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Preference #4 - Caught on the Kiss Cam (4/4)

Requested: can you do a preference where you’re at a hockey game and you get on the kiss cam? all of the boys or just luke :) thank you so much!
A/N: Hi guys! I am so sorry that I’ve haven’t uploaded anything in so long! Thankfully, I have more free time now so I’m planning on writing/uploading more stuff! also thanks to the awesome anon that send me this, I love hockey and this gave me a whole bunch of feels while i wrote it tbh


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aaaandddd jfc:

Y/F/H/T = your favorite hockey team 

Y/F/P = your favorite player 

Y/F/C = your favorite candy

Y/R/N = your roommate’s name

Y/E/C = your eye color


When your best friend Michael had surprised you with a pair of tickets to see the Y/F/H/T, you nearly deafened him with your screams. But he knew how much you loved them and how you’d never been able to go to one of their home games so he wanted to do this for you.

The day of the game, you were a ball of excitement; attempting to prepare yourself for the game was nearly an impossible task due to you being so hyper. Thankfully, the hours quickly passed and before you knew it, Michael was at your door ready to pick you up.

He had looked so adorable. His dark blue hair stood out against the dark colors of his jersey and his eyes glinted with excitement as he took in your appearance. Grinning, you grabbed his hand and rushed out of your apartment to his car. 

Once you got to the arena, Michael couldn’t help but chuckle at how you had turned into a little kid; giddy with excitement and oohing and ahhing at everything you saw.

The both of you had found your seats quickly and your jaw dropped. You were four rows off from the ice. You had no idea how Michael had afforded them and you had tried to thank Michael properly for what he had done but each time you attempted to, something exciting had happened in the game which prevented you from properly talking to him.

Soon, the commotion died down as the first period ended and you and Michael had some time to chat. You both laughed as you watched various audience members take the ice to compete in several hockey-themed challenges. 

But just before the second period was about to start, “Hunk of Burning Love” by Elvis Presley started playing and you and Michael watched in amusement as couples were randomly selected to be on the Kiss Cam. However, Michael and you’s faces flashed on the jumbotron, causing both of your faces to turn beet red.

Michael awkwardly coughed as you tried to politely shoo the camera away. Soon, the crowd began to cheer and urge you on. You heard Michael quietly mumble fuck it and grabbed your shoulder to swing you around before planting a kiss on your lips, causing the whole arena to erupt in cheers.

The loud drone of the game buzzer signaled the start of the second period, causing Michael to break away from the kiss, smiling at you. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that, Y/N.” Michael admitted, making you turn you face down in embarrassment. 

Michael entwined his fingers with yours, and you looked up at Michael before he briefly kissed you cheek. “Thank you for giving me one of the greatest nights I could’ve asked for, Michael.”

“My pleasure, y/n. I look forward to more dates like this with you in the future.”

“Really Clifford, what makes you think I’ll go on another date with you?” You asked raising your eyebrows.

“It’s the hair. All the ladies love it. It’s kinda irresistible.” He smirked, making you laugh as you jokingly punched his shoulder.


You always took advantage of visiting your brother Ashton while he was on tour. Currently, the boys were in New York City and you and Ashton had convinced your mom to let you spend a month with him and the boys while they were touring America starting with his Madison square garden show.

On the first night you had arrived in New York City, Ashton decided to spend some quality sibling time with you at the Ranger’s game that was in town. Ashton, being the amazing brother that he is managed to get the both of you box seats for the game tonight and was able to surprise you.

As you sat in the box seats, you were on the edge of your chair with excitement. He knew how much you loved hockey and did his best to listen to you as you explained what was happening in game, but you could tell that he was more interested in his phone. Soon the second intermission rolled around and The Rangers—your favorite team—was up 3-2. 

You stood to stretch your legs and turned to tell Ashton you were going to get food when he started hysterically laughing. This caused you to turn around and with a look of horror on your face, not only had the arena cameras found you and Ashton in the box, your faces surrounded with a flashy red heart with the huge white cursive script Kiss Cam floating over the heart.

Ashton was howling with laughter and the crowd was cheering the both of you on, encouraging you to kiss. With you face sporting a deep crimson color, you did your best to clearly mouth we’re siblings, in the hopes that the cameras would move from you and Ashton’s face. Not soon enough, the cameras awkwardly paned away from you and your brother. 

Your face was beet red with frustration as you smacked Ashton hard on the arm.

“Ow!” He yelled. “What was that for?”

“Ashton! That was so embarrassing! You were absolutely no help at all.” You pouted.

“Awe, Y/N I’m sorry! But c’mon, you have to admit that was funny.” He nudged you lightly in the side. But it was to no avail, you continued to pout.

“How about I get us some nachos and Y/F/C to make it up to you?” He asked, knowing that there was no way you would turn down the chance to get free food—especially chocolate.

“Meh. Maybe it was a little funny.” You hesitatingly admitted.

“That’s my little sis!” Ashton grinned before he exited the box, making you shake your head in amusement.


Angrily, you screamed into your pillow as your roommate watched you with a raised eyebrow. It was no secret that on campus you were a die-hard Y/F/H/T fan and you rarely missed a game. However, tonight was the final game of the Stanley Cup. Since you were a stereotypical broke college student on a budget, you had no hope of going.

