sorry the colors got washed out

Hey guys💛 so I just want to apologize for the first version of this. Her skin came out a lot paler than it looked when I was coloring it on photoshop and I don’t know why. I had no intention of white washing her.

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"it's 2 am and we're both doing laundry and I see you checking out my Hello Kitty pajamas" for bittyparse? <3 Orrrrrrr Bitty/Jeff/Kent if you feel so inclined :D

It was weird, moving in with Kent.

Not weird bad, just weird… weird. They had so many habits and quirks and preferences to get used to, the kinds of things you’d never know about someone unless you lived with them. For instance, Kent sorted all his clothes by colors to wash them. 

Bitty threw them all in on cold.

Kent washed the dishes as soon as he was done using them.

Bitty piled them in the sink.

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Coffee Stains Pt. 2

Ship: Feysand 
Type: College AU
Word Count: 1,115 

This part is waaaaaaaaaaaay longer than intended. I didn’t get to edit this part as much as i would’ve liked too but i hope you still enjoy none the less! Constructive criticism is always welcome, let me know what you think!

Pt.1 Pt.3

There’s nothing Feyre loved more than a Sunday afternoon with the window open, feeling the early October breeze graze her cheeks, with nothing but her own thoughts and a paint brush in her hand. It was in these moments that she felt the most like herself.

There was something about the way colors moved across the canvas. The sound of her paintbrush dipping into thick paint, awaiting to be formed into a new creation. The moment when colors met and became something else entirely. They seemed to come alive.

Feyre observed the fall scenery she had created.

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If you’re looking for a team yo cover your ass, Outpost Alpha is your best bet. They used to be led by a guy known as Flowers, and then that Church guy who hangs out with Tex. There was a big fight, when Church split, but after a few weeks Outpost Alpha got back together with Washington as their new fireteam leader. If you haven’t met the guy, you might not know that Wash doesn’t have a Ghost. Yeah, Washington was raised in the City. Nobody really knows how he became a Guardian despite this, and there’s too many rumors to figure out the truth, but, if you ask me, we don’t need to be questioning good Guardians. Tucker’s been with Outpost Alpha since Flowers was around, and even though he’s got a bit of a rebellious streak, he’s got a heart of gold. Don’t let him know I said that though. And Caboose, well, he’s certainly interesting. He covers his armaments in bottle caps and key chains, and his armor is littered with stickers. Sure, he’s childish, but he might be able to kick your ass faster than both Tucker or Wash. Outpost Alpha is an odd bunch, but if you need someone to get you out of a bind, they’ve got your backs.

Wow, sorry that this took longer than I thought it would! Yeah, tablets are really hard to get used to, but I’m working on it! Maybe by the time I finish all the Fireteams I’ll actually know how to color without taking forever to do it. 6w6,

As always, thanks for looking, and any suggestions, questions, and comments are appreciated!

[So this might be a little weird, but also hopefully cute; it’s definitely a little random.  Just something I thought of with amusement at work.]

You sink into the bathtub, feeling the warm water slip along your skin as it rises up over your sides and wets you shoulders to feet.  The water is colored vaguely pink and smells of flowers from the last remnants of the fizzy bath bomb you’d dropped into it moments ago, and for a few moments you just shut your eyes and enjoy the warmth and the fragrance, putting the last of a long and trying work week behind you.  From here you can pretend your feet and back don’t ache from standing too much, that all the nasty attitudes of customers and coworkers alike are just figments of your exhausted imagination.  

Just as you’ve relaxed to nearly dozing, you hear the front door open, the familiar sounds of heavy feet in cloppy shoes.  A small smile finally turns your lips up and you shift a bit in the water, listening to Harry move about.  You know when he’s shed his coat and shoes, but his footsteps are no less audible.  As he realizes you’re not in the living room to greet, he raises his voice to call your name.

Sinking back into the pink water, you call, “In the bathroom!”

It doesn’t take him long to find you and the crack in the door becomes a gap wide enough for him to enter.  His cheeks are ruddy from the chilled air outside, hair pushed back by a pair of aviator sunglasses and falling in stray ringlets around his face.  Lips as pink as the water you’re submerged in split with a grin.  "There you are,“ he says, as if he’d had to look a while.  

