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Do you really think you look good in the things you wear lol..

ok if i werent in such a salty mood right now i’d prob just respond with “ya cuz i do” but i’m bouta drag u sorry. anyways i dont giv a fuck what ur fucked up perception of “looking good” is….. like i’ll wear whatever i want cuz i can ? i dont fucking care if i’m not skinny/perfectly curvy/tall/hairless whatevr ur referring to, altho i’m assuming ur referencing my weight. heres the thing. its a lil bit sad how ur self esteem is so low ur trying 2 drag me for what i wear and how i look in it.

i’m sorry u have low self esteem and like projecting it on other ppl. i’m sorry ur sad with urself and are trying to tell ppl they look bad bc u have ur own personal issues w urself. im sorry ur too scared to dress how u want bc u think YOU won’t look good in it.

but tbh……..thts not my problem srry :////////// i look cute bye 

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I'm so sorry that awful blog recolored your work. I can't believe there's more than one blog dedicated to whitewashing su characters and gemsonas. Like they have to take the one show with good diversity and screw with it- as if there aren't enough 100% white shows out there.

its cool im chill
and i kno it fuckin sucks

okay ive got abt 5 anons asking me what happened w pete its makes me rlly uncomfortable (almost triggering) for me to talk abt so i would rather not…I feel bad for not explaining tho so its abt the jeanae white situation when he dated her when she was a teen pls google it bcus i dont want to go into detail it makes me physically sick (im sorry)

So thank you to all my amazing followers! 101 Followers, just wow. You all are amazing. So in return I shall do a contest! :)


  1. Reblog as much as you want but only 5 will count.
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  3. You don’t need to be following me but a follow would be nice.
  4. The contest will end July 28th
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  1. 1st place: A full drawing of an oc of your choice with a simple colored background (two winners).:

2. 2nd place: An icon of their choice (profile icon or navigation icon) with simple one color background (two winners).:

3. 3rd place: A simple colored picture of an oc of their choice (white background, 3 winners):

Again: The contest will end July 28th

when the world’s on fire you kiss me

n/leo, ~15k, nc17 // anon asked for an age gap fic where hakyeon is a few years older than taekwoon + first time with lots of i love yous and thigh kissing. this wasn’t supposed to get this long but i hope you still like it!

Taekwoon has a penchant for getting in trouble, but something good comes out of it in the end.

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keep it PG (woozi)

type: fluff =w=
synopsis: jihoon being whipped around u =w=
a/n: this scenario has been in my folder for like month and i just got the courage to finish it today im sorry for the anon who requested but i still havent done the request :~( and also jihoon in snapback is my religion

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from: diva boo

he looks at us like he wants to cut off our heads
and he’s been so queit


to: diva boo

does he have it that bad????



its like the incident where he is gonna hit mingyu hyung with that guitar again
but like this time he’s gonna do it on all 12 members



oh god fine ill be there in 10


to: you make me so woozy

don’t start murdering them yet
im coming to get my front row seat :^)


from: you make me so woozy

you better hurry or youll miss it baby
don’t want to be late do we


A giggle escaped  her mouth as she puts on her sweater, dragging her feet out of their apartment and to Pledis Entertainment. She doesn’t forget to buy them some food, remembering they have over-worked themselves for this comeback. Jihoon, especially. He automatically passed out on the couch when he came home. And he is already awake again in the morning. It’s like a never ending cycle.

She laughs quietly when she arrived, hearing Seungkwan’s yelling ‘eomma’ with a crying sound in the background (it’s probably Wonwoo crying).

She opened the door, all eyes set on her. “Hey guys.” She sets the food on the table carefully, “For all of you.” They run to where the food is, thanking her and start digging in. She noticed Mingyu stepping out from the recording booth, a frown on his face. He showed a small smile at you taking a box in his hands. He thanked her as she pats his arm, showing him a reassuring smile. “I’m sure you did good there,”

He nodded and joined the other members. Her smile grew wider when she felt two arms around her waist and a head on her shoulder. “Are you cancelling the murder?” He smiled, tightening his grip on her. “Mhm, since you’re finally here, I’m thinking I should be nicer.”

