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your pierced!harry art got me going on and on about this headcanon i saw and it was as if you captured it perfectly, i'm a huge fan on the idea that harry is a tattoo artist and also does/has a lot of piercings.. and in comes draco malfoy wanting a tattoo that covers his dark mark, but then later on coming back for more and more until he has a beautiful sleeve of stick and poke tattoos done by his crush aka harry

I can not believe how long it took me to answer this one omg I’m sorry ;;

absolutely can see this happening

Draco finally giving up his attempts to remove the mark and deciding rather to have it covered up - so in he struts to the tattoo parlour he’d been eyeing for some time and definitely not bc of the hot guy whom he occasionally sees having a coffee/smoking in front of the shop when Draco takes the more scenic route to his work

turns out the guy is in fact Potter of all people and before Draco can implode/disapparate/have a mental and physical meltdown, of course Potter sees him bc that’s just his luck. On the other hand, Potter seems just as appalled/amused to see Draco judging by the whole spectrum of colours that briefly passes his face (and also makes him look like a fucked up chameleon, Draco nearly feels sorry for him)

only this Potter must have been lifting his motorbike at least, has jewellery in places where Draco thinks they must be in way of all comfortable life and also to his utter disbelief has a haircut

upon Draco’s inquiry Potter scrunches up his face in a way that means bad news, clearly Draco’s share of luck in life had been spent before he was 10 years old 

apparently black magic markings can’t be tattooed over as they will bleed through any coverup, also will look blast-ended skrewt level of hideous, to quote Potter

Draco must have briefly shown An Emotion because Potter immediately (and to Draco’s horror almost sympathetically) suggests he could still tattoo around it and make something new out of it

Draco debates if his pride should be injured that Potter pretends he wants to help him, but ultimately concludes that he’s out of fucks to give and just wants the mark gone or changed yolo

He shows up for the first session and it’s not even awkward, Draco is ticklish and snappy when Potter deliberately presses the needle a bit harder into his skin. Draco has to keep his mark contained with a stasis charm as well so its magic won’t interfere with the other tattoo’s as Potter inks his arm

they are both tired after, but the tattoo’s starting to look pretty and Draco has to admit he’s looking forward to the next sitting for more than tattooing reasons

after the third session Draco notices Harry is freestyling around the originally agreed upon design, but it still looks great so he doesn’t say a thing

after the fifth session it’s starting to look like Harry’s going for a whole sleeve, so Draco asks him out for a Quidditch match. the tattoo is beautiful, but Draco’d prefer to keep it on his forearm only, thank you very much

Draco would however enjoy having more of the designs in different parts of his skin so he comes back. he absolutely doesn’t imagine the slightly louder exhale of  breath held back when he takes off his shirt

three more tattoos and a few coffees/quidditch matches later Draco concludes Harry’s tongue piercing is in fact a thing to delight in.


mood: Eliot advising Hardison to be more assertive in his relationship with Parker, realising he’s the one asserted over the whole evening, ending up secretly proud of it.

I Smile

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[ jaehyung ] 


word count; 2.3k

genre; angst

summary - A Jae scenario based on the song ‘I Smile’ by Day6 (lyrics in italics). You and Jae had been broken up for some years, however you accidentally meet again, causing old feelings and emotions to rise. Jae wanted to pursue his music career and both of you left. Neither one of you admitted it to each other, but you missed one another terribly. 

“There’s a graduation festival on at my university this Saturday if you’d like to come,” Y/F/N announced, slumping down onto the couch in your family’s living room.

“Yeah? That’d be nice considering I’m finished up at school too,” I said, placing down two cups of tea. Both you and your best friend loved to spend the first week of summer holidays being lazy at one of each other’s homes. Tonight you made cookies and were about to start watching a new, highly popular drama, lying around in your comfy pyjamas.

“I just love the festivals each year, there’s always great music and free food, which is a bonus,” Y/F/N added, picking up a warm cookie from the plate that was perched on the coffee table.

For the rest of the evening we happily chatted about our weekend plans and commented on the drama that we were currently watching.

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Single - BadBoy!Calum Smut

inspired by Daddy Issues and Single by The Neighbourhood - masterlist


God she’s beautiful.

The first time I’d seen her in a year and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Weddings almost always made me uncomfortable but with her in the room I never wanted to leave.

“You’re staring again.” My cousin, Luke, nudged me out of my daydream.

“Shut up.” I scoffed at the blonde boy opposite me, although avoided his eye contact and fiddled with the watch strapped across my tattooed wrist.

