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Notice Me [Chapter 2]

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Chapter 2 of Notice Me


Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Slight Angst at times

You had a brief moment of clarity and pushed Mark off of you, breaking the kiss.

“Wait!” you said.

Mark shot you a horrified look, “Shit! I’m so sorry Y/N. I shouldn’t have. God dammit, you probably hate me even more now”.

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Because the project died, do you mind telling us what you had planned for Into the Storm?

yeah actually why not!
long text ahead bc i’m on mobile and can’t put it under the cut, sorry

so, they come to this place where the storm has already started and they drive into the zone of it, everything is dark from the clouds and visibility is very low, and so they just start taking readings on the go, and they see this small building with two trees near it, not clear what it is, outpost of some sort. and at this point the storm is so strong that they see a tree fall on this building and tear out a piece of roof, and kirk is like OH SHIT SPOCK WE GOTTA HELP THEM and spock’s like YES and they drive there and all three go inside, (the storm is fucking up the building from the inside also btw coz the roof is broken) and there’s like someone injured and mccoy tries to help and everyone’s yelling,

and then they hear the car getting hit by the other tree and fall on its side. mccoy is like FUCCCKKKKK WHAT THE FUCK WHAT DO WE DO WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE I KNEW THIS WAS A BAD IDEA OH FUCK and kirk is like SPOCK I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO THE CAR IS DOWN AND THIS HOUSE IS GONNA FALL ON US and spock like gathers himself and goes, i got this.
he goes OUTSIDE in the literal HELL and PUSHES THE FRICKIN CAR BACK ON ITS WHEELS WITH HIS BARE HANDS and everyone is like speechless. they run to the car and mccoy is helping the injured guys and kirk is like. silent. he just watches spock as he coordinates everyone and Takes The Fucking Readings because he is spock and he’s gonna do what he came here to do

and they sort of drive the injured guys to nearest hospital and then return to the academy by teleport bc the car is absolutely dead at this point. and mccoy swears to the moon and back but does admit that spock is kind of a badass. and spock and kirk have this final interaction where kirk is like. dude. that was The most amazing thing i’ve ever seen. you should be a captain some day. and spock is like nah i don’t want it but i think you want it and you should find yourself some good role models instead of running crazy and pissing people off.

and kirk is like, i think i found one today

🎉The End🎉
and sorry it’s never getting made :) i’m so bad at making comics you guys

daily reminder

In the camp fire

All the players are new to D&D and have no idea of what’s going on. Our DM has our characters traveling together as guards to a caravan for a small background set up. We decided to set camp for the night as he explains the rules.

DM: okay, so you all get in the camp fire.
Bard: IN the camp fire?
DM: oops, sorry i meant aroun-
DM: why woul-
Literally everyone else: [SCREAMS]
DM: …. this was a mistake

He’s here. He’s here. Finally, I’ve waited so long holy shit.

Grantaire thought this as he trailed into his flat with one Enjolras in tow. They had been dating for a while, an innocent kind of love with soft hands holding and gentle lips brushing. Stolen glances and small smiles were what defined them more than anything, and it was perfect. But this night, this very night, Enjolras had confessed that he wanted more than that. Then he asked for Grantaire to take him home.

Grantaire’s heart pounded loudly and he feared that his lover could hear it, but he swallowed his anxiety; no, it wasn’t anxiety, it was excitement. He had waited for this and wanted this for so long that his hands trembled at the thought of finally being able to touch the person he loved. But it was Enjolras. He couldn’t rush things; it had to be perfect.

“Wait here.” He whispered in his ear.

He dashed to the kitchen and found as many candles as he could, opting for the cliche route. Normally he would worry that that would turn a potential partner away but Grantaire knew that Enjolras lived for cheesy shit. And so he lit the candles.

Next he ran to the bathroom, brushing his teeth as fast as he could; he knew fully well that he tasted like cigarettes and wine, a taste not-too-pleasant for the activities anticipated.

Finally, he strolled back into the living room where he had left Enjolras. But there was one more thing that had to be done. However by now Grantaire had grown tired of waiting, and he worried that so had Enjolras. With as much speed as he could muster, the man plugged his phone into a speaker and selected the first playlist on his spotify. It was his starred playlist, most of the songs being low tone and mood. Perfect for the night.

The speakers rumbled to life and there was a pause before the music played. In that pause, that sweet silence, Grantaire crossed the room to Enjolras. He placed his hand on his cheek so gently and leaned in, preparing for a passionate kiss. The music began to play.

Hadn’t been for cotton-eyed joe, I’d been married long time ago-”

Blanket Burrito

“Percy. Psst, Percy.” Annabeth curled her hand over her boyfriend’s shoulder and shook him gently. When he didn’t respond, she shook him not so gently. “Percy.”

He mumbled something unintelligible, turning his head away from her and smearing his cheek through the small puddle of drool on his pillow.