“Ai,” She turned around to face him as he pressed a light kiss on her lips, while smiling widely. And that absolutely looked weird, the fact that he probably cursed Mingyu before this. His mood swings really fast, but that’s just what she did on him. Seeing her presence around him is enough to make him smile stupidly. It’s like he’s back to square one where it all started, even though they’ve been dating for almost 2 years.

He leaned in and captured her lips in his, pulling her closer to him. He always thought kissing her made him felt like he’s in cloud 9. Just the thought of kissing her could make him lose his sanity. Her touch reminds him of gravity, her smile reminds him of the stars aligning – forming a shape he doesn’t know but it looks beautiful, and her eyes remind him of all the cities he wished to see. He looked at her once and felt a funny feeling rushing through his body.

He looked at her again, and it’s so scary how he could found himself then lost himself so quickly.

She got him trapped under her spell.

She pushed him away, noticing that the other boys start making noises, whether its kissy noises or vomiting noises or even crying noises (probably from Wonwoo again). “You should go eat.” He sighs but nodded anyway. Taking the last box and went to sit with the 12 members, resulting them to tease him endlessly, without a fear he might cut their heads off later.

“Jihoon hyung is whipped!”

“What black magic did she use on you, Jihoon-ah? I might try it on Mingyu.”

“You’re totally wrapped around her finger, hyung.”

“Jihoon hyung and noona looked so cute together!”

“Me and Jeonghan is way cuter than you two!”

He ignored them and start digging in. Time passed, Jihoon finished eating and told everyone to take a 30 minutes break before they start recording again. He plopped down the couch, looking over to her that still sat  comfortably at the same spot. Currently talking Wonwoo, he eyed them firmly. And it seems like she noticed his firm gaze at her and turned her face to lock eyes with him. She said a few more words to Wonwoo before getting up, making her way to Jihoon.

He took her hand and pull her down, making her sit on his lap. He showed a cute smile and wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face on her neck. A blushed appeared from her cheeks as she covered her face with her hands when someone started wolf whisper at the two. “Why are you suddenly like this?”

He looked up, “Am I not allowed to? We rarely do this anymore.” He pouted, who can resist that? Not her, obviously.

So, she entwined their fingers, and leaned in only to trick him and kissed his nose. He whined and pulled her closer, closing the gap between their lips. A smile appeared on her lips, it was like the world was theirs.

And there’s nothing stopping them at this moment.

Well, maybe there is. . . .

“Hyung, what the heck?!”

“Please keep it PG or take it to another room!”

“I can’t believe this two.”

“My innocent eyes!”

“Mingyu-yah, should we do that too?”

hey so i havent done one of these in forever and have recently gained a few more mutuals so i’m gonna do an updated one. the banner is bad i know but ayy it has the aesthetic look. anyways this ff is to all my followers and thank u for sticking w/ me ily all!

btw before you read this its going to be a mess i forgot how u sort these so yeah im sorry

okay first special mentions;

legitluigi - my solemat, my swedel 1d bud, my lil pepe (im gonna stop this is gross) i probably could write an essay on why i lov being friends with u but im not and i cba tbh :~) we speak literally every sec of the day or if not we somehow manage to communicate even if it its with one weird ass text at 4am asking whether nialls leg is prosthetic. im so glad we’re friends u have no idea ily lots and lots and would write a whole lot more but nah :~)

imthinkinoutloud - MARIJA okay so we were in a network?? then we lost contact for like 5 months and now we pretty much talk everyday?? if not its more than what we did and im so glad ur my friend on here. i dont accept your gross love for minions and u dont get pepe but whatever. we can talk about serious stuff and dark larry theories without it being too serious and i like that.

louisbians - we started talking from my last follow forever and i thought u had wayy more followers than me and was a bit ?? when you inboxed me and we started screaming about brighton pride and that was fun but that doesnt matter because ur practically harmless even tho ur a gemini :) we talk about weird ass shit and make emoji stories and ily 

and takemehomefromnarnia for promoting equality in every possible way for LGBTQ+ fans!!

fave mutuals - i couldnt bold specific ones cos y’all literally light my dash up and make me so happy so just imagine your all in bold and that i automatically wanna be friends.