“It’s obvious you’ve still got a crush on her.” He laughed, glancing over his shoulder to where she was spinning round his baby sister with a grin lighting up her face.

I immediately felt my jealousy flare up and slapped Luke’s head round so he’d be facing me again.

“Wow I wonder why she’s not falling back into your arms?!” Luke sourly quipped as he rubbed his head.

I was about to curse him out but she came bounding over, begging us for a dance. She took my breath away, I was lucky she was talking to me.

“Come on you guys! It’s almost the last song!”

She loved weddings. She said she loved the meaning behind them, two souls becoming one. I couldn’t tear my eyes from her and nodded at her invitation.

“Luke’s feeling tired.” I lied through my teeth and he just lightly snorted at my attempt to keep him seated.

As I followed her to the dance floor I gave Luke the middle finger from behind my back to which I’m sure he returned his own.

The steady beat of the pop song that had been playing for the last few minutes quickly scratched out and was replaced with a slow song the second we stepped onto the hardwood. I could see she wasn’t expecting the sudden change but I couldn’t let her slip from my grasp. With a small cheesy grin I wrapped my hand securely around her waist and pulled her close to me, not hesitating for a second. I was sure I looked dumb with an uncontrollable smile on my face as I soaked her in whilst rocking side to side, but I didn’t care. It’s not like I could figure out how to get rid of it when I was around her. She seemed content at our positioning, maybe I had a second chance with her.

“What are you thinking about?” She looked up at me and reached her arms up around my neck.

Her touch that I had yearned for for too long sent warm sparks through my body.

“Whatever you’re thinking about, baby.” I winked before realising my mistake.

I can’t help calling her baby even though I shouldn’t. When we were together I barely called her anything else. It still felt right.

“Baby?” She whispered the word as if it was filthy. When I used to whisper it, it was.

“Slip of the tongue.” I apologised, tearing my eyes away from her in embarrassment.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was acting like a bumbling idiot in front of her. I guess the year apart didn’t give me as much closure as I thought it had.

“No it wasn’t.” She spoke softly but she knew I was listening.

I didn’t know how to respond. I had no clever one-liner. I could only get lost in her eyes and leave my mouth parted ready for words that weren’t forming.


I was rudely pulled from her gaze by a cold mutter of my name.

“Sir.” I pulled my hands away from her immediately, the absence of her touch making me feel hollow.

“Dad? Please…” She looked around at the busy dance floor, obviously not wanting to cause a scene at her aunt’s wedding.

“You stay away from her.”

Before I knew it I was being marched out the doors by the scruff of my smart white shirt. I lost my footing and stumbled onto the paved stones lining the front of the building. I fell forward but just managed to stay standing, turning on my heels to face the man that chucked me out on my ass for the second time in my life.

“I told you to stay away.” He spat at me like I was dirt, I didn’t know how to explain to him I was sorry for everything.

“I can’t… I love her.” It took everything I could to stop my voice from breaking.

“You lost that privilege when you broke her heart. You’ll never get her back.”

“I’d like to find that out for myself, thanks Dave.” The only person I needed to hear that from was Y/N herself.

I never meant to hurt her, and she needed to know. Before another word was uttered he reached out and slapped me hard across the face. It sounded worse than it felt but my vision spun as I touched my sore cheek in shock.

“Feel better?” I’ve been hit harder before, he has a weak swing.

The man in front of me seethed, his shoulders heaving up and down. He scoffed and shook his head at the ground.

“You’re a waste of space, Hood. I’m her father,” He took a few steps towards me but I stayed put, staring him down, “Do you understand what that means? I guess not, seeing as yours left you. I actually care for my daughter, and out of you and me, she will always pick me.”

My fists curled at my sides and I could hear my heartbeat ringing in my ears. He was fighting dirty and it took everything I had not to punch the 50-something square in the jaw.

“See, that’s the difference between us,” I said through gritted teeth, “I’d never make her choose.”
He didn’t say anything else, just huffed and gave me a dirty look before making his way towards the muted music emanating from the wedding reception. I spat on the ground as he walked away, clenching my jaw before walking towards the wall of the fancy hotel and kicking it hard. I raised my fist and let it hover close to the brick and cement, furrowing my brows deeply and trying to reason with myself hoping my anger wouldn’t take over like it has done so many times before.

There she was. Saving me from myself yet again.

“We shouldn’t be alone together bab-” I stopped short, dropping my head and sighing before finally working up the courage to look at her.

