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read all avaiable chapters of watercast by fishwrites yesterday, ugly sobbed in the office bATHROOM, came home and immediately got to my tablet and this is only a crop of the full drawing bc i’ve decided TO KILL MYSELF and put EVERYTHING into this piece holy shit

but honestly, thank you @fishwrites for this fic. i’ve been struggling with horrible HORRIBLE artblock for the past few months, feeling sooo miserable everytime i forced myself to draw and this was the first time in MONTHS i had fun sketching and planing out a drawing and AGH i’m just so happy i came across this fic!!! THANK YOU!

Archie Andrews x Reader


Was this requested? No. Am I still going to write it? Yes, yes, I am.

“you moved away when we were in elementary school and moved back when we’re in high school and dear lord have the years been kind to you.”


Part One.

Ah, the horrible sound of your 5:30 AM alarm for a new school year. What could be worse right?

I hit the snooze button a total of four times before I pulled my sorry arse out of bed and did something with myself to make it look like I had put at least an ounce of effort into my physical appearance for the first day. I chucked on some high waisted skinny jeans, a striped crop top and an oversized black jacket and paired this with my black and white converse. I did my hair how I did it most days, and slapped on the minimal amount of make-up I could manage to do at such an ungodly hour.

I walked downstairs to be met with my overly-excited mother.

“Oh, Darling! A new school year, how exciting!” she practically yelled.

“Yes mum, another year of pure hell and torture” I grumbled.

“Oh, come on, lighten up! You’ll get to see all your friends! Now eat up, we have to leave soon.” She instructed. I sat down at the table and ate the pancakes she cooked for me. My mother must be a godsend at times like these.

I finished what was left on my plate and grabbed everything I needed for the first day, and then I was out the door and on my way to prison. Or school, as some like to call it.


I got out of my mum’s car and walked myself to an available bench near the front doors of the school. I sat peacefully for a few moments before I was met with my best friend, Betty Cooper. She was basically the definition of perfect! She got good grades, is the nicest person I’ve ever met, and not mention she’s gorgeous. Basically, everything I’m not.

“Hey, (Y/N)! How have you been? I haven’t seen you all summer!” she yelled.

“I’ve been good! How are you?”


We walked through the doors and headed to homeroom. I was greeted with my homeroom teacher, Ms Grundy. Our homeroom teachers were someone who also taught us for another subject, meaning Grundy would be my music teacher for the year. Great. Something about her just seemed off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Morning class, how was your summer?” she asked. I barely had time to even process her question when my head snapped towards the door of the classroom.

“Sorry I’m late! I missed the bus,” a tall, redheaded boy sheepishly spoke. I thought for a moment,

‘I know this kid from somewhere…’ I muttered to myself. And then it hit me, Archie Andrews! From back in elementary!

‘that’s weird… he moved. I wonder what brings him back here?’ I pondered.

My thoughts were interrupted by the loud ringing of the bell, signalling that we had to move to first period. I had music first. I heaved myself out of the chair and made my way through the busy halls. I wonder when I’ll be seeing Archie again?


Done!!! Sorry if the quality is terrible, I had to modify the pictures so it can fit Instagram horrible cropping. Any I got super carried away with the effects in the second picture. I just liked it with all those colors.
Anyway, this is my first Rick and Morty digital and traditional drawings. I feel like my Mortys look a lot like Jerry. Ew. He is Morty father so…
My favorite one from all of them is the Strawberry Morty! Look at his tiny feet! It was fun drawing him.

HISTORY MEME|||{7/10 moments}
T H E  D A N C I N G  P L A G U E  O F  1 5 1 8 ●

It happened. It may be one of the most bizarre things in history, but it happened. In 1518, the people of Strasbourg, France “danced themselves to death” for no obvious reason One woman started it, and others joined her. Within a month, there were 400 people involved.

As the situation in Strasbourg got worse, the rulers of the land started to become concerned:

“[the people] sought the advice of local physicians, who ruled out astrological and supernatural causes, instead announcing that the plague was a ‘natural disease’ caused by 'hot blood.’ However, instead of prescribing bleeding, authorities encouraged more dancing, in part by opening two guildhalls and a grain market, and even constructing a wooden stage. The authorities did this because they believed that the dancers would only recover if they danced continuously night and day. To increase the effectiveness of the cure, authorities even paid for musicians to keep the afflicted moving.”

Now, according to John Waller, who wrote not one, but TWO books on the event, the outbreak was caused by mass psychogenic illness (MPI), a manifestation of mass hysteria that is often preceded by extreme levels of psychological distress. According to Waller, a famine, caused by cold winters, hot summers, crop frosts, and violent hailstorms. In addition to the wide-spread famine, smallpox, syphilis, and leprosy afflicted the populace, as well. Waller believes this series of events might have triggered the MPI.


bleh the pic quality is horrible im sorry lol. but here is my newest sole survivor. His name is Emil and god i love him so much….the best dude i have ever made in cc in like a while lol. anyway i havent had much time to think about his personality except that hes sarcastic…and caring…and cute……………idek rn lol

anonymous asked:

there's an article on cracked right now call 5 terrifying truths of working with the criminally insane and the author, who used to work in a mental hospital, describes how they would rile up patients just so they could put them in solitary confinement. they locked up patients for annoying them. their defense is "we're still human and sometimes humans suck" and nobody in the comments seems to have a problem with it. god wtf.

God, that’s absolutely vile. It’s not being “human,” it’s having huge amounts of largely unchecked institutional power to use against a class of extremely vulnerable people. It’s really frustrating to me that all of these “confessions of a psych ward orderly” kinds of things keep cropping up, and it’s horrible to think that this is probably what the doctors I saw during my hospitalizations thought of me, and people like me. I’m honestly sorry that your eyes were profaned with that muck.



I want to say a million times, I’m Sorry.

I feel horrible right now. I meant no disrespect to @hp-headcanon or anyone else in the potterhead universe.

I took a screenshot of a post from march18 made by “Pottermore-More than just an Insider” on Facebook.

 The photo had no credit given to the original poster whatsoever, and it may have just been my stupidity to screenshot and post it on tumblr, without taking 2 seconds to think about properly giving credit. So I’m sorry.  

Yeah, I had no clue that the content was coming from tumblr initially, but I should have known, and there’s no excuse for that. I did not crop the picture, Facebook did (Edit: since then I just sent a message to that fb group telling them that you were the real source).  I had no intention of discrediting your blog.  It was never my intention to annoy or disrespect the user in the slightest.  I feel so bad now and I’m just waiting from a reply from the user so that I can remove the post respectfully…I had no idea she had a tumblr account.  So….I’ll say it again….I’m beating myself up over this ;( I’m deeply, deeply sorry :(