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he laughs it off and says 'no problem! are you ok?' and makes some room for the guy to sit down and he says breathlessly in a nasally voice that frank really wasn't expecting 'yeah, yeah i'm fine i'm so sorry i'm rushing today this isn't my usual train and i had to run to make it at all and...' he trails off and looks at frank, his face bright red, 'sorry you dont need to know my whole life story' and frank says 'its cool, so what are you running late to?' they start chatting and it comes so

easily. its unnatural for a train conversation with a stranger, it almost feels like they already know each other. or that they were supposed to know each other. his stop is coming up and he’s getting anxious about the idea of never seeing him (him who’s name he found out is gerard) again so he takes a chance before he can talk himself out of it and asks for his number. ‘can i call you some time? you saved me from a pretty dull train ride i’d love to hang out, maybe buy you a coffee’ the blush from earlier lightly stains gerard’s cheeks again and he says 'i’d like that’ with a shy smile as digs out a pen and paper from his bag

this is so gay i love it omg please tell me what happens when they get coffee you can’t leave me hanging like this

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   “Um. Sorry, but. Who are you, and what are you doing here?” It’s a little strange when you’re sitting on your comfortable sofa in your pajamas thumbing through a copy of Phantom of the Opera (a guilty pleasure story, to be honest) when suddenly the door opens and there’s a strange looking Nordic princess standing in your doorway. Jason pulled his legs out from under him and righted himself, creasing a brow. “No, no, let me guess. Long lost cousin of Morgaine le Fey come to extract revenge on me for something I can’t remember? Ex I can’t remember? Someone Etrigan pissed off and had a scuffle with that I wasn’t present to witness?” He gestured blankly to his head. “– Memory problems, obviously, being forcibly stuck in a meat sack for a thousand years will do that to you. Sure you understand. Anyways… before I got off track, I believe I asked who you were?”