She looked ethereal. Her dress hugged her in all the right places and the crimson colour matched her parted lips. I studied every element of her face, afraid that after tonight I’d never see her again.


“I’m sorry… about him.” You spoke, tentatively taking a step closer to the dark haired boy brooding in the shadows of the sun just beginning to set.

He looked good, his smart shirt had become crumpled - no thanks to your fathers rough handling - and was messily untucked from his ripped skinny jeans. His curly hair was sticking up on end due to his habit of running his fingers through it. Your eyes flitted down to his full pink mouth, the studs on either side of his lower lip instinctively making you pull your own through your bottom teeth. He raised his pierced eyebrow at you, reading you like a book and making you feel slightly insecure. He always knew what you were thinking, and right now that would be dangerous, because he looked even more gorgeous than he did a year ago.

“I don’t care about him, I want to know how you are. I didn’t mean to–”

You had forgotten how hypnotising his lips were.

“I thought you would come back for me,” You interjected, you had to stop him talking or you were sure you’d jump back into the arms of the boy who broke your heart, “When I heard that you left I didn’t know what to do. I–” You swallowed back the lump in your throat, Calum was an arms length away now, like he was being drawn to you, “I cried for days.” As you spoke your voice cracked and your tough exterior came crumbling down, tears slowly rolling down your face.

You felt strong arms around you, cradling you. You looked up at Calum through your wet eyelashes.

“I didn’t mean any of this, please,” He sounded broken, “I did come back for you, I did, I did,” He was muttering under his breath, until he fell completely silent, “Your dad stopped me seeing you… He didn’t tell you I came, did he?” He said in a faint whisper of realisation.

“W-what?” You felt dizzy.

Your father had said that Calum cursed you out, calling you awful names you didn’t want to believe. Turns out you shouldn’t have.

“He threatened me if I ever came back to your house, he said…” Calum drifted off, not wanting to upset you more.

You took a shuddering breath and pulled away from Calum’s embrace so you could look him directly in the eye. Everything you thought you knew could be wrong, you went through all that torment not because of Calum… but because of your father.

“You ignored every call I made to you in the last year. True or not true?” The stories of events that had happened last year were unravelling.
“Not true,” Calum scratched the back of his neck as he sighed and explained, “I threw my phone at a wall in a bar soon after that night, got kicked out and lost all the data. I didn’t have any money to buy a new one for months after that, when I could it was a shitty Nokia.”

“You cheated on me. True or not true?”
“What? I never– Who told you that?” Calum seemed outraged at that last accusation, it took him two seconds to join the dots, “Your dad.”

You nodded, hanging your head and staring at your feet; all the anger you had felt towards Calum dissipated. Your lungs felt like they had released a breath you’d been holding for months. The little broken boy you knew a year ago was still in front of you, still searching for a place to call home in your arms. And you were going to let him.

“You love me. True or not true?”

Your lips parted in a small gasp when you heard him ask his own question. Calum’s fingers hooked under your chin and tilted your jaw so you were gazing right at him.

“Do you even have to ask?” You could feel your heart swelling as if a fist was clutching it.

“No.” He gave you small grin, running his thumb along your bottom lip, watching your face carefully.

He looked at you as if you were fine china and he was afraid you’d shatter if he held you too tightly. You looked at him and saw art with a message only you could decipher. You held your breath as he leaned in close to you, your mouths mere centimeters apart. Closing your eyes you could feel the air from his lungs fanning across your skin as he spoke softly.

“I’ll never stop loving you.”

Your mouth broke into a small grin before he closed the gap between you two. All of a sudden it seemed as if he had been gone an hour and not a year, his lips caressing yours so expertly. Before you could stop yourself, tears were leaking down your face, you were overcome with emotion. A year of your life was wasted hating Calum for things he never did. Calum slowly withdrew from you, placing his arms on your shoulders and looking into your glassy eyes.

“Come here little girl.”

You collapsed at his words. He let you break down in his arms, holding you tightly to his chest. Safe.

You felt him kiss the top of your head, making you look up at the the rich dark brown colour of his eyes. No more words needed to be said, you wound your fingers into the thick curls at the back of his head and kissed him deeply. You were suddenly yearning for him. For his touch, his taste. His hands settled on your waist and held your hips tightly against his. As he did so an involuntary moan left your mouth, only encouraging the tan boy more. Tingles were igniting all over your body where your bare skin touched his and you had never felt more alive or more desperate.

“Need you.” You mumbled against his lips, a moan following your words as he took your bottom lip between his teeth and nipped gently.

