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Tyler Seguin - Cabbie Pranks

“Tyler Seguin is currently the leading scorer in the NHL. This guy is incredible on the ice.” The ESPN reporter said on TV. I had just come home from practice and I was hanging out at home waiting for my fiancé, Y/N to come home.

“Hello?” I said as I muted the TV and answered my buzzing phone. It was Y/N.

“So I have some news.” She said firmly.

“Okay… whats up?” I asked hesitantly.

“Your mom. She’s off the list for the wedding. She’s being uninvited.”

“No. You can’t uninvite my own mother our wedding!” I said back. “What even happened?”

“It’s happening, Tyler. I don’t want someone like her ruining our special day together!” She yelled into the phone.

“What did she even do to you?” I questioned again.

“She is SO nosey when it comes to the wedding plans. She is being very controlling and is making me do everything her way… I can’t handle it anymore. We finally had a falling out today. I’m over it. She’s making this more about her than anyone us.” She explained.

“Wow. Okay, um, I’ll talk to her. Just promise me you’ll let me talk to her, okay?” I pleaded.

“Fine. Whatever. I seriously don’t like her, though.” She said.

“Ughh.” I groaned. “Bye.” I hung up, going to text my mom immediately. Before I could even type out a text, my phone starting buzzing again. It was my mom this time.

“Hey Mom.” I said.

“The wedding is off, Tyler. It’s not happening.” She stated angrily.

“What do you mean?” I questioned.

“You’re not marrying that girl. I won’t allow it to happen! She’s awful. It’s done. Pack her things and have her out of your home immediately. And make sure you get the ring back.” She said directly.

What the hell was going on?

“Absolutely not.” I told her with a sarcastic laugh.

“Excuse me?” She asked.

“No. I’m not going to break off marrying the girl of my dreams because you are being controlling about the wedding. We’re getting married whether you like it or not, and whether you’re there or not.” I yelled into the phone. “I don’t even know what happened that made you guys hate each other! Things were fine last weekend when you were here!”

“Tyler, relax.” I heard her say, a calm in her voice. I also heard giggles in the background.

“What?” I asked, but the line went dead.

A few seconds later my front door opened. My mom, Y/N, Cabbie, and his entire crew walked in.

“So today we learned that Tyler Seguin doesn’t pay much attention to what cars are parked in front of his house, and that he truly is in love. Sorry for this one, buddy.” Cabbie said to the camera. Damnit!

“I seriously hate you!” I said, standing up and shoving Cabbie lightly. “You guys scared the shit out of me!” I said pulled my mom and Y/N in for a hug.

“Sorry, babe.” Y/N said as she kissed me.

“Just for the record, I love Y/N. And I’m so excited that she’s going to be a part of the family.” My mom said to the camera.

“So, the wedding is still on?” I whispered to Y/N.

“Of course.” She said with a laugh as I tickled her sides.

Crawl Home To Her (part 1)

part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 616

Summary: Reader is Steve’s little sister and Bucky’s best friend. She temporarily moves in with Bucky when her apartment catches fire. Only problem is, she has a crush on him. Living in such close proximity with him cannot end well. 

A/N: It will end well tho lmao^. If you guys actually want me to write this series though… Let me know if you guys are interested in this? Feedback feeds my soul.

Warnings: nada

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Bucky was in post-coital bliss when his phone started buzzing incessantly. He looked over at the little alarm clock on his nightstand. 2:43 am. Frowning as he reached over to his phone, he unplugged it from its charger. Who the hell was calling him at this ungodly hour? When his eyes adjusted to the bright light of his phone and he saw that the screen read ‘Steve’, he glanced over to the very naked blonde he had taken home that night and told her, “I’m going to take this. Get dressed, it’s getting late.” ‘It’s time for you to go’ was left unspoken but the look of slight annoyance on the woman’s face indicated she had perfectly understood what he had meant.

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Alright? - Dean O’Gorman One Shot

Anonymous said: Hey! Can you write about being Dean O'Gorman girlfriend, and one day you are visiting him at the set of the hobbit? Something cute or hot? Thanks ! 

To say I was nervous was an understatement. At first it was a great idea to visit my boyfriend Dean on set, because we haven’t seen each other for over a month now. That was a long time for a young relationship like ours. Dean and  I knew each other for five years, but became a couple just half a year ago. When he got the offer to become one of the dwarves of ‘The Hobbit’ he thought about his decision for over a week. He asked me for my opinion and we decided together. It was a big chance for him and I didn’t want to be the reason he can’t make his dreams come true. So he agreed, but that meant he had to travel a lot.
Last week he called me during my lunch break and asked me to visit him over the weekend. I missed him too much to say no. I was totally looking forward to see him again, to touch him and to feel his presence. But on the other side it meant to meet his friends. Everytime we talked he mentioned a guy named Aidan, with who he seemed to be really close.

It was like meeting his family all over again. I concentrated on the good side: seeing my boyfriend again. With a packed bag I stood at the airport, waiting to get picked up. I didn’t know who drove to the airport to get me, so I had to wait until someone found me. I waited ten minutes and decided to call Dean. The moment I pressed the 'call’-button, I heard someone saying my name. I turned to the voice and found a man stuggling to get to me.

