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Hello! First of all I love the short story that you wrote some weeks ago and I can't wait for you to keep writing it! I noticed that the orange bracelet of Mo Guan Shan has disappeared after chapter 175. You think it's an important detail or maybe I'm thinking too much? Sorry for my bad English ^^

Hey! I’m so happy you enjoyed it, though it’s not much and I rushed it a fucking lot, but this update has really changed my plans for the story (in a good way), so I think I’ll update in a couple of days (?), hopefully before OX does. Recently I don’t have much time ughh, I hope I won’t feel too tired to write, because I have about.. at least 4 tianshan writing ideas and I’m going to make them happen very soon, one at a time. (or else one or two ppl around here will make sure my ass is kicked and cancelled for good haha).

But anyway, back to your question! I didn’t spare much attention on that tbh (wouldn’t have even noticed if people hadn’t mentioned about it lol), I mean I thought OX just.. you know, made a mistake or something? But then again, OX is such a careful artist and puts so much emphasis on details (honestly just give me a print of those backgrounds and I’ll frame that shit on my wall and stare at it, because it’s therapeutic af lol. no but really, I’m really loving the color technique/lighting lately, everything is so smooth and oozes quality and, as a struggling artist myself, I’m amazed OX does this much for us and asks for nothing in return. like I’m so damn grateful even if it hurts). 

So.. if we consider it was intentional, what’s up with that? First thing that came to my mind, without looking at the panels, was that the bracelet somehow got off while they went physical after the kiss. Guan Shan’s reaction (belated, but still) was so strong and instinctive and, really, it looks like he gave his all, but He Tian is simply that impressive (sometimes I wonder if the look on He Tian’s face is also a bit of “oh, he’s quite strong” besides feeling conflicted about the whole thing). So he pinned him down and Guan Shan gave up, brushed him off and…

Nope, it didn’t fall.

Still there. 

(bear with my hopeless shipper ass, but how I love that they both wear their bracelets on the right hand and it also fits them so well, like, He Tian has a larger frame, the thing wraps tightly around his wrist, the way his clothes do too, meanwhile Guan Shan’s wrist is thin and bony and the bracelet just hangs loosely around it, just like any other clothing item he has and hold up I think I got a bit ahead of myself here. back on firm grounds, shall we…)

So it’s not that. He walks off and in the next chapters the bracelet is.. missing? Entirely. Could OX repeat such a mistake? nah, I doubt about that. Even great artists make mistakes and that’s really really understandable, but to this extent? too suspicious, at least for me. OX has a thing for details and people should really really consider them, especially regarding the characters. 

My theory is that he may have lost it on his way back home. First of all, as I said before, his wrists are skinny. As someone who has small wrists, I can definitely confirm that it’s surprisingly easy to lose your accessories, especially if you bring your fingers together, close enough to let it pass over your knuckles. Which brings me to this unpleasant idea that he might have.. nervously held his wrist with his left hand? Like maybe he was so lost in his thoughts and so confused after what happened, he just went straight home and, during that time, he instinctively squeezed his wrist (maybe a bit too hard) to, you know, calm down, get a grip, feel something. And if he did that repeatedly, unaware and all, chances are the bracelet fell off, somewhere. And of course he didn’t notice. Hours later now and he still hasn’t noticed /or we didn’t get to see that. Which is odd, because he wears it so often, maybe he actually likes it a lot, or maybe he’s just used to it, but that’s something one would notice. Given the events, though, he wasn’t allowed much time for himself, really. (fuk u She Li)

And this mini theory (plausible? I don’t know) brings me to an interesting headcanon (? more or less). What if, what if He Tian finds his bracelet? Maybe in the school yard, maybe on the road; they live close to each other, so they might take a similar path, and He Tian knows it’s his. I’m certain he would recognize the bracelet right away. And if that’s the case, would He Tian keep it? Maybe keep it for a while (hey I have this little thing that belongs to him and I don’t know why I keep folding it and staring at it and fuck is he okay? shit I really fucked it up). I’d love to see him oddly focused on something that reminds him of Guan Shan, more or less in a pleasant way, because that would be such a reminder that he fucked up. He wouldn’t just, you know, forget about it. Act like it doesn’t matter, that it means nothing (even if that’s not how he feels, but we’re talking about a boy who would, really, deny such feelings). So he takes his time and finally decides to give it back to him, look for him. Because it’s easier to say “I just wanted to give this to you” than “I wanted to see you and apologize”. Of course, that’s so He Tian. He would definitely use such an excuse to see him. And I’d rather have it that way, really, than She Li mingled between them. (even if they will have to deal with the dropping out issue too, afterwards, and god they should). Because it’s much more.. sincere, it’s something coming from He Tian, something he could have just ignored, and I think Guan Shan would really appreciate it. Would believe he’s sorry. It’s not easy for him anymore to trust He Tian’s intentions. 