Annabeth sighed exasperatedly and punched him in the arm. “Percy!”

“Whaimawake!” He sat bolt upright, Riptide in his hand, blearily looking around the room for the threat. 

She allowed herself a second to be impressed with his reflexes before saying, “You’ve taken all the blankets.”

He slowly turned his attention to her, blinking a few times. His mouth was open and he looked like he was about to drop back onto the pillow without another word, but eventually he frowned and asked, “What?”

“The blankets,” she said, gesturing to the blankets pooled in his lap. She grabbed the closest edge and flipped it up, demonstrating how thoroughly he’d managed to roll himself up in them, leaving none for her. “You’ve taken all of them.”

“Just take them back, then,” he grumbled, looking thoroughly put out.

She wouldn’t blame him, if this wasn’t his fault in the first place.

“I tried, but you’ve made herself a blanket burrito. There was no way I could unroll you from that.” 

He stared dumbly down at the blankets, seemingly uncomprehending. Just when Annabeth was about to lose all patience and push him off the bed, Percy mumbled, “Sorry.”

“It’s fine,” she said, pushing her hair off her face with the back of her hand. “Just - roll over, would you, so I can get some blanket and we can both go back to sleep.”

He clumsily rolled onto his side, lifting his hips so that she could tug the blankets out from under. She hadn’t bothered to turn any lights on, so they were doing this in the dark, and it was an entirely uncoordinated affair. 

“You’re still sitting on it!” she growled, pulling violently at a corner.

“I’m not! You’re just pulling the wrong bit!”

“No, would you just - oh, get off it -”

With a great, inconvenienced sigh, Percy rolled over in the other direction - and landed flat on top of Annabeth.

“There,” he said, voice muffled by her collarbone. “I’m off the blankets. Happy?”

“You’re squashing me,” she complained, pushing at his shoulders and then his sides.

He didn’t budge. “Who needs a blanket when you’ve got a Percy?” His voice was starting to slur, the ends of his words blurring into the start of the next, and Annabeth curled her toes and tried to push him off of her before he became a completely dead weight.

“No, Percy, don’t fall asleep on me!”

He lifted his head slightly and pressed a sloppy kiss to her cheek. She stuck her tongue out and wiped the drool away, swiping her hand across his shoulder to get rid of it entirely.

“Here, Annabeth,” he said drowsily. He moved against her side for a few moments before the comforting weight of the blankets were draped over the top of her. “I gotcha blankets for you.”

Thank you,” she said happily, snuggling down under the covers and into his side. “I don’t understand how you sleep all curled up like - oh.”

She fell silent as Percy draped an arm over her chest, pulling her in close to his side. He nuzzled his face into her shoulder, planting a soft, open mouthed kiss on the exposed skin before taking a deep breath in and a shallow breath out.

A warm comfortable feeling spread from Annabeth’s stomach all the way through her body. She felt him breathing against her neck and smiled into the dark. Because even if he was definitely going to drool all over her, he’d been right - she didn’t really need a blanket when she had Percy.

Mistletoe (Steve x Reader)

A/N: I’m sorry it’s been like a week since I’ve actually posted something but I’ve been so busy with New York and I’ve just been so tired, but I finally found some time to write something! I know it’s out of order and it should’ve been Bucky’s turn, but I love Steve a lot. I hope you like!

Prompt/Request from anon:  Might I suggest small town fluff with cop!steve? The idea is stuck in my head and I think it’d be so cute ❤

word count: 1293

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“Shit,” you cursed as you realized you took another wrong in the residential area. Your neighbor had taught you a shortcut earlier that morning to get into the downtown area while avoiding all the traffic on the main roads, but you couldn’t remember it even if your life depended on it. You had just moved into the small suburban neighborhood about an hour away from the big city. It gave you the taste of living in the city, but it definitely relieved you of all the difficulties that came along with it. It had been a couple of weeks since you moved in and you were still struggling to fit into the small town. “I just want to get to Target,” you whined to yourself as you seemed to be going around in circles, seeing the same yellow house pass by you for the tenth time. You really just needed to pick up some toothpaste.

You were so deep in thought you barely noticed the red and blue lights flashing brightly behind you until it rang the siren loudly, making you jump suddenly. You cursed loudly to yourself. You were going to get arrested for a tube of toothpaste. Slowly, you turned on your blinker as you carefully parked on the side of the road in front of the same damn yellow house. You were tempted to burn it down if you had to see it one more time. You shuffled around quickly as you collected your license and your registrations for your car before the cop tapped on your window. Though it wasn’t completely appropriate, the first thought that came to your mind was how cute he was. Forcing a smile, you rolled down the window and greeted the police cautiously. “Hi,” you said stupidly, despite telling yourself to act calm.

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As someone who wants to go into the mental health field as a mentally ill person themselves...

Split is gonna be an amazing movie.