“Hey, I’m Aidan. Dean asked me to pick you up, because he had to stay at the set for some costume stuff.“

“Ok, I’m Y/N. But you already know my name.“

“Yes.“ He grinned all over his face. “Come on, I get you to your lover. He’s already waiting and makes everybody go crazy with his behaviour. But it’s kinda cute, right? Martin isn’t any different, always talking to his precious wife. But let’s be honest, we just want a love similar to this. Dean is really into you. He told me he fell hella hard for you.“

“Wow, you’re talking like a lot.“

“Oh I’m sorry, just stop me when I’m talking too much. Dean always punshs my shoulder or Richard does so. I’m not even aware that I do it.“

“Dean talks a lot about you.“ I said.

„About me? You should here him talking when we’re in his trailer. He’s all over you.“
„I thought the same last time we talked over the phone.“
We both laughed. Aidan seemed to be a very kind person. I understood why Dean liked him and kept him around him. But it wasn’t enough to get my nervosness away. The closer we got to the set, the more my heart started to pump.

“So tell me something about yourself since I’m talking to much.“ Aidan said with a big grin.

“Want to know something special? Or should I just start?“

“No just start.“

“Ok, I’m a bit younger than Dean, like 25 years old and just finished college. I’m now a really lawyer. I’m working in a little fashion store until I find a job as a lawyer. I’m a true yankee and enjoy the shittest music. Dean and I met, because my sister had a little car accident and Dean stopped to ask if everything’s alright. He helped us to get the car going again and while my sister talked to her husband I offered him a drink as a little thank you, but the asked me out instead. And here we are now. Together since 7 months.“ I smiled, thinking about the good times with Dean.

“Slipped the 'l-word’ yet?“
“Not yet.“
“But you love him right? I see the sparkle in your eyes. Oh you’re blushing! How cute.“

He looked at me laughing while I blushed like a little girl.

“Do you know what’d be fun? When we arrive at the set, you’ll hide behind the car and I tell Dean that I didn’t found you. He’d go nuts.“

“Wow, Aidan, you have a special kind of humor.“
“I know… so?“

“Ok, let’s prank him.“
We didn’t need long to arrive and I couldn’t wait to see my boyfriend. Aidan tried to drive through the people and the things that stood around. He managed pretty good and drove us nearly on the other end of the set. Finally we stood in front of caravans, which I guessed belonged to the crew.

“Great, now go around the car and hide. I believe someone already told Dean that I’m back and he’ll come soon.“
I went around the car and tried to make sure that nobody could see from the front. We didn’t to wait that long.

“Hey Aidan, I see you’re back. Where’s Y/N?“ I heard the beautiful voice of my boyfriend asking.

“Ahem Dean, I think we have a little problem here. You know I drove to the airport and waited to pick her up and waited, but she didn’t come. Her flight landed, but I don’t know if she was on board. Sorry mate.“

“What? But that’s impossible! She texted me when she sat in the plane. She had to be on the airport. Maybe you didn’t recognise her? Shit, I have to call her!“

I looked around the car, Dean stood with his back to me and I thought it was time to come out. I tried to be as quite as possible and walked slowly to Dean. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I answered the call when I was right behind Dean.


Dean spun around and looked at me with a shocked expression. I heard Aidan laugh in the background, but I didn’t really care, because I threw my arms around my boyfriend. He hugged me back and held me close to his body.
“You two pranked me! I can’t believe you did this to me!“ he said with a grin.

“Sorry mate, it was my idea, so don’t blame Y/N.“

“I’m just happy that she’s here. I missed you like hell.“
“I missed you, too! My flat is really empty without you.“ I said a little bit upset.

He finally kissed me and nobody could ever imagine how happy I was in that moment. Finally I was able to touch my boyfriend again, to hold him close and to look into his beautiful eyes again.

“Do you want to bring your bag into my caravan?“ he asked with his cute smile.

I nodded and he grabbed my hand with his left and my bag with his right.

“See you later, Aidan. I’ll show Y/N around and let her meet the other people her. Thank you again for picking her up.“
“You’re welcome, mate. Have fun!“

“Oh we will.“ Dean whispered so only I could understand.

He open the door and let me in first like a true gentleman. The caravan was small but had everything he needed. I didn’t even have time to take a real look around, because Dean attacked my neck with kisses.

“You can’t imagine how much I missed you.“ Came his voice rougher this time.
“Oh I can!“

I started to giggle, because he bite my left shoulder.

“Dean wait! We have the whole night, but now I want to meet the other actors.“
“I thought you were nervous?“

“I am, but I want to have this done as soon as possible, so we have some alone time.“ I grinned.

“Ok, but this will be a quick round. And no long talks, alright?“

5Sos Preference - Someone Close to You Dies While He's on Tour (Requested)

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Calum -

You hadn’t looked at your phone in days. You’d barely even moved. You were staying with your sister as of the moment, merely because you didn’t have the energy or will to drive yourself home to your own apartment.

The two of you remained quiet and motionless in her living room, flipping through old photo albums, baby books, cameras - looking for something to hold on to, something to remember your late father by.

