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Random question but what does @TheGoldenCloset supposed to mean? Is it Gguk's studio? (Sorry if you've already answered this! 😅)

it is kookie’s name for his studio/where he composes and records tracks ^_^ (also don’t apologize it’s perfectly fine to ask me questions even if you think I’ve answered them already. I’ve built this blog giving info so it’s ok to keep asking me~)

rap line and kookie have studios bcoz they compose~ before they moved dorms, jungkook’s studio was literally like the closet space in the dorm, it’s like one of the small rooms turned into a closet and then one part is where he records. That’s why he calls it Golden Closet~ now that he has his own room maybe that’s the new Golden Closet hehe~

golden closet - jungkook’s studio
mon studio - joon’s studio
hope world - jhope’s studio
genuis lab - suga’s studio

kookie’s recent golden closet that we know ^_^


@castiellelovesbees (for some reason I can’t tag you, hopefully you see this). Sorry for taking so long to get back to these. I really loved this prompt, thank you for requesting it!

There’s honestly so many different kinds of friendships in this series. I could jump into a long meta about the incredible diversity but I’ll keep it short by saying that the relationships between the characters are easily one of the strongest points of the series. Every relationship feels realistic and genuine and, even if they don’t get along all the time, there’s never any bad blood between anyone (Yurio, you’re not fooling anyone).

A small note on including Victuri in this set, it is my firm belief that the strongest romantic relationships are built on a solid base of friendship and trust. No matter what the beach scene may have let to, it’s a prime example of a connection of trust between the two.

And of course a bonus here too because friendships with pets are, in my opinion, just as powerful as those with other humans:

Panic Cord (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Part 2!

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A/N: YALL IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK TEN YEars!!! But finally, part 2 is here! I love, love, love the Coney Island Wonder Wheel! If you’ve ridden it, I’m so jealous of you haha! :D I hope y’all like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

EDIT: I also accidentally posted this on the wrong account lol. Sorry about that!

Warnings: Panic attacks. A lil bit of angst. Fluff? (:

“No way,” you gasped, placing a hand on your heart. “You know Tony Stark?

Bucky let out a small laugh. You really wished you could see his face. The arm that was wrapped around your shoulder tightened as you walked. Even Alfie stopped walking and peered up at Bucky questioningly.

“Tony’s well…he’s Tony. He grows on you after a while.” You nod, still trying to process that this mysterious man who you’ve only known for a week, not only knew Tony Stark -he lived with him in the Stark tower. You’ve never seen it, as you moved to New York long after it was built. But from what everyone says, it’s phenomenal.

“So are you like a cousin or brother of Tony?” you ask, fiddling with Alfie’s leash.

“God, no!” He chuckled. “At least I hope not.”

“Then why are you living with him? If you don’t mind me asking.”

You couldn’t see it, but you could sense the tenseness the question caused. You pulled your hair behind your ear, your cheeks reddening with embarrassment. You had zero intentions of offending him. What were you thinking asking such a personal question?

You turned to him and opened your mouth, prepared to apologize, but before you could get a word out, Bucky cut you off.

“We’re uh…sort of working together.”

Your eyes widened. So…he was an Avenger? You tried to contain your excitement, but you didn’t need eyes to tell you were failing miserably. Somehow you managed to catch a date with an Avenger, despite being blind as a bat.

Being the little chatterbox you were, you found out quite a bit about Bucky Barnes. He was twenty nine years old, quite a few years older than you. His favorite color was royal blue and his favorite food was pepperoni pizza with pineapples. He absolutely adored dogs, much to your delight. Somehow Alfie, who tended to be completely wary of strangers, had warmed up to Bucky in only a few short hours since they’ve met.

However, there were some things that you found out that weren’t from verbal interactions. You pretty much survived on your sense of touch, and you were a master at finding out the hidden facts about him. You discovered that Bucky was at least six feet tall, the way he held you close to him gave it away perfectly. You were able to rest your head on his shoulder perfectly.

Another thing you found out was that Bucky was on the muscular side. Like, really muscular.

When he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind and you leant into him, you could instantly feel the hardness that was his stomach. The guy was built like a brick house, but you were nowhere near complaining! You couldn’t wait to run your hands along it.