Hell my Psychological Adaptations teacher BADLY wants to take a small group of kids to go see it with her. We watched the trailer in class and kids who knew nothing about mental illness asked questions on how DID affected someone.

We’ve watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, read the book it’s based on and even watched Bates Motel. We’ve gone into the nitty gritty of what kind of trauma it takes to get to this level. And let me tell you the kids in this class LOVE breaking down why the human brain deals with trauma like this. Kids who all(except for the few mentally ill in the room) had an ableist point of view when it came to mental illness

(I stated I was bipolar during a discussion and immediately got looks but they all did ask for me to explain it more and they realized they were misinformed)

They’ve managed to understand that this is purely fiction IN LITERALLY THE EQUIVALENT OF 3 HOURS.



For fucks sake my final paper is even gonna be about if Anthony Perkins(Norman Bates in Psycho)is accurately portraying the body language of someone who has DID according to the DSM-5. Mind you THE MOVIE WAS MADE IN LIKE THE 60’S.

A lot of kids are doing a creative writing piece about Normal Bates seeing a psychologist and are going to be graded on if it is a normal sensible piece.

My teacher (who has a masters in Psychology a masters in English and is working on a PHD and is also mentally ill) is so excited about this movie she’s patiently waiting for the DVD so she can base a whole class around it like she did with Psycho(and is doing Lolita in three weeks I’m so mad I don’t need more English credit after this)


Instead of yelling why this is ableist, take a moment to ask the person if they know any facts about DID. If not kindly explain that this is a work of fiction instead of yelling at them.

I never rant about anything on tumblr but I can’t stand all this “boycott” bullshit.

Edit: A vague call out by someone who blocked me immediately afterward is now a thing. Funny. Edit 2: I have officially gotten my first “kill yourself” anon. Thank you for your compassion.
Things That Go Bump In The Night--Imagine #14

Anonymous asked: Can you write an imagine where you’re scared of the dark and your crush guides you to the bathroom or something. ((; Its definitely not who you think it is requesting this, hehehe.

A/N: I’m sorry you waited so long for this, my baby. I hope it pleases you. <3

I woke up with a start. Oh shit. I needed to pee really bad. I moved my hand up to rub my eyes, when I felt something warm and solid next to me. The last few hours before I fell asleep rushed back. My boyfriend was sleeping over for the first time in the small apartment I lived in alone. I smiled in the dark at the soft little snores that fell from his mouth. His arm was still wrapped around me protectively and my stomach flipped at the realization that he had fallen asleep like that. He was lying on his stomach with his left arm resting on my stomach, since I had fallen asleep on my back. I wanted to savor this moment as long as possible. 

Still, the need to pee only increased the longer I lay there. Craning my neck to look at the silhouette of the door, I shuddered at having to walk the short distance from my warm bed to the bathroom. In the dark. I flopped my head back against the pillow, groaning quietly, paralyzed by fear of the dark. 

“Unf, babe,” I heard and felt c/n whisper into my ear, scooting closer to me and wrapping me closer to his side. The warm puffs of his breath tickled my neck. Why did he have to be so goddamn sexy the second he woke up?

“How did you know I was awake?” I whispered, not turning to look at him.

He nuzzled his nose along the back of my ear before moving his lips to my ear. “Guess my body is always hyper-aware of you, even in sleep,” he said quietly, his gravelly voice thick with sleep, making me squirm. 

I didn’t answer, partly too embarrassed to admit my fear of the dark, and partly too flustered by his voice and the way his lips and nose were caressing the outline of my ear. 

“Baby, what is it?” Fuck, how was it possible for him to make me so hot and agitated so easily. He moved his lips to the skin below my ear, leaving hot, wet, sloppy kisses down my neck.

“Oh, fuck. C/n, stop!” I whined, laughing breathily and pushing him away from me. 

“Mm,” he moved back against my resistance, too strong for my feeble attempts to keep his mouth off me. He kept talking and leaving kisses, while I struggled silently to keep both my bladder and sounds of enjoyment under control. 

“Mmm,” a kiss lower on my neck.

“I’m not,” a suck on my collar bone.

“Gonna stop,” a searing lick across the middle of my neck, as he rose partly over me on his elbows. 

I squirmed, my breathing hitching. 

“Until you tell me,” an open-mouthed kiss under my tilted up chin.

“What’s wrong,” he finally broke down my resistance as I moaned at the feel of him sucking my skin into his mouth and grazing his teeth against it. 

“I’m scared of the dark,” I said through a strangled breath, defeated. 

He finally stopped torturing me with that fucking mouth of his and rose to hover over my face. Even in the dark, I could see the concern in his eyes. As well as a glint of amusement. 

“Don’t you dare laugh at me,” I warned, my voice hoarse. 

A breathy chuckle fell from his lips caressing my face. “That’s fucking adorable.”

I could feel my face heating up at his words. His thumbs caressed my cheeks, and I would’ve been actually grateful for the dark for hiding my blush but I knew he could feel it. 