Your dad had passed in a freak accident, driving home from a business trip. The girl who hit him was texting. She didn’t realise the light had turned red, and she hit your father dead on. You could still plainly see the pale look of shock and pain as your mother got the phone call, and the frigid whisper of her voice as she said your father had been in a car accident.

At first, the three of you rushed to the hospital to be with him, and you pretty much lived there as you waited for him to get better.

But unfortunately, he didn’t get better. He was in critical condition, and eventually they just couldn’t save him. They had to pull the plug.

Now, your phone sat untouched on the counter in the kitchen - where it had remained for the past few days. You know you should look at it; it’s the main way you and your boyfriend, Calum, stay in contact while he’s away on tour. But you couldn’t bring yourself to pick it up, much less look at it. A phone, a damn phone, had killed your father. If that girl hadn’t picked up her phone to look at that stupid text, your dad will still be alive right now. He’d be here.

But instead, he’s gone.

He wouldn’t walk you down the aisle now. Or hold your infant in his arms and cradle it gently as he cooed promises of how spoiled they’d be when they grew older. He wouldn’t see you step on the stage and accept your bachelor’s diploma from university, and think to himself ‘That’s my girl,’ and he wouldn’t be there to offer his advice about what you wanted to do with your life, or where you should go. He wouldn’t be there for you and your sister anymore.

He’d be just a memory

“Look at this,” Your sister pointed to a picture in one of the photo albums she was looking through. “It’s mum and dad when they were dating.” You looked at the photo, a picture of your nerdy dad and beautiful mother standing side-by-side outside of your grandparents’ house, holding hands. Your dad was dressed in a blue suit and wore an obnoxious pink flower on the pocket; your mother was clad in a stunning baby pink gown, with that same obnoxious flower around her wrist - her corsage.

“Was that at prom?” You asked.

“I guess so.” She shrugged. “He looks so content. Look at him, looking at her, like she’s the only person in the world he’d ever love.”

“She was,” You wiped away a tear, “until we came along and ruined everything.” You were only joking, and you saw the faintest hint of a smile appear on your sister’s lips.

“You need to call Calum,” She instructed, closing the book. “He’s probably worried sick.”

“I know,” You nodded. “But, everytime I think about that damned phone, I just can’t…” You didn’t finish your sentence, and you didn’t need to.

“You can’t shun phones for the rest of your life because of Dad.” She scolded you. “Phones aren’t the enemy here. It’s not the phone’s fault that our dad’s…gone. It’s no one’s fault.” You frowned at your sister’s words.

"It’s her fault.”

"No.” She shook her head. “It’s not. Don’t be rude. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. It was an accident, and that’s that.” She got up, walking over to your phone, walking back to you and tossing it in your lap. “Just call him.” You gave your sister a pleading look, before deciding that this was probably for the best.

Just pressing the home button revealed thirty missed calls and Sixty-one text messages from your boyfriend and at least fifteen from each of his bandmates, collected over the past five days.

Oh, wait, no. Just kidding.

Sixty-two text messages.

You unlocked your phone and pressed the ‘Voice Call’ button, inwardly biting your cheek, wondering how exactly Calum would react. No doubt he’d be upset, it was just a question of how upset he’d be.

”(Y/N)?“ He picked up on the first ring.

"Hey…” You trailed. “Calum, I’m so sorry-”

“Thank God! Oh my god, (Y/N) I was so worried, I thought you’d, I don’t know, died or something.” His words made you choke on your own spit.

Died. What a terrible word. What a terrible thing.

“Calum,” You whispered.

“What’s up babe? Is something wrong? Why didn’t you talk to me for the past couple days? I called you like fifty times." 

"Calum, I’m really sorry, um,” You looked up at your sister, who gave a ‘go on’ motion. “My, um, my dad, he, he passed away.” You fought the urge to cry as you spoke the words aloud, making them seem all too real.


There were loud noises in the background, which you could only assume were his bandmates.

"Guys.” You heard Calum scold them. “Hold on, I’m sorry, they’re being dicks.” You heard a door shut and then more muffled laughing. “Are you okay? I mean, of course you’re not, er, what happened?”

“Car accident.” You muttered.

“Shit, babe, I’m, I’m really sorry.” You could tell he was quite flustered, and didn’t quite know what to say. “Do you want me to come home? I’m sure I can get away with a day or two.”

“You don’t have to do that, really.” You smiled, faintly.

“You can come here,” He offered.

“We have to prepare, for the, um, the funeral…” You wiped away a few tears. You couldn’t believe it. One day, you and your sister were planning a big dinner to welcome your dad home from his trip, and now, you were planning his funeral.

“Oh, right.” There was a long pause.

“Calum-” You started.

“Babe, I’m going home.” He interrupted you. “I’m sorry, I know you said that I don’t have to, but I do. You need me, and I’m going to be there for you. I can’t stay for long, but…I’m going to be there for you.”

Another long pause.

“Thank you,” You said, through tears. “I love you.”

“I love you too, babe. We’ll get through this, okay? Together. I’m here for you. I’m always here for you.”


Michael -

It was a party. It was supposed to be a good time. It was supposed to be legendary.

Instead, it was lethal.

Your best friend had had too much to drink. Somebody’s brought a keg, you didn’t know who, and honestly, you didn’t care. The alcohol always made the party, a party. Between drunk games of truth or dare and seven minutes in heaven, there was no way you could go wrong with a little alcohol. It became a problem, though, when someone had too much.

