sorry that i'm objectifying you love

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I'm usually not one to talk lewdly about celebrities but oh my goodness I can't stop thinking about how good Tyler Hoechlin would be in bed. He's got the muscles and the body but also the sweetheart personality ahhh!

Ahem. Um, I am also not one to discuss celebrities like this. But.


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And THIS ONE (with a hint of chest hair!):

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And then there’s THIS:

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I mean. The thigh strength! *fans self*


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The smile! The whole body laugh! The beard! (The beard burn!)

And really, THE FOCUS! THE ARMS!

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Just, his everything, really.

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And jfc, the playfulness, and that little hip wriggle.

I am compromised, Nonnie. You have compromised me.

(and i love you for it)

P.S. Dear Tyler, I am so sorry for objectifying you in this manner. Please forgive me, I am weak. xo, rk

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Looking at his ass or crotch is fine. Liking someone both physically & mentally is fine. Reducing him to that like you do is not. Tom is obviously not comfortable with people talking about his crotch ALL THE DAMN TIME (his reaction in Elle UK says it all) I'm not hating, just giving my opinion, but yeah, I don't expect fangirls to understand. Talking only about his penis is just disrespectful, sorry to break it to you.

Part 2 of what I’m assuming is from the same person hiding behind Anon: 

You don’t really seem to get what people are telling you.. We’re not saying it’s not right to watch a dick, that it’s not natural, that you can’t love someone for who is and still wants to fuck him. That’s not the point. The point is, that’s disrespectful to objectify and reduce someone to that. I’m sorry but making a whole blog about it, talking only about it, just watching his dick all the day IS reducing him. It is objectifying him. Saying that you are “grown up” & “adults” doesn’t change it.

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