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Not That Bad

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(A/N): Hello y'all, this is my first imagine and imma just warn you now, this real shitty, so I’m eternally sorry in advance haha. Other than that, enjoy!

Word count: 1,170

Summary: You’re one of Josie’s Pussycats and instead of attending at Cheryl’s party after performing at the dance, you head to Pop’s where you formally meet Jughead Jones for the first time.

Josie McCoy was one of your absolute best friends. When you first moved to Riverdale back in the third grade you became friends almost instantaneously. Her, Valerie and Melody had been singing No Scrubs by TLC when you first met. You were out on the playground looking for someone to play with when you heard them singing.  When you decided to take a little leap of faith and start singing with them - at least for an eight year old it was a leap of faith - you became inseparable.

    So inseparable that Josie wanted you to join her band, and after a long long few years of trying to convince you to join anytime the possibility of a band was brought up, you finally joined. When you did, you had a faint realization that now, you had an actual status and reputation to keep. Being one of the Pussycats™ automatically meant you were one of Riverdale High’s golden girls. I mean, your lead was the mayor’s daughter and one her closest friends was Cheryl Blossom, that meant there were a certain set of unspoken rules you had to follow. But did you follow those rules? Of course not.

    Which brings us to the night of the dance Cheryl was holding in honor of Jason. Of course you and the girls performed and hung out a little, but after the dance when Josie, Valerie and Melody decided to go to Cheryl’s party, you told them you were going to head home. On the way you stopped at Pop’s to get some food.

    You walked in and made your way to the counter, ordering a cheeseburger, onion rings, fries, and a vanilla milkshake. You looked around for an empty booth, which wasn’t hard, it was 10:15 no one was here. No one save for a boy with dark hair typing away at a laptop in front of him. You recognized him from your AP Creative Writing class, the Jones kid. You were 97% curious as to what he was writing about so you decided to make your way over to him.

    The clicking of your heels started as you walked away from the counter and stopped when you got to the boy’s table. You stood there for a second, contemplating what to say, and as you were about to open your mouth, you found that the Jones kid beat you to it.

    “Can I help you?” he said flatly. You froze, a little surprised he had spoken to you.

    After a moment’s hesitation you said “What are you writing about?”. You stood there for a few seconds before the boy answered.

    “This town,” he said. He could tell you were a little confused when he looked up at your face. “More specifically, the whole thing with Jason Blossom.”

    “Oh,” you stood for a few more seconds. “Mind if I sit?”

    “Sure,” he said shrugging. Things were quiet after you sat down. Like, painfully-awkward-silence type quiet. The boy across from you continued to type as if you weren’t there until your food came. He looked down at everything you ordered. You gonna eat all of that?” he asked you, an eyebrow quirked up.

    “Most definitely.” you stated. The corners of his mouth turned up a little as you took a big bite of your burger before he went back to typing. “Jughead, right?” you asked. He nodded. “(y/n)” you introduced yourself with a mouth full of burger.

    “I know,” he said, not looking up from his laptop. “We’re in the same-”

    “Creative Writing class, I know.”

    “Yeah, and you’re the newest addition to Josie the Pussycats.” he stated. “Which makes me curious as to why you’re talking to me. Not to be rude or anything, but don’t you have a reputation to uphold?”

    That caught you off guard. You didn’t know what to say for a second. “There are a,” you paused. “Certain set of rules I should be following, but the rules were never formally spoken out loud so to answer your question, no, I don’t have a reputation to uphold.” Jughead just shook his head, the ghost of smirk on his face. “So, tell me more about the ‘whole thing with Jason Blossom’ you’re writing about.” you said.

    He raised a dark eyebrow at you before asking you “What do you think happened to Jason Blossom that morning of July 4th?”

    “Well, Cheryl said he drowned right?” you asked him, popping a fry covered in vanilla milkshake into your mouth. “Guess he drowned.” you stated simply.

    “Common, he was the captain of the water polo team, he can’t just drown.”

    “True, but” you say pointing a fry at him. “He could’ve gotten caught in something under the water, or hit his head or something, you never know.”

    “I guess you’re right,” he said. “But i still think it’s foul play, just my opinion. Things like this just don’t happen here.”

    The rest of the night was spent talking about what really happened to Jason Blossom and debating whether or not you could get diabetes if you ordered more food. That is until Archie walked in. You immediately recognized him from last year when Josie’s mom ran for mayor, he had helped you guys campaign.

