sorry that this was horribly cropped

read all avaiable chapters of watercast by fishwrites yesterday, ugly sobbed in the office bATHROOM, came home and immediately got to my tablet and this is only a crop of the full drawing bc i’ve decided TO KILL MYSELF and put EVERYTHING into this piece holy shit

but honestly, thank you @fishwrites for this fic. i’ve been struggling with horrible HORRIBLE artblock for the past few months, feeling sooo miserable everytime i forced myself to draw and this was the first time in MONTHS i had fun sketching and planing out a drawing and AGH i’m just so happy i came across this fic!!! THANK YOU!


@ artists of tumblr Heads up! We’ve got a reposter cropping up.

I was messaged by this person two days ago, and I paid it little mind because, due to horrible spelling and grammar, I assumed this was spam. But to my surprise, they responded earlier today, so I told them the brutally honest truth about why I didn’t respond and why I don’t do art trades.

They decide to go the “YouTube commenter” route and try to tell me off. (they even announce their ‘age’ which really just had me laughing at how childish it was) But then I saw they reposted so I informed them that this information would be used against them and I’d be blocking and flagging their block for art theft. The last picture is their response before I’d blocked their blog. (this is the entire conversation, though one of my responses was cut near the end, it’s nothing important though)

I mean the last post is probably evidence enough that this guy doesn’t care that they repost.

If this person messages you, or you see this person anywhere, do not confront them. Just report their blog and block them. (which is what I have done) And you may want to check if they’ve stolen your art too.


bleh the pic quality is horrible im sorry lol. but here is my newest sole survivor. His name is Emil and god i love him so much….the best dude i have ever made in cc in like a while lol. anyway i havent had much time to think about his personality except that hes sarcastic…and caring…and cute……………idek rn lol