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Fic Submission: The voice of your silence

Written by: stydiaandthejeep

Author’s Note: For the prompt- Can you write a fic where Stiles needs an emotional tether again (like in season 3) and Malia goes to be with him, but Deaton stops her and says Lydia is his emotional tether?

I know this is kind of long, and I really developed the idea into a whole new thing, but I hope you enjoy, I put a lot of feels into it.

From stydia-xo: I went through and proofread this for you. Great story, thanks for sharing sweetie! 

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Dream Of Me

part two!! :D 

bts as angels!!

word count: 1252

author note: im so sorry it took me so long to write, i really struggled writing this haha but as always a big thank you to @bigbangtann thank you molly for helping me!! and this series might not be a long prob 5 chapters at the most but idk let me know what u think i should do!!!

“is all this real?”

I questioned glancing at the confused faces of the 7 boys

“why wouldn’t it be?” Namjoon asked.

“I don’t know, it just feels weird here.” I shrugged looking out the window at the golden rays dripping into the chestnut colored floor.

“why do you say that?” Taehyung inquired

“well, first off the time here it’s like it slows down or something and nothing feels real, I know this is all fake but why does it feel so real?” I groaned my head heavy in my hands.

“Oh, sweetheart” Yoongi sighed

“How could this be fake? I mean look around”

He said pointing to the study hundreds of beautiful pieces of literature occupied the shelves of the bookcase all neatly stacked.

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Prompt where ali is having nighmares so calls em to stay over and em tries to put as much space as she can (things where awkward since the 5-05 kiss) and them waking up tangled together and them blushing and looking at each other shyly and apologizing and then making breakfast together and they cant stop looking at each other and smiling stupidly

It was nearly one in the morning when the shrill sound of her cell phone going off woke Emily up. Watching her cell phone, Emily’s heart began to race at the possibility that it could be -A with a new threat. Taking a few seconds to gather herself, she finally grabbed her phone and sighed in relief when she saw that it was just Alison. It was still odd, but she’d rather have Alison on the other end of the phone than -A any day. “Hello?” she answered, her voice still groggy with sleep.

“Em?” she heard Alison’s shaky voice float through the other end, and it immediately made Emily sit up in her bed in alert.

Pressing her phone closer to her ear, Emily’s eyebrows furrowed worriedly. “Ali? What’s wrong?” she quickly asked.

Static filled the phone for a few moments before Alison’s voice came back. “I had a nightmare that -A broke in and was about to kill me a-and my dads out of town… I didn’t know who else I could call.” Alison’s voice was tinged with helplessness.

Throwing off her covers, Emily threw on a random jacket and pulled on some shoes. “Calm down, Ali, it’s okay. I’ll be over in a few minutes.” she said soothingly as she jogged out to her car.

For a few minutes, the line became so silent that Emily had begun to think that Alison had hung up, then suddenly, “Em?” the swimmer hummed in response. “Thank you.” Ali whispered quietly.

Pulling up to the Dilaurentis house, Emily smiled slightly at Ali’s gratitude. “Anytime, Alison.” she said softly. “I’m outside.” she informed the girl and less than a minute later she was greeted by a frazzled Alison Dilaurentis.

Immediately the blonde led the other girl up to her room. “I’m sorry that I bothered you.” she said quietly. “I couldn’t sleep alone in this house after that dream, and I had no one else to call…” she trailed off and shrugged.

Sitting on the bed, Emily faced Alison. “I’m sure you could have called Spencer, or Aria.” she offered, knowing not to add Hanna to the list of names because she knew the other blonde probably wouldn’t come to Alison’s aid.

Shaking her head, Alison sat next to Emily. “Let me clarify,” she began. “You’re the only one who I feel comfortable enough around to call… You’re the only one I wanted to call.”

At Alison’s words, an uncomfortable silence formed in the air between the two girls because the last time Alison began speaking in this way had ended with Emily kissing her and Alison returning the kiss. The only problem was that neither of them had ever brought it up again. “We should go to bed.” Emily finally said.

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Clifford Cat - Requested (Michael)

Anon asked: One where you get a kitten with Michael and then a few weeks later when you come home from work you find that he dyed the cat green? Idek thought it would be funny 😊

“I think he likes you”, Michael is sitting across from you on the floor, your legs crossed over each other. A little kitten is crawling over Michael, definitely feeling comfortable with him. You can tell that Michael is having the time of his life, his face is beaming of happiness.