    Archie saw the two of you and he walked over, sat down, and had a small conversation with Jughead, he bid the both of you good night and threw a small smile your way. Once he left you looked at Jughead with a questioning look to which he shook his head as if to say “don’t ask”.  

    After an awkward silence you could no longer stand, you broke the silence with “Yeah, no, I don’t care if this food gives me diabetes and clogged arteries, I’m ordering some more to go.” you stated as you got up and went to the counter, ordering the same thing you had ordered when you came in. After you ordered you made your way back to the booth and sat down again.

    “So,” you said awkwardly.

    “So,” the strange boy across from you said.

    “Thank for letting me sit with you and stuff.”

    A small barely noticeable smile appeared on Jughead’s face. “Well thanks for being good company.” he paused. “And stuff.”

    “I was good company?” you asked, slightly proud of yourself.

    Jughead shrugged. “Not too bad for your first try.”

    You smiled at him. “Well maybe we could do this again, it was…” you took a second to search for the right word. “Interesting.”

    “A second try wouldn’t be too bad.” he said looking up at you. “Why not?” he said.

    You smiled at him one more time before your take out bag was dropped off. You thanked the waitress and got up from your seat and headed for the exit. “Night Jones.” you said as you left.

    “Night.” he whispered with a small smile as watched your now retreating form walk down the street. The only thought on his mind being maybe not all people are that bad.

Lip Gallagher imagine “Are you happy now?”

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Pairing: Lip Gallagher x reader
Requested: nope
Warnings: cursing, my poor and shitty writing skill
Author note: soooo this is my first imagine EVER!!! And I’m kinda FREAKING OUT!!! Sorry for this…


You were sitting at the top of the Gallagher house smoking and just looking at the night sky like in cliché teen movie. It was pretty cold that’s why Lip went to get you something hot to drink.

“Here I am” you saw Lip’s head popping out of the door. You took both cups so he could come up.

“Thanks! Oh my god it’s fucking freezing!” As Lip climbed on to the roof you gave him one of the cups back.

“Yea I know.” Lip took a little sip.

“Soooo how was your day?” You did the same thing.

“Well I mean it was just a regular shitty day. I woke up, went to school, did somebody else’s homework, got paid. Just a usual day. What about you?” Lip took away your cigaret.

“Eeeem I woke up, went to school, skipped a few lessons, stole somebody else’s wallet, went home, got yelled at by my mom and pretended I was doing homework for the rest of the evening” You laughed a bit.

“By the way what about your mother not liking me?”

“She thinks that you have a bad influence on me” you laughed again.

“Seriously?” You looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “Not that I care”

“WHY do you even care? We are not a couple, are we? You told me it yourself. We are just best friends who fuck”

“Yea we are”

There was I little silent pause. You looked at Lip and saw that he was a little upset

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes. Why?” Lip looked at you with a confused expression.

“I can see when you are not telling me something. So come on. Spill it” You took your cigarette back.

“It’s nothing!”

“Don’t you fucking lie to me Lip Gallagher!” You raised your voice

“There’s nothing to tell!” Lip was getting angry.

“Liar!” You giggled

“Fuck! I’m not lying!”

“Not telling something to your best friend equals lying!”

“No it doesn’t!

“YES IT DOES!” By now you have already been yelling at each other. “If YOU won’t tell me I’m gonna ask Ian!” You jumped on your feet and started walking towards the door.

“I think I love you!” Lip yelled at your back. “Are you happy now?!” You slowly turned to face Lip.

“What?” You asked really quite.

“I really liked you when just started to fuck and I hoped that I will get over it but I didn’t and I know that you’re dating that dickhead Liam but I honestly don’t care and I know that it is pathetic and corny and…” Lip didn’t get the chance to finish as you pressed your lips to his. Your hands snaking around his neck and his resting on your waste.

The kiss was really passionate but soft at the same time.

You broke the kiss.“I love you too Lip Gallagher. And yes. I’m happy” You giggled.

“I got turned on. Maybe we can move to the bedroom?”

“You are a romance killer” you laughed.

If you liked it PLEASEEE let me know

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How good of an older brother is Ichimatsu?

Ichi: …I’m okay… Jyushimatsu- and Todomatsu-nii-san are much better at this kind of stuff.