The thing you liked the most was his hair.

When he bent down to tie your shoes for you, which was the sweetest thing on this earth, you couldn’t help but run your hand along his hair, taking in each and every strand into your fingers. It was a bit longer than you expected, but that only made him more attractive. You quite liked guys with longer hair, it gave you more to touch, more to see without your eyes.

You concluded in your brain that James Buchanan Barnes was really freaking attractive, and there was absolutely nothing that could change your mind.


The carnival he was taking you to was located on Coney Island.

You’ve been there before, but of course you couldn’t tell without hearing the ferris wheel. You always dreamed of how it looked. Was it as huge as everyone said it was? Did it really light up each night? You always wanted to ride it, but given your grandmother’s protective nature, you were never allowed to as a child. As you grew into an adult, the chances seemed more and more unlikely.

“What’s with the long face, doll.” Bucky whispered into your ear.

You bit your lip to stop the stupid grin that spread on your face. Jesus, you felt like you were in middle school again.

“It’s nothing, really.” you dismissed, feeling Alfie’s tail hitting your legs repeatedly.

“Y/N,” he pressed, placing his chin on your shoulder. “You haven’t stopped smiling the entire time until now. What’s bothering you?” Gosh, were you really that easy to read?

You could feel his hands along yours, playing with your smaller fingers. It was so distracting, jesus, but you couldn’t find it in you to tell him to stop. The fact that his lips were only inches away from yours only added onto your longing.

“I just…I’ve always wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but I can’t.” you admit.

Immediately, you feel one of his hands in yours, gently pulling you away from your spot. What on earth was he doing? You could hear Alfie’s paws hitting the pavement evenly, at least he wasn’t panicking.

“Where are we going, Bucky?” you ask, grabbing onto his shoulder with your other arm.

“To the ferris wheel, kid.” he laughs, continuing to walk with you as if it’s no big deal.

You planted your feet onto the ground, preventing him from taking you any further. You couldn’t go on there! What if you fell off? Grandma would be mortified if that happened. And Alfie, he’d be sent back to the shelter!

Slowly, you felt yourself growing lightheaded, your lungs felt as if they were being filled with lead. You didn’t know which way was up or down. Or even where you were anymore. But you could feel the ground beneath you now. Oh god, did you fall again?

“Y/N!” Bucky called exclaimed.

You felt tears pooling inside your eyes. You just wanted your grandma, she always knew what to do.

“Y/N?” You blinked at Bucky’s voice. It sounded less urgent than before, but you could still detect the fear from it. Bucky placed one of his hands on your cheek, lifting it up slightly.

You knew he was looking into your eyes. But it pained you even more that you couldn’t look into his. Yours weren’t anything, in fact, they weren’t pigmented at all. Everyone always said yours were just a milky grey that took in everything, but gave nothing. It wasn’t fair.

“I-I’m sorry…” You whispered.

“No, I’m sorry,” he said softly. You could feel a hand pull some stray hairs from your face and tuck them behind your ear. “I shouldn’t have pressured you.”

You gave him a small smile, holding out your hand for him to grab. You were expecting the normal, flesh hand that you’ve been holding throughout the day, but instead, you were met with….metal.

You’ve never pulled your hand away so fast in your life.

“W-what…what is…is that your hand?” you sputtered, backing away slowly. What was going on? You never felt anything metal throughout the entire time. Not even when you wrapped your arm around his. Were you hallucinating?

You could hear him inhale sharply.

You frowned, holding your hand out again. Whatever it was, you wanted to feel it again. Maybe it wasn’t metal, but something else!

But no matter how far you reached, you couldn’t feel him. In fact, you were practically crawling before you realized it. You could feel Alfie beside you, nuzzling his snout into your side. Where was Bucky?

“Bucky?” you called out, reaching your hand in front of you.


“Bucky, where’d you go?” you called, standing to your feet. You held onto Alfie’s leash tightly in your hand. Oh no, did he leave?

You could feel the tears pooling in your eyes once again. Did he really just leave you? You knew you might’ve reacted poorly, but…you still needed to get home. You had no idea how to get back.

