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Summary: Y/N is the youngest one of Negan’s wives, and Carl takes a liking to her while he’s at the sanctuary.
p.s this is my first imagine, so sorry if it’s shitty.
“Now, I’ve got to take care of some business. Keep my wives in check while I’m gone, will ya kid?” you heard Negan’s voice boom through the hallway.

The door opened to the shared living space of the wives, and in came Negan and someone you’ve never seen before. He looked about your age, and he had some wrap around his head that covered his eye.

“Ladies! This is Carl, yall take care of him while I’m gone. Okay?”

Carl. He looked like a Carl. He seemed very closed off, showing no emotions whatsoever. You then noticed the sheriffs hat sitting on top of his head. You liked the unusual hat wear, and wanted to know how he got it.

“Yes Negan” we all said in unison.

Once he was gone, Carl seemed a little out of place while the other wives went back to their normal routines.

You decided to go over and introduce yourself, as you could see he was quite uncomfortable and didn’t have a clue what to do.

“Hey, I’m Y/N. One of the wives” You said, holding out your hand.

“Carl.” He shook your hand in return.

“You look a little young to be a wife. How old are you?”

“16. I believe I am too young for him, but it’s the apocalypse? Anything goes.” That made him laugh. He had a cute laugh, one where his nose scrunched up and his eyes squinted.


“How’d you become so popular with the big man? Did you bring him good liquor or guns?”

“Actually, I’m from one of the groups he takes from. I came here in the back of a supply truck, planning to kill him. Some how I ended up in here.”

“Well, this may sound weird.. but I’m kinda glad you did.”

You had no clue what had gotten into you, but you took his hand into your own & caressed his beat up knuckles. Being one of Negan’s wives had taken a toll on you because of your age. Him taken your virginity, and not even caring about it. You had never been able to socialize with anyone your age.

He noticed your action. At first he was surprised, but then relaxed. He looked up at you, while you were examining his hands.

“Have you ever tried to leave?” He asked.

“No. The situation already sucks. I don’t want to make things worse, for myself or anyone else.”

He looked at you like he was trying to figure you out. As if there was something more to you than just the title of “Negan’s Wife”.

You still wondered about the hat and the eye.

“Can I ask you something Carl?”

“Is it the eye?”

You blushed immediately and simply nodded. He heard him laugh again. That damn laugh, it made your heart grow fonder for this mysterious boy.

“One night back at my community, a herd of walkers passed through. We were trying to go, and member of the group tried to kill my dad but shot me in the eye instead.” You could tell he wasn’t comfortable talking about it, so you dropped his hand and hugged him.

Carl was taken by surprise by your sudden movement, but embraced you.

You whispered in his ear, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up such a sensitive topic.” followed by a kiss.

“It’s okay.” You had no clue, but Carl was developing feelings for you.

“One more question..”


“What is up with that hat?”

He smiled and said, “My dad was a police officer, before the apocalypse. I got to keep the hat.”

“Well.. howdy partner” you said with a wink. Both of you laughed, knocking into each other.

You were so caught up with each other that you didn’t notice Negan arrive.

Once the room was silent, you saw him. Negan had that classic sinister grin on his face. You didn’t know if it was good or bad.

Then he spoke, “I see you got comfortable kid. Come with me, we gotta talk.”

a/n: people begged me not to write this werewolf!nursey twilight au for the 13 days of halloween monster au prompt and yet…. here we are. i’m so sorry. it’s 3k.

When William Poindexter first moved to Forks, he took one look at the drab town, a slight drizzle constantly giving the air a sort of damp feel, maybe a thousand residents to its name, towering Evergreens that blocked every sliver of natural sunlight lining every side road and thought: ‘okay, shitty, but I can work with this.’

Now, though? Hiking through the woods by his house, muddying his brand new sneakers while his parents have a really loud, intrusive argument in a house with paper thin walls? He’s not so sure.

He keeps hearing these noises off to his left, branches snapping, something like the growl of a dog, and the rustle of trees and shrubbery being pushed through, but whenever he looks there’s no one there. And yeah, it’s freaking him out a little, but at this point Dex is thinking between dealing with his dad’s interrogation on where he’s been and getting mauled by some large animal, the latter is looking really good.

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So many bad apples in this community I’ve rooted the worst out, but now there are still the not-so-obvious ones, some of them actually looking nice and harmless at first glance.

Ugh. Fuck ignorance. I wish one could educate those people instead of making my digital bubble ever so smaller, but damn, when you’re a young lad or lass, you’re obtuse as fuck and I don’t have the energy to deal with that.

It already is part of my daytime job. Ugh, sorry I can’t. I don’t even have the ressources to deal with my past shitty-teenager-self so I am still hopeful time induces changes for the better in these people.