Suddenly, he threw the covers off us both, moved his head down to my stomach, and left a kiss over my night shirt. 

“You are so cute, just how? How did I get so lucky to have such an adorable girl love me,” he looked up at me, shaking his head in disbelief. 

I felt his one arm under my back, and the other move under my legs. Before I could ask what he was doing I was lifted off the bed bridal style. I could feel the muscles of his biceps flex under me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He opened the bedroom door, crossing over to the bathroom. 

“Please never be shy to ask for my help. You’re my queen. I am your king. It’s only fitting I carry you to your throne,” he said, gently setting me on the cold bathroom floor. 

He turned on the light and I almost collapsed. His hair was a mess of h/c locks tangled in different knots, and yet still managed to make him look sexy as fuck. His eyes were staring down at me with what could only be described as admiration. His lips and eyes were puffy from sleep, and the goofy grin that was plastered on his face made me weak in the knees.

“The queen has a request,” I said, my eyes flitting from his eyes down to his lips repeatedly.

“Anything for my majesty,” he said, pinning me between his body and the bathroom counter, his breath already uneven. 

I smiled, satisfied I could have such an effect on him. I grabbed a fistful of the front of his night shirt, yanking him down to my level. We were so close we were swallowing each other’s shallow breaths. 

“You finish what you started in bed,” I said, using my best seductive voice. 

A quiet moan fell from c/n’s lips as he watched my tongue wet my lips. 

“Y/n,” he whispered, his voice hoarse. 

Just as he was about to kiss me I shoved him out the door.

“First I need to pee,” I said as I sat on the toilet.

“You fucking tease,” his strangled voice came from the other side of the door. I knew his mannerisms so well, I knew he was running his hands through his hair and down his neck the way he always did when I teased him. 

“You’re gonna pay for that. And we’ll give a whole new meaning to the saying ‘things that go bump in the night’,” I heard him shout from the bedroom. 

I couldn’t wait. 

Small vent

I’m sorry, but I’m fucking sick of the Starco community

I was never a big fan of them in the first place. Since I’m not a Starco shipper, and I’m part of the Tomco community, I had to deal with a lot of shit in the Tomco tag saying that Tomco is shit and Starco will be canon so there’s no point in us shipping Tomco. But now. HOLY SHIT!

Now the community has been reduced to mostly crybabies who are mad at everyone because guess what. Starco didn’t become canon. Jarco did. So they go around posting shit about Jarco and Jarco shippers and I even once argued with one saying “You know with along your complaining about the show, are you really a fan of it?” They said they were AND also said that Starco was going to be canon but they said, and I quote "the creator is a cunt that never listens to the fans” 

Fucking… wow… Aside from the obvious fact that not all fans of the show are Starco shippers, but they called the creator of the show a cunt, why? For not letting their favourite ship become canon. I had to sit down after I heard that. 

If you’re a Starco shipper, and not like this, I applaud your curtesy, but if you are like this, good lord, get your act together cause you’re just plain unpleasant

Becoming vegan has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Of course I go through periods where I eat like shit, but the first bite I take of a home made, healthy, cruelty free meal reminds me that this shit is so worth it and so tasty and all the endless ingredient checks and refused meals are a small price to pay. My body feels better, my heart feels better and my soul feels better and I fuckin sleep better knowing I’m not contributing to the terrible shit that happens to the animals I love

~BTS Reaction to Walking on you Taking a Bath~

Jin: You would be relaxing in the tub, sinking lower into the bubbles. Your breast just about covered. That is when Jin walks in expecting you to not be home. It was a new living arrangement that neither of you were use to. Jin would freeze dead in his step. His cheeks would flush a deep red. “I am so sorry,” he would say, walking out of the bathroom. When he he hears you giggling, a big smile would appear. “Do you want me to come back in?”

Yoongi: And no shits were given that day. Yoongi would walk into the bathroom and go to grab what he needed. At first, he wouldn’t notice but when he did, he would give a small “sorry” before calmly walking out. While his mind may linger to your barely bubble covered body, he would be very calm on the outside. You were his girlfriend taking a bath. It was not a huge deal.

Hoseok: He would be a bit flustered, but would tease the shit out of you. “Can I jump in?” he would ask, teasingly stripping. Then when you start giggle and splash water at him, he would really take off his clothes and join you. He would just sit in the bath with you and relax.

Namjoon: Namjoon would be so cute about the situation. Typically wearing a cool exterior, this would be make him laugh and cover his face. Despite probably seeing you naked before, your body still makes him warm on the inside. When you tell him to join you, he would not hesitate.

Jimin: As soon as he saw that you were in the tub, he would slam the door laughing and having a fit. Then he would jokingly open the door peeking in and joking around. Then eventually he would probably come back in to sit down on the toilet seat.

