Takeaway on the back of the man’s jacket disappeared into the night.

That was when the penny dropped and he recalled sitting inside Zing Zing’s that first night, laughing over his crispy noodles with the mad man he had just met and for whom he had just shot a man.

Tears stung at the corners of his eyes as he realized that not only had Sherlock remembered the date, he had remembered everything John had ordered that night and had recreated it for him. Who would have ever guessed that Sherlock would be the type to celebrate anniversaries?

John took the food upstairs and spread it out on the kitchen table. Even though he was not hungry he still ate, savoring the memories more than the food. When he was done eating and had packed away the leftovers he picked up the fortune cookie. He held it for a moment, remembering a tipsy Sherlock trying to deduce his fortune for him that first night and how wrong he had been. He tore the wrapping open and broke the cookie to reveal his fortune tonight. It read:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

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Just Go

Kim Hanbin (B.I)          x          You (Reader)

Genre: ANGST

You invited your best friend to your house this afternoon to cheer you up because you miss Hanbin so much and you’ve been feeling too lonely lately.

“Heeeyy Y/N!”

“Hey Dahyun-ah! You don’t have any schedule for this afternoon, right?”

“No, it’s okay. I’ve finished my schedule. What’s up?”

“I don’t know. I miss him so much.”

“Ah… I know…” she hugged you tight.

“But iKON is doing really well right now. I mean, they’re already big. Every rookie or even my sunbae(s) know iKON. Your boyfie is amazing.”

Dahyun knows about the industry too well since she’s also a part of a girl group. Despite her busy schedule, she always try make time for you. She make sure that whenever you need her, she’s there. She’s a good and caring best friend.

“But… You know, I miss him. I haven’t see him for like, one month?! I mean, I understand his job and I support him… But there was a certain time like this, I need him by my side and I miss him so much. Sometimes I cried, alone. Missing him but unable to tell him because I don’t want to disturb him.”

You talked about him with Dahyun for a couple hours. Suddenly, your heard a knock on your door.

“The pizza is here!” You get up and walked towards the door.

“Wait a minute!!!!” You yelled and opened the door.

Not the face of the delivery chicken, but the face of your boyfriend standing there. The face that you’ve been missing and longing so much. Standing in front of you.

“Surprise.” He said with his innocent smile. A box of pizza in his hands.

“Wh…Wh…” You looked at him, can’t even move because you’re very surprised.

“Ouh, c’mon babe.” He finally drop the pizza and hugged you tight.

“I miss my girl. What u doin?”

“So I invited Da—“

“Heeey Dahyun-ah!” He high-fived and hugged her.

“How’s work?”

“Yeah.. so-so.” She giggled.

“Hyun to come over..” You whispered to yourself.

To be honest, you want him for yourself. You haven’t meet him for like one month, and now he’s here but he’s talking with someone else. You just can’t stand it.

“Let’s eat dinner together..!” Hanbin shouted as he pulled your waist to his body

“Cool.” Dahyun agreed immediately.

“Okay let me changed my cl—“  You want to change your clothes because you want to look pretty in front of him.

“No babe, you’re perfect.” He kissed your cheeks.

But there’s no end for their conversation. Hanbin held your hand but he kept talking to Dahyun, you put your head down and tell yourself that you’re okay with that.

“What’s wrong, pretty?” He lifted up your chin and you shook your head.

“Nothing.” You tried to smile and Hanbin kept talking with her. WITHOUT knowing your feeling.

After you arrived at the restaurant, you walked behind Hanbin and Dahyun who were talking about their world. You kept your smile and you put your head down again. Finally you thought to yourself,

No. I can’t keep doing this.

“Binie, could you please pass me the pepper?”

He handed you the pepper and that was it.

“Binie, I’m pretty tired right now.” You put your head down again.

“Hang in there.” And he continued his conversation with Dahyun.

What the actual hell. Who’s your girlfriend?! You thought to yourself and feel yourself burning up.

“But Jaebum sunbae keep looking at me with his disgusting look. I mean like, what should I do?” she said.

“You don’t need to worry. He’s a warm hearted person, if he does something mean to you, call me.” He laughed

Call me my butt. Did he think that he’s her knight or something?

“Babe, my head hurts..” You said laying your head to his shoulder. He just looked at you without saying anything or touching your head to make sure that you’re okay.

You think that you’re so fucking done here.

He doesn’t look at his hurting girlfriend.

You got up and went to the car. It’s been 20 minutes since you’re gone and HE DOESN’T EVEN TRY TO LOOK FOR YOU.