I’m going to stop here because it got really long and I’m messing with people’s dashes. Thanks for asking me about this! I really wanted to talk about it but didn’t really get the chance. I love when people ask me things they’re thinking about and wonder what’s my opinion. I mean yeah, I do ramble about it too with my mates here, but I rarely get to put it properly in a decent post. Hope I managed to stretch your thoughts on this matter, just a bit + please don’t feel sorry, I mean /?? your English was perfect! 

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Why does everyone hate Julie Plec so much?

I’m gonna answer this one as well:

I can only speak for myself. People tend to yell at Julie Plec because of petty ship stuff, that’s why I’m saying that I’m only speaking for myself because I can care less about ships if the writing is decent or good.

If you marathon TVD, you can practically pinpoint when she fully took over the show. Some of the actors (like Paul Wesley or Steven R. McQueen) are even very vocal about how dumb some of the stuff on the show is.

She’s an idiot who doesn’t know how to properly develop her characters. Instead, she’d rather retcon them (especially characters she plays favorites with, like Damon for example) and dig more plotholes she will never fill. She treats her female characters like crap. Especially Bonnie (the token WOC who never has decent love interests like her friends and whose sole purpose on the show is to always put herself in danger to save her friends and their boyfriends who are shown to barely care about her due to bad writing) and Caroline (the pretty blonde one who Julie Plec loves to live through and who started off with good development, but since season 3, her main plotline more often than not tends to be about whatever boy or man she’s into and what problems come with that.)

The most annoying thing about her though is whenever people call her out on her bad writing, treatment of her female or POC characters, or lack of character development, her responses are always close to “I’m right you’re wrong” or “This is a show about vampires what do you expect?”

It’s like she doesn’t know you can’t use a show being about teenagers in supernatural setting as an excuse for shit writing. Look at Teen Wolf for example. I mean it’s definitely not perfect, but it’s at least 10000 times better.

There are tons of other reasons like her dumb opinions on consent, her dumb opinions on victim blaming and abuse, her gross and weird obvious crush on ian somerhalder, her gross tendancy to live through some of her female characters like a 14 year old girl on, and her gross hair.

But I’m not gonna discuss all that because this has gone on long enough. Sorry for whatever typos you find. It’s midnight.

One last thing before I go to bed. You know, after 4,722 hours, I was sad, angry, confused, and a whole lot of other emotions. I was mad at the writers for throwing in an unnecessary love triangle (not that I am necessarily happy about it now), sad for Fitzsimmons and just sort of in this weird funk about the two. But as season three has progressed, I have to say that I have absolutely loved the way their relationship has evolved.

At times I wanted to scream because the two were talking but they weren’t really Talking and it felt like they were always taking one step forward and two steps back. But thinking back on it now, despite it feeing dreadfully slow and horribly frustrating at times, I’m not sure I would have wanted it any other way. These two have been through so much together, and not just the big out of this world things, but things only two people who have known each other since they were teenagers could have experienced–so of course they would be terrified to muck things up. Of Course they would take thing slow and agree to watch sunsets and make packs to start over.

It’s funny, because we say that this episode was straight out of fanfic, and it totally was. Sometimes I think writers of shows think we just want the end game, we just want to see all of the heated kisses, clothes being torn off, and moans filling the room. And don’t get me wrong, I do, but I also want the in between Real Stuff, those moments in fics that come from real people leading real lives writing out their experiences. I want the forehead touching, the communicating wants and needs, the Things Will Be Different talk, the “I’m so terrified, but looking into your eyes and seeing that you’re just as scared but you’ll be here with me makes it all worth it.”

Fitzsimmons is by no means perfect, but they are pretty darn real and pretty wonderful and I am so pleased at where they have come and am eagerly anticipating where they will go from here!