Somebody started up the game ‘Let’s See How Many Shots You Can Take at Once’ and your friend joined in. Fourteen shots later, she was on the floor, and the ambulance was called. Once 911 was on the way, party-goers scrammed everywhere, all of them fleeing at the chance that they’d get in trouble. And God forbid they’d get grounded for a week, when your friend’s life was in danger.

You rode with her to the hospital, and stayed outside her room as she was put in emergency care.

A nurse had come earlier that night, asking you about that night, what your friend had drunk, and any other substances she might’ve taken in. All through the commotion, you hadn’t contacted your boyfriend, Michael, who was on tour, and you’d barely even come into realisation of what had really happened.

It all had gone by so fast, one minute she was tipping her head back for another shot, and then the next she was on the floor. Your head was racing at trying to understand what was happening; you hadn’t even cried yet. You were just empty. 

It felt wrong without her. It felt wrong to be here, living, breathing, walking, when she was gone. It felt wrong to be carrying on with your life. It felt unfair.

It was supposed to be just another college party…

You picked up your phone from your purse, and let your thumb hover over your boyfriend’s contact.

He’s probably performing a show right now…I shouldn’t bother him. Instead, you called your mum.

“Mum?” You asked as you heard the line pick up.

“Hey, babe. What’s up?”

You sighed, heavily. “It’s (Y/F/N). She’s, um, I’m here at the hospital. We, we were at a party…and she had all these shots and…”

“Oh, my God. Is she okay? Have you been drinking? Are you okay?”

"Yeah I had a little to drink, but, I’m not, um.” You mouth curled at the word ‘drunk.’ “I’m fine, though. I’m fine. I just..”

“Honey your father and I are three hours away,” Your mother said apologetically, “We can’t be there tonight, I’m so sorry…but we’ll come as soon as we can, okay? We’ll do whatever we can. How is (Y/F/N)’s family?”

“They’re, they’re torn up, of course…she, um, she’s in emergency care. I don’t know what they’re doing, but they’re doing something. I just hope it works.”

Your mother and you talked for another five minutes, but you weren’t really there. You were on the phone with her physically, and you were hearing her voice and responding, you just weren’t there. It didn’t feel real. Nothing felt real. You just felt numb.

Why hadn’t you cried yet? She was your best friend. Shouldn’t you be sobbing by now?

You sighed and once again looked at Michael’s name, this time pressing the ‘Call’ button despite how much you seemed to be against it.

"Hey, babe!” He picked up after a few rings. You heard yelling and laughing in the background, and your mind couldn’t help but flash back to the party…loud, pulsing music and the smell of alcohol and weed in the air. There were couples making out in the corner, a few upstairs behind locked doors, while everyone else was sloshed drunk, and enjoying it. They had no control over themselves. “Babe? You there?” 

“I’m sorry, Mike, can you, um, move somewhere…quieter?” You hated yourself for asking the question. You didn’t want to seem pushy, but you really did have to talk. He had to know.

“Oh, uh, yeah, of course. Is everything alright?” You heard the loud noise fade away in the background.

“No.” You sighed. “Um, I was at a party.”

“Uh huh…” You could hear the distaste in his voice.

“Well, no, I was at a party with (Y/F/N), and, um, somebody started this game, to see how many shots you could take, I don’t know what the fucking point of it was, see how many shots you could take until what but, whatever, it doesn’t matter. (Y/F/N), she, um, she joined in the game, and after fourteen she passed out. So, now, um, I’m in the hospital, waiting for her to get out of emergency care…I don’t know if she’s alright or not, and it’s killing me.”

"Oh, fuck, babe.” He cursed. “How long has she been in emergency care?”

“Two hours.” You responded. “Mike,” You sighed. “I’m just so..empty. It doesn’t feel right anymore. Nothing feels right.”

“I know, babe. God, fuck, I know. Okay, here, I can come home for a few days. I’ll have to come back soon and they might yell at me some but whatever, I’m gonna be there.”

“Mike, I haven’t even cried.” You told him. “I feel like I should be crying buckets by now, and not even one tear has fallen down.”

“Just because you’re not crying doesn’t mean you’re not sad.” He said. “She’ll be alright, okay? And in the mean time, I’ll be here for you. I know I can’t physically be there for you all the time, and I hate that, but I’m always going to be here for you, when you need me.”

“Mike if it’s too hard, you don’t have to come down here. It’s completely out of your way, and I don’t want to take you away from your fans. I’ll be alright.”

“I want to see you. Please, if nothing else, take this as an excuse to let me see you. And hold you. And tell you that everything will be okay. You need me right now, and I’m going to be here for you. End of story. Deal with it.” You could hear the smile on his face. “The boys will be alright, we have a show tomorrow but not the day after, so I might just have to leave after that.”

“Okay.” You smiled. “You’re really doing this? You’re really coming down?”

“Of course I’m really coming down. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” You responded. “Thank you, Mike, for everything.”

“Of course, babe. Anything for you.”


Luke -

It had been a complete shock to everyone. Your sister, a five-year survivor of terminal stage 3 stomach cancer, had relapsed in the night and had passed away in the morning.