((I was gonna do one with Choro too but I’m super drained rn so just know that Ichi is the one to do all of Choro’s weeb shit with him like go to conventions and idol concerts)) 

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Heeey, i really like your blog, shitty cook ;) It's the first one piece ask blog i visit, and wow, i'm really impressed, your art is amazing!! :o I really like the details and the way to draw body parts. ^^ May i ask what do you use to draw? ^^

//oh gosh what a great way to start off the week ///w/// THANK YOU, I’M REALLY HAPPY TO HEAR YOU’RE ENJOYING THE BLOG (+ my art?!?!??? wahhtttskljfalksd) To answer your question: I use good old Photoshop (CS6), a drawing tablet, and lots of references (god bless references). 

Also, if you wanna find more One Piece ask blogs, you should check out this directory here! You’ll find a lot more great+amazing ask blogs to keep up with!~~ :3 

To the Four of Us (Part Five)

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a couple of days since I updated and I’m sorry about that. I’m hoping to have part six up by tonight just to make it up to you :). 

I should really write a formal intro including a summary and whatnot but oh well who’s got the energy for that amirite?

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{all other parts can be found here}

@heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @lafbagxette @newyorkyoucanbeanew ((idk why your tag isnt working ahh!!))

words: 2,206

warnings: swears!!

soundtrack song: Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

full soundtrack: x

a/n: ft. ANGST and technologically challenged george washingdad and his a+ parenting rAISE A GLASS TO HIM 

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Umm...hi...I just started with digital art and I was wondering if you could give me some advice or tips. I have been drawing traditionally all my life and now im struggling with learning how this works lol. Especially with the part of coloring (my lineart is kind of messy so i cant figure out how to color properly) Btw i love your art (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

Hello! <3 First of all, don’t worry at all because it’s absolutely normal to be at a loss at first after switching from traditional to digital art. The feeling and techniques are different in many ways so the best advice is to give it time and practice tbh. What I found helpful was looking at tutorials (deviantart has a lot of good ones), speedpaints on youtube or studying and trying to recreate other artist’s coloring styles for practice. 

Sorry if my advice is shitty, I never really know what to say when people ask for advice because I have never used any special techniques knowingly and the only thing that comes to my mind is “practice” fsfsjlfh. Good luck for your art adventures though!!

BODY ELECTRIC // masterlist

Request: Hey lovie 💕 I just wanted to say first that you’re an amazing writer and I LIVE for your stories. I was wondering if I could make a request for Kylo Ren? The reader is a force user like Kylo, but tries so hard not to show her powers because of fear that snoke will find her. So she works at like High End stripper club and that’s where Kylo finds her because someone tip him about her. I was greatly inspired by this song: Body Electric - Lana Del Rey Thank you 💕

A/N: This was a rather different request to write and I didn’t think I’d actually really like the outcome but ya know if there isn’t angst it can’t possibly be my writing. Thanks @decodexariel​ for the request, enjoy!

Warning: NSFW (?)

Word Count: 3.3K+

It was said that the world–universe–you now lived in was split between the good and the evil; the light and the dark. But there was that gray zone that was barely unheard of and hardly touched, not many falling under it as they were either chose to stand on either side or had no say in what they wanted. Then there were those Force users who had to stay hidden because a certain military organization claimed to had wiped them all out–no thanks to their commander and supreme leader.

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-May 2-
Me: *Got home after zumba* Okay.. Just a little bit of tumblr then i’ll make their present..
-After a little bit of Tumblr-
Me: *Wakes up after passing out on the bed*….. *Looks at her phone*.. Shet it’s may 3.

@dan-artblog! You were one of my first followers and first friends! You were a big inspiration in my art and you made me a bit more comfortable around other people. And i’m sorry if this art piece is shitty.

But thank you. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am. Without you, my life would of been duller. So thank you for existing!

*Hugs* Stay the best fish out there!


a/n: people begged me not to write this werewolf!nursey twilight au for the 13 days of halloween monster au prompt and yet…. here we are. i’m so sorry. it’s 3k.

When William Poindexter first moved to Forks, he took one look at the drab town, a slight drizzle constantly giving the air a sort of damp feel, maybe a thousand residents to its name, towering Evergreens that blocked every sliver of natural sunlight lining every side road and thought: ‘okay, shitty, but I can work with this.’

