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So lately I've realized that I'm never proud of any drawing I end up finishing, during sketch and lineart I'm always thinking it looks good, then once I got to adding color, I'm usually still excited for it, then once I'm nearing the end or finish it, i still think it looks good, but it's once I post it, I just look at it and realize how bad it looks, the things I should fix, then I get down on myself and hit an artblock afterwards, and this has been happening a lot and I don't know what to do

Good morning dear Anon❤ I am so Sorry it took me so long  to reply to you!

Gah I understand the pain ; - ; This feeling you have is actually very important! It is because you care DEEPLY about your drawing, you notice all the things that can be improved and that can be very VERY powerful! You just need to turn it into a positive and happy force >:D!!!

It is important to appreciate your own work! Congratulate yourself/pat yourself on the back for obtaining more EXP after finishing a piece. I know it can be difficult sometimes :((( but every time I feel down and sad after finishing a dissatisfying drawing I will keep reminding myself that one day this piece will turn into an ‘evidence’ on how much I improved in the future. ( That they will all become a happy memory one day.) It really helps with all the frustrations.

Also I am just going to quote my graphic design lecturer back in university, though its graphic design but I think it applies to everything in life. Back when we were working on our projects, we will just sit there and move the text 1mm left, 1mm right and 1mm left again for 30 minutes. Or fixing the same thing for weeks, constantly going back and do small tweaks.  He commented on our working behaviour and suggested for our future work: [Just finish it, post it, get feedbacks/constructive criticism. Don’t spend days dwelling and tweaking the same mistake.  There is no point keeping yourself stuck in the same spot, learn from it and move on. Just Keep creating. You will improve faster that way.]

What he said really helped me and I hope it will help you too :) ( sorry I don’t really know how to word this morning and rambled ahhhhh, hope I am making some kind of sense…-cover face-) Anyway wish you all the best and hope you will conquer ALL the art block! YA❤