You just breakdown and cry at that moment, you tried to call Bobby but he didn’t pick up and you tried to call Junhoe but he didn’t pick up either. You just spend your time crying inside the car. After 10 minutes, finally someone opened the car.


You looked at her with your puffy eyes the tears still in your eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“WHY ARE YOU CRYING?!?!?!?!” He yelled even more.

“I’m sorry.” You felt too awful to talked to him.



Hanbin yelled in front of you and stratched his hair.

“Dahyun-ah. I’m sorry I think you have to go back by yourself. Be careful!!” He said to Dahyun and waved his hand. He entered the car and drove back to your home.

You can’t stop crying and he doesn’t even take a look at you or hold your hand. He turned into a cold asshole.

Bobby called you, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“N…nothing. I’m fine.” You’re shaking

“Hey you can tell me it’s okay. I can go to your house right now.”

“No. You don’t have to. I pressed a wrong number.”

“But your voice doesn’t sound like you’re fine, lady.”

“…It’s ok. Talk to you later. Bye Bobby.”

He glared at you and continue driving. Without saying a single word.

You entered your house with Hanbin behind you. He slammed the door, “WHY DID YOU CRY?!”

“I’m sorry.”


It’s not the first time for you but you can’t get used to this version of Kim Hanbin, you can’t get used to a cold Kim Hanbin.

“I’m fine.”




“I have you but I feel like I don’t have you.” Your tears keep falling and falling.

“I’M SICK OF YOU!!!!!” Hanbin yelled in front of your face and you can’t stand him anymore. You ran to your bedroom and locked yourself while you spent your time crying. Getting hurt by his words, actions, and him.

You fell asleep and woke up at 2 in the morning. You’ve been thinking, the best thing for you two is a break up. You can’t deal with this kind of Hanbin.

You walked outside bedroom, Hanbin was sleeping in the sofa when you made your way to the kitchen to have a cup of cold water.

You finally stand beside him, “Hanbin-ah. I know you’re not asleep. You can’t sleep like this.”

“I thought about us, I thought about your career. I thought about it all, I think we need to break up.”

“It’s the best decision for you. I don’t want to disturb you. Since you’re sick of me, I’ll let you go now. Let’s break up.” Your heart shattered into billion pieces but you can’t help but to do this. You love him so much so you’ll let go of him now.

“It’s….” you started to cry

“The best for you.” You went back to the kitchen and cried in front of the sink.

Then you feel a warm muscular arms wrapped around your body.

“Let’s not do this.” He said with raspy voice.

“I can’t… I can’t…”

You finally turned your body.

“What now?” You looked deeply into his eyes.

“Hanbin-ah. It’s the best for you. I’ll be fine. It’s okay.”

“But I’m not. Let’s stop.” He cut you out

You led him to your bedroom to have a talk.

“Hanbin-ah, here’s the thing—“

“No. I don’t want to.” He started to look desperate

“I’m sorry, I’m not a right state of mind. I’m sorry I hurt you a lot. I’m sorry I’m such a douchebag. I’m sorry for saying all those awful things. I’m sorry I’m being childish. I’m sorry I’m an asshole, I’m a bastard. I’m the worst boyfriend in the world. I’m sorry. But I can’t let you go I can’t..”

You opened your mouth, shaking, “But you can find someone else. Better than me. I’m just a college student, ordinary girl, not those beautiful faces of girl groups. I’m not perfect, I’m just a girl.”

“You are my girl.” He said and hugged you tight

“Nothing will ever change that. I’ll try to be better. I’ll try to treat you better. I’ll try to make everything work out for us. I’ll fight for us, okay? Give me a chance to be better…. Please.. I can’t leave you.”

“Hanbin-ah.. It’s for your own sake.”

“But the only person that keep me sane is you. Having you is the only thing that keep me sane, Y/N.” Repeating his words.

He still hugged you tight and you let your body go from his arms and crawl to your bed. Covering yourself with a blanket.

Looking at your boyfriend’s eyes that full of tears make your heart ached a lot. No matter how many time you tried to break up, you just can’t. Either he or you will keep going back to one another. You can’t leave each other and you know that.

“Please…” Hanbin keep begging with his eyes full of tears

After a minute of silence, you talked to him.


“please put me in a good sleep. I’m tired.”

He looked at you and smiled as his tears fell down,

“Anything for my lady.” He crawled to the bed in 0.000001 second and he hugged you like a pillow. He wrapped his arms and legs on your body to keep you warm and comfortable.

“I’ll try to better, I’ll try to be a good boyfriend I’m sorry. I love you Y/N”

“You are my girl and nothing will ever change that.”

