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show me how to fight for now and I’ll tell you baby
it was easy comin’ back into you once I figured it out
you were right here all along

a very very late cs secret shipmate present for the wonderful Liv , thank you for being so patient with me and i’m sorry to keep you waiting so long, may the season 3b bring you everything you want <3

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I binged watched twd from 3-6 & playing catchup with 7. I wasn't sure if they would put richonne together romantically at first even tho I shipped them from 4. Then the weird stuff with jesse happened & I didn't get it & had some doubt for richonne. Then they got together & it was the best! Can I ask how long have you shipped them & when did you know for sure they would be canon? Love your blog btw.

Hello there! Thanks.
This is a great question, because for a while, pre-canon, there were some rough times being a Richonne shipper. S3 there were hardly any of us; S4 Richonne was an underdog ship. Then S5 and 6A were really difficult because of how Rick was written and the Jessie debacle (which was so unnecessary) with the addition of racist arseholes in fandom. Some people, not many, but some, gave up on our OTP ever going canon. It was rough, but I bring it up now because looking back to that time reminds me that our fandom is tough as nails. Even when there were those of us who felt disillusioned and thought our ship was never going canon, we still loved them and supported one another as shipmates. Sorry, I’m getting to answering your question, but I just needed to say that 😊 I’m a From the Fence Richonner; I shipped them as soon as they laid eyes on each other. Never meant to, but blame DG and AL for that hehehe ‘Clear’ had me in my feels because Michonne opening up to Rick about talking to Mike, and Rick flirting with her and thanking her more than once! I knew something was forming between them then, but I was certain they’d be canon when the episode 'After’ aired. I know, they didn’t share an on screen scene or anything, but the symbolism of what happened in that episode made me believe they were going to be together. Michonne alone, reverting back to her old ways; Rick and Carl hurting and trying to keep it together. They were all so broken in that ep. We had the insights into Michonne’s past and saw her talking to Mike (callback to 'Clear’); we had Carl blaming his father; we had Rick trying to be strong. It was heartbreaking to see them like that, so fractured. But what solidified in my mind that they were going to be a family was: 1. The fact that Michonne chose to live when she chose to follow their tracks; she chose Rick and Carl. 2. Rick’s relief when he saw that Michonne had found them; he smiled and laughed, after everything they’d been through with the fall of the prison. It was as if everything would be okay because Michonne was with them. I’m crying right now because I always think back to the interview Andy did where he spoke about that scene and called Michonne their future *sighs* forgive me, I’m getting sentimental. I hope you find an answer in there somewhere hehehe
Thank you!
"Will you always love me? Vol. Two - Part Twenty - One // Hannigram, AU | Archive of Our Own
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Summary: Will and Hannibal have known each other since their late teens. Will’s family had moved to Lithuania for a few years during his father’s tenure in the army. The Grahams became friends with the Lecters and a instant bond was formed between their two sons. Over the years, Will and Hannibal had become extremely close, almost like brothers, until Will visited Hannibal in New York for a week while the latter was attending medical school. From there, their relationship got…well let’s just say, a little complicated. Hannibal AU, mostly taking place a year ago. Will, who now is 32, is working at Johns Hopkins University, teaching classes in the psychology department. Hannibal, now 37, visits him while attending a medical conference in Baltimore. From there, we learn about their complicated history…

Thanks for reading !!

The following weekend…

“How long will the party be tomorrow? Will and Hannibal were walking home together from an outdoor concert that had been held in Prospect Park.

It was only the two of them this time; Donald had to work late at Mount Sinai, but Hannibal was planning to visit the hospital later to bring his boyfriend a change of clothes and a tooth brush. Will had been glad that he was given the time alone with Hannibal, EVEN THOUGH Hannibal spent more time with him than Donald…but to Will it didn’t really feel like it. He didn’t like sharing his best friend, even with his best friend’s boyfriend.

“Probably a few hours, but we could leave early if it’s boring.” Hannibal answered, smiling down at his best friend, who appeared agitated.

