sorry that this cosplay is still a wip

Hey guys! Sorry i have been so inactive.. a lot of stuff has happened over the past few months but now im hoping to post a lot more!
Oz comic con brisbane is coming up and im a guest :D I’ve decided to do Quiet from the new Metal Gear on Sunday morning - so here is a makeup test (Still getting the costume together)

Hope you guys like it <3

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Here’s some things! You can see the beginnings of the styling and cell shading on the wig here! This was my first time fully dying a wig, and I used sharpies in a few different colours to set some basic lights/darks throughout the wig itself, as well as to put some blue tones into the purple to get it a more in-game shade! Please excuse the super rushed makeup and the entirely unfinished hood, I’m still working on the interier and painting it! I’ve actually got a fair amount of this cosplay finished, I just don’t feel a lot of it is really up to scratch to show just yet!

Also sorry not sorry for the bad selfie cam quality, when I do a full run with my whole outfit (which should be pretty soon so just watch for it!!) I’ll take proper pictures with my big fat fancy camera. ;3


WIPWIPWIPWIP I know there’s a ton left to do.

So I have a shit ton of progress left on this and I have to move out of my apartment by the 29th and what do I do instead of packing or, you know, actual progress? Spend way too long trying to find a nice middle ground between androgynous and makeup that’ll show up in pictures. 

I’m not particularly pleased with a lot of this but it was sort of a last-minute decision that I figured would be really comfortable for AX. The boyfriend and my roommate still can’t get over that I’m cosplaying Sailor URANUS LOL. My boyfriend’s second comment was then “…that’s a lesbian haircut” to which I had a giggle. I mean, come on, they’re totally cousins. 


Wrathia makeup test. I am so angry because I did it in HOURS and it’s night time, so I can’t do good selfies. Have the webcam ones so at least I am not YELLOW. I prefer showing you the real colors than a better quality, sorry. Btw- I’ll try it again after buuying and styling the wig. I am still not sure about the lips but YEEEEAAAHHH ME AS WRATHIA. 


sorry for attacking u with photos all of a sudden ww
don’t worry, the cosplay isn’t done yet, this is still WIP
(also featuring the wonderful paraplyen as Bokuto)
just wanted to let you know that I’ll be at Hanami in Ludwigshafen this weekend! If you happen to be there as well: I’ll be cosplaying Akaashi on saturday and Kitaichi Oikawa on sunday. Don’t be shy to talk to me <3

WIP roses are still hard to paint

sorry some of the photos are blurry because they’re from my phone
This is what I’ve been working on for the last 2 days, and OHMYGOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I’m going to be wearing this at BrisNova 2015!
I’m still deciding whether I should just wear fishnet stockings with heels or if I can find a cheap princess dress underneath?? help, what do
also cow pajama pants (。・//ε//・。)


There he is. (Sorry I didn’t do all my makeup hahAHA my face looks so round without contouring ew) Anyway I still have to finish the bracelet and find shoes and a belt and maybe tweak a few more things (like taping my wig down ohoho it’s so loose rn) but I’M APOLLO JUSTICE AND I’M FINE!!

(Gah why does Tumblr make pictures so big ; u ;)

“Adrien… ( ˘ ³˘)

Sorry for non-Naruto cos but Miraculous Ladybug premiered this weekend in the US! Ahh! Here’s a WIP selfie to celebrate! (Pardon my bracelet, forgot to take it off.)

Still not done with either cosplay but finals first and then I will work on both Marinette and Ladybug! I did this test last night while I was supposed to be studying whoops.

Still hope you like it! <3 Can’t wait to cos with my group! @hinarina 

Back to studying T__T


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Hey guys! So Inkypop and I started playing around with makeup and wig-styles for my WIP Human(ish) Toothless cosplay ;u; We’re definitely still in the experimental phase here, so any suggestions would be absolutely amazing ;u; We do know that we want to make the under-layer of scales a bit darker (they seemed really dark until we threw the black wig on with it!) and will probably have more over-layer scales in the future as well!

Again, any suggestions would be awesome! <3