Wiping your tears with the sleeve of your sweater, you pulled Alfie along. It would take hours, but you had no choice.

You just hoped that Bucky was okay.

- FIN!

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The Frozen Pirate

Since we’re supposed to be looking for clues on Wikipedia, let me just mention this small thing.

I was reading Within the Narrative the other day, and at the begining, the author mentions that John is reading a book:

They have been tucked up in their respective chairs; Sherlock indexing his crime hard-drive and John nose-deep in a battered copy of The Frozen Pirate. 

So, naturally, I googled that book and landed on the author’s Wikipedia page, which is where I found this:

Russell’s books are a favorite of Dr. James Watson, the fictional chronicler of Sherlock Holmes’ cases, as mentioned in the short story “The Five Orange Pips” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

James Watson.

I checked a pdf of the story to see whether maybe ol’ Arthur mixed up the names, but he didn’t. Now the pdf might just be edited, but it’s still remarkable that they’d write James Watson in that article and then not even bother to explain it. There doesn’t appear to be a source for it either.

And get this: the page was last modified on 8 January 2017.


So either this is going to end up as a small, single paged, comic ooor end up in a collage of doodles. Who knows. All we know is Soc Isa is babysitting greaser Roxas (who is 19 in the au) while Axel is somewhere.

Sorry if its blurry, the image itself is actually pretty small.

This Greaser!au was created by @firebandit-shitposts

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hi kc! how do you feel about the character customization that'll be put in FFXV? do you think it'll be a good addition to the game? i recently saw someone say it's annoying and unnecessary to the game and just a selfship thing (which I disagree with completely). it made me a bit heated because i know it has a story that will be added, but what's so wrong about putting your own OC in the game anyways if you can, ya know? im sorry if this is a bit of a confusing question/small rant..!;;

Hmmm. Well… Okay, this might long.

So I’m pretty sure this feature is very far off and it would be something for multiplayer. Before any character customisation happens, we’re likely to get canon characters to control first. If they haven’t started development on this character creation mechanic, it could be that in the future, if using canon characters is fine and they don’t have enough time or there isn’t enough interest, they’ll drop the character creation aspect.

Secondly, I’m not quite sure why anyone would complain about self-ship/self-insert when literally so many games allow you to do this. That’s just like complaining about any game ever that lets you create a character to control. There might be more to the argument, or the person might not quite understand what the developers meant by ‘character customisation’. Also it’s an optional feature, if you don’t like it, don’t use it? If it’s DLC, don’t pay for it. If it’s a free update, don’t play it.

I personally can’t say if I think it’s a good idea or not. I play a lot of video games and sometimes it’s very difficult to gauge if a new feature will be bad. It’s all in the implementation. FFXV has a lot of capacity for multiplayer. It could be like Monster Hunter where you take hunt missions and fight bosses together. That would be fun! And as I’ve mentioned previously, I feel like this whole multiplayer thing will happen during the 10 years of darkness when Noctis is missing. It makes sense that loads of people take up the role of hunters to keep civilians safe. That’s a logical place to have people create their own characters that fit, but also a way to flesh out stories of canons characters like Iris, Aranea and Cor in a multiplayer setting. Get me?

Again, it’s all in implementation. The idea could be good and the execution could be shit. It’s absolutely a possibility that it was suck ass. FFXV is great and I love it, but it has it’s problems. The last thing it needs is a half-assed optional feature when they could have spent time in fixing other things like filling out the base story more.

I can’t really make an argument for or against the person who disagreed with having character creation, dear one, but I can see reasons why it would be strange to have character creation in FFXV. It could also be very, very simplistic, like in Fire Emblem where there’s set templates, rather than full manipulation like in Dragon Age: Inquisition. I feel like the templates are more likely to happen since I know it takes a dumb amount of time and effort to make a fully customisable character creation mechanic/engine. 

It seems a little nonsensical to me to create the latter when it only plays a part in an optional feature of a game. It costs a lot of time and money to make such a thing, and that time and money might be better spent on fleshing out canon characters stories.

Anyway I could talk about this kind of thing until the cows come home. 