Calum didn’t need persuading.

He tore himself away from you, somewhat reluctantly, and took your hand in his, beckoning you towards his car in the far part of the car park. He fumbled with the keys and unlocked the battered Jeep, letting you enter first. You felt like a kid again, making out at the back of school and trying not to get caught.

You moved to the far end of the backseat, pulling Calum in by his collar. How did someone manage to look so irresistible in just a plain white button down?

“Goddamn that shirt.” You mumbled as Calum crawled over you, smashing his lips to yours, sending a rush a wetness between your legs.

“Like it?” He grinned against your mouth, teasingly only giving you tiny kisses now.

“You know I do.” You tilted your head back so he’d start sucking on your neck.

Luckily he took the hint and began paying attention to the sweet spot near your ear, knowing it’d have you writhing. As much as you were enjoying the attention he was giving you, you felt like you had to repay the favour, you were aching to hold him. You reached and began to undo his buttons, finally pushing the fabric off his shoulders and revealing his toned torso to you. Your eyes darted across his chest, surprised to see additions to his arm of tattoos. You gently ran your fingers across the new ink, stopping Calum in his pursuit of branding your neck with his mouth.

“When did you get these?” You whispered, looking back and forth between Calum and his arm.

“Uh, a few months ago.” He shrugged, his hungry gaze fixated on your lips, making you break into a small smile.

“They’re nice.” You hummed as he ran his thumb across your lips.

“Still gotta take you to get your first.” He said, kissing your cheek gently, then your neck, then your collarbone.

You pressed your hand against his chest, backing him up and then grabbing the hem of your dress, that had ridden up to round your waist. You lifted it over your head and abandoned it on the car floor, letting Calum see you. His breath hitched when he saw what you were showing him. In small delicate ink read the word “Baby” on the left side of your torso.

He didn’t say anything, just stared at the word. He startled you when he finally moved, grabbing your waist and kissing you with his slightly swollen lips.

You succumbed to his forceful grip, letting his hips rest between your legs. You reached between your bodies and unzipped his jeans sloppily, both of you now getting desperate for real friction. Neither of you cared that Calum was still half dressed, or that you still had underwear on, you just needed each other. Now.

Calum pulled away from you, looking at you for permission as he pumped his length, his trousers barely down his thighs. You laid your hand on his, pulling him back for a deep kiss. You let out a high pitched sigh as he sunk into you, the denim still on him providing a friction against your thighs you didn’t know could feel so good. Calum stilled in you, letting you adjust and just revelling in the feeling, his head sunk into the crook of your neck. You wound your fingers in his hair as he began to move, his need for you too great for him to tease. His length was stretching you blissfully, the feeling heightening your senses and tightening you around him. Calum was thrusting fast, spurred on by your moans. You whimpered as he hit your g spot, and you bucked your hips to meet him, the fast pace he had set would mean neither of you would last long. He reached a hand down between your bodies, the muscles of his other arm straining as they fought to hold him up over you. His skilled fingers began rubbing circles on your clit, causing you to arch your back and tighten around him. His hips stuttered and he let out a wrecked groan as you did so, his fingers working overtime to get you off first.

“Gonna cum?” He asked, knowing very well the answer was yes as your mouth was fixed in a permanent ‘o’ shape, “Gonna cum for me baby?”

“Y-yes.” You choked out, your hips bucking wildly as your released with a series of loud moans.

You reached up and dragged your fingernails down Calum’s chest as you whimpered his name, your high being dragged out as he continued to pump into you. He began to let out small grunts, desperately seeking out his release until he finally let go, groaning and his arms giving way, leaving his panting form to fall onto you.

He stayed inside you, both of you holding the other in silence, knowing the inevitability of having to let go but refusing to for just a few moments longer.

“Come with me.” Calum said, swiping his dark curls from his sweaty forehead and making an effort to sit up, pulling out.

You both shuddered as he did so, still sensitive from your orgasms.

“I want to,”

“But…?” Calum said, predicting your next word forlornly.

“I have a job here, friends, family.”

“I have that on the road!” Calum protested, trying to keep his voice calm as he pleaded, “I found these guys, we’ve made a band and people are liking it. We’ve been spotted by this massive management team and… I want you to be part of it. I need you by my side, or else none of it will be worth anything. Please babe.” His voice cracked and you knew you couldn’t say no.

Who were you kidding? Your job was long hours for minimal wage, you couldn’t trust your family anymore and all your close friends had moved away for work or university.


