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Hello! I just wanted to say that I really love your art~ The facial expressions especially are so dynamic and really show character! I also like the way you color and shade, it's so soft ;A; I hope you're having a nice day? Don't stop being awesome :D

Look who’s cool. Hanzo with a Bubble Tea is cool. And you know who’s even cooler? YOU ARE! Thank you so much, darlin’!

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Your You neso is adorable, i love the >:) face that it she has o(≧▽≦)o. I was inspired to get one as well after your You birthday trip and I was wondering what size yours was? Sorry about the scrub question, I'm fairly new to nesos ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

Aaah, don’t worry! I’m fairly new to nesos as well! You-chan is my first nesoberi and I’ve had her for less than a month :)

You-chan is flattered that you think she’s adorable (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

She’s from the HJNN Summer Uniform set! HJNN stands for Hyper Jumbo Nesoberi Nuigurumi and refers to a specific size of neso — about 40cm in length and 20cm in height aka big enough to hug. Her head is even bigger than mine (:D)| ̄|_ They’ve been releasing one neso for this set every month for the past few months. All the first years and second years have already been released, I think… Dia? just came out, and Kanan and Mari haven’t been released yet.

As for buying a neso, I’m not sure where you’re located, but your best deal would be getting a neso from a UFO machine in Japan (bring someone who’s good with UFO machines to a game center with you and you can get one for real cheap! (•̀ ∀ •́)ﻭ✧). If you’re not in Japan, you’ll pretty much have to pay at least USD$40 to get one. There’s one left on Amazon for about USD$44 (shipping included) and two left on Amazon JP for ¥2950 (without shipping). Mandarake usually stocks nesos as well, but I’m pretty sure You is sold out by now (she came out waaaay back in December). Major cons usually have at least a few dealers who sell nesoberi, though You will sell out faster, and usually for a more expensive price because of her popularity. Yahoo! Auctions is also an option for buying nesos secondhand.

Nesoberi sizes can range from keychain-size to a whopping 50cm in length. There’s a nice guide to neso size here, if you’re curious!

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I'm 14, and I feel like running away from home. I've already packed as much as I can gather, it being 11 pm here. I just don't feel like I belong at home, in my family. I feel distanced and rejected no matter what I do. A friend that I have who lives in New York says for me not to do it, but I really do. I just want to escape what I'm living in. What do you think?

I feel like you should stay at home.

While you feel like you don’t belong there, you are safe and you are taken care of. I’m sure they don’t mean to make you feel like that, lovebug.
If you do, you might regret it. Being on your own is a lot of work, especially when you run away from home.


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I know everyone always says they want Aaron to be wanted - to be fought over by Robert and someone else (dgmw I want to see that tooooo000, so much). Buuuuut.... before ol'Robbie Sugden, Aaron never really expressed a huge overwhelming desire for anyone. He wasn't ever pulled into action because he couldn't resist. Jackson, he was chased. Flynn, chased. Ed, chased. Robert was the first time that Aaron was just bowled over, he couldn't NOT go near Robert. He needed him as much as wanted him.

FIRSTLY: I’m putting in a formal request that henceforth anyone who should come to my inbox to talk about the boys will please refer to Robert exclusively as ‘ol'Robbie Sugden’. It is law.

SECONDLY: run me through with a long sword anon this is BEAUTIFUL HOLY MOTHER OF FARM ANIMALS WHAT THE HELL



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i , a certified mess , always avoid doing things until there is absolutely too much to do ,, which is how i got here . anyway , to fix this issue i decided to just throw most of the tags i’ve been tagged in into this one post and hope for the best.

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i was tagged by: @4jimn @taesmin @gxldengguk @sugadaddykook @leehyvnwoo @sunshinehobi7 @pcrksjimin @cyyphr @sugashark @taepott and probs more im forgetting but ya gfhbdjns sorry!!

anyway enjoy this giant mess

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For the headcannon thing: Chat Noir

Headcanon A: what I think realistically

I headcanon that he spends a lot of extra time on patrol or as Chat Noir because he’s really seeing Paris rather than the superficial view through the camera lens he’s had to live in all his life. 

Headcanon B: what I think is hilarious

I headcanon that his mother introduced him to Sailor Moon and that he got so obsessed with it and he wouldn’t exit his weeb phase. He literally posed in Sailor Moon’s pose during a couple of photoshoots and Gabriel went ballistic. 