They said that the cancer had returned in a short time span and had just taken over her body, which had apparently been already weakened by a cold she’d been suffering from during the past week.

Now you and your family sat, tears running down your cheeks, as you all cried in the hospital waiting room.

Your relationship with your sister was complicated to say the least, and it just made it all the worse that she was gone. The two of you fought almost endlessly growing up. It was nothing more than a sibling rivalry, completely natural and “a part of growing up” as some called it. But to you it was different, because five years ago when your sister was in a hospital bed suffering and struggling to live you couldn’t help but think back on every little fight that the two of you had, and you couldn’t help but feel anything but terrible thinking about all the fights you’d provoked over silly things. You two could’ve been getting along fine if you hadn’t been such a bitch. To a cancer patient, no less.

You hadn’t even told your boyfriend of a year now, Luke, about your sister’s passing. He was off on tour, and it was probably two in the morning where he was right now and you didn’t want to wake him up; he needed sleep. Besides, you had to come to terms with this yourself before you ran to your boyfriend. You had to forgive yourself.

You stepped away from your family’s trail of tears for a little while, just so you could have some space to breathe and think. Her death had happened so quickly. Not even the doctors saw it coming. One minute she was your happy, lively, strong, cancer-surviving sister, and the next she was falling victim to it again.

What had changed?

And why couldn’t you stop the feeling of guilt from protruding through your entire body? All you felt was guilt - from stealing her favorite toy when the two of you were toddlers to the last fight that you’d had, over where to go to dinner. Your last fight was about food, for Pete’s sake.

You sat on the curb outside the hospital, watching the world around you continue going by without your sister. It just wasn’t fair, was it? Strangers wouldn’t stop and offer their respects to you for your loss, and you certainly didn’t expect them to. You just felt like death should be a little more acknowledged, instead of looked on as an everyday thing.

“Hey, stranger.” A voice broke your thoughts. You looked up to see an old family friend of yours, Jake (random name - you could change in your head if you like).

“Hey,” You smiled faintly at him as he took a seat next to you.

“Your mum called mine.” He explained, without you having to ask. “I’m so sorry about (Y/S/N). God…she was a survivor.” He shook his head. “Funny how things never stay constant.”

“I used to think that was a good thing.” You scoffed.

“Are you doing alright?” He asked you, putting a supportive arm around your shoulder.

“No.” You sighed. “We fought, all the time. And now she’s gone, and how am I not supposed to regret everything I ever did to her?”

“You guys were siblings,” He shrugged. “Siblings fight.”

“But it’s different.” You argued. “She was a cancer patient. It just makes me a heartless monster.”

"So you were supposed to be nicer to your sister because she had cancer?” He gave you a disapproving look. “She wouldn’t have appreciated that, and you know it.”

“I know, I just…it hurts.”

“It’ll take time, but it’ll heal. I promise.”

“Because you know everything about dead sisters.” You snapped. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that, I just…I’m a little crazy right now.”

“I understand.” He smiled. “Have you called Luke? Is he coming down for a little while?”

“He doesn’t even know,” You muttered. “He’s on tour and everything, so, he’s really busy.”

“Too busy for his own girlfriend?”

“Well, no, I mean, I just don’t want to concern him, you know? He has shows to play and interviews to do and he doesn’t need to come down here and deal with me.”

“Maybe he wants a break from all those shows and interviews, to spend time with you.” Jake shrugged, patting you on the shoulder before standing up. “Just give him a call. I’m going to go talk to your mum.”

You nodded and watched him disappear back into the hospital, and you debated over and over in your head of whether or not to call your boyfriend. You knew that you should, but you didn’t want to bother him. Taking the plunge, you pressed the ‘Call’ button and chewed your nails as it rang.

“Hello?” He answered. “(Y/N)?” He sounded exhausted. You’d called at exactly the wrong time.

“I’m sorry, Luke, did I wake you up? I’ll call you later.”

“No, wait!” He jolted. “Don’t hang up. It’s cool. I’d have to get up soon anyways.”

“Are you sure? I mean, I don’t want to take away your sleep or anything, you’ve got to be exhausted.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. I’m a big boy.” He said. “What’s up?”

“Um, it’s (Y/S/N). She, she passed away this morning. They, they said that her immune system was weak from a cold she’d had and so the cancer just relapsed and it, it killed her…”

“What? Are you serious?”

“Luke! Stop taking to (Y/N) and go to bed!” You heard a voice tell in the background of the phone call.

“Luke-” You were about to say that you two should probably say your goodbyes but were cut off by Luke.

“Her sister died you dicks!” And then complete and utter silence. “Oh shit, babe I’m so sorry.”

“No, no, um…it’s okay.” You mumbled. “Um, I, I should go.”

“No, wait, please, don’t go.” You heard the creak of the bed and moving around as you guessed that Luke was moving to a more private area of his tour bus. “I’m sorry, that was uncalled for, and I’m a dick and…” He paused. “I’m gonna fly down. Tomorrow, if I can.”

“Luke, you’re on tour. People are paying to see you perform. And you’re the lead singer. You can’t just up and leave.”

“Maybe not,” He said. “But I’m gonna try.”