legohousedeayslhoe ~ bloodshakethighstattoowelingtonvideodamienhirstsnkuemethexysspousesausassmasterlouist91 ~ galaxyloulaerryszaynshakurdickcasterlouisfrattylousolarfae ~ astraldan ~ 21hry ~ brasilharry ~ bewbies ~ znynmalik ~ gotnocontrl ~ strawberlarry ~ clintb4rton ~ hoe4drizzy ~ flopsyharry ~ louisonmylap ~ tatsboy ~ bootyau ~ louievevo ~ larrymates ~ admireharry ~ nsfwboyfriends ~ 23yroldlouis ~ kidswivguns ~ realhoe ~ laurmoney ~ emofor1d ~ 19yrs ~ halseyn ~ ropetattoos ~ louietrash ~ teatommo ~ raspberrq~ the-fault-in-public-wifi ~ lilianmayadamsbadlounds and tastylouis

other blogs i like - intenselouis ~ darklarries ~ neqx ~ newmanagement ~ bus1forlife ~ louiscalums ~ sundy ~ giggleharry

and i literally can’t do anymore im sorry its a mess and its not alphabetical or if i forgot anyone. if i follow and reblog or like from you a lot of the time then your practically in my ff anyway

im such a sad and bad person ive grown up w everythjng ive ever wamted ive never been denied anythjng or lacked anything but i never made anythjng of it and i am so sorry 2 my parents i kind of wish i had never been born… not in a negative way like in a neutral way. its not like i hate myself as a person i just dislike my general existence like the fact that ive lived my life like this and im in my current position

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can u describe what kind of divine being u are? sry if you've already posted about this before im just interested

its ok yeah i havent really posted about it.. um i have. like… i dont like calling them delusions but idk how else to put it so i have religious delusions a lot less now (bc of my meds) so its harder to tell but i think im some type of deity possibly like a demon or a fallen angel. maybe like a god but not a really major one??

People I want to get to know tag

I was tagged by thepsychoticswedishbear Thank you so much 😊😊

👻Nickname: um well my name is Cynthia and there’s not a lot of nicknames (I’m not taking Sydney or Cindy guys sorry) my one friend came up with Cynthisizer though haha

🌟Star sign: Cancer

👆Height: 5'6

📅Current time and date: 5:51am. Yes I have to get up that early ;w; on September 2nd

Lucky number: 11

Last thing I googled: Junjou Romantica season 3

How many blankets do you sleep under: Mmm I don’t know how many but I have one my grandmother made for me

Favourite fictional character(s): Roxas, Link, Aph Iceland, Kaworu, and Shinji

📚Favourite book: Mmm I really loved the book Perfect by Ellen Hopkins and Impulse by Ellen Hopkins.

🎶Favourite musician: For this one I’ll choose Black veil brides 💕

Last movie I saw: Inside out with some friends

✈️Dream holiday: Going to all the Nordic countries with its-a-diddley-doo

Dream job: Writer, YouTuber, Teacher, or Counselor/Therapist

What is the longest phone call you ever had and with who? I think it was 4 hours long with its-a-diddley-doo

Name three of your favourite hobbies: writing, doodling, and playing a heck of a lot of cool games haha

I tag bunny-cube, its-a-diddley-doo, i-am-really-bad-at-usernames, xlotic, and thisismehpotato. And anyone else if they would like to do it ^~^

hey everybody my friend alvangs tagged me in the tumblr accent challenge so if you want to hear my voice in bad quality you can here!

i did it really quickly bc my mom is still awake and i didnt want her to walk on me doing it or w/e haha but its there! i dont have a microphone though so its pretty staticy :(

  • Your name and username.
  • Where you’re from.
  • Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.
  • What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
  • What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
  • What do you call gym shoes?
  • What do you call your grandparents?
  • What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
  • What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
  • Choose a book and read a passage from it.
  • Do you think you have an accent?
  • Be a wizard or a vampire?
  • Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
  • End audio post by saying any THREE words you want.