Now, though? Hiking through the woods by his house, muddying his brand new sneakers while his parents have a really loud, intrusive argument in a house with paper thin walls? He’s not so sure.

He keeps hearing these noises off to his left, branches snapping, something like the growl of a dog, and the rustle of trees and shrubbery being pushed through, but whenever he looks there’s no one there. And yeah, it’s freaking him out a little, but at this point Dex is thinking between dealing with his dad’s interrogation on where he’s been and getting mauled by some large animal, the latter is looking really good.

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Summary: Y/N is the youngest one of Negan’s wives, and Carl takes a liking to her while he’s at the sanctuary.
p.s this is my first imagine, so sorry if it’s shitty.
“Now, I’ve got to take care of some business. Keep my wives in check while I’m gone, will ya kid?” you heard Negan’s voice boom through the hallway.

The door opened to the shared living space of the wives, and in came Negan and someone you’ve never seen before. He looked about your age, and he had some wrap around his head that covered his eye.

“Ladies! This is Carl, yall take care of him while I’m gone. Okay?”

Carl. He looked like a Carl. He seemed very closed off, showing no emotions whatsoever. You then noticed the sheriffs hat sitting on top of his head. You liked the unusual hat wear, and wanted to know how he got it.

“Yes Negan” we all said in unison.

Once he was gone, Carl seemed a little out of place while the other wives went back to their normal routines.

You decided to go over and introduce yourself, as you could see he was quite uncomfortable and didn’t have a clue what to do.

“Hey, I’m Y/N. One of the wives” You said, holding out your hand.

“Carl.” He shook your hand in return.

“You look a little young to be a wife. How old are you?”

“16. I believe I am too young for him, but it’s the apocalypse? Anything goes.” That made him laugh. He had a cute laugh, one where his nose scrunched up and his eyes squinted.


“How’d you become so popular with the big man? Did you bring him good liquor or guns?”

“Actually, I’m from one of the groups he takes from. I came here in the back of a supply truck, planning to kill him. Some how I ended up in here.”

“Well, this may sound weird.. but I’m kinda glad you did.”

You had no clue what had gotten into you, but you took his hand into your own & caressed his beat up knuckles. Being one of Negan’s wives had taken a toll on you because of your age. Him taken your virginity, and not even caring about it. You had never been able to socialize with anyone your age.

He noticed your action. At first he was surprised, but then relaxed. He looked up at you, while you were examining his hands.

“Have you ever tried to leave?” He asked.

“No. The situation already sucks. I don’t want to make things worse, for myself or anyone else.”

He looked at you like he was trying to figure you out. As if there was something more to you than just the title of “Negan’s Wife”.

You still wondered about the hat and the eye.

“Can I ask you something Carl?”

“Is it the eye?”

You blushed immediately and simply nodded. He heard him laugh again. That damn laugh, it made your heart grow fonder for this mysterious boy.

“One night back at my community, a herd of walkers passed through. We were trying to go, and member of the group tried to kill my dad but shot me in the eye instead.” You could tell he wasn’t comfortable talking about it, so you dropped his hand and hugged him.

Carl was taken by surprise by your sudden movement, but embraced you.

You whispered in his ear, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up such a sensitive topic.” followed by a kiss.

“It’s okay.” You had no clue, but Carl was developing feelings for you.

“One more question..”


“What is up with that hat?”

He smiled and said, “My dad was a police officer, before the apocalypse. I got to keep the hat.”

“Well.. howdy partner” you said with a wink. Both of you laughed, knocking into each other.

You were so caught up with each other that you didn’t notice Negan arrive.

Once the room was silent, you saw him. Negan had that classic sinister grin on his face. You didn’t know if it was good or bad.

Then he spoke, “I see you got comfortable kid. Come with me, we gotta talk.”


So I wrote a little something. For the first time ever in English. Just because @myinnersixteen challenged me to write 500 words with the prompt “Louis wrote Home”, and I said “fuck it, I can do it. “  Thanks a lot to you Mag, for the prompt and correcting it. Thanks to @tvshows-addict and @braces2bandtees for the beta ! (and kudos to the best GC ever. Parce que vous le valez bien). So yeah, hello, it’s basically 1k (oops) of fluff. Sorry.

Louis hasn’t told Harry. Not yet. Not until tonight.

