sorry sparrow there was no more space


Blanca and I went on our pretty-much-yearly jaunt to Spain this week and I managed to squeeze in some more drawings (you can see last years’ here, I think overall they’re better). I have a slightly larger sketchbook atm so I tried to take advantage of it by doing full scenes rather than the usual bits and pieces. The result is a little less fun (no little doodly self-cariactures in there) but it felt constructive. These drawings are posted in reverse chronological order - I think you can tell since the bottom one is super stiff, the middle one is fast and crazy and the top one gets a sort of balance. I did a few more but these are the only ones I liked! (actually i only like the top two here but I am posting the bottom one too to fill out space)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Working on a bunch of things at the moment but they’re all at kind of pupal stages. Probably will post a big burst of stuff in a few week’s time.