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yooo this is vaguely unprecedented and i apologize if u dont want me sayin this but i rlly appreciate ur attempts to have a convo w/ the het/ch/arac/teroftheday blog. theyre so shitty like even if theyre a troll blog its rlly harmful to queer ppl in general to do something like that, like i kno personally it triggers some bad feels just looking at them so i appreciate u keeping a level head and telling them like it is even if they dont listen

!!!! dude nah ty for saying this tbh! :) 

ikr?? like, if it aint a troll blog, apparently theyre all queer so thats smth ig but like. idk. theres only so much tolerance i can have for ppl w internalized homophobia attacking (even indirectly) or hurting the rest of the community yknow??? 

dude im sorry do you want me to tag it w smth specific?? ive been tagging it w #drama but ill start tagging #shitty trolls too aight? you can blacklist that if u need to friend!

but yea i didnt rlly expect them to listen lmao. theyre a bunch of selfintitled kids trying to be “cool” and “edgy” and “unique” w/eee

but thank you bunches for sending this dude!! it was rlly nice to receive and i rlly appreciate it a lot (is that redundant?? idk!) ♥♥

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ive been under attack lately and a lot of people have been saying that i don't have bpd because i'm "too young" (14) and because im self diagnosed but i relate to so many bpd things and it would explain so much. i take comfort in the label i really do but im scared bc i feel like i didnt start displaying severe symptmos until i knew what bpd is and i feel like im faking it and people w/ bpd have attacked me saying that its ridiculous that i say i have it and i feel so bad.

there are shitty people and assholes everywhere and im so so sorry you have to put up with them <3 but if it helps, feeling your symptoms get worse when you find out about bpd is common??? its like self fulfilling prophecy, made worse by the tendancy of borderlines to act the way they think theyre “supposed” to. like, you dont feel you have an identity? so you act like you think a bpd person would or should, so you can identify better with something. its hard to explain

just remember your experiences are valid okay? <3 and teenage years are the most common time for bpd to be diagnosed

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hey it's lydia, i just wanted everything to be chill between us. i'm sorry for the things that have happened in the past, i feel that i've grown from those times. i just don't want to leave things on a bad note, i guess. i hope you're doing well, i haven't been on your tumblr so i'm not quite sure how you're doing. u don't gotta answer this ask or w/e but if u wanna talk u can ask henry 4 my number or somethin. tc

hey lydia! its okay. i understand. those sorts of toxic relationships we had led to a lot of conflicts but i dont hate you or dislike you or even remember what why that stuff happened. thank you for sending me this i really appreciate it. i hope you see my response and know that its all cool and stuff and that i dont hold anything against you. i’ve also grown from that shit and its all irrelevant and stuff now. i hope youre also doing well and i hope you take care. thanks again and be safe 🌸💪🏼

like the weird thing about halsey is that most artists i listen to and im like whoa oh my god they’re so good and thats it 

but with halsey its like listening to her and reading what she has to say makes me want to make art and write and just do it and not worry about being good just creating something

like she just makes me want to make art good art bad art just start doing shit because shes a bisexual and biracial girl and so am i and its just like encouraging to see someone so like you succeed in something you love 

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“So, we got ourselves a deal?”

                                        ( ♥ ♕ ♥ )                                        

She still wasn’t completely sure as to what was going on,
or what exactly the pertained. There was just too much 
going on, from the droning drums and singing, to  the
incense burning, everything was simply overwhelming.
It had only been a few minutes ago that she was even led
into the emporium, being dazzled with every step. All
that was remotely apparent was a promise of a happily
ever after. No matter how unsettling it may be. 

So, hesitant as she may be, Lottie slid her hand to shake his.
Feeling even more like she was making a deal with the devil.
                             ❝I suppose we do.❞

its such a downer, i really don’t remember the last time, or any time ever, seeing a post asking for money without the op beating themself up about it at least a little
like there’s always a disclaimer about how they hate to do this or they usually wouldnt make a post like this but etc etc, even if it’s not technically donations and its like commissions but its b/c they need money fast, its still like “sorry this is gross” and its like no its ok
i mean nothing against the ppl saying that..w/e they need to say to be able to make the post in the first place…it just sucks that its supposed to be so bad to ask for money in any way
and i mean me personally i love to give away my money its the only thing i do that i like. my career in helping people is gonna be being a trap for capital and i take the money i get and send it out to other places and people. also my one true advantage living where i do, and having the state of mind that i do, is that i dont even really need to bother being careful with money at this point so like. please ask for money

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josh is egyptian and joseph is japanese!!

im asian (im from the philippines ) and my father is greek-egyptian ?i removed joseph from my id list so ty again for letting me know it was wrong

wait its not ok to id w/ a kin frm another country if youre still asian ?

also its bad to id w/ an egyptian char?