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Taemin Han AU (Please do not repost anywhere)

Ahh I was supposed to upload this last week (for Father’s Day) but I procrastinated too much and now everything is a mess. Also, I’m so sorry this is text-heavy ;;o;; i kinda just threw scenarios together and mashed them into one post kkfkfgjkfgj

Anyway, I’ve received lots of questions asking about how Taemin really feels about Jumin. Taemin definitely loves Jumin, but after Jumin became busier with work (hello Mr. Chairman), he became closer to MC and doesn’t like it when Jumin ‘tries to steal’ MC’s attention away from him.

Older Taemin is basically just a quiet & petty boy who is generally salty about many things, not just Jumin :D

((This comic set takes place a few years before the Jumin + Vending Machine comic. By then, Jumin tries to give little Taemin his attention as much as he can. But the boy remains a bit salty sometimes skhgjdfg))

??? “why is Jincheol there” – to be answered someday soon :D

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Hello! Why does Professor have blue lines on his hair?

Hi! There is a long explanation but the short is that they were gifted to him by his friend Anya who belongs to– @vinegarcat. Another reason is due to our story involving time travel and alternate realities in which you meet more the one ‘Professor.’ So to tell the story without confusion you can tell which one is the one it follows. 

so i was thinking.. and magnus and alec are perfect for each other because they began their journeys on opposite sides of the same path.
alec denied himself happiness because he was afraid of the future while magnus denied himself happiness because he was afraid of the past. 

and then, step by step, they got closer and closer until they reached the present, and thus love and happiness.

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Their first kiss, Even needed to act like it was all game in the first place because he was afraid to get rejected and end up alone. Then their last kiss on screen, he just pulled Isak towards himself without a doubt because he knew Isak would happily oblige. They're never gonna feel alone again not just because they're boyfriends now but also they're each other's best friends, they're a family made of two for now. I'm 😭😭😭😭

(Stoppp hurtinggggg meeeee ohmy god)

Even wanted to kiss Isak from the very first moment he saw him. From the very first time his eyes landed on him, he wanted to be close to him, touch him, and kiss him. But Even was scared. He was was scared because the last time he felt like kissing a boy, it didn’t end well. The last time he felt like kissing a boy, his heart broke and something within his soul broke, too. Even wanted to kiss Isak but he was scared he might end up feeling lonely and alone and broken again. He wasn’t sure he would survive that again.
But Isak was just so lovely, so sweet, and so full of life, and Even couldn’t stay away for the life of him. But he wanted to be sure. So he played games and watched him on his windowsill and on his kitchen counter and on his bedroom floor because he just wanted to be sure.
Even couldn’t stay away and he chased him because he didn’t know what else to do. And then at the kosegruppa pre-game, he couldn’t help but tease him again, just to be sure. Just to be sure that it wasn’t in his head, that he wasn’t getting ahead of himself, that his mind wasn’t playing tricks. He wanted to be sure. But then when Isak’s eyes met his while they were both kissing other people, he knew. Even just knew. This is real.
So he tried the first time, and they got interrupted. And then the second time, he took them to a pool and he was so happy, so so happy, because they were in a pool and Isak was smiling and following him and pushing him into the water. And he was smiling. This wasn’t in his head. He was sure. He was so sure but he didn’t have it in him to just kiss him, to just press their lips together, because what if his mind had actually gotten its way again? What if it wasn’t as real as he thought it was? How to initiate a kiss with the boy he had pined over for months? How? So he made it into a game just to be sure. He kissed him underwater because maybe what happened underwater stayed underwater. Maybe it was okay. Maybe he could brush it off as a joke because it was a Romeo and Juliet scene. Maybe he could convince him later that he was just joking.
But then Isak kissed him back. He kissed him back, and oh, what a wonderful way to stop being alone, what a wonderful way to start kissing the love of your life.

Even no longer has doubts now. It feels like he has never had any because everything is just so natural and perfect all the time. Even no longer thinks before pressing their lips together. He no longer has to think about it and about whether it’s okay. Even just kisses him at the most random times now, because he wants to and because he can.
They’re making a deal now and discussing their next date in which Even will cook Isak Moroccan food and they shake hands over it because yes, you shake hands when you make a deal. But then Isak smiles like that and Even remembers that he can kiss him whenever he feels like it so he pulls him in.

“A handshake? Nah baby, we’re sealing it with a kiss.”

in the 17th century, ell and matilda had some gorgeous dresses

fun fact! in the 17th century, the rich people wore some amazing clothing that looks very uncomfortable, but that i am in love with

anyhow this century wasn’t only fashion, there was the black plague, which continued for another two hundred years, so a new suit was invented for doctors to wear, that neutralized the putrid odor of sick and dead people with a mask with a very strange design, and covered all their body 

here, have a tom example


Not sure if anyone has done this yet, but it needed to be done. 

nick and charlie go to Disneyland Paris together the summer before Nick leaves for university and they wear mickey ears the whole time :’)

day 10: with animal ears

30 day otp challenge with Nick and Charlie (from @heartstoppercomic)

the “dear evan hansen 10 things i hate about you au” that literally nobody asked for

I thought I was alone but @arimarris apparently loves this au as much as I do so here we go

v long sorry it’s under the cut

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