TL;DR I wouldn’t waste too much time getting riled up over one person’s opinion when it comes to video games. I’ve found that gamers can be very skittish and get easily offended and jump to conclusions and yadda-yadda-yadda. Best to just keep your opinion and respect others’ opinions too, even if you don’t agree. It’s up to the developers in the end.

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i've been with this boy for over five months and i love him with all my heart. he deserves everything in the world, but i'm afraid i'm failing him. i've had personal issues, and i lost a necklace he gave me, and just recently i made a mistake on a present i ordered for our six months anniversary. i'm such a mess. i just want to make him happy the way he does it for me. he tells me i do, he always tells me he adores me, but i just feel like i never show him enough. i'm sorry, i just need to vent

no you’re completely fine!! those are just small mistakes that happen sometimes. for example, my gf lost my valentine’s gift so she couldn’t give me anything and honestly i couldn’t care less because i love her so much and it doesn’t matter!!! that’s probably the same for him. he adores you. you have nothing to worry about

*Muffled sniffling* THANK U

I don’t have much free time right now, but I’m going to do a small art-raffle. Everyone who likes or reblogs this post is automatically entered to participate. There will only be one winner slot (I’m sorry I just don’t have time for more at this point though) and the winner shall receive a drawing of one character of their choice ;3

 I will not draw explicit nudity or overly complicated machinery. Partial nudity or gore is okay but I might not post it on the blog if I consider it something potentially disturbing to my followers.

 Thank you all so much for sticking with me and these kids! It makes me feel really nice and validated <3

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u made so many friends all of a sudden and kiss people ?happy for you kinda except now i feel more awful abt my life and a small (medium sized) part of me wished you would come back to my level of lonely loserness

oh love im sorry, i could actually laugh a little because this isn’t the case at all. i think you are a bit confused ! I haven’t made so many friends all of a sudden, who are all these friends? I have about 3 close friends and some other lovely people too (about 4). i don’t have a ‘friendship group’ i just have friends who i interact with separately. I haven’t kissed many people recently, its not like I am living the american-indie-film-romance kissing generically ‘’cute’’’ boys on rooftops at night and going out with all my MANY friends on our bikes to the beach.. haha. i occasionally see people. I rarely rarely kiss people. i have intense things with people, yes. but its not like i am living the dream! I got better from my depression thats what happened and i started to be able to be friends with people and give off the right energy which allowed interactions to happen. i assure you it will get better! i am a example of that!!!!! i went from having 0% friends pretty much to having people i love so dearly and hanging out and having nice chill times. I was kissing someone when i was a lonely human because i had a boyfriend then!?!! so it doesnt quite make sense. kissing people doesnt make your worth anymore-so, neither does having friends. i actually value my friendless times because they taught me a lot about being a human being and having to be strong alone before friendships can be truly beneficial, i promise you it will get better

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24 Oswald x Zsasz

“you deserve better.”  

It ended up not really being romantic, sorry!

Victor didn’t leave Oswald’s side for a whole week after dragging him out of the river and rushing him to the most qualified back street surgeon he knew. The guilt he was experiencing was jarring and uncomfortable. So was the nagging worry that if he left the small man, even for a moment, something else bad would happen.

He blamed himself for Oswald’s abrupt plummet for power, and his near death experience. 

Too near.

Out of loyalty to Don Falcone, Victor had jumped at the chance to work for his old boss again, leaving Oswald without explanation and offering his services to keep Jim Gordon at bay. He owed Falcone a lot, and he figure Oswald was safe as houses anyway; as Mayor of Gotham and with that conniving (but admittedly brilliant) snake at his side.

Victor had known about Isabelle (Isabella? Isolde? Victor hadn’t care to learn her name) but he had never thought that, were the truth to come out, that Edward would turn on Oswald so completely. So maliciously.

He had expected to return to a verbal lashing from his tiny spitfire boss, not to be getting a call from one of his girls to say someone had seen Oswald bundled roughly into a car by Gilzean, and they were heading to the docks.

The seconds after the gunshot that he had to wait for Nygma to turn away so he could slink into the water were the longest Victor had ever experienced. Victor could have used those seconds to kill him, but there was no guarantee he didn’t have backup, or that the kill wouldn’t somehow go awry.

