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Karasuno + Nekoma + Fukurodani vobaca cards! 


Art trade with @colorfulwatcher, and also preparation for Inktober. Thank you for the drawing you did! I don’t do traditional often so the angle and proportions are a bit off, sorry :’D.

The drawing is obviously not canon, but what came to mind when I saw the Manzai for episode 82. (My Japanese ain’t good so translation might be a bit off)

Serena: Ahh, I’d be able to fly like that too, if only I had winged monsters in my deck. ~~
Yuya: Are you a romanticist? 

Not really flying, but it’d be handy if one can get their hands on some roller boots. :^)

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i already did this on my main but here you go, 5 things that make me happy

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today was a #ecd8d1 type of day


(Cont. from the Parrish Stilinski-Hale headcanon)

Parrish has been forced to endure a lot of awkward situations in his life. Being a human teenager in a house with two nosy werewolf sisters had left him, he’d thought, more or less numb to any and all kinds of embarrassment.

That is, until he glances up from a computer screen one day to find Derek Hale looking at him with an expression that should only be reserved for one person.

And that person is definitely not his son.

It’s soft, thoughtful, with just a bit of heat behind it, like he’s halfway caught in a daydream he’s not quite willing to acknowledge.

Parrish clears his throat, fighting the grimace he knows he’d never be able to adequately explain. Instead, he raises his brows, feigning ignorance.

“What is it?”

He knows his papa, knows that the buttons that might make some people push forward will just make him back down. His papa’s never been great at instigating heart-to-hearts; he can offer some of the most meaningful advice Parrish has ever heard, and some of the fiercest hugs, too, but he’s never one to start a heartfelt conversation, especially if he’s not sure where it’s leading. And to hear the rest of the pack tell it, the father he knows from his own time is a bleeding heart compared to the Derek they’d first met while they were in high school.

Just as he hopes, Derek’s eyes drop. Less promising is the way his ears go red at the tips, and oh god no he’s having an honest to god Back to the Future moment right now, isn’t he? He’d always found that part of the movie hilarious, never once stopped to consider how scarring the experience must have been for poor Marty McFly.

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