“Is Donald coming?” Will asked, half aware that his comment sounded a little envious, but also unaware of how his best friend felt about the entire situation.

Hannibal acted like he didn’t notice the jealous tone in his friend’s inquiry, yet he smirked a little, please inwardly that his best friend was jealous of his relationship.

“Yes. He has the night off finally.”

Will couldn’t prevent himself from rolling his eyes. “Well, I guess we all could go together.”

“Of course, that would be the most preferred option.” Hannibal replied, walking ahead of Will to look at some furniture in a storefront window. Will slowed down a bit so he could watch his friend walk ahead of him, mesmerized by how sexy Hannibal’s backside looked in the afternoon glare.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” Will bumped into an older woman on the sidewalk with her tiny dog while he was focused on thinking about Hannibal’s naked body instead of watching his step.

“Oh, sorry !” He answered, still not fully aware of his surroundings, looking mostly at Hannibal instead of the older woman.

“Will! Come look at this table. You could probably use it to store the materials you use to make your lures.” Hannibal was pointing toward the storefront, beaming at his friend.

Will smiled back before he ran a bit to catch up with his friend.

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Week 6: What is your favorite hobby (besides fangirling)?

Well, this is going to come as a big shock to everyone (aka this is totally not going to shock anyone). My favorite hobby (besides fangirling) is… going to concerts! 

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Summary: In which Emma and Killian are both a little impatient.

Notes:  I don’t even know, you guys.  Emma, Killian, and Belle basically have a sleepover on the Jolly Roger for reasons.  Post 6x03.

When evening falls, and the sheer bliss begins to ebb into something much quieter, pleasant like the crystalline sight of the moonlit bay stretched like warbled glass before him, Killian wonders aloud –

“How much longer are we fated to wait?”

The sea, of course, answers only in echoes, water that leaps up and smacks the hull.  It’s a rhythm to which he’s grown quite accustomed.  For weeks, now, he’s been consigned to the cabins of the Jolly Roger.  She was the lady love of his life for centuries, of course, but as the trees erupt with the colors of fall, and the winds grows higher and harder along the waves, Killian can’t help but recall the sparing nights he’s spent in his Emma’s bed, wrapped as much in her quilt as in her arms.  She bears the scent of the forest – the sweet decay of red and yellow leaves underfoot – and of sweet waters.  And though the enchanted oak of his ship is sharp and familiar, the paints along the gunwale yet bearing the cloying smell of the plants from which they were wrought, it can hardly compare.

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          and we could be enough

Happy Birthday my dear Amanda @youhadthewaterandpoptart .. Where would I be if I didn’t have you to yell Hamilton lyrics with? Hope your day was everything you wanted it to be! Much love!

Did he even APOLOGIZE for any of the shit she went through because of him? Or did he just blame everyone else for his problems and talk down to Emma like she was a child? Also not a fan of the way she LET him do that. He is SO BAD for her. It's like she's reverting back to being seventeen again. No. Do not want that for her. At ALL. I want my fiery, feisty Emma Swan, the one who's holding knives to dude's throats and tying them up to get information and giving epic "bitch plz" faces when they try to flirt and basically being a badass. Do NOT want what Neal turns her into. No.

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For littlemisssunny, my secret shipmate ♥

CS AU - They’re living in NY, and they’ve been dating for a time now, it turns out that after 8 months and 15 days, Killian decides to ask Emma in marriage.

“I made a reservation for us at your favorite restaurant.” “And what’s the occasion?” “Why are you suspecting I’m up to something? It’s just a dinner, a time for you and me.” ——- “We’ve been through a lot together since I met you, you gave me a family, with you I learned to love again, you changed my life, and each day it goes by I am more sure that what I want is spend the rest of my days with you, making you happy the way you make me-” “Wait, are you proposing to me?” “Well, you’re perceptive, aren’t you, love?” “Quite. Do you want an answer? Or, can I just.. kiss you?”