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Episodes 7 & 8 Goblin Review: It couldn’t be helped that this was the beginning of this tragic love story

Firstly, I apologize for the super late ep 7 & 8 review on Sunny and GR’s relationship. I’ve been so busy this week with other responsibilities. I’m not sure how exciting this review will be since tomorrow is the new episode, lol, but I’ll still write it for those who are interested. I’ll be discussing both possibilities of King GR - Queen Sunny and King Sunny - Queen GR theories. 

So we finally get some answers as to who Sunny and GR may really be and it’s for sure they are the reincarnates of the King and Queen of Goryeo whom Shin served; specifically Wang Yeo and Kim Sun respectively. These two episodes really progressed their relationship; especially, how both of their lives have changed since they’ve met each other. The most dramatic change is GR and how Sunny has completely taken over his mind, body, and feelings. 

In episode 7, GR was troubled for not having a business card; therefore, he didn’t call her nor answer her calls because he felt he wasn’t worthy until he fulfilled the needs he lacked. He confronts Deok-hwa on wanting a business card, as well as, the location of Sunny’s building. What’s interesting is that GR immediately goes to see Sunny after knowing where her restaurant is located, but he doesn’t approach her. Instead he watches her from afar and keeps his distance. Particularly this is important to note because GR never approaches Sunny until he fulfills a need (such as when he goes to walk her home in ep 8 because he decided on being an atheist); this shows that GR is still hesitant on initiating their relationship. As for Sunny, an overprotective and jealous GR protects her from the drunk guy she encounters… but poor her… a lot of weird things have been happening around her, lol. 

We also get another cute date between these two and, again, it was Sunny who initiated this date. The hilarious part: GR was the one who interrupted Eun-tak’s date with Tae Hee and then he asked her for date advice, lmao. The topic of “identity” is very important to GR’s character as he’s trying to create “Kim Woo Bin.” But who would have thought that this naive grim reaper would be such a smooth talker (I was swooning along with Sunny lol)! Also, in this same episode, Sunny has mentioned “killing” GR twice: when she talks with Eun-tak on the phone and when she tells GR to stay seated; it’s become an iconic line of Sunny towards GR and I think this line of hers makes her sound like the King instead. Personally, one of the most interesting lines said by GR and Sunny was about how GR’s “ungraceful actions yielded wrong answers.” I find this line quite interesting because it could foreshadow that GR is indeed the reincarnate of the King (the King ungracefully murdered Shin and his family but did it solve anything?) 

Probably one of the most important scenes in ep 7 was when GR cried upon seeing the portrait of Shin’s sister (ugh… his tears were so sad I could feel his pain T.T). This scene doesn’t actually confirm whether GR is the King or Queen, but we get a flashback of the young (to-be) king peeking on the young (to-be) queen as she was practicing proper walking etiquette. The way how the young King is watching the young Queen from afar reminds me of how GR was watching Sunny from a distance earlier in the episode. On the other hand, during this painful experience, GR was grasping his heart and, personally, I can also associate this with him being the Queen because she was shot in the heart. 

HOW THE FUCK did the King change from an adorable-smiling bundle of love to a cold-heartless murderer!!! DAMNIT, THAT EVIL ADVISOR!!!

In episode 8, we actually don’t get much interaction between GR and Sunny; but, we get more of GR’s thoughts as he is troubled over the painting. It is confirmed that the queen is indeed Shin’s sister and Deok-hwa even mentions the possibility that GR might be her reincarnation. During this conversation between Shin, GR, and Deok-hwa, GR mentions that his “heart hurt so much.” Again, this could correlate to GR being the Queen because she was shot in the heart by an arrow upon the command of the King (and the King didn’t look so sad from what we’ve seen so far). But another interesting line of GR was when he said, “All I have are the emotions, but not the memories themselves.” This is very interesting because if all he has are “emotions” and not the “memories” then the pain he is feeling mostly reflects what we’ve seen of the Queen thus far, which explains his tears upon seeing the ring and the portrait to him grasping his heart (I also personally love how he ends up saying “Big Bro” in the mirror, lmao xD). It was hilarious how he kept buying chicken because he wanted to see Sunny and then gave it to Shin (also, may I mention how casually he called Eun-tak’s name)!

And finally our adorable GR visits our lonely Sunny! It may or may not be significant, but the number 50 is a lucky number usually symbolizing “completeness/full,” “salvation/passion,” and “masculinity.” GR showing up as the 50th person may represent how they both complete each other, as well as, how he may actually be the “King.” Another hilarious comment by Sunny that is also important to note was when she said, “So don’t you dare go and prepare another woman this time.” Honestly, when she said this I couldn’t help but question: did the King have multiple wives or not and if Shin’s sister was jealous? xD But GR is just so damn cute (calling her 10 times to tell her that he’s an atheist lmao)! Probably the biggest revelation by Sunny was when she revealed her real name to be “Kim Sun” which is Shin’s deceased sister’s name - she even goes to length of telling the origin of her name and how it sounds like the name of “a pitiful girl with a sad past.” But she doesn’t like her name and prefers “Sunny” because it’s more dazzling which sounds like what a King would prefer and not someone who married into the royal family. Sadly, our GR doesn’t have a name but he suddenly feels pain in his heart while Shin is writing down the name “Wang Yeo” which is the deceased King’s name. This sounds too good to be true (that I almost want to think the writer is trolling us lol) since both GR and Sunny have the exact names of the King and Queen respectively! If so, then this would mean GR is the reincarnate of the King and Sunny of the Queen. My heart was aching for GR as he commands Sunny to forget what happened and turn away… he couldn’t walk her home!! T.T WHY?!?

So in conclusion, my thoughts are honestly just a huge mess right now, lmao. I’m torn between the two theories since I can see either one happening. Having GR and Sunny’s names revealed in this manner just seems way too obvious compared to the tragic revelation of Shin and Eun-tak’s fate - that it makes me think the writer wants to trick us into believing GR as the King and Sunny as the Queen. Going along with the King Sunny - Queen GR theory, if the number 50 is significant, then perhaps them having each other’s name allows them to complete each other for their memories to return instead of their names literally representing who they are reincarnates of. Also, I’m sincerely interested in their past lives love story as much as the present one! As we’ve learned from Samshin grandma, the King and Queen’s love story is tragic (well he kills her which is pretty tragic already). Aside from all of this angst and sadness… GR and Sunny HAVE SO MUCH CHEMISTRY THAT IT’S ALMOST SICKENING xD (They have more chemistry than my organic chemistry text book lmao)! I just love how they flirt so casually with each other and their smiles are so fuckin precious!! THEY NEED TO BE PROTECTED!

I honestly hope to see more progression of their relationship in the next episodes (I need a kiss!!!) and maybe GR will somehow end up touching Sunny by accident (or even on purpose lol) so it might reveal more about Sunny’s past. I also want to see more of Sunny’s thoughts since we were given GR’s thoughts in this episode. Ugh… the new episode comes out in a few hours!!! THE ANGST IS REAL!!!

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