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the subtle not so subtle change in craig’s expression when he realizes tweek might actually be mad at him

charrahibiri  asked:

I was in the shower this morning giggling like a maniac because I was imagining Luan trying out terrible dad jokes on poor Donovan knowing that whichever ones made him cringe the most would be great to tell Reize back home. What do you think?

(The timing is either perfect or terrible xD)

SoT Info Update

Hey guys. I just wanted to give you all an update. I’ve been hella busy teaching over here and when I’m not I’ve been traveling Europe while I still can so SoT has taken some what of a back burner position. (I am currently enjoying London which is blowing my mind!)

Plus Germany doesn’t have LoT on Netflix which is a bit of an inconvenience. But I have a plan for the chapter and upcoming ones. It is not abandoned I promise! I return to the states in two and a half weeks so if I can’t get to it by then it will be soon after.

Sorry guys! I feel horrible that i haven’t gotten something out yet. I knew I would be busy but I had still hoped to pop out a chapter or two in the meantime. But after I adjust back to life in the states I should return to regular updates. Until then I will try to work on a little something next week while my schedule is a little more relaxed finally.

What I understand about BoB from what I've seen on my dash

There’s a Babe that might be an actual lamb
But his name is babebro? Sounds like 1940s slang for no homo
There’s a Nixon? Richard where you at??
Cajuns like babes
Someone shoots someone real dramatic in an alley while its all snowy and it looks like something from an anime? But it’s probably terrible sorry y'all
There’s like 1000 characters and idk how you guys keep up
There’s a guy named winters?
I feel like Im confusing everyone for the same person?
Heffern? Heffron?
Yeah I think bob consists of only one person and all you guys are all confused. OBVIOUSLY the only character is: babebro hefferon winter’s Nixon (in tricky dicky’s voice: “FOUR MORE YEARS!!”[double peace signs])
Sad and Rad.