Taehyung: Seriously, this kid would have his pants around his ankles take a piss before he even notices you in the tub. Then when he finishes, he would finally notice you and disregard he just went to the bathroom. This boy would start playing with the fucking bubbles and insisting on putting more soap in.

Jungkook: He would be so flustered and just stand there. His cheeks would grow a deep red, and he would be so confused and hating himself for not knocking on the door. After awhile, when you bitch at him for just standing there, he would take a seat on the edge of the tub as you relax in the bath.

Secret Photographer (Dan Howell x Reader)

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(Not my gif oops)

I am sorry in advance this is my first try and it is straight shit so prepare yourselves.



The gleaming winter sun shone through the windows as my tired eyes fluttered open. The daggers of light shot in my eyes causing me to hiss slightly and turn my back to see a pair of sleepy big brown eyes staring back at me. A petite smirk was plastered on his lips and his arms wrapped around my small figure as I nuzzled my face into his bare chest.

“Good morning baby.” His raspy morning voice filled my ears as I felt a kiss placed on my forehead. I pulled away slightly as Dan ducked down placing his forehead on mine closing his eyes softly.

“Hi.” I yawned out causing him to chuckle slightly and pulling me even closer to him as his eyes soon met my Y/E/C eyes. His hand reached up for my cheek and he caress the soft skin. We were completely focused on each other, gazing into each other’s eyes until there was a slight knock at the door.

“Let's see if Danisnotonfire and Y/N are awake yet!” Phil’s voice was slightly heard through the door as Dan groaned turning his face into the pillow mumbling

  “Another Day in the Life video?I giggled gently combing my fingers through his hobbit hair as Phil slightly peaked in the door to make sure the coast was clear

  “Ah! And here they are everyone!Phil announced before turning the camera and filming Dan and I. I waved shyly at the camera as Dan side smirked and did his “Hello Internet” salute. I hd under the covers slightly as Dan and Phil both laughed.

“She’s a bit shy everyone.” Phil spoke as I felt Dan lean over towards me whispering in my ear 

 “The camera is off angel.” I got off from under the covers slightly as I saw Dan standing up picking out an outfit for the day and Phil staring down at his camera watching the footage over making sure he got some decent shots for the video. I curled up in the comforter as Dan and Phil tried to make a decision on what to do for video. The conversation was cutting in and out as I drifted back off to sleep as I hear Dan.

“Y/n do you want to come with us today sweetheart?” I opened my eyes slightly as I saw Dan smiling down at my tired state. I yawned quietly as I mentally compared going out and dealing with the cold weather or staying indoors with the fire and coffee. I had already make my choice. I shook my head a little causing Dan to nod understandingly. “Alright baby we’re gonna get going. I’ll text you later and we’ll be home in a few hours. I nodded as I lifted my head puckering my lips receiving a goodbye kiss from my loving boyfriend. After pulling away I smiled gently at Phil saying goodbye as the two giants strolled out of the room. A few seconds later I heard the front door close signaling they had left. I reached for my phone on the bedside table as a text from Dan had already lighten up on my screen

           I haven’t even been gone for 2 minutes and he is already annoying the shit out of me by sticking a camera in my face as we speak xx Dan 10:43a

 I giggled a little as I typed a response

          You haven’t even been gone for 2 minutes and you’re already paying more attention to your phone then actual people xx Y/n 10:43am

I clicked out of messages as I tapped on Twitter checking recent tweets as I received a new text from Dan

    Being out here totally beats being cuddled up next to you right now(; xx Dan 10:44am

    Wow feeling the love right now. Now FOCUS ON YOUR JOB AND STOP TEXTING ME YOU SPORK!!<3 xx Y/n 10:44am

    Good cause I love my princess so much and she deserves to feel the love<3 and I’ll try to stop thinking about you rn(; xx Dan 10:45am

     Good Luck Howell. I love you<3 xx Y/n 10:46am

     I love you more baby cakes<3 xx Dan 10:46am

I turned my phone off as I stood up from the large bed stretching. I then walked to the kitchen where I ran into the glass door.

“Shit!” I shrieked  as I grabbed my nose groaning in pain. I had lived here for a good 5 months now and yet I never fail to forget the glass door that blocked the kitchen from the hallway. I open the door as I reach the cereal cupboard. I stand on my tippy toes to reach some Lucky Charms as suddenly a box to my left catches my eye. I tilt my head to the left as I read the writing written on the side of the box.

Y/n and Dan’s relationship

I knitted my eyebrows together as I curiously walk towards the grayish shoe box. I lift the lid up as I peek in. Scattered in the box are hundreds of pictures of Dan and I together. Pictures of us kissing each other, playing games at 2 am, holding hands, dancing, gazing at each other but one picture in particular. I picked up the photo as I stared at a small girl and a tall boy staring at each other laughing. I could recognize this photo anywhere. It was the day Dan and I had first met. The small corner coffee shop stood in the background as I remembered the day as if it was yesterday. I had been sitting out on the patio sipping my iced mocha as I heard two voices caught my ear.

