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Ram Singh

The Boy With A Heart of Gold

Charlie Smith

The Prince of Rhodia

Andra’ath Quill

The Freedom Fighter

Tanya Adeola

The Brave Genius

April MacLean

The King of the Shadowkin

Matteusz Andrzejewski 

The Prince Consort


“ might have been my child. But we don’t live in that world.

“..a picture of me on the iron throne, and you by my side.”

Ghosts of the Past (fic version)

I know what some of you might be thinking… “But Ashley, you’ve already posted this!” Quite right, I posted this little drabble. But this idea just wouldn’t leave me alone, and after indulging @reyskywalkred with some additional scenes, I’ve decided to make this an official fic. Enjoy!

@timepetalsprompts - tagging you guys too because this all started because of your drabble theme “echoes”. This is now no longer a drabble. Unless you count 28 drabbles put together ;)

Tentoo x Rose, ~2800 words, kid!fic

The Doctor’s young daughter unintentionally brings back unfortunate memories of his adventure on Midnight.


“Sophie, stop.”

Sophie, stop.”

“I mean it, love, stop!”

The Doctor’s breath turned ragged as his mind was taken back five and a half years, to when he’d been overcome by a foreign, malicious, and unknown echoing entity, reduced to a frozen statue, his voice stolen. He shivered and tried desperately to block the memories, telling himself firmly that he was safe and at home with his family. His daughter was just trying to play with him, he was absolutely fine.

I mean it, love, stop!”

He winced as he felt phantom pains in the back of his mind, so reminiscent of the pain he felt as the creature he’d encountered on Midnight ravaged his mind and took over it by force. He unconsciously flexed the muscles of his hands, reminding himself he was still in control of himself and he was still absolutely, 100% okay.

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