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It’s still Valentine’s Day (Simon Pegg’s Birthday), so here’s selfies of me in my Cornetto Trilogy hoodie with my favorite actor, Simon Pegg and my boy Jeon Hojoon.

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Date: February 2017
Location: Paradise
Closed: @mercierdominic

His camera was safely cradled in his hands, Isaiah wanted to talk to this man — what had his quick jaunt into research said his name was again? Dominic? — that seemed to have a client that was of particular interest for Isaiah. Honestly Isaiah felt like he was constantly working; always on the lookout for the people that would earn him his next paycheque.

Now whether they were entirely on board with helping him gather his next paycheque was a little bit more murky.

Watching the celebrity (a man who admittedly didn’t have much public interest in him as of late, but Isaiah could change that with a quick snap of the right moment) leave Paradise, Isaiah bit the inside of his cheek.

— how should I frame this?

Always thinking, always looking, always needing to get that next shot. Isaiah had no issue with using his words to get a person to at least look at his side of the story in a positive light. He tucked his camera into its case, and walked into Paradise.

Isaiah did a half-jog to catch up with the quickly disappearing Dominic. He’d barely caught him with a gentle pull on the man’s arm. “I have a question to ask you,” Isaiah said, pulling Dominic a little bit towards the wall for some privacy. “It’s about that client of yours — and I know he’s yours — that just left.” Isaiah let go of Dominic’s arm. “It’s just a… business proposal. Just a business thing. I’m tryin’ to make money, you’re tryin’ to make money.” Isaiah tilted his head a little bit to the side, a ghost of a smile on his lips. “Really just think of it as a business partnership.”

Isaiah laughed, shoulders jumping up, and his teeth flashing, “And not one of the ones you’re used to.” He tapped Dominic’s upper arm. “How about we get some scandal going?”

He paused.

“Of course not at the expense of you. Just have to give the people what they want, y’know? I’m sure you can understand that.”

awkwardly-divine  asked:

Sorry this might be a long rant; I've got a lot to say towards this topic. A thing I don't understand about mystal stans is how they're "adorable" and "relationship goals" who "love eachother so much" ... Where? Like, outside of a few instagram pics when have they interacted or show affection? And what is special about their relationship that is goals? They've posted pictures together; like every other fucking couple online. It isn't brave that they came out, it should just be seen as (1/?)

another white straight couple posting the most generic captioned photos they could of each other. If Crystal was say, a memorable person or POC, or identified as anything but cis female, I’d say that’s a bit of bravery. But as it stands, it doesn’t feel like anything special relationship wise. Their White Straights™ be White Straights™ online like the fitfty billion others out there. And as for crystal’s announcement, while I though the picture was kinda cute the caption lost me (2/?) As a thirty-one year old woman who has lived and breathed a lifestyle inside hollywood, you’d think her shell would be nonexistent at this point. I doubt she’d an introvert, because I don’t see those types going to parties and concerts very often. A question I have for Mystal shippers is simple; name one interest or personality trait Crystal has outside of nice or kind or loving. Something specific, because honestly she seems blander than bland, at least arz has a personality, be that a rude(3/? one. But I respect arz for being real (in my opinion) towards how she projects herself online. Crystal just feels like teenager who never grew up, stuck in the past wishing she could be young again and can’t accept the fact she’s probably already peaked. Hopefully shes out of our hair by the end of the year, because Mikey needs to date someone who is interested in his interests,like music or video games. Not Crystal “if she were a spice she’d be flour” Leigh. Love petty Squad, wanna join tbh(4/4

Yeah I agree with you. They’re honestly nothing special… They’re just two people who are in a relationship. It’s funny how her stans never talk about her job or what she does or anything. It’s just how she is with Michael and that stuff. Like she does have her own job and stuff? And she doesn’t have a shell, she posted stuff with Spencer all the time and didn’t give a shit. She just knows a lot of people don’t like her now so she’s gotta be all cute and sensitive or whatever. *eye roll emoji would go here haha*



This is the part she is referring to in the beginning

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A day like the others; wake up, dress in a decent way, show up in class and pretend to be interested in everything his professors said.
With a long sigh, Francis walked into the big institute; the Columbia University wasn’t so bad, after all, and his lessons weren’t, either. He knew the reason of his bad mood: his history exam’s results. Why would ever an history scholar be afraid of an history exam? Because when it came to 16th Century’s history, it was like a black hole ate all his knowledge from his brain.
Another sigh escaped his lips as he shook his head to push away those thoughts.
Francis heard the familiar buzzing of the class’ morning crowd, and he rose his eyes from his phone to check where there were free places. He found a couple, not very far from his professor’s desk.
He let his eyes wander for a moment around the room, and there she was: a brown-haired girl, beautiful like few he’d seen in his whole life was staring at him from the other side of the class. She looked away the moment their eyes linked, but Francis knew she had been staring at him for a while. She looked so familiar, but he would remember if he’d met her at some point in his life. You just don’t forget a face like hers.

Moments later, the professor came in, and Francis, somehow, found himself sitting right behind the girl, which was quite odd, since he had never seen her before into that course. Or into the university, for the matter.

Not long later, the results were in front of him, right on his desk. ‘Not passed’. Amazing.

“Oh, damn it!”

He complained, not really caring about lowering his voice, not really caring about anything in that moment.

“What the fuck is wrong with this century, anyway?!”