And Victor’s primary concern then had be Oswald. Who was sinking to the bottom of the river with a hole in his gut.

On the seventh day of his recovery, when Oswald was finally conscious more than he was asleep, the small man reached out and took Victor’s hand with a small smile.

“Thank you, Victor,” he said quietly with a weary smile, which wavered when he continued.

“You really are the only friend I have left.”

Victor let out a sigh and enclose Oswald’s hand in both his own, leaning forward in his seat to press a familiar kiss to the cool skin.

“You deserve better.” His expression was firm and set, angry at himself for allowing this to happen.


“Let me kill him.” It was the only thing that would make him feel any better, but as always Oswald just shook his head with a sad expression.

“No.” Even after everything, Oswald still loved that snake, and Victor didn’t, couldn’t, understand how.

“But there is something you can do.”

So after one week Victor finally left Oswald’s side to go find new friends and allies for his boss. Because nothing kept Oswald Cobblepot down, and Victor Zsasz would be by his side every uphill step of the way.

For me? (Thorin x Reader)

A/N: Hi uhm, could you maybe do a birthday fic plz? My birthday is coming up in 11 days and i was just wondering. Uh maybe make it something like a thorin or kili x reader and they find out her birthday is that day? And then they like go to all this trouble to set up a really nice day for reader and then like smutty at the end maybe?(if not comfy with smut its cool) and just something cute plz? Tyvm! Love your work btw. Sorry you wont be around much longer Youre great(not tryin to be rude at all). Thanks for the ask and i am so sorry it has taken me this long. I know it is shrt but for the next few days this is all the internet time I will get. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

He had been working all day and the king found himself wishing he had more time. Looking around the small set up he had made he rubbed the back of his head and let out a deep breath. “Thorin!?” you yelled calling out for your husband. Panicking he bent down to quickly light the candles. “Hold on… Don’t come any closer!” he yelled not wanting the surprise to be ruined. “Ow.” he huffed when the flame got to close to his finger. Sucking on the tip of his finger he quickly looked everything over before turning around to see you coming through the tree line. Jumping forward he covered her eyes from view. Giggling you wen to move his hand. “What are you doing darling?” you asked with a smile. Carefully Thorin began backing up to get you in the perfect spot. “No peeking.” he said. 

Once he had her where he wanted her he removed his hand and watched her face. “Happy Birthday!” Looking out in front of you you couldn’t help but feel tears come to your eyes. A large blanket was laid out in front of the waterfall with different types of food. There were fruits and cakes and even a salad. Covering your mouth you looked to see him unsure. “You’re crying? Do you not like it?” He asked making you shake your head and giggle. “No Thorin I love it. Thank you so much!” You quickly wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. With everything that had been going on you had thought that he had forgotten. Through all the years together Thorin had always made you feel special. After the dragon had attacked Erabor you all had been outcasts. He would work his fingers to the bone, some nights not having the energy to even make it to the bed. But even through all that he still made you feel like you were his everything.

Letting out a sigh Thorin lifted you up and carried you over to sit on the blanket. Sitting between his legs he raised a fresh strawberry to your lips. Thorin gave a deep hum when he saw your lips wrap around the red fruit, imagining it was something else. Once the two of you had eaten your picnic he layed back on the blanket with you curled into his side. Looking up at the stars the two of you stayed in a comfortable silence. “Thorin?” You said making him glance down at you. “Thank you.” you smiled placing a kiss on his lips. “Anything for you my heart.”

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I love your art so much, like- anything you draw is amazing. You are a big inspiration to me. I don't know what's happening in the EW fandom right now but it's just a small bump that probably soon will pass. But please, never stop drawing- Like never ever. (Sorry for this cheesiness but I love everything you draw, it's amazing<3)

Thank you very much, don’t worry I’ll keep up doing the bizz I love and ya’ll better do the same to make yourselves happy

The Only Person to Ever Intimidate Rafael Barba Chpt. 3

Its a small chapter, sorry!

The Only Person Ever To Intimadate Barba Chapter 3.