“Okay?” He seemed stunned, but quickly a massive grin broke out on his face.

You nodded reassuringly, “Okay.” Giggling as he threw his arms around you.

“I love you.” He mumbled into your neck.

“I love you more.”

“No you don’t.”

Not so quick, but still dirty nebula painting based on @kaijuslayer‘s q&d nebula tutorial. (Which you should read before reading this).

In essence, this is the same process, except that it is a mix of my three attempts at learning Jake’s technique. Which brought a few tweaks

All three attempts were slightly different.

  • The first was a “I’ll follow the manual” thing :
  • The second was a variation with another colour than black as a background, or more accurately, making a nebula without any background colour. This used a drybrush technique :
  • The third came back to the text book, albeit with a desire to have colours blend more. To that end it used a wetting-the-paint-on-the-model method.

Flyers are great, they have a lot of surface to play with to really give this wet technique the room to shine. On smaller models though, the results do not achieve the impression of deepness of this Voidraven, but it is still worth the effort, at least if you look at the model from a playing distance.


The models I’m painting at the moment do not leave any black deep-space areas. They were undercoated with Mephiston Red spray paint, which I still deeply regret.

I would like to emphasis the fact that these techniques will crush your spirit until the last phase, where everything comes together and no matter how shitty it looked during the process, it will in fact, turn out great. I remember almost crying out of frustration on my first attempt.

STEP 1 : Getting started and doubting

Like with Jake’s tutorial, haphazardly paint your models with two base colours. Deposit the paint on a palette, take a lot of water on the brush, drop it on the palette, mix a little, put the blob of paint on the model. Really wet it, but not as much as it would immediately run. Aim for that “round drop of water on a surface” as a limit, running is desired, but not just yet.

Switch to colour 2, do the same, you might not need as much water this time, you’ll have to be the judge of that. Here your bubbles will connect and the paint from blob one will move around, dilute, blend a little but never really mix into another colour.

You don’t want them to become another colour, at least not too much, here a little bit of purple-ish blue or red in a very limited area can be acceptable, but if it turns outright purple, just wipe it away from the brush/model.

Play with the water : go take some with your brush and drop it on the model if it doesn’t feel like fun/risky to do. Let it go where it wants, or not, try turning the model around or up/down to achieve desired effects.

Let dry thoroughly before next step.

STEP 2 : feels like you did nothing of importance

Same than step one, but with layer colours, be a bit more precise with what you do, but you still have room for happy mistakes. As explained in Jake’s tutorial, you do not want to just paint over the deep blue, you want it to overlap a bit, be a bit smaller as to give the paint the idea of gradient, definitely use less water, but still, have a really wet brush.

You should totally have a nebula image from nasa or w/e as a model while doing this when you first try it out, it helps a lot. At least until you become familiar with nebula techniques.

STEP 3 : feels like improvement, or ruining the model?

Keep at it, go for even more lighter colours. In my case I didn’t use more than two red colours (Khorne and Evil Suns) but did use 3 or 4 colours for the blue (Kantor, Caledor, Lothern, and White if you want to count that in)

Keep going smaller (or not actually, in some places it can achieve nice effects) if you are perfectionist to the point of painting a replica of a nebula picture to the letter, these aren’t considerations that will bother you.

(sorry no picture)

STEP 4 : feels like it might come together eventually.

Fun part, take a bit of one of your base colours in a small recipient (I use icecube-making moulds) with the brush add a lot of water. Mix and apply all over the area. See Jake’s tutorial for an image and explanation it’s the exact same step.

STEP 5 : stars and shit

I’ve gotten lazy (that’s my trait in painting because I really don’t enjoy painting, if I could get to my end result without having to pick up a brush, I’d be so happy).

On the voidraven, I did every star one by one. It was okay, its a big model it needs to look good. On my bikes and this batch, I’ve used a destroyed brush to do like ten little spots at once, but they of course don’t look as good if your aim is to have nice round and small stars. What I did looks different, but not necessarily bad.

I added little parts where I almost dried-brush the lighter blue, other parts I used a wet brush, you have to test it out to see what works best for you. Most of the time I don’t know what I am doing and hope it’ll come out okay.


By now the model looks okay, but it can look even better if you just use a big brush containing a lot of ink (shade) in it. It will give the whole thing deepness and brilliance, as well as a certain fading, as if it was a real paintjob made by the space elves, rather than feeling like it’s a paintjob from a hobbyist nerdzor. 