It’s not like it’s really THAT important, right? They’ve been writing songs to each other for years now, even if barely a tenth have been put on their albums. So yeah, this could stay a secret for one more day.

On his way back home from a writing session, looking at the sunny streets of LA through his car window, he thinks about how much Harry is going to freak out when he listens to it. Louis feels so proud right now; he’s been thinking about these words for months now.


“‘Years’ more like, you sap.” he mumbles out loud.

Years worth of words of love, and secret songs. Years of matching tattoos and covert touches. Years of being scared, too.

Years of Harry being his Home.

Yeah, it was really time to write it in plain English, with a melody to sing along.

He finished the song five days ago and since then, he’s kept letting some lyrics slip in their conversations. It‘s not his fault if he is shitty at keeping secrets from the one he loves.

Sue him.

Of course it’s nothing too obvious, but it’s too much fun to know Harry will lose it when he understands Louis teased him for days.

The first time it happened, he was walking into the kitchen to prepare tea for breakfast, he saw Harry, just sitting there, shirtless at the table. He was so fucking beautiful, just being his unique self, and saying: “Hey love, sorry I’m not sure we have enough milk for breakfast.”

Louis looked at him with a smile and the words slipped out of his mouth before he could hold them back.

“Don’t worry Baby, I think we could be enough.”

Harry looked at him, his dimples fully visible, and replied:“You’re weird, Love. And it’s too early for that, even for you.”

The second and third time, they were having a good fuck during nap time. Louis might have told Harry “to let go of himself and feel alive” at some point but nobody could prove a thing. As Harry was walking to the bathroom to take something to clean them up, he almost fell, his feet caught in clothes littering the floor. Louis chuckled and asked: “Come on Babe! Are you stumbling in the dark?“

Harry tried to argue it was only four in the afternoon so maybe Louis could just shut up and clean up his mess, instead of being a pain in the ass. Louis bit his lip very hard to keep himself from retorting that he was the one with a pain in the ass. (He failed.)

So, Louis is shitty at keeping secrets but he sure tried.

It’s almost 7pm when he slams the door of their house, shouting “Honey! I’m Home!” (He’ll never be tired of this pun. Never.) He’s welcomed by two arms hugging him from behind, whispering: “Hey Love, how was your day?”

“Great thanks! We’re almost done, I think. I don’t know but… yeah, it was a good day. Liam says hi by the way. Why are we whispering?”

Harry turns him around, ghosting his lips against Louis’: “Because this is a special day, Lou. A day just for you and I, and nobody has to know about it.”

“You’re the most amazing man in the world, you know that, Love? You’re perfect for me”, Louis says, his nose settled in the little hollow on Harry’s neck, just breathing his smell.  

“Are you quoting the only song we were allowed to write together to me? Really?” Harry smirks, tearing himself from Louis’ arms and guiding him slowly to their couch.

“Yeah? About that. Well. I … I have something for you?  For our birthday?”  Louis says, suddenly a bit shy. He takes his laptop out of his rucksack, opens it and plugs in his thumbdrive.

Harry looks at him with a smile : “God Lou! Have you written a song for me? Again? “

“I know right, but this is special. And this is not only me, it’s Liam and Jamie too. This is for you of course but not only. This is … something I think you’re gonna like? For our fans? Some of them? I don’t know. Okay now I’m nervous so just shut up and listen, yeah?” he says, hitting “play” and hoping Harry doesn’t see the slight tremor of his hand.

While Home is playing, Louis keeps himself busy, scrolling his Twitter and checking his emails until the last notes die in the quiet room.

It takes another minute for Louis to be brave enough and look at Harry. His green eyes are maybe a bit wet but he still hasn’t say a word. Fuck.

After a few more seconds of silence, Harry’s voice cracks when he finally speaks.“I … I can’t believe you wrote this, Love. This is so fucking perfect. This is … God! They’re gonna love it.”

He pounces into Louis’s arms, now hugging Louis tight, tears freely falling down his cheeks. Louis feels Harry smiling in his hair, and even if he can’t see it, he knows it’s the most beautiful smile in the world.

“You like it then?”, he asks.

“Lou, I can’t wait to sing this on stage. I can already see it. Imagine all the rainbow flags. God Louis! It’s gonna be so amazing.”

