sorry sabo


Some more Film Gold stuff~

Art Trade with @kaindycandy ! :D

Kaindy just requested me to draw Sabo from One Piece (i assume that he’s Kaindy’s fav character xD)

this is probably quite challenging cuz i tried to draw his eye to match what he’s depicted in the anime with my style, i hope it’s okay xD (look at dem kinclong /plak)

and yeah i actually enjoyed drawing him and i’m looking forward to see Kaindy’s post on their part (since their part is already done xD)hope you like it!


Drew some sketchy stuff to try and figure out how I want to draw these three

still not sure how i wanna draw them :<


Yo! Remember when I asked about acrylic charms? I’m gonna go through with it. Thanks to everyone who answered!

A couple of you guys wanted double-side so that’s what you’ll get :D They’re going to be around 2.5″ x 2.5″ inches.

I can’t guarantee anything, but I just want to ask. How much are you willing to spend for each of these? 


@illaalia  :for Emoji thingg, koala: F5, Sabo A8, Nami: E3? if thats too many, i’m sorry!~~ >w<;; anyone is ok! 

Here you go~ :>