sorry that the quality is terrible omg



ITS SO SHITTY OMG but goddamn does it feel good to have completed prolly the longest animation I’ve ever done?? Wish I coulda done more to it but my computer is terribly laggy. This was basically a screenshot redraw gone wild haha, also sorry for the shit video quality?? maybe ill upload a higher quality version, if anyone wants.

Over the Garden Wall is very important to me; its basically if I were turned into a 10-episode long miniseries haha and its helped me through a lot!! So here is a nod to my favourite cartoon ever. Enjoy!!!

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Who are your favourite blogs ?

OMG I have so many!! ♥




♥♥I love all blogs but these ones have a special place in my heart ♥♥ Sorry for awful quality, I’m on Mobile so the format is terrible!

This is a little drawing I made for Mahiru because shes honestly my favorite character in sdr2 and I love the way you portray her (even though you dont post about her often and also sorry for terrible quality and drawing)

Aaaaah !!! I love this! Omg she is so beautiful?! What are you talking about this is not terrible at all, this is wonderful, amazing, perfect!

I love this so much seriously!

And aww thanks I’m really happy to know that you like how I portray her, I admit that I’m a bit surprised that she doesn’t get more asks since I thought she was one of the fandom’s favorite but I’m glad you still liked the asks she answered!!

-mod lili


Harmon Rabb Sr. and Jenny Lake - JAG ( 5x11 “Ghosts of Christmas Past" )

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💚? :)

I think I found you through janie’s blog, either you followed me and I saw that you were quality content or I just found you somehow (I can’t really remember omg sorry I have a terrible memory). So my first impression was something along the lines of “omg!!!! a theon stan!!!!!! those are super rare omg a quality blog gotta follow!!!!!!!” and I love your blog and you seem really nice and sweet :) <3

mutuals: send me a 💚 for my first impression of you.


a remake of this post, my trash celebration-for-finally-finishing-days post.

even tho this one is still trash tbh r.i.p

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hey nerd whats up.. i'm sorry this is a terrible way to start a message i don't know how to be informal. hello do you have a tutorial for how you make those cool circular icons?? <3

I just click a few things and hope whatever I’m editing turns out alright, so don’t expect it to be an a+ quality tutorial (I really don’t know what I’m doing omg)

But I’ll tell you how I do it

Before you start, you need a decent picture. Make sure it’s not blurry or anything and make sure it’s at least 200x200px, it can be bigger of course.

I’m using one of my screenshots of my inquisitor. Before you do anything, check if your layer is a background layer or not.

If it looks like this, double click on the lock on the right and click ok, this way you make sure it’s a transparent layer, not a coloured one. After that you have to use the lasso-tool to get rid of the unecessary background (or not, if you prefer having the original background).

After you’re done with that, play with the colours, the vibrance and the brightness, until you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Make sure you merge the layers before you continue. Select all layers (except the one you started with, if you didn’t delete it). Right click and select “merge layers”.

You should have something like this.

After you’ve done all of that, create a new layer and find a nice texture - or just a nice colour if that’s what you like/want - and make it your new background.

I decided to go with a texture.

Select your transparent layer (the one with your figure on it) and your texture/coloured background layer and merge them like I showed you earlier. Now create a new transparent layer but don’t do anything with it (yet)

Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool and select a circle (make sure you’re holding the shift key on your keyboard so it really is a circle, not an egg or something) and fill it with a white colour (make sure you’re on the new layer with nothing on it!)

Do not click on the picture! If you accidentally do, hit CTRL + Alt + Z to get the circle selection back. Click on your icon layer (mine’s called Denyla Icon) and press ctrl + c, then go back to your circle layer and press ctrl + v and make your icon layer invisible (click on the eye).

And you should get this.

Go to your newest layer (in my case, Layer 6) and press CTRL + T. You should be able to adjust the size now. Make sure you’re holding Shift while adjusting the size!

Crop the picture properly (leave some space between the borders of the circle and the borders of the image!!) and you should get something like this.

Now just save it as a “.png” file (I always pick png 24, not sure what it does though) and voilá, you have your circular icon!

I hope this helped!