sorry tf fandom


marinette + ladybug’s hair ribbons = cutest animation error of all time

Anon asked: if u do transformers? can u draw tfp smokescreen knockout and bumblebee in sexy poses??? idk if u do tformers but i follow u and ur art is amazing :)) -tf anon <3

Wooooow I used to be so big into Transformers (yeah I was a major geek, still am :D) and this was a nice throwback?? Kinda sad that I remembered a bunch of their design parts… Not sure where you got the idea but thanks for the request! :P


I am legit ashamed to be a member of the supernatural fandom right now. I am even more ashamed to be a destiel shipper. The way this fandom is reacting to a post that is NOT EVEN ABOUT SUPERNATURAL makes me so angry. Like please from one fan to another, leave lextavia and that post alone.
I know we love our boys and get up in arms when we feel attacked but this isn’t our fight.
So yes don’t forget Charlie because she’s important, but that post isn’t about her, or other characters like her (e.g . Luke, Luisa and Rose, sophia, josh, aiden, etc).  
Protagonist representation is important because that is the character you see most. They are in most, if not all, the promos and honestly get the most visibility. it is great that the 100 writers made a CANON bisexual PROTAGONIST.

And yes we all see how gay dean and cas are for each other but it’s NOT canon. maybe one day it will be. but one can’t say, “look at all this subtext, there’s your representation!” because no matter how you spin it subtext will NEVER be accurate representation.