Aaron and Robert at Andy and Katie’s first Wedding

this is gonna sound a bit silly probs but???

am i the only one who thinks pokemon go is good for zak??? amusing as it is watching him simply play it, notice how he actually looks like he’s having fun with it. the dude hunts demons and ghosts almost 24/7, and he seems like he’s stressed out a lot.

yeah, it was douchey of him to post a shitty meme about it at first but he gave it a chance. now look at him being a kid and getting excited over catching a golbat. it’s a nice change.

Fanfiction rant

I recently let slipped that I write fanfiction to someone at work and they kinda laughed and went , “why?!?!” I was too flustered so I just shrugged and quickly changed the subject. But you know what? This is why : The last past year and half has been a really shitty one. My childhood house was sold, it was extremely painful to leave, especially since my son spent his first 5 years growing up there. We had to live in a motel for four months, while looking for a new place to leave, but the cost of rent was too high, forcing us to move from my hometown, which I love so much. And during that time, I was rear ended and my car was totaled. A complete lost. I only had the car for a year. The insurance only paid for the remaining cost of what I owed on it. So we moved to the high desert, my husband had to leave his job & put school on hold, because we found out his F.A was almost all used up. And now his school will cost us an extra 250.00 a month. Which is a damn shame, because he’s working on his last year for his B.A in C.S. I work a shitty retail job, while he is still looking for one. My mom’s car was repo , because she had to refinance to get money to pay for necessities. Which meant, no car, no going to work, no paycheck. Luckily her work was kind enough to let her collect unemployment, until she could go back to work. But that leaves me, to work my ass off, making sure we get the rent,bills and putting food on the damn table. Not leaving me anytime to get my education. My stress level is off the meter. I have fucking gray hair strands! So that’s why I write SPN fanfiction. It’s a fucking escape from my life. To emerge myself into a place that lets me forget about my worries. Knowing I made someone happy for a mere second, while they read my shitty writing, it makes me feel a little better. I should have told my co-worker all this. Haha Rant over

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Not Falling Apart (Aiden)

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Prompt: Y/N was Aiden’s girlfriend, she was completely in love with him, when he started to back up, he didn’t call her “pet” names, he went out every night, and she started to lose him. (Based on “Not Falling Apart” by Maroon 5).

Warnings: Cursing, crying, depression.

Words: 1554

A/N: Sorry for my shitty writing, is just that English is not my first language so please tell me if you find a grammar mistake

Y/B/F/N = Your best friend’s name

Third Person POV

Y/N looked out the window, silent tears streaming down her pale face. While the memories of that night played like a bad movie inside her head. She replayed all the good times, but suddenly the good times turned into bad ones, and then into the worst of them all. She couldn’t believe it just yet, she just couldn’t, it was so hard to process that he wasn’t her’s anymore, that she’ll probably never get him back.

“Aiden” she kept whispering, her arms wrapped around her knees, silent sobs escaping her mouth.

What could she say about him, other than she was utterly and completely in love with him. He was the stars to her dark night, the light of her sun, he was everything for her, and at some point she was everything to him too. The slight difference is that he started to drift apart for her, he stopped loving her, and that broke her heart, it broke her into pieces. After that she couldn’t even live, she couldn’t breathe…

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One Year Anniversary Dreams

I keep thinking about this scene Dec 2nd. Aaron and Robert make a deal, right? Robert makes an offer. Okay, so I keep thinking Robert offers to leave Emmerdale forever if Aaron can just let the issue of who really shot him rest. Aaron jumps at the chance but–there they are at the same layby they had their first kiss, and Robert is begging, he’s saying things Aaron doesn’t know what to do with. 

He’s leaning against Aaron’s shitty car and looking Aaron right in the eyes saying, “If you ever decide you want me, find me.” And Aaron insists that will never happen, but Robert continues, voice shaking, “Just… if you ever do. If you ever want this with me, I’m in.” Aaron’s taken aback, fucking clueless how to handle Robert like this, so he just shuts it down, shouting, “What, you seriously arrogant enough to assume I’d still be pining for you?”

And Rob looks him square in the face and says, “No. No, I don’t think you do. I just want you to. I want you to love me back.”

So Aaron’s just staring, fucking blindsided, but he does what he does best and pushes away someone reaching out to him, shouting, “Well it’s never going to happen! I HATE YOU!” 

Robert gives a stricken look but then he starts to walk away toward his car, just like Aaron walked away in Dec of 2014, and Aaron shouts “don’t” and spins Robert around, just like Robert did to Aaron. And just like one year ago, they’re kissing against a car, this time Aaron’s strong hands pulling Robert into the kiss.

And it’s this reverse parallel moment that feels like it’s straight out of gospel, just perfect in every detail, the light shining between their foreheads as their mouths meet. Everything is good, everything is happy. Robron have finally made it clear they both want each other.

And then Aaron pulls away and says, “Now leave and don’t come back.”

Another parallel but a far less happy one.