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abstractedthinking  asked:

Alright, so what's the most done Patton has ever looked?

now Patton is a bit more emotional with his done(s) but yeah it’s still fab

“now you know i’m right come on” done^

“awwwwww i wanna play please” done^

“i can’t see why did i do this” done^


“WHAT?!” done^

“okay i’ve talked to much my bad” done^

“why am i not allowed to have fun” done^

…. and a bonus?

“emotional i’m seconds from giving up” done^

poor patton bby i love you ;___;

teladuv  asked:

why is klance disgusting

bc it snuck up on me unexpectedly and I’ve been imagining headcanons in the middle of the night for days that i am dying to see fics for

like can you imagine Lance and Keith getting closer gradually and Lance not knowing how tf to process it so he just starts avoiding Keith until they argue and reconcile as Lance and Keith come to terms with their feelings for each other because I sure as fuck can!!!!!!

how dare they

how dare these space boys

you’ve heard of SuperWhoLock

you’ve heard of Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons

you’ve heard of UnderTaliStuck

you’ve heard of Steven Falls Over

you’ve heard of Dear Chill Heathers

now get ready for