You finally smiled in front of his chest, feeling his heartbeat.

“I love you too.”


Everyday texts with boyfriend!Baekhyun

You did end up calling Chanyeol once Baekhyun started spamming you a collection of random letters and heart emojis. He promised he’d take Baekhyun back to his own apartment before delivering him to you and Baekhyun’s shared one in the morning. As you climbed back into bed, Junsu’s little collar jingled, signalling his presence on the pillow next to you.
“Sweet puppy,” you cooed. “What are we going to do with him?”

Sorry for the weird watermark thing on the first picture. One of my apps kept glitching and this was the version I got left with. The script’s right, the format’s wrong.


Okay, so Paolini just posted a video on instagram and sorry if I write wrong or misspell words I’m actually suddenly excited so I might very well forget English or change to Spanish

So, go to, he changed aaaall the website, and it looks cool, but the important thing, is you can find a video there.


Watch that video!!!

He said again how TSiaSoS is being revised and that it had some stuff to fix, which we knew and it’s cool.

He also said, and here’s when the funny part starts, that on his first version/unrevised of Eragon there was a unicorn in it…

A unicorn

I mean I don’t even know how i feel about that?? I love horses, and horses with horns are even cooler, but… idk it seems so weird in the Eragon world 😂😂

To finish the video, he greeted us with a real promise that IC Book V is already plotted out and that it will start its creating process as soon as he can write it!!!

So what??? Don’t you think all of this is just !!!!!!!!


skeletalsynesthesia  asked:

Heyyy remember me, that person with the comic? Yeah, I have a few questions that would help if they were answered so that I don't portray your characters wrong. 1) If UD Papyrus met a different Sans, who 'doesn't belong', but clearly needs help, what would he do? 2) If Deccy met the same person, a Sans like him, a potential threat to his brother, what would his reaction be? Sorry if this is too much, thank you anyway! Have a nice day/night!

I REALLY appreciate your curiosity and your interest to get as accurate as possible. 

 First off, Decay!Papyrus is ALMOST like his classic version, generous and altruist, believing that everyone can be a good person if they just try. The main difference is that Decay!Papyrus stick to the ‘code’ and do the same thing over and over, everything that is unusual will make him extremely nervous. So if he encounter another Sans, he would probably try his best to help him out but he would stutter and get really uncomfortable. 

 On Decay!Sans side… as a potential threat to his brother, he would immobilize the menace by crushing him down into the ground with his blue magic, and question him. If his answer displease him, he would most likely torture that Sans, especially if they actually are a threat. 

 Decans went through major stuff, and he wouldn’t stand an alternate version of himself mess up with his brother and that even if their relationship is kinda broken.

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Hello! I absolutely adore your blog. Could you do a scenario where the s/o is accused of being a spy the guy is interrogating them kind of hardcore, and then their reaction when it was proven that they weren't. You did one like this a while back, with Hibari Kyoya, but I would love to see a version with Reborn, Xanxus, Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Mukuro, and Byakuran! I would love love love you forever, even more than I already do if you complete this! Thanks again and keep up the great work!

((Sorry if I write this wrong, but I was trying to read to be sure it was correct! ♥))


The first punch was enough; the sound silencing the room like a gunshot. The sound of the chair hitting the floor the very same as your body splayed across the floor gracelessly, suffering. 

But his words were gone. Painted up behind solid glass where fists could pound, but never reach you. 

You didn’t do it- you’d never reveal to anyone the truth of your situation, or who they all were. 

And he could forgive you- he could forgive the mistakes, the fights, the arguments- anything just to see the face of happiness you gave when it wasn’t bloodied and swollen behind the hands avoiding severe blows.

“Tell me,” They demanded of you, your streaming tears evident when you cried out your defiant pleas. You didn’t do a damn thing; you had never done anything.

His body slammed the door- again and again, his heavy form entering as the place came to a halt, and his gun was drawn just before you. The attacker at a pause as your ruined face looked up between hazy irises losing focus.

“If they’re a spy,” Reborn started to threaten, his hand steady on the trigger. “I will shoot them.”

You gaped, somewhere between shock and joy. “They don’t lie to me,” He finished. “I don’t hesitate.”


Your wrists were so constricted that he watched the blood ooze from the as he entered. The concrete lie stained beneath you, but your blinded eyes couldn’t see that. Not the torture. Not the lies. Not the way they strung you up like a villain to a wall, and watched you beg for mercy for a crime you’ d never committed.

“Xan-xus…” Your voice breathed, and his gruffness sighed back in comfort. 