Headcanon C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends

I headcanon that Adrien absolutely spiraled after his mother disappeared. Depression, anxiety, the whole nine yards. He actually debated whether it was worth going on, and he constantly blames himself for her disappearance. 

Headcanon D: what would never work with canon 

I headcanon that Adrien had a ton of model friends who he used to be really close with, but now doesn’t talk to very often. When they start talking again, he ends up getting Marinette to become close with them through a strange aspiring designer-rising model bond. 

Headcanon ask!

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I must admit the art in those recent episodes kinda starts to bother me especialy the hight of the characters sometimes it will even change at the sameand yes I know that making a cartoon is very hard but I think that it needs to become more consistent . I mean look YD and the her pearls at their deput and look at them in that will be all

I … kinda prefer the way YD and her Pearl looked in ‘TWBA’ in comparison to ‘Message Received’.

Also I wouldn’t hold the Diamonds as an example when it comes to the art style and animation. I don’t have a source so don’t hold me to it, but I’m pretty sure a Crew member said that they didn’t have a solid idea what BD looked like beneath that cloak when they made ‘The Answer’.

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What thermostat do you use for snakes and why? I'm setting up a new corn snake enclosure and trying to pick out a decent mid-range thermostat. Trying to get as many opinions as possible.


I have four types of thermostat and I’d be more than happy to weigh their pros and cons.

The cheapest model I have is a bargain bin TK0474 Digital LCD Thermostat Temperature Regulator that was a whopping $10, and could be cheaper if purchased in bulk. It comes with a probe and has a temperature variance of about a degree, but on the downside you will have to have some electronics know-how as some light soldering may be required. This model doesn’t have a plug and is intended for in-line industrial use so you’ll need to have it directly wired to your heat source OR you’ll have to add your own socket for a plug-in. It’s cheap but really easy to mess up and I’ve been gradually replacing all the ones I originally had with more reliable equipment.

The Hydrofarm JumpStart Digital Thermostat for heat mats is the workhorse of the reptile hobby community. It’s designed to be used with heat tape and heat mats and has a 1000 watt capacity. It comes with a heat probe, and the temperature variance is within two degrees. It’s easily found on Amazon for less than $30 and this time of year you can grab them at many plant nurseries. This is my favorite of the lower-priced thermostats.

I also have a ZooMed ReptiTemp 500R. This is a pretty reliable model that can be used with CHE, UTH, heat lamps, heat cable, and most other reptile heating devices. I’m not wild about this model because though it can control up to two devices it will require the use of separate thermometers to monitor actual temperatures, as the thermostat operates via a manual control dial that allows you to choose "more hotness” or “less hotness” without actually giving temperature readouts. This does mean that the temperature variance can be pretty harsh and I personally wouldn’t trust this model for any animal sensitive to temperature changes. As another downside, it’s more expensive than the Hydrofarm at around $35-40, though you may be able to find better prices depending on where you shop.

My top favorite is the Vivarium Electronics VE-200. This model is great to use with heat tape, heat cable, heat lamps, CHE, RHP, or UTH and has a temperature variance of less than a degree which means it’s super reliable and great for applications like temperature-sensitive reptiles and incubators. It’s got a 700 watt capacity and comes with a heat probe, it’s got the capability to be expanded with a night drop module for more realistic day/night cycles, and it’s got a built in safety shutoff relay, meaning that it will shut off if the temperature gets more than 6 degrees over the thermostat setting. On the downside, it is around $120 to control a single heat fixture.

Personally I’d recommend the Hydrofarm as a really reliable mid-range model. 

I hope this helps you to weigh your thermostat options and I hope you have a lot of fun setting up your new enclosure!

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lili reinhart is a lesbophobe who queerbaits for her show but ultimately shuts down any w/w bc she thinks it only belongs in fan fic. look up her early interviews for the show

actors and actresses, especially when they’re fresh faces, don’t have any say on how the show decides to market itself. the writers wrote in scene that made us all root for betty and veronica, lili didn’t. i will defend this by reminding you how cole allegedly talked to the writers in hopes of making jughead asexual or even aromantic, but the end result was bughead just appearing out of no where. i do not believe this just because it came out of cole’s mouth, roberto aguirre sacasa actually confirmed that he had talked to him about this. but did it happen? nope. my theory is that this was to cover up what they started with the kissing scene that yes, was queerbaiting at its fullest, but wasn’t cami or lili’s fault just because they were doing their job. 