Louis laughs quietly at his enthusiasm: “Slow down Babe. The song is never going to make it to the new album. You know they’re gonna say no. We are not gonna be allowed to -”

“Stop it”, says Harry, cutting him off with a kiss. “I’m not worried Lou. We’ll find a way. I promise you, we’ll find a way to let them know we’re thinking about them. I know we can do this. This song must be shared with the world.”

Louis lays back into Harry’s embrace, a small smile on his lips.

Yes, definitely, they will find a way.

College Parties - AU

Anonymous requested: Hey!! Can you do one where you and shawn are best friends and you go to the same college and you attend a party that gets both of you really drunk and you both try to get to your dorms but end up getting lost around campus basically you’re just laughing and stumbling all cutesy fluff! Hahahahah thanks 

Note: I tried to do the best I could with this one! lol, I hope you guys enjoy.


To say that you were a “party animal” would be overreacting, you think. You simply enjoyed the parties that local frats would host, nothing wrong with that.

Tonight, there was another party - supposedly the biggest of the year and you were determined to go and have a blast. Only problem was, your best friend Shawn wanted to go see a movie with you tonight. You loved Shawn to death and would do anything for him, but you really wanted to go to this party.

“Shawn, please, come to this party with me.” You beg.

He shook his head as he laid on your bed, staring at the ceiling.

“No, Y/N, I wanted to go see Rogue One, yet you want to go to a stupid party?” He sounds genuinely hurt and you feel bad, but you also believe that he would have a great time if he went.

“We can see Rogue One tomorrow! Shawn,” you try to get him to look at you and when that doesn’t work, you collapse on top of him.

He lets out a grunt by the sudden impact and you look at him.

“Shawn, please.” You say cutely, knowing he can’t resist your puppy dog eyes.

“Ugh, fine, get off of me and I’ll go to your stupid party with you, Jesus.” He rolls his eyes at you and you celebrate internally because you knew you would win.

You do know however, that now you have to find time to go see Rogue One with him tomorrow. Definitely not a bad thing, any time with Shawn is time well spent.

“So when do we go to this party?” Shawn asks, sounding annoyed, but less this time.

“Now.” You reply, smiling as you reach for his hands to help pull him up.

You both exit your dorm, not even trying to be quiet since you know literally everyone is at that party tonight.

Shawn hadn’t been to too many parties, in fact, whenever you had any spare time, he would go home and do something with his family - or you, of course. Shawn’s family only lived about fifteen minutes away while you, on the other hand, were not so lucky. You had actually decided to come to Canada for schooling reasons while your family lived in Arizona.

So, Shawn’s family basically became your family and it couldn’t be any more comforting to feel so welcomed into your best friend’s family.

As Shawn and you came upon the frat house, you both could already tell how huge this party was. You made a mental note to only stay for a little, knowing the campus police would be coming to break this up in a while.

You both came upon a couple making out on the grass in the front yard while loud music blared from the speakers inside the house. You looked over at Shawn, knowing he felt slightly uncomfortable for never having been to a frat party with you before. People were yelling and lights were flashing, giving the place a quite chaotic vibe.

“Just stay by my side, okay? It gets crazy around here and I don’t want us to get separated, okay, Shawn?”

“Yes, mom.” He rolls his eyes and fixes the snapback he is wearing backwards on his head.

Sassy Shawn has made an appearance tonight already and he hasn’t even had anything to drink.

You notice your roommate is here with a couple of your other friends and you walk over to them; you quickly notice that they all have drinks in their hands.

“Where can I get one of those?” You ask your roommate Renee and she points you in the right direction.

It’s about two drinks later when you realize that Shawn has mysteriously disappeared from your presence. You quickly scan the living room, trying to spot a very unenthusiastic, six foot one boy. You eventually find him sitting by the TV, on the couch, smushed in between two random people.

You walk over to him, knowing he’s not having a good time.

“Shawn, you could at least pretend you’re having a good time.” You yell over the loud music.

“Oh, you mean lie?” He yells back. “Great idea, Y/N! Let’s build our friendship on lies!” He sassily replies to you.

“Shawn, stop!” You whine.

You honestly thought he would be having a better time than this and with the large consumption of alcohol you’ve already had - your ability to care is getting less and less.

“Shawn, please, just have one drink, okay? And then we can leave, I promise.”

You pull him up and hold onto his arm, honestly trying to keep yourself steady, but you can’t ignore the way his biceps feel under your hands.