What the fuck had they done to you? Turned you into a scarecrow tattered at the seams ripped from your flesh. The look of your shredded being almost pathetic as it were.

His proud assassin turned to mush. The pulp remaining so fragile that the freed binds allowed you to drop to your stomach and shudder in immense pain. 

“Why are they letting me go?” You cried. “They called me a-”

“The only crime you’ve committed is murder.” Xanxus laughed dryly, his stare turning back to the bloodshed of the hallway he ignored so blatantly as you gaped upon it. “But that’s your job, remember?”

His hand reached for you delicately. “Stand up.”

Tsunayoshi Sawada:

“Stop it-” He went unheard, unable to pry past the horde that attacked you mercilessly for something he could have never imagined. 

Not you. No, not the one he loved so dearly for so long- the one they beat into the dirt as he watched because you wouldn’t tell- you couldn’t tell. Your voice was removed, the abuse too much to take as he blindly fought for their weapons. 

His hands sweaty, arms trembling behind the blunt force of their grip longing to hit you one more time.

“They aren’t like that!” He screamed, begging, watching you slip out from under their hold as you panicked wildly under Tsuna’s protection so helplessly. “They’re innocent!”

Your arms sought his warmth. The trickle of blood dripping from your nostrils against his jeans as the shadows looming over you haunted your vision that trembled so scaredly. 

His fingers threaded through to your scalp, your voice lost as you muttered again and again how you could never betray him. Never.

Hayato Gokudera:

I’ll kill you next,” He shouted, the rings lit one by one at his knuckle in a glare. The fierce anger jetting out as he watched you slip in and out. The darkness hanging upon you where it all made less and less sense.

Hayato guarded you, his stance keeping them from dragging your damaged skull across the floor. Their distance unable to slam your crushed bones into any unbloodied surface about the dull room spattered in your DNA as it was. 

They accused you of everything. The blame all on you. All the abuse beaten into your brain so endlessly that it was all you felt just digging your nails weakly into concrete with voices booming in your head slowly falling out of shape.

“Why them?” He cried out, his hand clenching up harshly. “They’d never do a damn thing!”

“You’re right,” They rebuked. “They’re too weak to be a threat to us.”

Takeshi Yamamoto:

You believe them?” They asked, the one who held the knife to your throat as you stayed silent. The words disappearing from your memory as he let the blade glide like a threat. 

Takeshi would defend you to death. His own death, which neared as he glared it in the eyes so defiantly when it was hung in his face. 

All they wanted was a cover up. To blame it all on you and make it all go away, and all Takeshi wanted was to see them fall apart. His deathly stare forming as he solidified his answer.

“They are not a spy.” He repeated firmly, his arm swinging down in front of you as he removed the blade from their hand suddenly. “You just have no idea who you’re speaking to-”

“This could be a mistake-” The began to object, but your lover turned back jaggedly with a smile. 

“It could be if you make me keep arguing.”

Mukuro Rokudo:

His hum was evidence of the annoyance they put him through. That fluid grin spreading across his tranquil face when they drove the knife into nothing more than the air that fizzled back to reveal broken leather surrounding the hilt of the blade.

Mukuro grimaced, his palm resting at the curve of his bicep where you peeked out at what could have been your demise. Your wide expression diving into fear as he stood against the true enemies. The ones who dared speak of justice meant to slaughter the innocent.

“Lay a hand on them,” Mukuro sighed. “And you will have to pay for it.”

There was a growl, the knife being retracted from the split leather in a groan as he lunged for the two of you, but was forced back in a breathless shove. Knocked back like nothing, struggling to see through the stars as they stammered out hatred for you cowering behind your boyfriend.

“It’s them,” They insisted dramatically with the weapon kicked from their grasp. “It has to be them!”

Mukuro merely shrugged. “And what led you to believe that, if that were true, I couldn’t deal with them myself?”


They were all dead because of him. The look on his face so elegant, perfectly content as he placed his fingers around your chin softly, tilting back your bleak expression with that certain glow he emitted.

But he saw no remorse. The gleam of pride somewhere behind that haunting beauty that adored how helpless you appeared to be slipping further into his arms when the exhaustion finally sunk deep into your skin. 

“What a shame,” Byakuran hummed as he stroked through your hair softly. Wiping the blood from your chin as it dribbled out between your lips when he spoke. “You aren’t quite the master spy they made you out to be after all.”

“I almost…died.” You added numbly, unable to escape the tight hold that wound around you. But he merely pressed you closer into his neck gently.

“I expected so much out of you.”