sorry that i'm objectifying you love

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This might sound stupid, because I'm not one of these people, but I'd like to formally apologize for everyone objectifying your and Mattias' relationship, because most of them don't see a fault in their actions and thus probably aren't sorry. A lot of the base of people that look up to you (myself included) are very disturbed by their persistent behavior. We're not all creeps (not that you implied we were or anything). I'm so sorry! Love from Kansas 😘

You really don’t have to take responsibility for the people who does not know better, it is not in any form or shape on you. But the sentiment is absolutely appreciated.

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This'll sound weird but I was stalking through your older posts and I saw one with veela!Scorpius and his mate Albus and I was like!!! I find the whole Malfoys as veela trope entertaining. I'm sorry for asking since it's kinda old, but how do you see the Malfoys as a family of veela? Like, do they keep it secret? Are they proud of it? Do they like the attention or dislike being objectified? What do the boy's families think about their relationship, considering Al's veela relatives? Thanks!

I love Veela!Malfoys so much, you have no idea! The Veela trope is one of my fav HP tropes so thank you for asking me about it! Also, feel free to send me asks about anything HP I’ve blogged about. I don’t care how old it is! :)

So when it comes to (part)Veela!Draco and (part)Veela!Scorpius, I like to headcanon them inheriting the Veela gene from Lucius. And I definitely think Lucius and the Malfoys before him kept it a very well-guarded secret and only their spouses and children knew about it. I imagine they are quite ashamed to “pollute” their pure wizarding blood with creature blood. 

So Draco grows up detesting his Veela heritage and overcompensating with the “pure-bloods are superior” talk when he’s at Hogwarts. And then comes the War. And I imagine shortly after (or even during the War) he starts to question all those ideas about pure-bloods, muggleborns, muggles, and magical creatures that he has been fed all his life. And so he begins the process of accepting himself and trying to accept others as well. Trying to change his bigoted opinions about so many things.I think he keeps his Veela heritage a secret until he’s really comfortable about it. Once he’s comfortable about it, he preens at all the attention he’s getting :D Tho he definitely doesn’t let anyone objectify him. 

So by the time he has Scorpius and Scorpius is old enough to have a discussion about their Veela heritage, Draco has already came to term with it. And he teaches Scorpius to love himself as he is and that there is nothing shameful about his Veela heritage. So Scorpius grows up embarrassing his inner Veela and definitely doesn’t keep it a secret. On the contrary - he’s rather proud of it. And Draco is so happy for his son.

Scorpius hits it off spectacularly with Albus’s (part)Veela relatives. They open up a Veela club at Hogwarts :D

So comes Scorpius and Albus’s relationship. I really love the idea of Veela having mates (or several potential mates or whatever) So Albus is definitely Scorpius’s mate and Draco is just so happy that his son has found his mate. He’s rather amused that it’s one of Potter’s kids. Harry, on the other hand, is suspicious at first because he has experienced the Veela’s seductive charms first hand and thinks Scorpius might be using his charm on Albus. Of course, that’s not the case so he accepts that his son is just in love with Scorpius and he and Draco will eventually be in-laws.

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I'm usually not one to talk lewdly about celebrities but oh my goodness I can't stop thinking about how good Tyler Hoechlin would be in bed. He's got the muscles and the body but also the sweetheart personality ahhh!

Ahem. Um, I am also not one to discuss celebrities like this. But.


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And THIS ONE (with a hint of chest hair!):

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And then there’s THIS:

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I mean. The thigh strength! *fans self*


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The smile! The whole body laugh! The beard! (The beard burn!)

And really, THE FOCUS! THE ARMS!

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Just, his everything, really.

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And jfc, the playfulness, and that little hip wriggle.

I am compromised, Nonnie. You have compromised me.

(and i love you for it)

P.S. Dear Tyler, I am so sorry for objectifying you in this manner. Please forgive me, I am weak. xo, rk

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Looking at his ass or crotch is fine. Liking someone both physically & mentally is fine. Reducing him to that like you do is not. Tom is obviously not comfortable with people talking about his crotch ALL THE DAMN TIME (his reaction in Elle UK says it all) I'm not hating, just giving my opinion, but yeah, I don't expect fangirls to understand. Talking only about his penis is just disrespectful, sorry to break it to you.

Part 2 of what I’m assuming is from the same person hiding behind Anon: 

You don’t really seem to get what people are telling you.. We’re not saying it’s not right to watch a dick, that it’s not natural, that you can’t love someone for who is and still wants to fuck him. That’s not the point. The point is, that’s disrespectful to objectify and reduce someone to that. I’m sorry but making a whole blog about it, talking only about it, just watching his dick all the day IS reducing him. It is objectifying him. Saying that you are “grown up” & “adults” doesn’t change it.

My response is under the 

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