moving on to the next alleged queerbaiting point that you lot make when discussing this: when she started hanging out with cami, you called it queerbaiting and ignored even the faintest possibility of genuine friendship. 

by dissecting each and every interview she has ever given you are falling into the trap of the mindset of a tabloid journalist. taking parts of an actress’ sentence and putting them together to orchestrate and spread a conspiracy that does not have any substantial proof whatsoever. someone had to shut down the rumors, and the person who spoke out was lili. i agree, she could have worded it better!!! there is always room for explanation, especially when it is about blatant queerbaiting. 

why do you feel the reason to slap on so many labels on people when your evidence is just a few interviews? lili has not clarified her intentions after the interview, which means you don’t have any proof that those were her exact words and not some random journalist putting sentences together and leaving out any sentence that would make the story less controversial.

i do agree that the interview raises unwanted questions about the actress but one interview is not enough for me to change my idea of a person. 

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I'm just starting out on tumblr can you suggest some good blogs???

sure tho im not sure what you want or what you think is good, but these are some of my fave blogs i follow.

@strugglestachestyles, @settingtrends, @zonshine, @zayniepaynie, @liamalmighty, @zayndrogynous, @ushiiwakas, @zayndaddario, @rindaanah, @lovingliam, @harryfeatlouis, @lostjams, @pillowtalk, @liamssoloalbum, @dunkirks, @zaynliam, @empty-altars, @luzcoziam, @zlanet, @ziall, @malikaesthetics, @kitteniall, @librasign

those are mostly 1d blogs but i follow a lot of other good blogs that you could find in my blogroll :)

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I was watching an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch from a few years back and he mentioned his growing up with Jeremy Brett as a family friend but also watching his Holmes and how it was brilliant but eventually "became more about [Jeremy]" because of what he was going through at the time. Do you know what BC could have meant by that? Would he be alluding to Brett's health issues or the reasons he started saying "You Know Who" when he talked about Sherlock Holmes? Or both? Thoughts?

as a family friend!!!?!?!?! I didn’t know that O: 

I really can’t tell without watching the interview, could you share the link so I can see it? But anyway, is probably as you said first, related to his health issues and how of course, all he went through affected every aspect of his life, and also playing Holmes for a decade made the character became a part of him and he a part of the character. And as about him saying “you know who” isn’t it because Dame Jean Conan Doyle referred as Holmes like that? I love the way he tells that anecdote, if anyone wants to heart it you can find it >here<


Y: (I hate to repeat myself but the answer is the same)

Jm: Yoongi-hyung doesn’t really like people invading privacy, but I can tell you we’re all pretty much at the same level in these contexts. And the level ain’t low


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Hi hello! Random anon here to tell you that your Chat Finds Out fic is slowly making me die inside. It's SO GOOD! Awkward Adrien must be rlly fun to write, cause it's fun to read owo

Hello, random anon! I’m glad you like my fic! But pls don’t die i’ll lose a reader

And omg you have no idea how fun it is to write Awkward Adrien bc I have not written a fanfic in ages and suddenly I have this multi-chaptered fic in my hands full of just Adrien being awkward af?? Because it’s so fun??? I just like messing with him so much omg

The boy needs a lot of help—-

Here is a bonus doodle of Adrien wearing that sundress:

He’s a handsome, strapping young lad, after all.


Well, no. We don’t worry about that. I mean, sure, there are some health risks to being fat, I guess. Just like there are health risks to everything. When Yuuri was thin, he was yo-yo dieting, constantly hungry, and felt awful about himself. Even though we may overeat a bit now, I think we’re both much healthier than we were when we were hungry.

Some doctors will say a lot of anti-fat nonsense that isn’t true, and blame things on weight that have nothing to do with it, but… if Yuuri or I were to get some kind of serious health issue that really was because of being fat, we’d deal with it how any couple would. We’d love and support each other, no matter what. But I see no reason to make both of us miserable by depriving us of food that makes us happy just in case some hypothetical health concern arises, especially when people who live supposedly perfect lifestyles get health problems all the time anyway.

For now, we’re both fat, and we’re both very healthy, and that’s all there is to it. It’s very possible to be both fat and healthy, no matter what some people will try to say.

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B4 Nathaniel and C4 Lila pllleeassse. Your art is so beautiful and it makes me happy!!!

anon please.. i still need my heart to catch a breath /// thank youuu here you go!! sorry for the late response.. ill take a few more of these requests! :D they’re pretty fun

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