“One drink, Y/N, I’m not playing around.” Shawn says, following you to the kitchen to receive his one drink.

Well, one drink turned into two, then three, then four, then six, and then to a point where you stopped counting - or you couldn’t remember.

You definitely had more than Shawn did, who was still somewhat there, but you put that lightly. He was pretty drunk.

“H-hey Y/N,” he stumbled into you, swinging his arm around your neck and shoving his mouth towards your left ear. “We s-s-should go because police and the aliens.” He raised both of his eyebrows in a serious manner, making you laugh really hard.

“Okay, let’s go. B-but, wait!” You drunkenly held up your hand and looked at it for a second. “Why is my hand purple?” You snort, causing both you and Shawn to burst out laughing.

“Okay, we have to go!” Shawn needily tugged at your arm and you all said goodbye to your just as drunk friends.

The cool air felt good on your hot skin and slightly calmed your nerves that made you feel as if you were on fire.

“Shawn-n,” you stumbled, almost falling causing Shawn to laugh until he tripped on something on the sidewalk. Now that was hilarious. You walked over to him, trying to help him up, but of course Shawn was much bigger and much stronger than you, definitely making it hard to help him up - especially while drunk.

“Sorry, didn’t see that fire thingy there.” He said, his forehead creasing as he tried to think of the word.

“Hydrant.” You said, your brain clear for a second before it went back to foggy.

“That’s the word.” Shawn sighed and sat up, taking a full minute before he was actually able to stand - barely.

You take a look around, trying to find out which way to go back to the dorms, but to your surprise, nothing looked familiar.

“Shawn, where are the dorms?” You ask.

He also looks around, scratching the side of his face, the ring on his right middle finger glistening in the light.

“I think we’re lost.”

“Great, now I can never eat my microwave popcorn.” You pout, suddenly remembering you had a couple packs in your stash.

“Y/N, do you know what this means? We’ll never get back to the dorms and we’ll be eaten by dinosaurs.” He makes a T-Rex noise, pulling his arms back to resemble a T-Rex, making you roll your eyes, but crack a smile.

“You just made that up. Dinosaurs aren’t real.”

“But they used to be, so there’s that fact.”

“Shawn, I know dinosaurs used to be real.”

“Did you really though?” He stutters, looking at you with glazed over eyes.

“You want to know what I know?” You ask, sitting down on the sidewalk, scrunching up your legs and resting your fuzzy head on them.

“What’s that?” Shawn comes to sit next to you.

“That I like you, a lot.”

It suddenly gets very quiet and you’re hoping that in his drunken state, Shawn can’t fully comprehend what you just said. However, you were also kicking yourself because you knew that even in your drunken state, you shouldn’t have said that.

“I like you too, that’s why I wanted to go see Rogue One, I was going to turn it into a date.”

You don’t look at each other, but you can tell that for some reason you both are hauntingly sober, even with the amount of alcohol you drank.

“We can go back to my dorm and watch a movie with microwave popcorn as my way of saying sorry I screwed up our unofficial first date?” You laugh, hearing Shawn laugh with you.

“Sounds good. Oh god,” Shawn moans, rubbing his face with his hands. “I’m going to feel so shitty tomorrow because I am so wasted.”

You laugh, poking his nose with your finger.

“You can stay at mine and we can sleep all day tomorrow.” You suggest, knowing he won’t say no.

“Sounds good. But, Y/N, seriously, which way are the dorms?”

“Guess we’re going on a scavenger hunt for the Elkwood dorms.” You say, resting your head on Shawn’s shoulder, knowing that you two were going to feel so awful tomorrow.


Aaron and Robert at Andy and Katie’s first Wedding

In the arms of my love (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

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Request: can i get an imagine when your dating liam and he starts to ignore you for hayden then when the dread doctors come you push her out the way and they stick you and pack all sad and you die in his arms.

Being ignored by the one you love isn’t exactly fun. Every since Hayden found out she was something, a chimera, Liam decided that he’ll be her hero. So that means that he started ignoring you and spending alot time with Hayden. Which you didn’t want to worry about. Because you still have tiny hope that Liam still loves you. 