“Phil you can’t just say “all or nothing” after you lose every game anymore!” A tall brown haired spoke to his even darker haired friend.

“But Dan it leaves an element of surprise.”

“It’s not a surprise anymore if you do it every single time!” I giggled covering my mouth slightly as the two turned towards me. I blushed rapidly as I saw Dan looking at me as though he was in awe. He claims it was “love at first sight” which causes me to roll my eyes every single time but yet I couldn’t agree with him more. It had been love at first sight. I quickly picked up the box as I spread the rest of the pictures on the table. I looked over all of the pictures smiling and picking up every one remembering the 2 am arguments over a Mario Kart race, the time he had dropped his cup of coffee all over my favorite white shirt, the slow dancing with no music playing, the kisses where snowflakes covered our beanies and our slightly red noses were visible. Tears of joy brimmed my eyes as I recalled every memory before the question finally hit me

Who was the mysterious photographer? 

I hadn’t realized I had been looking through the photos all day until I heard the front door slam shut. Footsteps quickly scampered up the stairs as Dan rushed into the kitchen spotting me grinning and rushing towards me hugging me tight

“You didn’t respond to any other my text why weren’t you responding I was so wor… woah.” He spoke as he stepped back looking at the table which was filled with the photos. He eyes scanned over all of the photos as a grin appeared on his face as he picked up the photo that also first caught my eye. The coffee shop.

“Where did you find these?” He asked almost speechless as I whispered, still in awe of all of the photos of us,

“I’m not sure.” He gazed at me slightly before Phil walked in the kitchen finishing his outro.

“Bye guys! So Y/n how was your boring day at….” He stopped questioning as he glanced down at the table before blushing slightly. A lightbulb lit up in my head as I glanced at Phil in amaze.

“Phil..I..Did you…. Are you the secret photographer?” I whispered as I felt Dan slowly interlock his hands with mine missing my touch. Phil smiled slightly looking at the ground as he spoke.

“It was supposed to be an anniversary present for you two but I guess I forgot to hide it.” I looked up at Dan who was smiling like an idiot and stepped forward giving his best friend a hug as he whispered something in his ear. Phil smiled and nodded as they both turned to me. I raised an eyebrow in confusion as Phil stepped towards me softly pushing me to the lounge.

“Hey y/n let’s watch Buffy together for a while hey?” I nodded unable to say no to Buffy as I plopped down on the couch before yelling out

“Hey babe wanna watch with us?”

“Actually baby I have to go edit a video in my room so I’ll see you in a little bit.” Dan shouted back from the kitchen. I nodded to myself as I turned my full attention to the screen. A few hours later Dan had emerged from his room as he stood in front of me grinning.

“Yes?” I asked as I looked up at him confused as he reached his hand out for me.

“Come here angel I have something to show you.” I took his hand gently as he guided me through the hallway to his closed bedroom door. He then softly opened as I walked in and gasped. They were everywhere. Hanging all other the walls. The pictures. Tears filled my eyes gently as I turned towards Dan who was staring lovingly at me.

“Dan it’s… wonderful… why would you…”

“Because you remind me of a dream baby. I mean you are way too good for me to think I’m not dreaming all the time. So now when I wake up in the morning, I have all of these. To simply remind me that our relationship isn’t just a perfect dream, but actually a perfect version of reality.” I reached up to his face and smashed my lips on his out of pure affection and passion. His hands found their way to my hips as he pulled me closer to him before whispering in the kiss

“All thanks to our secret photographer.”

