sorry tav

tavros is like. the only boy who i genuinely ship w all the human boys. and the troll boys
johntav? annoying shitnerds who need to make out
davetav? Bro…… Yuo Are My World Bro…..
dirktav? help he’s hot what do i do
jaketav? Softe Bois supporting each other
eritav? enemies to assholes dating
equitav? eq built his legs u kno what else he can build 👀👀👀
kartav? assholes. again. but sweet assholes
soltav? honeybear ;;;;;;;;)))))))))

finally finished coolgelert‘s bbs, now they’re all  neopocalypse ready.

design explanation: Aerc is a Natural Borne and Tav is his summon. Aerc also happens to be one of the few members of a dying coven of Natural Bornes. He keeps Tav summoned mostly because it’s lonely out in Nowhere, but also because it’s terrifying as hell to see just one dude out in the wastes with a six handed smoke spirit just hovering next to him. Bam. Instant protection w/o aggression. 

Tav’s main ability as a summon is vision; he can see for miles around, so long as he’s not obstructed or trapped. If he focuses hard enough (almost to the point where he desummons himself because it draws so much energy) he can temporarily see into the future.