“Luke…it’s okay, really. Jake’s here, and you have responsibilities-”

“Jake?” He immediately cut you off to ask. 

“Yeah, remember him? You met a couple years back. He’s an old family friend." 

"The Jake that you grew up with?" 


"What…why is he there…” He trailed.

“Luke, he’s a family friend.” You sighed. “Now is not the time for you and your jealousy, Luke. He’s just a friend." 

"I know, but…I’m not there and…”

“Luke, do not start this.” You warned him. “He is here for support for our family, not to get in my pants. A simple ‘I’m Sorry’ would’ve done just fine.”

"Wait, babe, I’m sorry, it’s just, I trust you and everything, but, him…”

“Luke, I don’t have the energy for this, okay? Just…call me in the morning or something, I don’t know.” You sighed heavily and hung up the phone. Of course, he immediately called you back, but you didn’t answer. Your head pulsed even more than it had before, racing with anger at your stupid jealous boyfriend.

“How’d it go?” Jake rejoined you on the curb, handing you a coffee as he sat.

“He’s being irrational. It must be the sleep deprivation.” You mumbled, taking a sip of the coffee and staring down at the pavement.

“What’s going on?” Jake asked.

“Nothing,  don’t worry about it.” You sighed. “But it doesn’t look like he can get away. You know, him being in the band and everything.”

“I’m sorry.” Jake said. “Come on, let’s go back inside. Your mum’s probably wondering where you are.” The two of you stood up together and walked back through the sliding hospital doors, entering in the waiting room, which just made you think of your sister again.

When your sister first got sick, your family spent most of your time here. You slept on makeshift beds in her hospital room, and woke up when she did, and every now and then you’d sneak in Starbucks to her. There wasn’t anything she loved more than a green tea frappuccino and a vanilla biscotti.

And then your mind flashed to when she got out of the hospital, a victorious cancer survivor. She had struggled through five years of endless torture. That was the happiest your family had ever been, by far. And she started going to group meetings with other survivors, and it was supposed to be done. She wasn’t supposed to relapse. It wasn’t supposed to end like this. She was supposed to be okay…

“She’d won,” You said. “She’d beaten the damn thing. It wasn’t supposed to come around for another round.” Your family all nodded, looking miserable as they stared at the ground. Everything felt so cold, and silent, now that she was gone.

“Excuse me, Mr. (Y/L/N,” A nurse came over and interrupted the silence. “Um, I need to discuss, er, funeral arrangements with you, if you please…” She looked terribly guilty for having to come around and say that in front of all of us. You could tell she was sorry, but it was her job.

“Of course.” Your father got up, looking for a brief moment at your mother who barely shook her head, signalling her refusal to talk about your sister’s burial. The nurse and your father walked away, and you watched them disappear into an office.

“Too soon,” Your mother muttered. “Too soon.”

~*~*~*~ The Next Morning  ~*~*~*~

You woke up in your own apartment, on top of your covers still in your clothes from the previous day. Jake had driven you home, and honestly if he hadn’t, you probably would’ve stayed there all day. Maybe even longer.

You still hadn’t come to terms with everything yet. It didn’t feel real. That overwhelming sense of guilt still sat over you like a rainy cloud, and you couldn’t help but fall into a mood of depression, with no will to do anything or see anyone.

There was a knock on your door, but you ignored it. You barely had the energy to move positions in bed; there was no way you were going to get up and answer your door. Whoever it was would go away.

“(Y/N)?” A voice called out as you heard the door closed shut.


Did Luke fly all the way out here?

That idiot.

“(Y/N)?” He called out again. You merely waited for him to come up and find you. A part of you was still upset from his jealous episode the other night. As if you could ever cheat on him, you loved him too much. If anything, he’d be the one cheating on you, what with all the groupies he encountered daily. “(Y/N).” He stated as he found you lying motionless on your bed. He sat down next to you, lightly rubbing your back. You felt tears stream down your cheeks, and you surprised the both of you as you quickly moved to tackle him in a hug, you falling on top of him on the bed.

“I love you.” You whispered. “Don’t ever leave me…”

“Never, babe.” He cooed. “Never.”


Ashton -

When you got the call, you weren’t sure what to think. Mixed emotions ran everywhere, and you weren’t sure if it was okay to be sad. Your ex-boyfriend had passed away the night before, from a motorcycle accident. You’d always told him to get rid of that thing, but he loved it, and when you were riding behind him, driving down an old country road with the most picturesque scenery you’d ever seen, you loved it, too.

However, the two of you had been broken up for two years now. You were well over him, and had moved on to your current boyfriend, Ashton, who you’d been dating for just over six months.

You were sat on the couch, your phone still in your hand from the call you’d gotten from his mother just minutes ago.

“I just thought you should know.” She’d said through tears. “I know you two didn’t end on too great of a note, but…I thought you’d want to know. To pay your respects…The funeral’s this weekend, but, please honey, don’t feel obligated to come or anything. It’s only if you want. Only if you need.” Your ex’s mother was probably the sweetest person on the planet. You used to come to her with advice whenever the two of you fought.

You probably should’ve called your mother first, but you couldn’t help your mind flickering over to your boyfriend, overseas, touring the world with his friends. You didn’t want to rain on his parade with this news, but you just needed to clear up the fog that was sitting on your head. You needed to talk to someone, just to figure out exactly how you were supposed to feel.

