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alright, so I posted this video called *Your dating “preferences” are discriminatory* about how saying you would never date a trans person, a fat person, or a disabled person is probably discriminatory and based in prejudice rather than genuine preference.

the response has been overwhelming negative after several large anti-feminist youtubers made response videos.

my argument has been ignored, misconstrued, and strawmanned more than i ever thought possible. so i took some time to write out a response.

i tried posting that response on YouTube, but my comments kept disappearing even though I was just commenting on my own video??? I guess YouTube thought it was too long or something. So I’m posting it here as an image so that I can comment on the YouTube video with a link and direct people to the image.

so that image is what is above. you can right click on it and select Open image in new tab to read the full thing (sorry it’s low quality idk how to fix that), or click the Keep reading below, or read it on imgur.

Oh, one more thing that isn’t included in the image or below the Keep reading:  Another example that @queerqtpie brought up to me recently was the comparison of color preferences. If you survey people today, girls tend to prefer pink and boys tend to prefer blue. Does that mean that girls inherently have some innate drive to like pink, and boys for blue? Of course not. There are external culture and social factors that contribute to those preferences. Those preferences still exist, and they are obviously allowed to have them; it’s not bad for a girl to like pink or a boy to like blue. But it’s not inherent, innate, and unchanging. And it would be ridiculous to get offended at the idea that color preference might be externally influenced because we’ve seen through history that blue hasn’t always been associated with boys, nor pink for girls (they used to be reversed). Folks with these preferences may not be able to immediately control which color they prefer, but if they can be aware that their favorite color isn’t an innate unchanging thing (and in fact might have been influenced by very arbitrary societal gender rules), it might help them to enjoy other colors more at some point in the future.

Okay, now go ahead and read the thing if you want:

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i started a gatchaman crowds insight x tokyo ghoul crossover like 3 months ago but forgot about it and realized photoshopping each character for half second scenes is the biggest demotivator… but i will get it done..

images are low quality on purpose


Some images (Click for captions!) of Central City military headquarters as seen in the first FMA Wii game, Prince of the Dawn. Obviously this is simplified for game purposes and in reality it would be a much more complex… complex, but there you go.

Sorry for the low quality images… The game looks pretty bad on my TV, and since I had to plug an old video camera into the TV to record it, and then take screencaps of that on Windows Media Player… yeah. orz

Sorry about the characters blocking the view, too. You can’t see it behind Al, but there’s a wine cabinet in Roy’s office :’D I found a soft-serve ice cream cone in the couch there once. It’s a weird game for sure.


Reception office