“I like him too”, he picks it up and holds it close to him. He strokes and cuddles it.

You look around the room. Little kittens are playing with each other, others are sleeping next and on each other. “So we’re taking him?”

“Oh yes!” he covers the cat’s ears. “He’s so cute”, Michael squeals.

“Why are you covering his ears?”

“He doesn’t need to hear that, he’s a worrier”

“A worrier?” you chuckle. “What do you want to call him?”



“No Tygar, like tiger but cooler”

“Okay, Tygar it is”

“Can we go home, before I want to take the other too”

You smile. “Yes, let’s get this cutiepie home”

“Don’t say that to him”, Michael gasps.

“Say what?” you frown.

“That cutiepie stuff. He’s Tygar, a worier. He roars and stuff”

“He roars and stuff, okay”

“Yeah and if you go and call him all that sweet stuff, you’re going to embarrass him with his friend”

You laugh. “I’ll keep that in mind, don’t want to be such an embarrassing mother. But can’t you better call him Lion or Lean then”

“I already have a lion, Daniel, remember”

“Oh my god!” you overreact. “How could I forgotten about him”, he smiles back at you. “Let’s get this roaring beast home”, you say as Tygar meows, not sounding like a lion at all.


“I’m home! Where are my boys?” you shout in the house as you hang your jacket up.

“Hey babe”, Michael runs into the hallway and stops himself right in front of you. He gently pecks your lips, welcoming you home.

“Hi love”, you move to the right and so does Michael, when you step to the left he does the same. “What did you burn?”, you cross your arms over your chest.


“Oh god, what did you break?” you pull a face, preparing yourself to hear him tell you that he broke something that you love.

“I broke nothing”

“Not?” you can hear the doubt in your own voice. “What is this then? Why aren’t you letting me through?”

“No reason”, he shrugs.

“Then let me in. I can hear Tygar meowing in the kitchen”, you gently push Michael to the side and move past him. You rush to the kitchen, as you get closer, the meowing gets louder. “Why did you lock him up in here?”, you push open the door. The little kitten is sitting in the middle of the kitchen and looks up at you. “Michael”, you gasp. “What? What. Did. You. Do?” you can’t take your eyes of the cat.

“I tried something”

“I can see that”, you say calm, taking it all in. Tygar gets up and walks to you, brushing your leg. You pick him up and hold him at a distance, so you can take a good look at him. “Green. He’s completely green”, you turn around to face Michael. You take the kitten back in your arms and stroke his green fur. “What were you thinking?”

“I thought it would look cool. It looks cool don’t you think?”

“You dyed our cat green. I don’t care if it looks cool, some people call this abuse”

“Oh it’s not toxic, I checked and it washes back out”

“That’s not the point Mike. You dyed our cat green”

“Did you want another color?”

“Yeah pink maybe”, you say sarcastic, but he doesn’t pick on to it.

“We can do that next time”

“God Michael!”

“What? Not sure about pink? Another color?”

“Now you ask me?” you raise your eyebrows at him.

“Oh babe, I’m sorry”

“We are a team Michael, we need to talk about this kind of stuff. Certainly when it’s about dyeing the cat”

“I forgot, I got really excited and I just needed to do it. We have a really unique cat right now”

“He was unique without all the paint on him”, you sigh deep. “What is so wrong with a normal cat?”

“Normal is boring. I thought he could look like his daddy. Now he’s a real Clifford”

You roll your eyes, but you can’t suppress your smile. “Well it’s done now”

“Don’t worry the color will be faded in a couple of weeks”

“We’ll have a green cat for a couple of weeks I guess. But don’t do this ever again Michael! I’m warning you or I’ll never leave you alone with Tygar again”


A testament to my boredom and obsession this weekend. Dropped $50 on glass and finished laying it in 6 hours. I need to get grout to finish but what do y'all think PacRim fandom? Sorry it’s hard to see the variegation in the colors of the glass, but the light on the mirror kind of washed it out. Better pics once I finish.

I got like 90000 cuts on my hands and feet (don’t ask how I cut my feet it was bad) and maybe rob kazinsky will finally tweet me.