Rafael had a lot of thoughts going through his minds.  She wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.  Did she have a boyfriend?  He knew if he were to over think this he might lose his chance.  The lobby was coming up.  The doors opened and she turned and said goodbye.  He couldn’t lose his chance so he followed her out.  As she was walking out of the courthouse he walked up to her and asked.

“I’m not to good at this but would you like to go for coffee sometime?”

She looked a bit surprised, maybe he overstepped bounds.  Then she looked confused.  He sollowed what he felt like was a huge lump.

“Like a…date?”  She sincerely asked.  He nodded.  

Now she she was shocked.  This man, a handsome lawyer was asking her out.  Lydia, thought back to that sad girl and looked at the lawyer.  

“Sure.”  She said simply.  Not knowing what to do she simply gave him her number.  He programmed it into his phone right away.  He told her called her later.  She had no idea what had just happened.  Neither did Rafael.  However both walked smiling.

He was still smiling as he walked into the precinct however the blond detective was waiting for him.

“So…what was that?  I never seen you do that before or smile so much.”

He stopped smiling starting to walk away.  Stopped and said.  

“I asked her out for coffee.  She said yes.”  

Carisi immeaditily went to Rollins.  Shocked.

“Did Barba just ask a girl out?  Especially one he met on a case?

“Apparetently,  you never did?”

Carisi blushed and said.

“Yup, very few said yes.”

Rollins rolled her her eyes and opened some paper work.

An older detective, Fin Tutuloa, rolled his chair over as Benson came out of her office sensing the gossip.

“What’s going on with Barba?  He was smiling this little smile as he went passed my office to go back to his.”  Benson asked.  
“I bet it has to do with that pretty translator.”  Fin said.

“It does, he asked her out.  Apparently she said yes.”

“What?”  Both Fin and Benson said at the same time.

Everyone suddenly wanted to see how this relationship with the translator and their ADA progressed.  Another thing the couple did not know,  their love life was now the office gossip…


Barba hadn’t been nervous since high school calling up a woman.  Everything crossed his mind while he dialed up her number.  After three rings she answered.


“Hi, its me, Rafael Barba, I asked you out for coffee?”  He said, try to keep the nervousness out of his voice.

“Oh yes, you called.”  She replied sounding almost…surprised.

He chuckled, why was she so surprised, far apart from being beautiful, she was accomplished and extremely well educated.  To him, a woman with brains was the sexiest thing on earth.  He wasn’t one to change plans or to go fast but he decided to go with.

“My friend, had to give to give away reservations at a restaurant.  I was wondering if you would like to go with me there instead?  They are for tomorrow night, is that a problem”

“No, not a problem.  I’m sorry, but mother is trying to Skype me, and she lives in Wisconsin.  Could you text me the address and I meet you there?”  She said, now sounding kind of shocked.

“Sure, ’til morrow.”  Rafael promised.

“Til morrow, Rafael.” She promised as well.

Both were smiling as they hung.  

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Sorry to bug you but did you notice Daryl looking at Carol's lips for a bit when they reunited or do you think it was reaching? If so was he looking at her lips because part of him wanted to grab and kiss her? Do you believe Daryl kissed Carol's shoulder or was that reaching? I can't tell because I can only watch on a small screen but I don't want to say it didn't happen if it did and I don't want to say it happened if it was reaching. So I'm just kindly asking for your views

Hey dude don’t even worry about it. You’re not sending me hate, so you’re not at all bugging me. 

I did see his eyes flick towards her lips a few times, but I don’t know that he was necessarily thinking about grabbing her and kissing her. I think in that moment he was just caught up in how good it was to finally see her again, how much he missed her, and how hurt he felt thinking she could just leave him without saying goodbye. I think he was afraid that she wouldn’t be happy to see him, and he wanted to know why she left so he could try to understand.

As for the shoulder kiss, I saw that too. It’s kind of hard to tell with the way the camera quickly cut to Carol, but I think it was there. It’s obvious that they love each other, and neither of them wanted to split up. But I don’t think this was the right time for either of them to profess their to each other. They both have a lot of issues and things to work out. But I think it’s gonna happen, when the timing is right, which I think is soon. 

Keep these questions coming, I love them!