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Hi! I'd like do know... I'm a poor little thing who really like to had some ouji clothes. I don't know where I can find some cheap clothes. There's the Bodyline shop, but I don't really trust the quality... Argh. What can I do? (And sorry for my crappy english)


My best tip for finding more affordable ouji is to check Japanese second-hand sites. You can find some really great deals there, and the quality will be great too, since you’re getting brand items. Japanese second-hand sites typically won’t sell items that are significantly damaged or stained, so the clothes you buy from them will be in good condition too, even though they are used. Plus, most of them will ship internationally, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a shopping service. While I do occasionally buy pieces new from the brands or from Lacemarket, the majority of my wardrobe was purchased from these sites.

There’s a comprehensive list of them under the “secondhand” tab on Buttcape’s Where to Buy Ouji guide here.

I glanced over a couple sites to find a couple examples of the kind of deals you can find: here’s a Putumayo jacket for only 1,500 (~$13.50) and here are some Metamorphose shorts for only 1,800 (~$16.20). So you can totally find stuff that’s in line with Bodyline’s prices. Rarer pieces will of course be more expensive, but you can build a solid wardrobe out of nice affordable items.

It’s also worthwhile to check out Yahoo Auctions, but you’ll need to use a shopping service to buy/bid on anything, and I personally haven’t had as much luck with it (though I’ve seen friends get some great deals, so it’s definitely worth a look).

If you do decide to order from Bodyline, the quality isn’t terrible (though it’s definitely not up to brand standards) and some of their stuff can look quite nice if you swap out their cheap buttons for fancier ones. Also, in my experience, their shoes are really good, especially for the price you pay. Overall though, I think it’s better to buy from second-hand sites, since you can find a much wider variety of items, and the quality is much better.

I hope this helps!

My thoughts on SPN 11X21

Another week gone and I could watch the episode without spoilers by just staying off tumblr. The briefest glance at my dash says people aren’t too happy about today’s episode. So… Please don’t kill me, but I actually quite liked it. Yes, there were lots of weird jumps, and the whole thing felt very choppy, but some moments in it really made up for its flaws. The Destiel ones, especially, and I want to talk about them now. I liked a lot of other stuff too, but that’s a whole different post.

All gifs are mine, so crappy quality ones, sorry!

1. Yay Kevin! I missed you so much! This line jumped at me though.

So in all of 10 seconds Kevin could tell Dean’s the more stressed one. I wonder why.

2. Dean’s reaction after Chuck says he has no idea on how to find Amara is so anguished. 

Also, I liked the fact that Dean mentions Lucifer here. He knows Lucifer was God’s favorite at some point, and he’s hoping that by mentioning that he is in her trap, Chuck might help. (By the way, this just confirms to me that Chuck still has deep paternal feelings towards him. Look at how he exploded. He has been relatively easy-going about everything but Lucifer. He must have loved him a  great deal to react so badly) Well, obviously that didn’t work, and Dean’s crushed again.

3. THE BIGGEST MOMENT OF ALL. Amara using Cas (not Lucifer, Cas) to make a connection with Dean. Look at her expression when she has her hand near his chest. 

She looks curious, and not all that happy about it.  And during her conversation with Dean, she mentions Cas by name for the first time (right? Correct me if I’m wrong) She knows he’s important to Dean. More Dean-pain, thank you.

4. This conversation between Dean and Sam. Look at Dean’s expression when Sam is fanboying. 

He’s clearly upset about Sam getting distracted, although to be fair Sam didn’t know about Amara’s warning till now. And also, this-

Dean is only bothered about Cas (despite what looks contradictory afterwards). I just think that he could confess his worry for Cas to Sam, because Sam understands, but not the others.  

5. “Why would you want to find her?” says Donatello. Because they need to rescue a guy she has with her. Who is Lucifer. And also-

You and your priorities, Dean. (Whoops, ignore my misspelling of the word possessing)

6. This also jumped at me. Look at this random shot to Dean at Chuck mentioning the words ‘free will’. It speaks for itself-

7. Now, about Dean’s plan. I know he’s not mentioning Cas. But he’s talking to Metatron. Metatron, whose only motivation, as he said earlier, is to try and save God from kamikazing. Dean’s not going to try to convince him by talking about Cas. And besides, Dean’s desperate now.  Amara has showed up twice already, and Cas’s life is hanging by a thread. He wants Cas out and away from Amara, because even Lucifer still in Cas is better than both of them getting tortured to death by Amara. There’s at least a shot of Dean getting Cas back in the first case. And he’ll do anything for it. ANYTHING. Amara creeps him out, terrifies him so much, and he’s willing to go out alone to meet her, to distract her, to possibly get killed by her when she finds out what he’s done,  just so they can rescue Cas (and it is Cas he’s doing it for, remember  the conversation with Sam). If that doesn’t scream love and selflessness I don’t know what does.    


Yes, I wonder what that is, Amara. What could be stopping Dean from falling into your abyss? 

Oooh, helpful shot in between to figure out the answer.

I know we all wanted Cas back. I do too. But it would be too easy to just poof back like nothing happened. I want to see Dean interact with Casifer next episode. I want to see him struggle to hate him while he’s wearing the face of someone he loves (and NOT like a brother Jensen dear) So yeah, I think they should have split this into 2 episodes and cut a MOTW one. It would have flowed smoother. There are lots of flaws in this episode. But I still liked it.


the entirety of an inktober piece’s process shown to you! the finished product of this will be scanned and posted tomorrow afternoon. sorry about the crappy quality! but i’ve been getting a lot of questions as to how i go about doing them, so i figured this would be good reference to show.

as far as what i use to draw, i use extra fine and fine point rolling ball pens, ultra fine and fine point sharpies, and a wite-out correction pen!

(song is Comics by Caravan Palace)

As promised, under the read more are the photos of the completed Team Arrow Project fan book. It took so much longer than I expected it to but I think it came out really cute!!! All the artwork and graphic credit is either right below or right next to each one or, if there was only one person’s work on a specific page, there was only one credit placed at the bottom of the page.

Because we received so many long letters (longer than a page), we couldn’t fit them all into the pages we bought (and since the pages are in scrapbook inserts, reading a multipage later wouldn’t be ideal as you would have to take it out of the insert) so we bought a duotang folder, hole-punched the letters, and placed them all inside it. I promise that every multipage letter received is in there and it’s so much easier to flip through!

Also, on two of the pages, there’s a black paper over some of the writing but that’s because I’m blocking some personal information in those letters for privacy reasons.

I really hope everyone who contributed likes the final product. Let me know what you think :)))

((sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures but i took these in a rush on my phone! if you want a better picture of a specific page, let me know and i can get it for you!!))

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Because i almost never do these selfie thingies (sorry for super crappy quality :3, old phone and whatnot) I don’t usually take pictures of myself because I’m really awkward about stuff like that >.> Anyway, I’ve been feeling really low the last couple of days, it doesn’t help that it’s like 30C/89F here either D: I’ve been playing some Pokemon go (Team mystic :3) but the last couple of days it has just been to hot to wander around and look for them D:. On days like this I’m so grateful for sims, it can be such an amazing distraction from real life…

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MCMStuckLondon Saturday May 2015 Part 1

I’m sorry this took so long, I wanted to get through editing all of my photos from Friday before even starting the momentous task of editing the HS meet photos. It took quite a bit longer than I expected. 

Also I apologise now for the quality of some of these photos, the lighting inside was crappy, and I was using a camera I’m not familiar with so…..Yeah some of these are not really the best, and I’m sorry for that. I did my best to fix them.