I used an ink coulour that is not of the same hue as the earlier wash. In this case, I had washed with Khorne Red, so I opted for Drakenhof Nightshade as a finishing touch.

A lot of variations of these techniques will work. It is fun to try different things everytime or to have to find ways to adapt what you did on a 10cm x 5cm flyer hull to a 1,5cm x 1cm cape.

Just go for it :D get dirty!

happy birthday | alfie solomons

my girl @yourenotmytype requested shelby!reader thinking alfie had forgotten her birthday when he was really getting the whole family in on it

“Ollie, you seen Alf?”

“Uhh…no, not today”

“He hasn’t been in at all?”

“Meetings, I think”

You sighed, shoving your hands in your pockets and turning about his desk.

“Oh, happy birthday! I nearly forgot”

He scuttled off behind to rifle through the drawers and pulled out a poorly wrapped box.


“My niece helped”

You laughed, holding your hands out for the present.

“I truly appreciate it, thank you”

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Purple’s Your Colour

Request: “Hey, thank you for all of your amazing writings :) I was wondering if you could write a Credence Barebone imagine where him and the reader are together and she gives him a love bite and he doesn’t know that it’s not sometimes you’re really supposed showcase (for lack of better terms?) and so he comes out for breakfast the next morning and everyone (Newt, Tina, and everyone) sees it? Sorry if this was specific 😅 thank you!

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1399

Warnings: smuuuuut

A/n: BAM hit you with a dirtiness in the first sentence, so prepare yourself

Originally posted by qetikc

You grinded down onto Credence, a strangled moan escaping his lips as his hands flew to grip your hips.

“Is this okay babe?” You asked. He nodded his head profusely, his eyes tightly closed.

“S-so good.” He groaned, his hips desperately moving against yours. “More.”

You smirked, pulling your panties off. A naked Credence lay under you, and with the removal of your underwear, you were now fully bare as well.

“You’re so- wow.” You giggled as Credence ogled you up and down.

“You’ve seen me naked before, Creed.”

“I know but… you’re the most perfect thing on this Earth.”

You ducked your head into the crook of his neck, smiling widely. “You’re sweet.” You mumbled against his skin, kissing and sucking. At the same time, you pressed yourself against his rock-hard length, feeling it twitch against you.

“(Y/n) I- I need to be in you.” He whimpered. “Please.”

“I’m all yours baby, you can take me whenever you want.”

“F-uck.” He groaned, lining himself up with your entrance. “Feels so good.”

He pushed into you, his legs slightly shaking as he did. You moaned as he filled you up, your mouth opened, a waterfall of red smeared lipstick providing a picture-perfect scene for Credence to look up at. He could feel himself on the verge of tears once again, blinking rapidly and turning his head a bit so that you wouldn’t see. He cried sometimes when you two had sex, because he would just feel so overwhelmed by the feeling of being so safe and secure and loved. A gratuitous tear slipped past, but was caught by your thumb before it could slide down his cheek.

“It’s okay.” You cooed, continuing to slowly move with him. “Don’t hide your face.” You kissed him deeply, hands lightly pressed to the sides of his face.

“You’re mine…” He spoke in an uncertain tone, eyes watching you, filled with appreciation.

“I’m yours.” You whispered back. “And you’re mine.”

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Punctured Love

A/N: Drabble request for anon​. Imagine in which the reader is terrified of needles, and Jax knows it, so tells her it’s okay that she not get his crow tattooed on her. Enjoy, anony!

You sat in the waiting room, bouncing your leg as you waited for the nurse to call you in.
“It’s alright, I’ll be there the whole time.” Jax reassured you, his hand sliding down your thigh, squeezing it.
You didn’t reply, forcing yourself to stop bouncing your leg for all of a minute before starting up again.
It was only a blood test, but as much as you psyched yourself up, telling yourself it would be fine, just like every other time, you still sat in that chair as though you were waiting for the electric chair.
“Y/N?” The nurse called.
Your head snapped up, but you were frozen in your chair.
“Come on, babe, it’s okay.” Jax said, helping you up.
Walking into the nurse’s office, you sat on the bed, Jax next to you.
The nurse began the process, placing the band around your arm and tightening it. She began to feel around for the vein and you began to shake.
“You okay, sweetheart? If you feel like you’re gonna pass out, you tell me.”
You nodded and Jax squeezed your hand.
“Breathe, baby, in through the nose, out through the mouth, that’s it.”
“I promise, I won’t put the needle in until I’ve found a vein. Just relax and it’ll be over in a minute.” The nurse added.
You felt the tears welling up in your eyes, but you kept your gaze locked on Jax’s, following him along in his breathing technique. Sweat formed on your brow, and your cheeks flushed red as you felt the slight pinch of the needle.
“You’re doing great, Y/N, nurse is nearly done.”
You nodded, still breathing heavily, wincing slightly as you felt the needle being pulled out.
“All finished. Now sit there a moment, drink this cup of water, you’re a bit pale and I don’t want you getting up straight away.” The nurse said, handing her a paper cup.
You sipped at it while the nurse placed a cotton ball and tape over the area she’d drawn blood from. The nurse let you leave once she was happy with your breathing and colouring of your face.
Jax lead you out to the car, and the minute you were buckled in, you relaxed completely.
“Feeling better?”
“Yeah, thanks for that. Sorry I got freaked out.”
“All good darlin’.” He smiled at you. 
“How about we get burgers and ice cream, spend the night watching your favourite movies?”
You agreed, looking forward to a quiet evening in with your man.