Half of the school had disappeared from campus to go downtown for the game. Yet, here you were alone with your roommate, contemplating whether it would be worth it or not to watch the game on the crappy tv in your dorm’s lounge.

You groaned again in frustration as your roommate, Y/R/N sighed at you from her bed. “Honestly Y/N it’s no big deal. We could always go down to the arena and try to scalp tickets if you-“

Two loud knocks on your door interrupted Y/R/N’s sentence. Throwing up her hands and falling backwards onto her bed, Y/R/N motioned for you to get the door. Your expression twisted into confusion and discomfort as you saw that Calum Hood, in a Y/F/H/T jersey and matching snapback, was standing in the hallway, anxiously rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet.

He smiled as soon as he saw you. “Hi Y/N, are you busy tonight? I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Y/F/H/T game tonight with me.” 

Before you could speak, you slammed the door in Calum’s face and began to hyperventilate. Calum Hood. The obnoxious boy from your economics class wanted to go out with you. I thought he hated me. I hate him. Maybe?

Y/R/N’s eyes were wide with shock. She jumped from her bed and rushed past you to throw open the door. Thankfully, Calum still stood there but his face was laced with sadness, nearly making your heart break.

He glanced at your roommate then to you. “You know Y/N if you didn’t want to go-“

You reacted before you could think. “No! I want to go, I’m sorry it was just quite a shock.”

“What-Nevermind. Look, I’ll wait outside and you can throw on your jersey okay?”

“Um, yeah! Sure, sounds fine.” You politely closed the door as Y/R/N gaped at you. “Honestly Y/R/N, I would love to freak out about this with you but I have to leave.” You quickly said, grabbing your hockey jersey and brushing your hair once before leaving. “We’ll talk later!” You yelled, nearly running Calum over as you rushed out the door.

“Ready?” He smiled. 

Campus was close to the arena so in less than no time you and Calum were inside the already packed arena. You screamed with joy when you saw that your seats were three rows up from the ice, which made Calum laugh.

“How did you do get these tickets?” You questioned 

Calum shrugged. “My dad’s best friends with the General Manager so we pretty much have all access to tickets throughout the season.”

“Well why didn’t you take one of your friends?”

“I told my friends that there was a gorgeous Y/E/C-eyed girl in my economics class that I wanted to take instead.” You blushed.

“Y/N, what would you say if I did something crazy right now?” He asked nervously, not looking you in the eyes.

“Well considering that you’ve made my dreams come true and have let me see the Y/F/H/T play for the Stanley Cup I owe you.” You replied

He smiled, and pointed up towards the jumbotron. You laughed seeing Calum and yours faces on the screen as the Kiss Cam had caught the both of you off guard. Calum hesitatingly inched his face closer to yours. You closed the gap and felt Calum’s soft lips on yours.

Once you both broke apart, Calum wrapped his arm around your body nuzzling you close to him. “This has been an amazing date, Y/N. Would you want to go on another one in the future?”

You grinned at him saying, “Nothing would make me happier, Calum.”


Today was Luke and your’s one year anniversary. But since he was right in the middle of tour, you were forced to be apart. He had tried to get out of the various interviews and shows that he had that day but management wouldn’t allow it so you were stuck spending your anniversary with a pint of ice cream instead of him.

He had texted you how much he loved you and how he had missed you earlier in the day but that string of sweet texts, randomly stopped, much to your confusion.

As you wallowed in misery on the couch watching tv, your phone erupted in texts. 

Calum:Y/N UH WE F’D UP



Before you could comprehend what had happened, your door bell rang, jolting you back to reality. Closing the short distance from the couch to the door, you slowly opened the door only to be met with your tall, blonde, awkward boyfriend, Luke with a bouquet of red roses and an envelope.

You squealed with glee, tackling Luke’s chest as his body shook with laughter. “I missed you too, Y/N.” He smiled.


He smirked. “As much as I would love to contemplate the fact that yes, I am here and I am real, we have somewhere we need to be.” Grabbing your hand, he lead you to a black SUV outside you and Luke’s apartment.

As he drove away, you finally found the words to speak. “Luke! Where are we going?”

“To the Y/F/H/T game. I know how much you love hockey, and I wanted to treat my beautiful girlfriend to something that I know she’d love. Happy anniversary, Y/N.” He smiled, winking at you.

Once you arrived at the hockey arena, Luke showed you to your seats: a private box placed right in the center of the ring. You tackled Luke in a hug once you were alone. “Luke! I don’t know what to say. I mean you’re here! We’re at the game, I-“

You were abruptly cut off from your ramblings as Luke’s soft lips molded onto yours. Closing your eyes, you sighed in bliss. Cheers from the audience jolted you from Luke and his lips.

You turned back towards the rink and the jumbotron, only to see Luke and you’s faces blown up and pixilated surrounded by dancing hearts with the words “Kiss Cam” in cursive writing filling the screen.

Covering your face with your hands to hide your blush, you heard Luke begin to chuckle as he gently pulled your hands away. “Let’s give the people an encore and catch up on lost time. What do you say, Y/N?” He grinned.
Grabbing his face, you crushed his lips in to yours smiling as the Kiss Cam went on to find its next victim.