“Hello?” He answered.

“Hey, Ash.”

“Hey, babe! We’ve got about a half hour before we go on stage, so I can’t talk long. But what’s up?”

“Um, I’ve kind of got news. Er, bad news, I guess.”

“Oh.” You heard movement on his side of the line, and a door closed. “Sorry, I just thought you’d want me to move somewhere quieter or something…um…I’m sorry, what’s going on?”

“Um, my ex…uh, he, he passed away last night. He was in a, motorcycle accident.”

“Oh.” He voiced again. “Oh, um, w-woah. That’s, that’s gotta hurt." 

"Yeah…I’m, I’m not sure exactly what, or how…god, I don’t even know what’s going on in my head right now." 

"Do you want me to come home? I’m sure they’ll let me get away with a day or two." 

"No, you don’t have to do that…I mean, I’m sure you don’t want to hear about this, he was my ex-boyfriend and everything, but…" 

"Babe, it’s okay. I’ve accepted that you dated people before me and I’m sure you’ve done the same. I’m not going to get upset about you missing your ex-boyfriend. He meant something to you; you guys dated.” He said. “If you want me to, I can come home. It won’t be for long, but it’ll count.”

“But Ash, your band…”

“They’re dicks. I’m sure they’ll be fine. Our band sucks, anyway.” He teased.

“Obviously, from the thousands of fans that come to every one of your shows.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can, okay? We’ll get through this, okay, babe? We’ll be okay. I’ll go to the service together; you can even get snot on my shirt. I wouldn’t mind.”

“So sweet,” You teased.

“In all seriousness, though, babe, I’m here for you. You can cry and I’ll hold you; I’ll be there for you, okay? It’ll be okay.”

“Thanks, Ash.” You smiled. “It means a lot, really. And if it turns out you can’t fly out here, no hard feelings, okay? I’ll be fine. Just a lot of thinking to do.”

“Of course,” He said. “But I’m flying out there, whether or not they tell me it’s okay. I’ll always be there if you need me. The fans will understand.”

“Ash, don’t get in trouble.” You couldn’t help but smile at your boyfriend’s words. He always knew what to say.

“No promises…” He sing-songed, making you smile as you wished he was already here. You didn’t mean to take him away from the rest of the world; you knew he had a responsibility to play for his fans. But knowing that he would do whatever he needed to do for you was comforting. You felt loved, like you had a safe harbor through this storm, knowing that Ashton would always be here for you. No matter what.


sorry ashtons is so short and lukes is so long idk it just sort of happened

I’m sorry if that sucked too, I know it was really cheesy, but you know. <33

I cried a lil bit not gonna lie

Thanks to the anon who requested this!! <33

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Requested?- No

Words- 2k

A/N- I am so proud of this, I’ve been working on it for a while now and i’m so happy that i’m finally posting it. I hope everyone likes it. Also I tried to post this yesterday and it didn’t work so here it is now. Another also I’m thinking about making a part two??

Today was the day. You were finally bringing Michael home from the hospital after his accident. The car had swerved off the wet pavement and hit a telephone pole; Michael had hit his head more than a few times and ended up in the hospital for a couple months.

“Watch your step,” you mumbled the warning, reaching your hand out for him out of habit. You quickly brought it back to your hip when you realized he didn’t take it.

Michael was quiet. This place felt so familiar and so comfortable, just like the girl he let take him, to what was apparently their, home.

“I’ll take your bags to the guest room, make yourself comfy,” you announced, eyeing the boy you loved.

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#118 he comes to your apartment in the middle of the night
  • Louis: There was rustling at your door, keys banging against the hard wood and the sound of a clock meaning it was unlocked. You jumped from your spot on the couch, picking up the nearest thing to you, which happened to be an umbrella. The door opened and the person hummed a quiet song before screaming at the top of his voice, "Honey, I'm home." You laughed, dropping the umbrella and rounding the corner to see the same blue eyes that belonged to your boyfriend. "Hiya babe, thought I should come over, hope you don't mind." He smiled, bringing you into a tight hug. "I would never mind Lou."
  • Harry: You were almost asleep, day dreaming about the absents in your bed where Harry laid for the past two nights. Since apparently his car broke down but you highly doubted that, and he knew you knew he was lying because he just wanted some extra days with. A rush of cold air enters the room, footsteps tiptoeing across the room. You were frozen in fear, keeping your eyes straight ahead. "(Y/n), are you awake?" Harry asked from above you. You sighed in relief, swinging your arm to hit his chest. "You scared the shit out of me, you dick." You giggled the bed sunk beside you under his weight. "Sorry, but I just couldn't stay away."
  • Zayn: You woke up to the sound of your phone vibrating on your night stand. Two missed calls, and five text messages from Zayn. You sighed, unlocking your phone, before your screen faded out to Zayn caller I.d, answering you heard his heart wrenching sobs. "Babe," "yeah, Zayn, I'm here." He cried into the speaker again, a car door slamming the background noise. "I'm at your place, please open the door." You nodded but realized he couldn't see you, how dumb. Hanging up, you stumbled down to the door. Zayn was there, tears brimming his dark eyes. "Come on in sweetie." Grabbing his arm, you pulled him in. Still crying, you wanted to ask but instead, the warm feeling of his arms wrapping around you, head nuzzling into your neck, almost as if he was ashamed. "Sorry for waking you up, I just really needed you."
  • Niall: "I've got ice cream!" He yelled, coming into your apartment and swiftly closing it with his foot. You watched him from the couch, two arm fulls of non-sense girly stuff. "I got vanilla and chocolate because I didn't know which flavor you wanted." He rambled, setting the cartons down. Grabbing two spoons, and choosing the chocolate because it's what you wanted. He sat the tub in from of you on the table, sticking the two spoons inside, before sighing and plopping down on the couch beside you. "Thank you, Niall." You uttered, resting your head on his shoulder as his arm wrapped around your waist. "Anything for my girl."
  • Liam: He had keys, so you didn't have to even get out of bed when you make late might calls for your boyfriend to come and stay the night with you. "Hi." He uttered, rubbing his eyes of sleep, ripping the covers back before getting into them and bringing you into his arms. "I'm sorry I woke you." You mumbled against his shirted chest, curling your hands under your chin. Liam hummed above you, lingering a kiss on your forehead. "I love coming here, babe." He tried reassurance but you could tell he was tired, and so were you, of always being away from him. "I wish you could just live." "So do I. Maybe then, I wouldn't have to come here almost every night."