Settling into bed for the evening, you lay with your head on Jax’s head, listening to the rain pouring outside. You felt so lucky to have him. Jax was so kind and caring, protective, and he loved you so deeply. 
He shifted underneath you, rolling towards you. He lay there, stroking your hair and smiling at you for a short while.
“I’m so glad I found you.” He said.
Blush rose in your cheeks. “I’m glad I found you, too.”
“I’ve been thinkin’. I really love you, and there’s no one else I want to do life with. Will you marry me? Be my Old Lady?”
It took a moment for the idea to register in. Jax wanted to marry you. You’d be his Old Lady, his wife. Pure joy was quickly replaced with a nauseating squeeze in your stomach.
Being an Old Lady meant getting your Old Man’s crow. Which meant a whole lot of needles. Which you hated.
“I haven’t even got pierced ears!” You exclaimed, sitting up.
“Huh?” Jax asked.
“I can’t get a crow tattoo! I can’t get any tattoos! Sooooo many needles!”
You felt the panic rising within you. You felt awful. Jax wanted to spend his life with you, and you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. But even the idea of being the wife of an outlaw biker club was less terrifying that a bunch of needles pricking your skin at once.
You heard Jax chuckle and turned to look at him laying on his back, staring up at you.
What caught your sight next was the diamond ring he was holding out to you.
“You don’t have to get my crow, babe. I’m not gonna force you to get a tattoo. I already know you’re mine, and that ring will tell anyone who doesn’t know. Or anyone who needs reminding.”
Your hand covered your mouth, the other reaching out, holding the delicate piece of jewellery between your fingers.
Jax sat up, cupping your cheek in his hand, wiping a stray tear you hadn’t noticed had fallen.
“So, is that a yes?”
“Yeah!” You said, and Jax pulled you in for a deep, slow kiss.
He slid the ring on your finger and you studied it, loving the feel of it.
“Now, I still would like you to have my crow.” Jax said, shuffling over on the bed towards the edge.
“You what?” You asked, wondering how on Earth you were going to pull that off.
Jax leant over the side of the bed, pulling up a long, flat box, handing it to you.
You opened it, pulling out what was inside.
A black t-shirt, “Jax’s Old Lady” printed on it in white, looking like a kutte patch.
You grinned, clutching the fabric like it was precious.
“Turn it over.”
Doing as you were told, you were met with an intricate crow design covering much of the back of the shirt. It was beautifully detailed, in the same white ink as the writing on the front.
“Wow, Jax.” You breathed out, rendered speechless. It was such a kind gesture, and you didn’t think you could love Jax anymore than you did until that moment.
“I got Happy to design it for me and got it printed on the shirt. I still have the design, so if anything happens to the shirt, we’ll go get another printed.”
You giggled, shaking your head.
“I love it so much. And I love you, Jax Teller.
“I love you too, future Mrs Teller.”

anonymous asked:

If you're okay with it, can I request some fluffy newt x chubby reader headcanons or something. The reader specializes in creature healing/medicine and is a ravenclaw

Note: I’ve just noticed you said headcanons, I’ve gone and wrote a full fanfic, hope its okay! 

GIF Credit: dailyfantasticbeastsgifs

Newt Scamander x Chubby Ravenclaw reader! 