'I Think You Think Too Much Of Me' lyrics sentence starters
  • "This is just another sad song."
  • "I've been thinking that, when we thought the world would break us, that we weren't wrong."
  • "I'm so sorry I can't find the time."
  • "I've been thinking 'bout how I'd react if you were me and I was ghosted out."
  • "I know I should try more, but I've been so caught in my own small shit."
  • "I can't see past the nothing around me."
  • "I've been trying really fucking hard not to try so hard."
  • "I've nowhere left to go."
  • "If I told you how this story ends, would you change a step you take?"
  • "If I could relive all of my days, I'd live them all the same."
  • "I'm scared of all that I don't know."
  • "I want it all, but all of it ain't gold."
  • "I'm learning what I should've long before."
  • "All we are is a light into the darkness."
  • "All we are is time that's counting down."
  • "It's wrong and we ain't been right for years."
  • "Let go, give these ghosts a new home."
  • "Let's bury our past and our fears."
  • "I should've seen it long before."
  • "This is my life; I will not run in circles."
  • "Love means nothing to me."
  • "Love means nothing to me 'cause I don't know what it is."
  • "I'm just dying to be all that I've been dreaming of."
  • "I'm still learning."
  • "I just feel so tired."
  • "You ain't you when you're like this."
  • "This ain't you and you know it."
  • "You don't know how to let go."
  • "Who said this must be all or nothing?"
  • "No, I can't tell you nothing."
  • "I'm a fucking mess sometimes."
  • "I could always be whatever you wanted, but not what you needed."
  • "I'm a fucking mess sometimes and I'll say what I don't mean."
  • "All these feelings don't mean shit to me."
  • "It's all just chemicals anyway."
  • "Make all this just go away and find another heart to break."
  • "I had nothing for you; I can't love."
  • "I can't love when I can't even love myself."
  • "I'm addicted to hurting."
  • "I'm a fucking mess sometimes, but still, I could always be whatever you wanted."
  • "I could always be whatever you wanted, but not what you needed, especially when you been needing me."
  • "Lying’s the only rush I need."
  • "I should've listened last night, girl."
  • "This is beyond belief."
  • "We keep falling for the lure of liquid confidence."
  • "If all we have is time, then we'll be alright."
  • "It's not much but it's better than nothing."
  • "We're running on fumes but we'll make it through the night."
  • "It's not love but it's better than dreaming."
  • "I just need time."
  • "We only hang in evenings."
  • "All these dreams and all these plans we shared under the moonlight."
  • "I just don't know if you'll feel right when I leave in the morning."
  • "Should've told you goodbye."
  • "We're both covered in sand
  • "I don't know just what I'm missing."
  • "They tell me I've got something more
  • "You could be loved."
  • "I just wanna live like the ones before."
  • "Maybe I could save the world or end it."
  • "Maybe they'll remember me when I'm gone; that's all I could ever want."
  • "So I got ten minutes to be all or nothing."
  • "I owe you nothing."
  • "I own my luck."
  • "You'll never be alone again."
  • "I don't think you understand me or what I fear."
  • "I don't want to lie to myself."
  • "I'm more than all the mistakes I've outrun."
  • "I'm only here for a minute."
  • "I don't care what you say."
  • "I can be my own kind of rock and roll."
  • "I don't really care if you say you don't fuck with me."
  • "I can say what the fuck I want cause it's down to me."
  • "I got love for you even if you are doubting me."
  • "I wonder how it feels to burn out young."
  • "I just wanna die before my heart fails from heartbreak or cocktails."
  • "Maybe you'll cry once you know I'm gone."
  • "I ain't scared of living."
  • "Does it get easier?"
  • "What are we breathing for if we ain't living?"
  • "I'll know the day I die, I lived through heaven and that I gave it hell."
  • "If it hurt, oh well; at least that's living."
  • "I'm not worried about you."
  • "I can’t find it in myself to wanna lie to keep this thing from going down."
  • "That girl took my heart and I ain't want it back."
  • "You say it meant nothing."
  • "I shoulda kept my silence."
  • "I guess I’m too attached to my own pride to let you know."
  • "All these words meant nothing."
  • "I've always been this heartless."
  • "We’re just having sex, I would never call it love."
  • "I think I’m catching feelings."
  • "Remember why you said this was the last time."
  • "I don’t know how to forget you."
  • "That girl took my heart."
  • "She's in love with the concept."
  • "We're in love, we just don't know it yet."
  • "How am I supposed to see the magic, 'cause I don't believe in it no more."
  • "It's easier if she thinks she won."
  • "I don't think I love you no more."
  • "You never seem to call me lately."
  • "I don't think you know me at all."
  • "I never thought I'd have to say this."
  • "I don't love you and I never did."
  • "Look at us, burning down in flames for kicks."
  • "So much for trying to keep this moving slow."
  • "I don't believe in her no more."
  • "I remember how we talked shit like we knew what we wanted."
  • "I'm no liar and I never hid anything."
  • "You should've seen it coming to this."
Hickeys // Carl Grimes

This is so short im sorry. This is based at the prison but pretend they’re older, maybe around 15-16?
Waking up in my boyfriend’s arms was probably the highlight of my day since the world turned to shit only a couple years ago. There was that small moment in between asleep and awake were I forgot all about the walkers, all about the bad guys and it was just me and my boyfriend of 6 months, Carl.
”Good morning beautiful” he said and kissed my forehead gently
“Morning handsome” I giggled and rolled onto my back only to have him roll on top of me.
He didn’t say anything after that, the only sound was small giggles escaping his lips as he looked down at my neck.
“What are you laughing at?” I asked suspiciously
He didn’t reply, just kept chuckling lightly to himself, his warm breathe was fanning my neck.
I groaned and got up, throwing on one of Carls shirts as did he, together we headed towards the wash rooms hand in hand.
We bumped into Maggie “Y/N what happened to your neck?” she said laughing and that’s when I realised what he had done.
I took off sprinting towards the nearest wash room, Carl was going to be in so much trouble.
I reached the mirror and brushed my hair away from my neck revealing hickeys littered across my neck.
“CARL!” I screamed, most of the prison had most likely heard your screams but right now you couldn’t care less. You were fuming.
“Yes baby?” he asked cheekily poking his head through the door
“Don’t play innocent with me Grimes, I know what you did!”
He took a few steps towards you and ran one of his hands down your waist while the other he put above your head.
“I-I told you not to give me any hickeys, wouldn’t want my dad trying to keep us apart now would we?” you said lowly, his roaming hand instantly making you weak under his touch.
“I think they suit you” he said before running his tongue down the streak of purple and blue marks “Shows everybody you’re mine”
He removed his hands and gave me a quick wink before heading over to the shower.
“Don’t think you’re off the hook yet Grimes!”

