sorry that so many people hated you but i always loved your wonderful beautiful badass existence


summary: punk!dan and pastel!phil, in which phil paints dan’s nails and tells him why he loves him.

tags: fluff, punk!dan, pastel!phil, high school, comfort 

word count: 2.2k

trigger warnings: probably swearing…? vague mentions of bullying (not physical), sad thoughts i guess

a/n: surprisingly, this doesn’t have much descriptive fluff (according to me), which is unusual for me cause i’m the fluff master, idk i just wanted to upload this so. inspo

“Have you ever had your nails done?”

Dan’s eyes drifted up from the novel he was reading to focus on Phil’s face. The black-haired boy stared down at him curiously, purple peonies and asters adorning his head and keeping the fringe out of his eyes. Other than the fact that Dan simply adored Phil’s flower crowns, he was glad he wore them so he could see the ocean that was his eyes. Dan grinned and nodded, and Phil rolled his eyes, combing his fingers through Dan’s fringe.

“Other than painting them black,” Phil scoffed, looking away.

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