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this is gonna sound a bit silly probs but???

am i the only one who thinks pokemon go is good for zak??? amusing as it is watching him simply play it, notice how he actually looks like he’s having fun with it. the dude hunts demons and ghosts almost 24/7, and he seems like he’s stressed out a lot.

yeah, it was douchey of him to post a shitty meme about it at first but he gave it a chance. now look at him being a kid and getting excited over catching a golbat. it’s a nice change.

Jack B smut where they have sex for the first time and she is a virgin but she never told Jack and he rough and then after he goes to bed and she starts crying and he wakes up and feels really bad when she tells him? Like cute and fluffy!

Jack’s POV

Tonight was finally the night that Y/N and I were finally going to have sex. Thank god. I was beginning to wonder if she found me sexually attractive at all. I mean it’s not like sex is the most important thing ever, but I thought that we’d do it by now. Usually that’s how my relationships start, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw her standing there at the bar. She was so beautiful standing there. I had to ask her to come to my place.

But it turned out that we just talked. We sat down on my bed, and I made awkward small talk. But she didn’t do small talk almost like it wasn’t in her vocabulary. She answered every small question with an elaborate story. I couldn’t stop talking to her, her voice was addictive. I just had to hear more. We had been going out on dates for two months, and each night that we went to either her or my house, it never ended sexually. We just talked. It was amazing. But last night, the topic of sex came up.

“What are we?” she asked me.

“More than friends, I hope,” I responded. We have kissed several times, and the way we flirt could hardly be described as friends.

“Well, yeah, I know that.”

I exhaled.

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anonymous asked:

i have never had a romantic experience that wasnt a unrequited love, the last one is ruining one of my friendships... i'm pretty hopeless by now, people telling to get over it because i'm gonna find someone one day only makes me angrier tbh because i know it's not true and giving me hope for something that's not going to happen is a really shitty thing to do, i just wish i could feel ok with loneliness but it's unbearable sometimes, sorry just venting

Sorry to be an annoying optimist but true lesbian love is real and you WILL find it!  So many girls are out there, looking for each other, and when you find one it will be like your entire heart lights up and you won’t feel alone anymore.  The loneliness is painful at first, but you just have to keep searching.

Not Falling Apart (Aiden)

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Prompt: Y/N was Aiden’s girlfriend, she was completely in love with him, when he started to back up, he didn’t call her “pet” names, he went out every night, and she started to lose him. (Based on “Not Falling Apart” by Maroon 5).

Warnings: Cursing, crying, depression.

Words: 1554

A/N: Sorry for my shitty writing, is just that English is not my first language so please tell me if you find a grammar mistake

Y/B/F/N = Your best friend’s name

Third Person POV

Y/N looked out the window, silent tears streaming down her pale face. While the memories of that night played like a bad movie inside her head. She replayed all the good times, but suddenly the good times turned into bad ones, and then into the worst of them all. She couldn’t believe it just yet, she just couldn’t, it was so hard to process that he wasn’t her’s anymore, that she’ll probably never get him back.

“Aiden” she kept whispering, her arms wrapped around her knees, silent sobs escaping her mouth.

What could she say about him, other than she was utterly and completely in love with him. He was the stars to her dark night, the light of her sun, he was everything for her, and at some point she was everything to him too. The slight difference is that he started to drift apart for her, he stopped loving her, and that broke her heart, it broke her into pieces. After that she couldn’t even live, she couldn’t breathe…

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look at his little smile, he’s so cute ahh


We’re not moving ‘til we find Simmons.
             I’m aware that the team hunting Raina has the orders to capture not kill.

This parallel is important for understanding where Simmons is coming from with her concern about Raina. In 1x17, Fitz is faced with the real possibility that Hand (who he believes to be controlling Hydra at that point) has either captured or killed Simmons. He hasn’t yet failed to save her, but the longer they wait, the more likely she is to be dead once they find her. Simmons in 2x11 has already lost a dear friend to the “contagion" that seems to have taken over Raina. By comparison, Simmons’ reaction is more subdued even than Fitz’s; he is willing to consider killing someone without knowing all the facts (or even whether or not Simmons is still alive) in order to maybe save his best friend/the woman he loves. Simmons believes she has all the facts - and is willing to sacrifice one person for the good of thousands or millions who could potentially be affected by this "plague” that causes people to either crumble or turn into murderous, throat-slitting monsters. “Aftershocks” is not the first time one of the team has considered killing someone without waiting to understand everything completely.