Small Lilo comfort fic, because I felt like shit on Sunday and needed a pick-me-up. Tour era (whichever tour you like best).

Louis doesn’t open his eyes when the bed sheets he’s made himself a cocoon of are pulled away and someone awkwardly slips into his bunk, although he does uncurl his body, making more room for the intruder to squeeze themselves into. His head won’t stop pounding.

“Hey,” Liam whispers, gently stroking Louis’s temple and jaw - to think a couple years back he flinched anytime someone touched him; Louis would grin, if everything didn’t hurt. “Was wondering where you’d gone.”

“Headache,” is all Louis says. Liam’s clothes are crispy cold from his trek outside and Louis presses his face against Liam’s chest with a sigh; the coolness is wonderful against his forehead.

He grunts when Liam shifts away from him, wrapping an arm around his waist just in case Liam’s got delusions about leaving, but all Liam does is press his cold cold lips against Louis’s forehead, right in the middle of his eyebrows, and that feels even better than his sweater did.

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Let’s kick 2016 in the cunt

A whole bunch of you have made this abhorrent year somewhat less loathsome, so it’s time for some ineloquent gushing.

@riddlelvr for just being you. For better and for worse and all that shit. For being sickeningly talented even when you don’t believe it yourself. For being the filthiest motherfucking woman on this planet - alongside me. :p

@baskervilleshund for being the most amazing trash mom/wife in the world. For being a voice of reason amongst the insanity that is our small family.

@veromejaleska for putting up with me and Riss and being our surrogate daughter. We’re sorry for everything. ;)))))

@vivienvalentino/@gotham-daily for being the best damn saltmate a girl could ask for. #gothamhatesgingers

@millicentcordelia for extremely comforting words during a very difficult time this year.

@ericscissorhands for consistently causing me to fangirl, and for having impeccable taste.

@martinwllstrom for just being ALMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

@obskurial for putting up with my corruption of Kathleen (but at least I gave you Take That, right?)

@featheredriddler for being my one-stop-shop for memes.

@amandajuly81 for just generally being a filthy little ray of sunshine.

@themadmiz for never ceasing to astound me with her beautiful creations.

@gemgemshipstoomuch for always making me feel like a talented writer.

@jellymonstergirl for usually being the only one I can talk to about something horrendous I just watched. For our conversations that last for months - it’s like we’re playing overseas chess. :D

@fuckedwardnygma for our amazing lemon porn date and just generally being Joe.

@shmickeysraventulip for her consistently hilarious post-episode notes.

And a few more:

@comethefupinorfupthefupoff, @classichorrorblog, @kipsiih, @kvintessenciya, @neulina, @gothamedits, @epiphanygreaves@powerovernothing, @mor-iarty, @theunrealinsomniac, @mattfogy, @memory-vacant, @areyouaskingmeariddle, @ladyduomaxwell, @sternincrane, @horroredits, @talkriddletome, @endless-nygmobblepot, @alexdelarrge, @jessicorvus, @edngyma@ohnygma.

Keep being amazing, keep filling my dash with good stuff. Cheers!

Also, a very special thank you to anyone who kept me sane while the Nygmobblepot tag descended into utter shite (FYI, I still can’t look at the fucking thing). Anyone who sends me asks and messages. Anyone who puts up with the ridiculous amount of (mostly pornographic) asks I get on occasion when anonymous tumblr gets frisky. Anyone who’s taken the time to comment on my fics and leave kudos. Anyone who leaves nice tags on my gifs, and pretty much anyone who gives me incentive to keep doing what I do. You all deserve free cake.

Quick Rant:

Okay, so, I keep seeing edits of season 4!Will Graham where the scar on his face is some tiny line. Don’t get me wrong, the edits are lovely and make me smile, but it’s just … unrealistic. 

Like, look at this shit:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that did not leave behind a small line. The knife is legit all the way through his cheekbone. Let’s also not forget that Francis dragged that knife down his face. That’s gonna leave way, WAY more than a little red line.

I wanna see an UGLY, CRUEL, THICK, VIVID mark on his face. I wanna see a scar that shows he survived something spectacular. Something that he and Hannibal Lecter would be proud of. 

I’m obviously not telling you how to make your edits- that would be terribly rude of me. I’m just telling you what to expect of our boy’s appearance if season 4 does actually come out.