Y/N hadn’t seen Newt Scamander in 8 years since his expulsion from Hogwarts. She’d heard that it was actually Leta Lestrange’s fault but he took the blame. As a Ravenclaw she never saw the logic in that, but she supposed it just showed what a good friend he was. She spoke to him often during Care of Magical Creatures, and when he could, they would often study together. He always gave a friendly smile or a little wave, making Y/N’s day even better. That soon stopped when he left, and she hadn’t seen that smile in years. Here she was however, looking at the letter, delivered by the same owl he had when you met.

‘Dear Y/N,

It has been so long and I wish we were reuniting on better terms, but I heard of your abilities as a creature healer and just had to get in touch. I have a Thunderbird who hasn’t been eating his food, I’m growing rather worried and have tried numerous healing methods, even a change in scenery.

If you could come soon I would be awfully grateful.’

Y/N put on a pair of dark brown trousers, combined with a tight fitting jumper and boots. Grabbing her coat, Ravenclaw scarf and her healing bag, she was out the door in a matter of minutes.

To prepare for the meeting Y/N took the train to give her time to get over her nerves. Self-consciousness took over and she spent most of the ride wondering what Newt would think when he saw her. Soon enough the station came into view, getting up slowly she patted down her jumper and took in a deep breath. She took hold of her healing bag and slowly stepped of the train. After finding a small alleyway, Y/N waited a couple of minutes, taking another deep breath, she apparated to Newts front door and cautiously knocked.

Newt looked up from his work station to the door, after looking in the mirror to make sure he looked presentable he made his way to the front door, not wanting to keep Y/N waiting any longer. It had been so long since he last saw her. He smiled fondly thinking of their study sessions they used to have by the Black Lake, that was, until he left and lost touch with her. Opening the door he saw her sheepishly smile while holding up the letter he sent.  

She was wearing an outfit that fitted her curves perfectly, he smiled at the Ravenclaw scarf placed neatly around her neck, still having that house pride she had many years ago. He couldn’t believe how good she looked, obviously he always thought she was pretty in Hogwarts, but he never had to courage to say so. He noticed her shivering and immediately remembered he was staring at her while she was stood out in the cold.

‘S-sorry, do come in I made a pot of tea if you want.’

As Y/N walked in she was met by a wall of warmth, Newt must have a fire on somewhere. Y/N plopped down on the sofa, placed neatly in the corner of the room. The house itself had many plants situated all over the place, ‘typical Newt,’ she muttered. The man himself walked in with two mugs of tea, he handed her a dark blue mug, she smiled at the colour.

‘So this Thunderbird?’

‘Ah yes, Frank, he won’t eat and is often just lying down or sleeping. I’m worried for his wellbeing, I heard that you went into creature healing and had to get in touch.’

‘I’ll have a look at him but I can’t guarantee anything,’ Y/N sighed.

‘Of course, I’m awfully grateful for this Y/N,’ Newt gave a warm smile and continued to sip his tea. After a while Newt got up and led Y/N over to the suitcase, he smirked at her quizzical look and opened the case. After climbing down into the suitcase, surprisingly not the weirdest thing she’s done, she turned around to be met with hundreds of individual creatures. Watching Y/N stand shocked, Newt smirked and started to walk towards Frank’s part of the suitcase. Y/N quickly followed, almost tripping over a Diricrawl.

They soon got to Frank and Y/N saw what Newt meant, the grand Thunderbird was lying on the floor stretched out looking almost bored. ‘I think I know what’s wrong,’ Newt looked up from Frank to stare at Y/N as she stroked Frank tenderly. ‘Frank needs a mate,’ she smirked.

‘He- he needs a mate?’

‘Yeah, a friend, he loves you I can see that, but he needs a friend of his own kind.’ Y/N continued to stroke Frank while Newt explained his plans for America.

‘That’s a great idea, Arizona would be perfect for him, plenty of other Thunderbirds, maybe even female,’ she giggled as Newt blushed. He admired Y/N’s caring nature, he always knew she was caring, but also shy. He noticed how she seemed more confident and found himself fondly staring at her. That was until she brought him out of his thoughts.

‘Newt, are you okay?’

‘Yes, I, er, was just thinking back to Hogwarts and that we- we should meet more often.’

Y/N beamed at Newt and broke into a laugh. ‘You are embarking on a journey to America Newt, perfect timing to ask this.’

‘Well I could do with a sort of, creature healer to come with. Frank could get hurt if they don’t accept him in Arizona.’

‘Are you inviting me along Mr Scamander?’

‘I think I am Miss L/N,’ Newt smiled sheepishly. Y/N got up from stroking Frank and smirked at Newt’s nervous demeanour.

‘I guess I’ll have to pop back and get packed,’ she grinned.