Author: @lovelizziekins

Rated M for language.  Not too familiar with trigger warnings, but I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

A/N: This is the first thing I’ve ever written to completion and submitted. I have lots of ideas but very little time.  I’m certainly not a writer and had no ambitions to submit anything at all, but this little idea hit me like a rip tide and pulled me far out to sea.  It is unbeta’d and I only had a few hours to pull it together so I’m sure it’s full of errors.  I barely had time to run it through spell check. Anyway, I own nothing but the nonsense and mistakes contained within.  I’m going ahead and hitting the submit button because if I don’t do it now, I’ll talk myself out of it.  I hope somebody enjoys it, see you on the other side!

Midnight… he said he’d see me at midnight, but he’s nowhere to be found.  No phone call.  No text.  Nothing since he sent the text saying that his train would be delayed.   

Where is he? I think to myself. 

I haven’t seen my best friend in nearly three months.  Not since he left on this trip to the Dominican Republic at the beginning of the summer, and when we spoke this morning he sounded just as excited to see me as I was to see him.  We only have a couple of weeks left before we have to leave again for our second year of college and I’m in a hurry to start catching up.  It’s not like we had much contact while he was gone since he was working in an orphanage in the mountains where they had no phones or internet.  The only available phone was a satellite phone used by the director, and it was not available for phone calls back to the States unless it was an absolute emergency.  Letters would’ve been pointless since he would be home before even one letter would’ve made it back to me. 

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One Shot #8

One Shot Requested by Anonymous


Walking back home, in the beginning of the evening, you were approached by a robber. He took your purse while threatening you with a knife. You let him have it and he ran away, but you had to walk home and when you arrived, you couldn’t help the tears. It was a very traumatic moment, something you had never been through before. Having someone threatening you like that and only God knows what could’ve happened.

You walked around the house looking for someone, only to find a note in the fridge from your mom saying “Be right back sweetie. I’m at the supermarket”.

That’s when the anxiety and the panic attack began.

You were alone and just had experienced something terrible. It was hard to breathe and you had no idea what to do. The tears still sliding down your face, you grabbed the phone and dialed the number of the one person you trusted enough to ask to come to your house.


Meeting Harry Styles through common friends ended up giving you a best friend. Every time he was in town, you spent every second together. You had pictures and videos together, memories that forever would tell you how much you loved to have him in your life.

The feelings for him were inevitable. He was funny and caring, such a sweet boy and such a man at the same time. It was hard not to fall.

Maybe the only thing that could calm her down was his hug.

After a few moments, Harry picked up his cell phone.

“Hello beautiful” He said. “Wasn’t expecting your call! How are you?”

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The Ten Day Plan: Chapter Eight

It’s been a long time coming, I know! And I am very sorry. I’ve had a rough few weeks of being ill and then going through some personal problems. Then, for the past few days, I’ve suffered severe writers block. So, this chapter feels a tad rusty - let’s call it another filler before we get to the good stuff in chapter nine, kay?
Anyway, I hope you enjoy and stick with me and my little story. Message me, like and reblog as always - feedback is always appreciated :)

The rest of the school day passed in a haze. Scott had to tell Stiles several times to close his mouth as he stared over desks at the petite strawberry blonde that had just made his year.

’I want you Stiles.’’ Her words rang in his head, bouncing around with excitement and disbelief, ‘’and I don’t share.’’ Another strangled noise escaped from his throat as he recalled her words to him and Isaac muffled a snort of laughter behind his hand.
Their teacher glared at them. Scott smiled apologetically, nudging Stiles with the textbook, trying in vain to get him to concentrate. Four desks down, Lydia peered over her shoulder through a curtain of red curls – catching Stiles attention, (not that she had lost it since that morning) she winked.
The boy bit down the corner of his notebook, groaning in agony at the chuckles that erupted from Scott and Isaac.
‘’Do something about it.’’

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